Saturday, March 17, 2018

Audio - Alt Right on UK Banning Pettibone, Sellner, Southern: Anarcho-tyranny; Shows no one is safe, etc

Katie Hopkins: Populist Political Movements Sweep the West - "We want control over our own country. We want strong borders. We want our own culture .. I believe the real powerbase for this movement is America and Donald Trump."

Do you feel it?
Like the crackle near electricity wires, or the buzz from a speaker about to jump into life. I feel it in the tips of my fingers and the hairs standing up on my arms.
Change is here.
The populist forces that unite the Conservative movement are coming together and even the most skeptical can now see the evidence that surrounds us.
From Poland to Hungary, from Germany to Spain and on into southern Italy, people are voting to take back their country. They are voting against open borders, against European bureaucratic control, and in support of the Judeo-Christian culture we wish to defend.
And as we rise up we feel the community growing, extending, and we reach out to each other, to hold hands around the globe; a resurgent Conservative movement, stronger together.
There are true leaders lighting the way.
Viktor Orban, the Prime Minister of Hungary, stands as a defender of European Christianity against the Islamic invasion. ...

RRW: Uzbek Idaho 'refugee' attempts to slit throat of CA prison warden, ends up seriously stabbing in side - Your 'refugee' program tax dollars working for you! --tma

Fazliddin Kurbanov

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 16, 2018
This is one of those stories I’m sick of writing about.  I’ve followed Fazliddin Kurbanov’s ‘career’ since his arrest in Idaho in 2013.
He is one of those Uzbeks that we have admitted to the US since the Bush Administration who were already radical Islamists back home, and why we took hundreds is still a mystery. Rumor is that the CIA and State Department teamed up to get them here.
This is the latest at The Sun (San Bernardino):
By the way, some stories just list him as an “Uzbek national” but others, like ABC here have it right.  He was a refugee, now he will cost US taxpayers a fortune as we care for him in prison!
An Uzbek national already serving a 25-year terrorism-related sentence has entered a guilty plea for trying to slit the throat of the warden of the Victorville federal prison in a 2016 attack. ...

Friday, March 16, 2018

Daily Caller: Peter Thiel Says Silicon Valley A ‘Totalitarian Place’ — Slams ‘Political Correctness’

You backed President Trump in a big way, and Silicon Valley’s very liberal,” Maria Bartiromo posed to the venture capitalist. “Do you get heat for that?”
“You know, of course, I got heat, and I don’t want to exaggerate the importance — I don’t think it’s okay to be in a place where most people are liberal or most people have views different from my own,” Thiel answered. “I do think there’s something different when it goes from a large majority having one way to it being almost unanimous.”
“When people are unanimously on one side, that tells you not that they’ve all figured out the truth but that they’re in a sort of totalitarian place, that they’re in a one party state, where they’re not allowed to have dissenting views,” he continued. “I think somehow Silicon Valley shifted from being quite liberal to being a one party state. Those are two very different things.” ...

Ben Garrison Cartoon: The Fall of Hillary

LifeStyle 360 Studio: Hillary Clinton - Hillary comes across as between Mary Poppins and Gidget - Net worth only 45 mil? - Video needs fine-tuning? - How about Clinton Global Grifter Foundation? --tma

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

American Thinker: Mexican flags fly at San Diego anti-Trump rally and press tries to hide it - Likewise geysers of foul language

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Waving the flag of the country they'd do anything to avoid being sent back to, DREAMers were out in force as President Trump's plane touched down in San Diego.  The Mexican flags flew, and the hate-Trump chants pounded from the left.
Don't expect the rest of the media to notice any of this.  Or the chants of "¡sí se puede!" or the Che banners and t-shirts, the foul language, or the scads of ethnic Mexican clothing to demonstrate the absence of assimilation.  Nope, most of the press did its level best to keep such images out of the news and present only the most sanitized versions of the anti-Trump protesters to the public.
Fortunately, since there were a lot of them covering the rallies, the details leaked out here and there.  Two news agencies, Fox News 5, the local station in San Diego, and Breitbart News, in Beverly Hills, reported without filters, as did the San Diego Free Press, a radical left-wing news agency that actually likes the foul language and Mexican flag-waving.  The New York Times did note the Che t-shirts even as it snidely called the pro-Trump rallies "pep rallies."  (Would they have called a pro-Obama rally a "pep" rally?)  But if you wanted to see what the rallies were really like, most of the local press by and large blacked out the flags from the coverage. ...