Friday, May 27, 2016

WaTimes: Syrians, Palestinians buy bogus Honduras identities to sneak into U.S.


Syrians and Palestinians managed to buy illegal citizenship documents from Honduras then tried to use them to enter the U.S., a Honduran newspaper reported over the weekend, exposing a scheme that analysts say could post a danger to the U.S. visa system.
La Prensa uncovered a criminal network that paid Honduran officials to illegally register foreigners as legal residents, which gave them access to documents that could then be used to gain broader access to the western hemisphere.
The La Prensa report was highlighted Friday by the Center for Immigration Studies, which said the network appeared to be a favorite for those of Arab origin — particularly Syrians and Palestinians — who were looking for a way to enter the U.S. ...

Buchanan: ‘The Great White Hope’ - "So it is that people of that derided ethnicity, race, and gender see in Donald Trump someone who unapologetically berates and mocks the elites who have dispossessed them, and who despise them."

‘The Great White Hope’

“Something startling is happening to middle-aged white Americans. Unlike every other age group, unlike every other racial and ethnic group … death rates in this group have been rising, not falling.”
The big new killers of middle-aged white folks? Alcoholic liver disease, overdoses of heroin and opioids, and suicides. So wrote Gina Kolata in The New York Times of a stunning study by the husband-wife team of Nobel laureate Angus Deaton and Anne Case.
Deaton could cite but one parallel to this social disaster: “Only H.I.V./AIDS in contemporary times has done anything like this.”
Middle-aged whites are four times as likely as middle-aged blacks to kill themselves. Their fitness levels are falling as they suffer rising levels of physical pain, emotional stress and mental depression, which helps explain the alcohol and drug addiction.
But what explains the social disaster of white Middle America? ...

RR Watch: What will Senator Rand Paul do about new influx of Muslims to his hometown? - Waiting for Rand or Gowdy to act is like waiting for a pot to boil, only less exciting. --tma

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 27, 2016
Yesterday I told you about a public meeting to be held today in Bowling Green, KY where the major resettlement contractor working there, Bowling Green International Center, a subcontractor of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, will attempt to explain why they will now be adding to the Muslim population of that town.
rand paul contemplative

Senator Rand Paul. Will he or won’t he take a leading role in investigating the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program that is FOREVER changing his home town?
Writing at World Net Daily, Leo Hohmann, reports on Senator Paul’s response.  For any of you attending that meeting at 5 p.m. today, be sure to see if you can spot any representatives of Paul’s office in attendance.  Be sure to let them know what you are thinking.
Here is just a small snip from Hohmann’s detailed report:
Bowling Green is not new to Muslim refugees. The city has been transformed over the past decade from a typical Middle America town that had no Muslims to one that now has more than 7,000 who account for at least 10 percent of the city’s population. It had no mosques 15 years ago and now has several including a large Islamic Center. The Islamic refugees have come from 23 countries, mostly from Bosnia, Russia, Burma, Iraq and now Syria.
Paul’s office told WND he is not in favor of the Syrian refugee dumps in Kentucky or anywhere else under the current vetting process being used by President Obama.
“Senator Paul believes we must pass the SECURE Act,” said Sergio Gor, the senator’s press secretary. “This legislation would suspend visa issuance for countries with a high risk of terrorism and impose a waiting period for background checks on visa issuance from other countries until the American people can be assured terrorists cannot enter the country through our immigration and visa system.”
Paul was much more outspoken against refugee resettlement three years ago, before he contemplated a run for president.
Continue reading here.
I, at one point a few years ago, had a lot of hope that Senator Paul, because of the way he questioned the program, would indeed become a leading Senate advocate for its reform. Of course it isn’t too late for him to accept the mantle.
P.S. Kentuckians might want to pound Mitch McConnell too, but I bet he is too deeply indebted to big industries in the state (Perdue maybe???) always on the lookout for cheap captive labor that refugees provide.

TDT - Trump Clinches delegates - Shows you can win even handicapped by support of most Americans --tma

Trump Clinches Nomination

CNN is reporting that Donald Trump has the delegates to clinch the GOP presidential nomination, according to a CNN delegate count Thursday.
While Trump has had the nomination locked down for weeks, he has now reached the threshold of 1,237 delegates with the help of previously uncommitted delegates who now support his candidacy. A handful of states, including the large prizes of California and New Jersey, will hold the final primaries on June 7.
While Trump will not formally accept the party’s nomination until the delegates cast their votes on the convention floor in July, crossing the threshold effectively puts to rest any remaining suspense about the possibility of a messy and contested convention. For months, drama and tumult have rocked the Republican Party, as a fervent anti-Trump movement launched a full-on onslaught to derail his candidacy.
But the flurry of “Never Trump” activities, including a slew of negative ads against Trump and efforts to draft a third-party candidate, ultimately proved unsuccessful. ...

