Saturday, July 20, 2019

WaEx: ZERO new border fence after 30 months in office - It's always been suspicious: We never see images, maps of clearly new construction; Repair v new wall kept fuzzy, Trump rarely visits new construction--his base would be showering him with accolades --tma

SAN DIEGO, California — The Trump administration has not installed a single mile of new wall in a previously fenceless part of the U.S.-Mexico border in the 30 months since President Trump assumed office, despite his campaign promise to construct a “big beautiful wall.”
In a statement last week, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the federal agency overseeing border barrier construction, confirmed that all the fencing completed since Trump took office is "in place of dilapidated designs" because the existing fence was in need of replacement.
The agency said that it had built 51 miles of steel bollard fence with funding that was set aside during fiscal 2017 and 2018. But while the funding was meant both to replace outdated walls and to place barriers where there previously had been none, the government has only completed the replacement projects. The projects to secure areas with no fence are still in the works. ...

Sun: Iranian commandos hijack British oil tanker in the Strait of Hormuz - Strait of Hormuz now third most dangerous for British after London and Birmingham? --tma

Iran's Revolutionary Guard launched a gunboat and helicopter raid on the tanker, which is registered in the UK, claiming it had turned off its tracker and ignored warnings.
Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt said in a Twitter message that the ship has been seized in Omani waters "in clear contravention of international law".
Another vessel, the Mesdar, was also intercepted and forced towards Iranian territory in what appeared to be a co-ordinated strike. ...

Friday, July 19, 2019

Red Ice TV: Flashback Friday - Send Her Back! - Omar's anti-white firing "Squad"?

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VDARE - Generic American Party Vs. Great Replacement Party: Now An Irrepressible Conflict—With Or Without Trump

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The Cold Civil War” is heating up with the fight between President Donald Trump and “The Squad” of Leftist minority congresswomen, particularly former refugee Ilhan Omar. The question in this political struggle is as fundamental as the one at the center of the more violent 19th century conflict: The Republican base clearly believes the U.S. is a majority-white country rooted in the traditions of the Founding—the Historic American Nation

But Democrats (and some of the controlled opposition in Conservatism Inc.) think America belongs to the entire world—that it isn’t really a nation at all. This is an irrepressible conflict. and lines are clearly drawn between a GOP base that believes in the old America and Leftists who explicitly want to replace it. ...

Mark Collett: 007 is Now a Black Woman - Why can't they come up with stories of their own? - Even 'Roots' was plagiarized (courts agreed) from a white writer --tma

WSJ - BORDERS: Cuts in foreign aid and begging Mexico to help us by toothless incompetent GOP having ZERO impact because invaders send BILLIONS home in remittances --tma

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CHINACLA, Honduras—President Trump’s government recently announced more than $560 million in aid cuts to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador—the Northern Triangle—in a bid to pressure them to slow the flow of migrants to the U.S.
But the plan faces a grim economic reality: aid isn’t nearly as vital as the billions of dollars in remittances sent home by migrants in the U.S.
That gives thousands of poor farmers here in a vast region of tropical forest and farmland in southern Honduras a strong incentive to migrate in search of better wages and economic stability. And it gives the Central American governments little incentive to stop them. ...

U.S. aid cuts to Northern Triangle countries aren’t slowing migration because the billions of dollars in remittances migrants in the U.S. send back home is much bigger

U.S.U.S. aid cuts to Northern Triangle countries aren’t slowing migration because the billions of dollars in remittances migrants in the U.S. send back home is much bigger aid cuts to Northern Triangle countries aren’t slowing migration because the billions of dollars in remittances migrants in the U.S. send back home is much bigger

AP: Trump disavows ‘send her back’ cry, Omar stands defiant - As on borders, strangest combination of bluster and timidity - Best you can expect from cluelessly colorblind civic nationalists? --tma

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Thursday chided his supporters who chanted “send her back” when he questioned the loyalty of a Somali-born congresswoman, joining widespread criticism of the campaign crowd’s cry after Republicans warned about political blowback from the angry scene.
In a week that has corkscrewed daily with hostile exchanges over race and love of country , Trump also claimed he had tried to stop the chant at a reelection event Wednesday night in North Carolina — though video shows otherwise. The crowd’s “send her back” shouts resounded for 13 seconds as Trump made no attempt to interrupt them. He paused in his speech and surveyed the scene, taking in the uproar. ...