Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christian Science Monitor / Yahoo News: Is Chuck Schumer's vision for America realistic? (Schumer has been a tireless campaigner for open borders and the continuing flood of poor uneducated unemployed people from the Third World onto the American jobs market--and he is expecting American citizens to listen to his advice on reversing middle-class decline? That would be something like taking Ebola prevention advice from an African fruit bat.)

Is Chuck Schumer's vision for America realistic?

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Sen. Charles Schumer is urging Democrats to embrace government as the solution to middle class decline, cronyism, and the destructive forces of technology and globalization. However, polls show that voters' trust of government is at a historic low.
Sen. Charles Schumer, a key player in crafting the Democrats’ message to voters, has put out an idea for 2016 that portends a steep climb for Democrats: Embrace government, don’t run from it.
In a speech at the National Press Club on Tuesday, the New York senator said that “the public knows in its gut” that only a strong and united government “can reverse the middle class decline and help revive the American Dream.”
Senator Schumer argued that only government is strong enough to shield Americans from the destructive forces of technology and globalization – not that government should try to stop those forces, but that it should help people adapt to them and thrive.  
It is an age-old stand that needs vigorous backing, in Schumer’s view. Democrats should start by convincing Americans that government is on their side – not acting on behalf of special interests, he charged. Then the party needs to lay out a pro-government plan to motivate the base and win back white working class voters who abandoned them in 2014.
But at every step, this path will be a challenging one.
First, a gut check. Polls paint a different picture about Americans’ views of government than Schumer does. The 2014 midterm election exit polls showed that a majority of voters (54 percent) believe that the “government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals,” while just 41 percent think “the government should do more to solve problems,” The Washington Post reported. ...

Occidental Observer - Kevin MacDonald: Ferguson will speed up the racialization of American politics - "It will lead Whites to having greater cohesion and a realization that it is suicide for Whites to become a minority in an America where there is so much irrational hatred against them. It will make Whites more concerned about massive non-White immigration, legal and illegal. Calls for yet more liberal programs to address the pathology of the Black underclass will fall on increasingly deaf ears. Whites will be more motivated than ever to move away from racial diversity."

Ferguson will speed up the racialization of American politics

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Fifty years after the Civil Rights movement and six years into the “post-racial” Obama presidency, we have Ferguson. A TOO theme is that politics in the US and other Western countries is getting steadily more racialized as Whites and non-Whites gravitate to separate political parties with vastly divergent interests and attitudes. Ferguson will accelerate this process. Apart from those Whites who make a living in the bastions of liberal power in the media and academic world (e.g., this incredible piece in Salon [or this one by a non-White professor who complains that the verdict shows that “White supremacy lives on” from her perch at bucolic Hampshire College] or this predictable reaction from a local Black politician), the great majority of Whites will see this as a justified shooting in which an out-of-control, enraged, and very physically imposing Black thug attacked a White police officer.

That’s what the evidence pointed to, and St. Louis prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch made it clear that some of the testimony implicating Officer Wilson was wildly at odds with the facts of the case. To put it charitably, these people saw what they wanted to see, and the Black underclass and the Black activists went all in with that narrative. Obama’s statement that the anger was “understandable” is outrageous since the anger flies in the face of the evidence. And even if you buy the idea that what happened in the past at least makes the reaction understandable, it certainly doesn’t justify an indictment, much less the shooting, burning and looting.
White America watching the TV coverage once again had its stereotypes of the Black underclass confirmed — irrational, violent, White-hating, and prone to criminality. Implicitly at least, there will be an uptick in race realism. Hollywood’s continuing attempts to stereotype Blacks as intelligent computer experts with the wisdom of Gandhi will face an increasingly uphill battle against reality. ...

Patrick J. Buchanan: Moral Befuddlement in Ferguson - “It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.” --Edmund Burke

Moral Befuddlement in Ferguson

Moral Befuddlement in Ferguson

“It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free. Their passions forge their fetters.”
Edmund Burke’s insight returned to mind while watching cable news coverage of the rampage in Ferguson, Missouri, after St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch announced that officer Darren Wilson would not be indicted in the shooting death of Michael Brown.
The rioting, looting, arson and gunfire that began after McCulloch relayed the grand jury’s decision, a decision long predicted and anticipated, revealed the unspoken truth about Ferguson.
The problem in Ferguson is not the 53-man police department. The problem is the hoodlum element those Ferguson cops have to police, who, Monday night, burned and pillaged the stores on the main streets of their own community.
The police were portraits in restraint as they were cursed and showered with rocks, bottles and Molotov cocktails. If the police were at fault at all, it was in their refusal to use the necessary force to stop a rampaging mob that destroyed the lives and livelihoods of honest businessmen and women of Ferguson.
Many will not be able to rebuild their stores. Many will not be able to get insurance. Many will give up and move away, the investment of a lifetime lost in a night of thuggery. ...