RR Watch: Rep Chris Smith (R-NJ), decades-long migrant invasion 'darling', suddenly awakens--What no Christians!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on May 27, 2016
Shocked to find out—Surprise!—that we aren’t resettling Syrian Christians, but mostly Sunni Muslims.  I have no sympathy for his position now because he was so willfully blind for at least the last two decades about where this UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program was taking America.

Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) has been a long time supporter of the UNHCR and its work to bring refugees to America.
Here is a bit of the news from a stunned Smith at CNS News:
( – Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) said Thursday that it was “unconscionable” that of the record 499 Syrian refugees admitted to the United States in the first three weeks of May, not one was a Christian.
Knights of Columbus CEO Carl Anderson cited that number, reported by on Monday, in his testimony on the urgent needs facing Christian refugees from Iraq and Syria.
Smith was speaking at a House Foreign Affairs subcommittee hearing on what steps should be taken following Secretary of State Kerry’s March declaration that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS/ISIL) was committing genocide in Iraq and Syria against Christians and other religious minorities.
“They can’t even get into a UNHCR [U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees] or IDP [internally displaced persons] camp or a refugee camp, are unwanted, at risk,” Smith said of the Christians in Iraq and Syria.
Someone should really do a full accounting of Smith’s unwavering support for more refugees for your towns and cities (he has been the Republican darling of the refugee industry and its advocates), but I don’t have the time.  Here is just one bit I found (in a quick search) from a New York Times story about Smith from 1997 (Crusader and pragmatist!):

…. an anti-immigration group, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, has attacked him for his efforts to open American borders to more political refugees.

Does he understand that his beloved Catholic Bishops are leading the pack in ‘welcoming’ Muslims to America?

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Huffpost - DePaul / DeAppalling University Admins Surrender to Violent Protesters, Shutter Event - "Years of inaction by university administrators has left radical student activists feeling they are immune from the law."


If you know a good constitutional law professor, please introduce me to her. I’m confused about the First Amendment, and I need answers.
Until yesterday, for example, I never realized that forcibly shutting down a private speaking event was considered free speech. I was also surprised to learn that assaulting a police officer is now a form of protest. It certainly never occurred to me that making violent threats towards a speaker was a constitutionally protected right. In fact, I was pretty confident all three of these acts were illegal . . . highly illegal.
Yet, yesterday I saw radical protestors do all three of these things, without consequence. DePaul University administrators looked on dispassionately, as if this was an every-day occurrence. Watching this all unfold, I had to wonder for a moment whether DePaul administrators were defending some bizarre form of free speech I had never heard of.
They weren’t. They knew they were tolerating a dangerous suppression of speech, but in the face of adversity they chose to do the easy thing, rather than the just thing. As usual.
Years of inaction by university administrators has left radical student activists feeling they are immune from the law.  ...

Daily Mail - Violence Breaks Out at Another Trump Rally: Now Anaheim Demonstrators Burn Trash Cans and Throw Objects at Police - Marxist Privilege: Riot all you want, cop success is just keeping you at bay. --tma

Signs depict Trump as the Joker and a Nazi and make reference to his plans to build a wall by Mexico

Fierce protests erupted in Anaheim on Wednesday as Donald Trump arrived for a rally in the Californian city.
Police in riot gear swarmed the streets on Wednesday afternoon trying to curtail the crowds who were throwing objects, setting trash cans on fire, and brandishing anti-Trump signs.
The uproar was centered on the Anaheim Convention Center, which was blocked by a wall of mounted police and barricades.
At least five people were arrested for staging an unlawful protest, the LA Times reported.
It comes a day after violent protests outside Trump’s speech in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Riot police used pepper spray and smoke canisters to control the fire-starting demonstrators.
As in Albuquerque, a number of demonstrators in Anaheim were brandishing Mexican flags.
By 3pm local time most of the protesters had been rounded up, leaving around 12.
Sgt. Daron Wyatt, an Anaheim police spokesman, said the violence could have escalated but the force was on high alert after the scenes in Albuquerque.
‘I think a lot of it was the planning and preparation. ...