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Renegade Tribune: Hijrah and Jihad - Image: Mama Merkel's children, Obama's Pilgrims. --tma


“And those who emigrate for Allah’s sake after they are oppressed, We will most certainly give them a good abode in the world, and the reward of the hereafter is certainly much greater, did they but know;”
– The Qur’an; Surah 16:41
“Migration cannot be ended as long as there is kufr (unbelief) or as long as there is an enemy that resists”
– The Prophet Muhammad
“I charge you with five of what Allah has charged me with: to assemble, to listen, to obey, to immigrate and to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah”
– The Prophet Muhammad
“The West must not fear Islam- when Islam is in power, all people will live peacefully,”
– Iyad al Sheikh Mahmoud, leader of Syrian rebel group, Jabhat al Nusra
The “Refugee Crisis” that has gone on for months has been described by men like Dr. Mudar Zahran, a Jordanian Palestinian academic, as “the soft Islamic conquest of the West.” The term “Hijrah” refers to a migration for the cause of Islam. Like any spiritual teaching, one can choose to make this an internal quest towards “God-Realization”, or make it something that is “external”, as is typically the case of fundamentalists. The apparent result of “Hijrah” and/or “Jihad” seemed to come to a head on Friday, November 13th, when the world was shocked by a coordinated terror attack on multiple “soft targets” (non-military/government targets) that claimed the lives of approximately 130 people in Paris, France. It was a coordinated attack that former CIA Director, James Woolsey told the BBC would have required government-style planning.
Unfortunately, this was far from an “isolated incident”, but rather was a crescendo on a slew of attacks in recent weeks and months credited to the terror group commonly referred to as “ISIS”. As I have pointed out inprevious posts, ISIS is a creation of U.S. foreign policy and the trifecta of U.S., Israeli and Saudi intelligence and geopolitical manipulations in the Middle East. These manipulations and meddlings resulted in deaths of 224 passengers aboard a Russian jetliner on October 31st and then 130 people in Paris on Friday, November 13th. ...

RR Watch: Texas governor threatens lawsuit against resettlement contractor over Syrians - Alas, it isn’t just Syrian Muslims going to Texas, but the state has been a target for the resettlement of large numbers of Somali and Iraqi Muslims as well.

miliband bananas

European Americans and the Historic American Nation are feeling the business end of Miliband's Third World banana.

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 30, 2015

Abbott vs. Miliband!

The threat is directed at the International Rescue Committee*** headed by the former British Foreign Secretary, David Miliband. The lawsuit would pit Abbott against Miliband who came to the US in 2013 to head up the largest (financially) of the nine US resettlement contractors.
From the Houston Chronicle:
Texas Governor-elect Greg Abbott addresses media during a news conference, Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014, at the Capitol in Austin, Texas. Abbott is the first new Texas governor in 14 years — and he did it in a landslide. He crushed Democrat Wendy Davis by one of the biggest margins in any of three dozen gubernatorial races across the U.S., carrying nearly 60 percent of the vote by early Wednesday as Texas underwent its biggest political shake-up in decades. (AP Photo/Austin American-Statesman, Jay Janner) AUSTIN CHRONICLE OUT, COMMUNITY IMPACT OUT; INTERNET AND TV MUST CREDIT PHOTOGRAPHER AND STATESMAN.COM; MAGS OUT
Texas Governor Greg Abbott
AUSTIN – Texas officials are escalating their opposition to Syrian refugees with a new order aimed specifically at resettlement groups that have indicated they will accept people fleeing the war-torn country: change your mind or risk getting sued by the state.
Texas health commissioner Chris Traylor issued the first lawsuit threat over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in a letter to the Dallas branch of the International Rescue Committee, which said earlier this month that it supports accepting Syrian refugees.
miliband bananas
Miliband bff Soros, Clinton and Samantha Power takes lucrative job as head of the IRC. Photo and story:
“We have been unable to achieve cooperation with your agency,” Traylor wrote in the letter, which was released to the Houston Chronicle late Sunday, adding that, “Failure by your organization to cooperate with the State of Texas as required by federal law may result in the termination of your contract with the state and other legal action.”
Similar letters are expected to be sent to any refugee resettlement group that takes a similar position against Gov. Greg Abbott.
Go to the Houston Chronicle for more and to see the letter.  Alas, it isn’t just Syrian Muslims going to Texas, but the state has been a target for the resettlement of large numbers of Somali and Iraqi Muslims as well.