AP / Yahoo News: Protests against Ferguson decision grow across US (Racial separation and peaceful repatriation.)

Protests against Ferguson decision grow across US

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People protesting the Ferguson, Missouri, grand jury decision took to the streets in cities across the U.S. for a second day Tuesday, showing that the racially charged case has inflamed tensions thousands of miles from the predominantly black St. Louis suburb.

For many, the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson recalled other troubling encounters with law enforcement. The refrain "hands up, don't shoot" became a rallying cry over police killings nationwide.
A look at some of Tuesday's demonstrations:
Thousands of people marched for a second night in Manhattan ...

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

World Bulletin: Syrian refugees stage hunger strike in Athens (Illegal invaders looking for greener pastures, lucky for angry violent Muslims living in 'no-go zones' in cities like London, Paris and Stockholm, who can always use fresh high-fertility reinforcements.)

Syrian refugees stage hunger strike in Athens

Syrian refugees stage hunger strike in Athens

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About 500 Syrian refugees including women and children have staged their sixth day of a hunger strike in front of Greece's Parliament House in Athens.
The hunger-strikers, who reached Greece from Turkey in inflatable boats, called on the Greek government to observe their rights as refugees and held placards reading: "We escaped from death in Syria to vagrancy in Greece."
Khalsa, a 40-year-old woman who had been Greece for almost two months, told Anadolu Agency on Monday: “We are seeking asylum and some decent treatment. My four children and and husband are still in Syria."
She said she had lost all contact with her family since she had arrived in Athens.
Refaat, another Syrian refugee who had been in Greece for four months, said: "We faced problems on our way here, but the Greek authorities treated us well in order for us to arrive safely."
But he said the government needed to listen to them and take into consideration their rights as refugees.
"We want the Greek government to give us passports in order for us to be able to leave," he said. ...

AmRen - Jared Taylor - Obama on Ferguson: The Problem Is the Justice System, Not Violent Criminals - "The president did not have one word of criticism for Michael Brown. Not once did he say it’s a bad idea to get high on marijuana and commit strong-arm robbery. Not once did he say it’s a bad idea to punch a policeman. Not once did he say it’s a bad idea to try to grab an officer’s gun. Not once did he say it’s a bad idea to head towards a policeman who has already fired a few shots at you. People who do those things—whatever their race—have an excellent chance of being shot, and that’s exactly as it should be."

Obama on Ferguson: The Problem Is the Justice System, Not Violent Criminals

Blacks go shopping in Ferguson after the grand jury decision.
Americans are losing patience with baloney in high places.
The grand jury in Clayton, Missouri, has spoken: Officer Darren Wilson was justified in shooting Michael Brown and there is no probable cause to indict. Fortunately for those nine whites and three blacks, their identities need never be known. They made a brave decision.
Prosecutor Robert McCulloch made a detailed statement of the evidence presented to the grand jury and promised to make it all public, but needless to say, no one was interested in evidence. In Ferguson, looters set fire to a whole block of businesses on West Florissant Avenue, and looted and burned dozens of other businesses. They burned the vehicles at an auto dealer. Police counted more than 150 gunshots during the night, and firemen were afraid to fight fires. There was protest in Manhattan, and looting in Chicago and Oakland. ...

Malta Today: [WATCH] Meet the patriots who fear Muslim takeover of Malta - "The man began talking about 'blacks' but was quickly cut off by Pisani. 'Call them foreigners or immigrants,' Pisani advised." (Oh how this reporter must have throbbed with delight in overhearing the perfect Gotcha! and ending spin. Odd, isn't it, that only people of European heritage are condemned to social and economic purgatory by simply recognizing inherent racial differences?)

[WATCH] Meet the patriots who fear Muslim takeover of Malta

'Maltese patriots' take to the streets to protest against integration with Muslims 

Malta could become a Muslim state within the next 20 years, according to Alex Pisani, the president of the self-declared Organisation of Maltese Patriots (Ghaqda Patrijotti Maltin).

“The people don’t yet know what integration means, it is like giving people full citizenship rights,” Pisani said. “These people will then also be able to bring their family members over. At this rate, we expect Malta to become an African or Muslim state within the next 20 years. Islam is slowly taking over Europe, but we have one religion- Catholicism, and we are proud of it.”

He was speaking right before the organisation’s second anti-immigration protest on Saturday morning, this time with a specific emphasis on their perceived problems brought about by integration with foreign cultures. ...