Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Telegraph: Zimbabwe's white farmers targeted for new Mugabe land grabs - Troops and/or White security companies need to be sent to stop Zim & SA White genocide. --tma

Zimbabwe's white farmers targeted for new Mugabe land grabs

Two men stand by the the gates of a farm which they seized from white farmers in Chegutu 120km south west of Harare in 2009

As an ageing Mr Mugabe celebrates his 91st birthday, white farmers report a fresh effort to drive them from their land
When war veterans arrived to claim Craig Edy’s farm during Zimbabwe’s violent land invasions, he simply refused to budge from his tin-roofed home on his newly-acquired cattle farm.
The raiders eventually gave up, leaving Mr Edy to build up his business on the 1,500-acre plot in Fort Rixon, a dusty farming region in Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland province.
This week, however, the spectre of land grabs returned, in the shape of a beady-eyed official from the lands department who arrived and started building a house on the farm. He even confiscated the keys for the farm’s generator when Mr Edy was in town on business.
When Mr Edy sought the help of a cabinet minister he knew, he was arrested and accused of threatening the land official with a gun.
“It was rubbish,” he told The Telegraph by crackly phone line from Bulawayo, where he, his wife and mother-in-law have moved while they wait for a resolution.
“I was also told I was not wanted in Zimbabwe and that I was standing in the way of land reform.”
Far from being an isolated incident, the union that represents Zimbabwe’s 300-odd remaining white farmers believes it represents a fresh bid by President Robert Mugabe to finally rid the country of its white landowners. ...

Reuters: Italy anti-immigrant Northern League rallies against Renzi

Italy anti-immigrant Northern League rallies against Renzi

Supporters wave flags during a rally held by Northern League party leader Matteo Salvini in Rome, February 28, 2015.   REUTERS-Max Rossi

(Reuters) - Thousands of supporters of Italy's anti-euro Northern League filled one of the biggest squares in Rome on Saturday, accusing the government of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi of selling the country out to faceless powers in Brussels.
Northern League leader Matteo Salvini, who called the rally, took aim at a series of targets, ranging from illegal immigrants and Romanian truck drivers to tax authorities, banks and big business.
"The problem isn't Renzi, Renzi is a pawn, Renzi is a dumb slave, at the disposal of some nameless person who wants to control all our lives from Brussels," he told the rally at the Piazza del Popolo, called just over two months ahead of regional elections in May.
Italy's centre-right opposition has been in disarray for the past year, riven by faction-fighting and unable to mount a consistent challenge to Renzi, whose centre-left Democratic Party holds a commanding lead in opinion polls.

However, 41 year-old Salvini has overseen a resurgence of his party since taking over as leader a little over a year ago, focusing on attacking immigration and the euro in a drive to broaden its appeal beyond its base in northern Italy. ...

RR Watch - Ann Corcoran: Was Jihadi John from a refugee family welcomed by the UK? - Another gift from our Open-Borders Overlords, UK Division. --tma

Was Jihadi John from a refugee family welcomed by the UK?

That is a question Daniel Greenfield writing at Frontpage magazine asked yesterday, here.
Based on what we learned about Kuwait’s ‘gifts’ to the UK when ‘Pungentpeppers’ reported on that gruesome murder case recently, if Jihadi John is a ‘Bedouin’ (or is it ‘Bidun’?) his family was likely welcomed to the UK as refugees just like the murderer’s family.
Here is Daniel Greenfield (hat tip: Ed):
The Bidouin were originally nomads who might have lived in Kuwait or Iraq, depending on whom you ask. Kuwait doesn’t provide the Bidouin with citizenship making them stateless. After the Gulf War, Kuwait decided to get rid of more of them for supposedly collaborating with Saddam Hussein. That led to the Emwazi family settling in the UK.
Jihadi John (Mohammed Emwazi), just your friendly Arab next door?
The interesting question is did they come as refugees? Their Bidouin status might have qualified them as refugees in which case that would mean that yet another Muslim atrocity committed against Westerners was carried out by the son of “refugees”.
Here is what ‘Pungentpeppers’ educated us about while reporting on a “refugee” from Kuwait who was convicted of brutally murdering his wife (Kuwait’s Gruesome Gift to Britain: Hajji Wannabe, with Four Wives, Murdered One While Koran Played):
Manaa came to Britain from Kuwait where he had been living as a “Bidun” – a stateless person. Not to be confused with nomadic Bedouin, the “Bidun” (also “Bidoon” or “Bidoun”) reside in Middle Eastern countries without the benefit of citizenship. “Bidun” means “without”; it is shorthand for “without citizenship”. Often Bidun families have lived in countries for generations, but because their illiterate ancestors failed to register when citizenship rolls were taken decades ago, these descendants are denied citizen status. Perhaps eventually DNA testing could establish lineage and rights to citizenship. Meanwhile, some of the “Bidun” take advantage of their unusual situation to apply for refugee status in Western countries where – like this Kuwaiti – they can cause trouble and mayhem.
It doesn’t matter how you spell it, the bottom line is that if Jihadi John is a Bidun, his family very likely came to the UK to benefit from its generosity.