Eight of nine major resettlement contractors operating in Texas:

Abbott may have to sue eight of the nine federal resettlement contractors (this is from Part II of my Texas trilogy of posts).  These are the nine federal resettlement contractors:
Please go to this list of subcontractors everywhere and scroll down to Texas.
Texas is the number one resettlement state in the nation! And, never forget, Democrats and the No borders agitators are working day and night to turn Red states Blue—Texas is their number one target!
Recognizing how lucrative the ‘welcoming’ Texas turf is (contractors are paid by the head to resettle refugees), eight of the nine contractors have set up shop somewhere in Texas.  The only one with no office there yet is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society!
For more on Texas, go here to our three part series from earlier this summer.
And for much more on David Miliband and his friends in high places, click here.   Hillary adores him!
***From this post:
International Rescue Committee (secular)
(From 2012 Form 990)
Total revenue: $456,122,865
Govt. grants and contracts (including travel loan income): $332,271,151
Percent taxpayer funded: 73%
Top salary: $485,321  (this is the salary of the former CEO, but we assume Miliband is pulling down similar numbers).

Obama's Thanksgiving Address: Recognizing [criminally taking advantage of] the Greatness of American Generosity - Wait--he's grabbing a machete!

Wait--he's grabbing a machete! 

[ ... ]

"Now, people should remember that no refugee can enter our borders until they undergo the highest security checks of anyone traveling to the United States."

[ ... ]

     The Obama Administration's own FBI director has admitted almost all Syrian refugees have no paper trail and so it would make no difference if they vetted them "until the cows come home."

     The Paris  massacre has terribly inconvenienced Obama and the private 'refugee' resettlement contractors, who get paid per-head for sponsoring tens of thousands of (economic Muslim) 'refugees,' dumping them onto unsuspecting communities all across America, and gleefully soaking up taxpayer dollars, as state after state turns Democrat blue or deeper blue.
     How will your community look and operate after it is filled  with Third World peoples? Easy answer: Like the rest of the Third World.
     Not for us to worry, though. This is the gift we will be bestowing upon our great-grandchildren.

RR Watch: 50 “faith leaders” pressure Ohio Governor Kasich on Syrian refugee stance - Obama & refugee contractors set back by Paris attacks. Private 'refugee' resettlement contractors gleefully soak up more tons of taxpayer dollars while turning Ohio deeper blue.--tma

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Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 30, 2015
I’ve told you over the holiday weekend that a massive PR campaign is underway to push back at the governors and others who are wary of admitting Syrian mostly Muslim refugees to the US.

They are very worried because this is the first real opposition to refugee resettlement in the 35 years of the program.

Here is just one example, this one from Ohio, of who is leading the pack in the pushback—CAIR and Islamic leaders joined by members of “interfaith” groups and resettlement contractors who make their living doing this work.
American Flag with Allahu Akbar
In 2014, Toledo, Ohio became a refugee resettlement city. In announcing the news the local ABC affiliate placed the newsman, Bill Hormann, in front of an American flag. The Arabic writing on the flag says “Allahu Akbar” (translated by an Arabic speaking reader of RRW). So glad we have a screen shot since the original story is now gone.
You can be sure if Obama said we were taking 10,000 Christian and Yazidi Syrians that CAIR would not be promoting letters like this one.  (BTW, I had to search for a few minutes to find the letter, at CAIR’s website, since the news article did not link to it).
Here is the story at the Columbus Dispatch:
A coalition of more than 50 faith and civic leaders sent an open letter to Gov. John Kasich last week asking him to reconsider his stance against resettling Syrian refugees in Ohio.
Among those who signed was Michael Orra, president of the Islamic Council of Ohio, which represents 24 Muslim groups and mosques in the state, including the Islamic Foundation of Central Ohio.
Kasich is “jumping on the GOP bandwagon” with his position, Orra said, one that is “un-American” in its wholesale refusal to admit the refugees.
“These people have been in refugee camps waiting their turn,” Orra said.  [Waiting their turn!—What nerve!—ed]

Toledo only began resettling refugees in 2014 as we reported here.

Toledo has a long-standing Arab-American community and leads the state in the number of Syrian refugees settling there: 54 this year.
Brittany Ford, the project manager and co-lead of the Welcome Toledo-Lucas County initiative to help immigrants settling in that area, expects more to come, despite Kasich’s stance.

Again, go here to CAIR’s website to see the letter and the signatures!  Is your “faith group” on the list?

If you live in Ohio, you must let Kasich know what you think!

