Saturday, February 17, 2018

Breitbart: London’s ‘Modest’ Fashion Show Celebrates Sharia-Compliant Clothing Weeks After Women Burn Hijabs in Iran - Get your 'sporty hijabs'! --tma

London Modest Fashion Week will “celebrate” Britain’s growing sharia-compliant fashion industry — less than two weeks after women living under Islamic fundamentalist regimes risked imprisonment when they burnt their hijabs on No Hijab Day.

Described as an “exciting addition to the London fashion calendar” and “a celebration of style and global cultures”, London Modest Fashion Week will showcase “modest style” lines on the catwalk this weekend.

The show will also put on a sharia legal clinic and zakat (religious tax) hub at the Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, venue.

Organised by the Islamic clothing curator Haute Elan, the fashion website’s founder Romanna Bint-Abubaker said in 2017: “The fastest growing global consumer is at the moment the Muslim market. ...

SatLakeTrib - Utah: Police call in FBI after ISIS flag is found flying at Utah high school - Let's hope the perpetrator didn't provide his legal name, making his track-down impossible - Top FBI so politicized, rest of agency suffering from bureaucratic stagnation? --tma

Police have enlisted the help of the FBI after an ISIS flag was found in place of an American flag on a Hurricane High School flagpole Thursday morning.

Following hours of investigation, including analysis by federal agents, Police have determined the flag swap was not executed by the infamous terrorist group. ...

Friday, February 16, 2018

CEC - Alex Fontana - Invasive Species: The Hidden Natural Cost Of Mass Immigration And Diversity - Image: Cowbird takes over goldfinch nest --tma

Related image
Cowbird takes over goldfinch nest

Breitbart recently published an article citing New York Times columnist David Brooks alleging that immigrants and their children are superior to White native born Americans. I am not kidding. This is how disgustingly treacherous our ruling elite members have become. 

This is what Brooks, a supposed "conservative," wrote: 

Over all, America is suffering from a loss of dynamism. New business formation is down. Interstate mobility is down. Americans switch jobs less frequently and more Americans go through the day without ever leaving the house.
But these trends are largely within the native population. Immigrants provide the antidote. They start new businesses at twice the rate of nonimmigrants. Roughly 70 percent of immigrants express confidence in the American dream, compared with only 50 percent of the native-born.
Let us examine some of these statements and look for probable reasons and solutions. ...

All well stated. I'm finding it hard to accept some of the US Household Annual Median Incomes, unless they are also counting large households that collect a lot of government benefits. Syrian? Nigerian? Really? Over decades there has been a lot of poor uneducated family chain migration as well as 'impoverished' fake, or not as defined by law, 'refugees' merrily flooding into the US, thanks to the paid-per-head 'religious charity' government contractors in collusion with the US State Department-UN corrupt refugee racket. On Indians, from India, we can't just look at this as a racial average, since many have come here to supply comparatively cheaper labor because as individuals they were judged qualified to perform specific computer and other technical jobs. And it has been reported that Indian immigrant IQ is significantly higher than the average among their former countrymen. As for the yammerings of David Brooks, I doubt that there is much that "he does not see." His pronouncements, I believe, can be best be understood by reading Professor Kevin MacDonald's 'The Culture of Critique.' Overall, yes, of course, this incoming subspecies displacement, the so-called affirmative action and the dispiriting, the hammering down of European ethnics, leading to suicide, opioid addiction, low birthrates, etc, is a huge factor. Back to invasive species, wonderfully, if horrifically, illustrated at Google Images, after entering something like 'cowbirds take over goldfinch nest.' The dutiful hardworking goldfinch parents seem oblivious to the fact that one of their nestlings has become a giant larger than they are--and of a different color. Reminds me of so many of our zombie-like co-ethnics who have been propagandized into becoming equally automaton. May they awaken soon!

Breitbart: FBI Obsessed with Hoax Trump ‘Pee Pee’ Dossier but Couldn’t Follow Threat Tip Bearing Name of Florida Mass Shooter

The FBI has dedicated an untold number of resources to an investigation based on the infamous, 35-page largely discredited anti-Trump dossier alleging unsubstantiated collusion with Russia and claiming without any evidence that Donald Trump engaged in sordid sexual acts caught on video.

Yet that same dossier-obsessed FBI is now facing scrutiny for allegedly taking few actions after the agency was alerted to a YouTube comment last fall bearing the name of the future Florida school mass shooter and declaring, “Im going to be a professional school shooter.”

The FBI’s probe of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign reportedly centered on the dossier despite the bureau being fully aware that the questionable document was produced by the controversial Fusion GPS opposition political research outfit and was paid for by Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee. ...

     An ever more vibrantly diverse fractured atomized pre-third world consumer society where the largest ethnic group is supposed to be a guilty evil 'social construct.' Hey, what could go wrong?

RRW - Refugee contractors blaming Trump for office closings - Bottom Line: Before Trump the refugee racket had become an ever mushrooming taxpayer-funded US State Dept-UN Ponzi scheme -tma

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 16, 2018
I told you about it here yesterday, but I’ve noticed over the last 24 hours that the story about Trump’s refugee policies being blamed for closure of NON-PROFIT GROUP offices is all over the media.
Let me be clear!
The blame rests squarely on the design of the US Refugee Admissions Program (and Congress) which has shoveled so much federal money to NON-PROFITS that they long ago gave up any idea of seriously attempting to raise private money to TAKE CARE OF THE REFUGEES THEY CLAIM THEY WANTED!
The program has essentially become a ponzi-scheme built on US Treasury payments to NON-PROFIT groups on a refugee per head basis.  Refugee (paying client) numbers decline, and thus so does the NON-PROFIT groups’ taxpayer support.
For ten years I have been hammering this point—nothing has stopped NON-PROFIT refugee agencies from raising PRIVATE money in the old fashioned way! They could have held more fundraisers, sought out grants from businesses AND from religious groups to tide them over through the ups and downs of the refugee admissions flow.
(If, at this point, they say there isn’t enough private money for this, then that means the public doesn’t want it!)
So instead they got lazy on the federal dole.  It isn’t the Trump State Department’s fault if refugees brought in previous months and years are now left without local support. The State Department can’t legally shutter NON-PROFIT groups.
It is the management at the top of the nine federal contractors (below) who were careless and lazy (all the while collecting exorbitant salaries themselves!) who are to blame if refugees are left in the lurch now, or staff at the lowest levels is dismissed.
Where the h*** is Congress! It is way past time to either dump or completely reform the Refugee Act of 1980!

The nine contractors….
The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.

     In a way, we are lucky that these groups cannot afford to raise such funds themselves since most of their sponsored refugees would probably still eventually end up on the welfare rolls and we would still have the same crime, terrorism and alien demographic cultural clobbering to our Historic American Nation.

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