American Thinker - Patricia L. Dickson: Proper English Grammar Is Now Racist, charges Melissa A. Fabello - Image of William Shakespeare without his Klan attire. --tma

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William Shakespeare without his Klan attire

Proper English Grammar Is Now Racist

It seems like not a day goes by without my reading about some new absurdity. I ran across an article written by some left-wing lunatic who purports to be an English teacher and who is part of what she calls the “social justice movement”. 

She writes for a blog called Everyday Feminist. She claims that demanding that everyone speak proper English grammar is “grammar snobbery” and is oppressive and racist. Why is it oppressive and racist? Because the dictionary was written by a white supremacist, heteropatriarchal system ...


Reuters: Federal agents raid 20 suspected 'maternity hotels' in California - FBI mislaid Obama memo ordering European replacement?

Federal agents raid 20 suspected 'maternity hotels' in California

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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Federal agents raided about 20 Southern California locations on Tuesday suspected of involvement in "maternity tourism" schemes offering travel and lodging services to pregnant foreign women seeking to give birth in the United States, U.S. immigration officials said.
Authorities say the so-called maternity hotels targeted in the sweep catered largely to women from China who paid $15,000 to $50,000, depending on services provided, in hopes of obtaining U.S. citizenship for their children.
The locations searched included apartment complexes and other sites in Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino counties that were suspected of housing foreign clients, according to a statement issued by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, or ICE.
No criminal arrests were anticipated from Tuesday's raids, which were carried out by federal agents and local law enforcement, the agency said.
The U.S. Constitution grants citizenship to any child born on U.S. soil, regardless of parentage, and immigration experts say there was nothing inherently illegal about women coming from abroad to give birth to children in the United States. ...

RR Watch - Ann Corcoran: New Americans Campaign is a partner in Obama’s Task Force on replacing you! - 'Traditional Americans Demographic Genocide Campaign' was too ungainly? --tma

New Americans Campaign is a partner in Obama’s Task Force on replacing you!

We told you about the Task Force on Saturday in response to a revelation made on the February 26th Mark Levin radio program.  See that post by clicking here.
Reader Julia has been doing some digging and has identified one of the many participants in the task force.

Transforming immigrant “seedlings” to Democratic voters!

The New Americans Campaign is an advocacy group which is working in certain areas of the United States to get as many Legal Permanent Residents signed up for US citizenship as they possibly can—new Democrats of course! 
I laugh every time I imagine (crazy I know) what would happen to all of these well-funded Open Borders advocacy groups if all of a sudden immigrants were registering to vote Republican!   The organization would be shuttered in a heart beat!
They say in their literature:
8.5 million Legal Permanent Residents (LPRs) are eligible to naturalize—but fewer than one million naturalize each year.
With millions in funding they are working to change that!
The New Americans Campaign is part of the Naturalization Working Group,see here, which submitted comments to the Obama Task Force.

Founding partners of the New Americans Campaign include George Soros’ Open Society Foundations:

Six national foundations joined in an unprecedented collaboration to support the nonpartisan New Americans Campaign to help modernize naturalization assistance in the United States and help more legal permanent immigrants become U.S. citizens.
The consortium has so far committed more than $25 million to the project. Founding national funders of the New Americans Campaign are: The Carnegie Corporation of New York; the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation; Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund; Grove Foundation; Open Society Foundations and The JPB Foundation. More recently, the Wallace H. Coulter Foundation joined the Campaign as a national funder. Other funders invest locally in individual sites. For a full list of our funders, visit our Partners page.
Less than four years old, the New Americans Campaign is busy, busy, busy in the following locations:
The New Americans Campaign is a diverse national network of legal-service organizations, faith-based organizations, businesses, foundations and community leaders that is paving a better road to citizenship. The Campaign began in the cities of Charlotte, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and San Jose. More than 3.3 million citizenship-eligible individuals reside in these eight metropolitan areas, representing more than 40 percent of the pool of citizenship-eligible legal permanent residents in the United States.  [Reader Julia wants to know if the Campaign has access to government (personal) records of all those eligible LPRs so they know where/who to target?—ed]
The New Americans Campaign has expanded to include collaborations in the East Bay Area, Napa County, Orange County, San Diego County, and San Francisco; and coalitions in the states of Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, and Washington.
Go here to see all of their partners (many of the ‘non-profits’ listed receive federal funding) including Catholic Legal Immigration Network, International Rescue Committee and Church World Service.  The IRC and CWS are of course refugee resettlement contractors.

Getting ready for 2016 I bet!

Daily Telegraph, Australia: Anti-terror CCTV and security guards set for more than 50 schools - To laugh or cry? Jews have been key in open borders to the West & now we need security to protect Jews and Muslims from mostly mythical White terrorists.

Anti-terror CCTV and security guards set for more than 50 schools

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MORE than 50 schools at risk of a terrorist attack around the country will be given security guards and closed-circuit TV systems amid heightened ­national security fears.
The Daily Telegraph can reveal the overhaul will be ­unveiled today by federal Justice Minister Michael Keenan.
The program will include $18 million in funding for 54 schools that have requested ­assistance to hire security guards and buy security products to safeguard students.
The fears stem from the ­potential lone wolf terror and racist attacks at Islamic and Jewish schools. ...