The Left (the Democrat party and its friends at CAIR) need to make sure Ohio is a reliably blue state and that is why it is so important to continue to pour in the refugees and immigrants generally.
Again, those promoting Muslim resettlement to the US have never had the pushback they are getting since Paris, so please get involved!

AFP: Mass brawls erupt in crowded migrant shelters in Germany - Windows were smashed, sofas were thrown, and fire extinguishers emptied ...

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'Mama Merkel's' vibrant new Europe

Berlin (AFP) - Clashes broke out Sunday between hundreds of asylum seekers at a shelter in Berlin, in the second mass brawl to erupt over the weekend in Germany's crowded migrant accommodations.
Several people were arrested at the fight that started in the food distribution queues at the former airport of Tempelhof, which has been turned into a temporary accommodation for 1,200 refugees, an AFP photographer witnessed.
The brawl came just hours after another mass fight at a refugee shelter in the Berlin suburb of Spandau, where migrants went at each other with fire extinguishers, a police spokesman said.
Windows were smashed, sofas were thrown, and fire extinguishers emptied, said police, adding that several residents of the shelter were wounded.
Some 500 people evacuated the building "in fear and panic" over the dispute.
Separately, two other fights broke out in other shelters. ...

RR Watch - Do you live in an all-elected-officials-shut-out Wilson-Fish 'refugee' state? - Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Idaho ...

Posted by Ann Corcoran on November 30, 2015
In so-called Wilson-Fish states the federal refugee resettlement program completely leaves out state elected officials and is run exclusively between the feds and a non-profit resettlement contractor (Volag).
That means that Catholic Charities among others is choosing who comes to your state/how many, and thus who you will educate and otherwise care for with your tax dollars!
So, if you live in one of the twelve designated Wilson-Fish states you have even less states’ rights than the others (and there is very little power for the governor in the others either).  When crafting the original Refugee Act of 1980, Senator Ted Kennedy made sure the law was written in such a way as to give very few rights to state elected officials and virtually none to Congress (except the power of the purse!)
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley delivers his State of the State address in the Historic Old House Chamber in the Capitol building in Montgomery, Ala., Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014. (AP Photo/Jay Sailors)
Alabama Governor Robert Bentley is one of 12 governors who need to reclaim their states’ rights and get the heck out of the federal Wilson-Fish program.
I have way too much to do today and am not wading into W-F. But, I urge all of you who live in these 12 states and one county to begin to research what this means for you and find a way to push back.
I was reminded of W-F this morning when I saw this Breitbart story posted yesterday.  See ‘what you need to know about W-F’ here.   And, this is what the Office of Refugee Resettlement says about it,click here.

States can opt-out of the refugee program, but beware!

For all of you in other states, remember that if your state decides to withdraw from the program—yes, it legally can withdraw as we reported on the law here in 2009—but remember this!    Waiting in the wings are the resettlement contractors/feds eager to find a “replacement designee” to turn your state into a Wilson-Fish state and run the program without any state involvement at all.

Is your state a Wilson-Fish state?

This is from the Breitbart story, and comes directly from the federal guidelines on W-F.  P.S. to Wyoming, watch out for your governor to allow the feds to set up a W-F program for WY (the only state in the nation which has no official program, although no refugees went to Montana in recent years).
This federal government website describes the program, as well as the VOLAGs in the 12 Wilson Fish states where they operate with virtually no oversight by the governments of the local states. Those VOLAGs, by state, are:
Alabama: USCCB – Catholic Social Services
Alaska: USCCB – Catholic Social Services
San Diego County, CA: USCCB – Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego

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Guillaume Durocher - TOO - “A Europe of Nations”: Marine Le Pen’s Plan for the Old Continent


Like the mass-rape gangs of Rotherham, the recent slaughter of 130 people by Muslim terrorists in the streets of Paris has again given us a quick glimpse, the briefest foretaste, of our coming multicultural future as indigenous Europeans are reduced to a minority. Europe once birthed the most dynamic and luminous of all human civilizations. But as her demographics progressively come to resemble those of the Levant and the Congo, so she will be cursed with lifestyles and violence like the Levantine and Congolese. No one has a right to be surprised at this development.[1]
We then need more than ever to have concrete and constructive thinking on how to build a new Europe in which our nations will survive and thrive. In this article, I will present Front National leader Marine Le Pen’s European policy: First to abolish the European Union and then to establish new forms of European cooperation to better fight immigration and globalism. I will also critically discuss the issue of “European solidarity” in the framework of the FN’s official civic nationalism which, while robustly opposed to immigration and perhaps necessary electorally, is not unproblematic. ...