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Peter Brimelow - Vdare - Anti-Trump riots future of America unless we stop migration - "But California shows that the Left is now moving to a new level—because it thinks it can. Quite probably someone is going to get killed—quite possibly Trump himself."


Paul Kersey called me early this morning to urge me to me to write the concluding fictional chapter I had originally projected for my 1995 immigration book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster: about the flight of the last white family in Los Angeles, led by a heroine I would callVirginia Dare, because it seemed…somehow symmetrical. (For some reason, this idea really annoyed the Southern Poverty Law Center—$PLC to
Kersey’s point: the mobbing of the Trump rally in Costa Mesa on April 28 (as well as the San Fernando freeway shutdowns ignored by the national Main Stream Media but reported by Steve Sailer) showed that Mexifornia, with its characteristic Latin American intolerance and tradition of public intimidation by turba is now here. (Much to horror of his swamped California relatives).
Since Kersey called me, of course, “protesters”—who of course should properly be called “disrupters,” and, increasing, “rioters”—have blocked Trump’s car from entering the California Republican Convention in Burlingame, so that he had to enter by crossing a wall, and then broke through barricade outside the conference hotel. [Protesters pummel Donald Trump lookalike as the GOP front-runner addresses California Republican Party conventionby Rich Shapiro, New York Daily News, April 29, 2016] ...

AP: GOP Race Shift CA's Political Fault Lines - Riccardi & Blood are poor reporters: (1) "Centrist" Gov Wilson was savaged by GOP Inc and media for trying to protect taxpayers from illegals; (2) CA GOP is sinking because of increasing numbers of non-Whites who hate GOP core values of smaller govt and fewer programs, not because GOP is mean to Hispanics. --tma

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Image from Breitbart

BURLINGAME, Calif. (AP) -- The Republican Party in California has been riven for decades between those who want to tack to the ideological center to expand its diminishing appeal and those who want it to enforce conservative purity. But the prospect of Donald Trump clinching the nomination in the Golden State has scrambled the party's political fault lines in advance of its pivotal June primary, forging unexpected alliances that blur those longstanding divisions.

Tea party favorite Ted Cruz was being endorsed Saturday by former Gov. Pete Wilson, a centrist governor who raised taxes and feuded regularly with conservatives. Two Republicans with knowledge of Wilson's decision told The Associated Press that the former governor and U.S. senator will announce his support for Cruz on Saturday at the state Republican Party convention in Burlingame. The Republicans spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly before the announcement.

Trump, meanwhile, has snapped up support from stalwarts on California's right ...

Daily Mail - Hundreds of Mexican flag-waving demonstrators smash up a squad car, punch a Donald supporter

From Drudge

Protesters clash with cops at California Trump rally: Hundreds of Mexican flag-waving demonstrators smash up a squad car, punch a Donald supporter and scuffle with riot police amid angry scenes

  • Police clashed with protesters outside Donald Trump's rally in Costa Mesa, California Thursday night
  • One group of protesters was filmed trying to flip over a police car outside the Pacific Amphitheater where he spoke
  • Hundreds of demonstrators flooded the streets, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition
  • One Trump supporter was seen bloodied after being punched in the face, while about 20 people were arrested
  • The Republican frontrunner was campaigning on Thursday ahead of the state's June 7 presidential primary
  • He is vying for votes in the primary election to narrow the gap to the 1,237 delegates needed to win the nomination
  • Trump leads Kasich and Cruz in the California polls, with an estimated 45.7 per cent of voters, according to Real Clear Politics ...

RR Watch - World famous media tear-jerker 'Mama Merkel' refugee 'poster family' hops plane back to Iraq - "Majid family gave more than 100 press interviews in Berlin, to media from all over the world."

Washington Post

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 29, 2016
Invasion of Europe news….
This is my laugh of the day story!
We have previously told you that literally thousands of so-called ‘refugees’ who made the ‘dangerous’ journey to Europe from the Middle East are finding that the streets in their new home are not paved with gold, the goodies aren’t very good, and on second thought, maybe “home” wasn’t so bad after all.
First, see this story we wrote in February about regular charter flights from Europe to Iraq returning the disenchanted to their homes.

Iraqi family to Germany

The “famous” “heart-breaking” photo of a “Syrian” refugee dad arriving in Greece (he was clearly not starving). Not Syrians and no longer in Europe! Photo: Daniel Etter for the New York Times.

Now comes news that a famous refugee family that made headlines in Germany and around the world in 2015 is already back in Baghdad.  The story at The New Observer seems almost too incredible to be true, but unless we learn otherwise, we will assume it is all true! Hat tip: Joanne
Proof that there is no “refugee” crisis—but only a determined, liberal-driven, nonwhite invasion of Europe—has come with the news that the Iraqi “refugee” family made famous in a press photograph have returned to Iraq after only six months in Germany.
The family—Laith Majid; his wife, Nada Adel; their sons Moustafa, aged 18; Ahmed, 17; and Taha, nine; along with seven-year-old daughter Nour—landed on the island of Kos in August 2015, at the height of the Angela Merkel-inspired nonwhite invasion.
As a result of the press picture, the Majid family gave more than 100 press interviews in Berlin, to media from all over the world.
The Bild newspaper decided to interview the Majid family once again to find out how they were doing in Germany six months after escaping the “hell” and “death threats” of Baghdad.
Where did they find them?  You guessed it!
Obviously not satisfied with “refugee” life in Berlin, they had simply flown back on one of the weekly flights from Berlin to the Iraqi capital.
Read all the details here.  You couldn’t make this up!
If you google this family you can see the whole progression of how the media built them up to be the ‘poster family’ for the “humanitarian crisis” engulfing Europe.
More Invasion of Europe news may be found by clicking here.

Friday, April 29, 2016

Fox5: Lawmakers Reject John Wayne Day over Racism Concerns - Now I'm even more glad Trump was endorsed by John Wayne's daughter --tma

What a California lawmaker intended as a benign resolution honoring a late, world-renowned movie icon exploded into an emotional debate over decades-old racist comments.
The state Assembly defeated the official ode to John Wayne Thursday after several legislators described statements he made about racial minorities and his support for the anti-communist House Un-American Activities Committee and John Birch Society.
[ ... ]
Republican State Assemblyman Matthew Harper of Huntington Beach sought to declare May 26, 2016, as John Wayne Day to mark the day the actor was born.
“He had disturbing views towards race,” objected Assemblyman Luis Alejo, D-Watsonville, leading off a 20-minute debate.
Alejo cited a 1971 interview with Playboy in which Wayne talked disparagingly about blacks.
“I believe in white supremacy until the blacks are educated to a point of responsibility. I don’t believe in giving authority and positions of leadership and judgment to irresponsible people,” he told the magazine. ...

Lauren Collins - New Yorker: Come to the Fair - Bottom line: EU is killing French farmers --tma - “In going to the Salon [Ag Fair], I would feel like I was partying in the middle of a coffin factory.”


The Salon de l’Agriculture, held every year in Paris, is also a political crucible.

[ ... ]

Salonology is a pastime of the French media, particularly in a preëlection year. (France will choose a new President in May, 2017.) This year, BFMTV, the country’s most watched news channel, was reporting a “sinister atmosphere.” The network was, to an extent, sensationalizing the scene. But the suggestion of a certain gloom was reasonable. One could detect the most delicate aftershocks of the November terrorist attacks in the heightened security presence, and in the cancellation of the traditionally rowdy night sessions. (The exhibitors had voted to suspend them, on a trial basis, before the attacks, but the show’s president told reporters, “This year, given the state of emergency, it’s a good thing to not have an evening where we have to manage a lot of entrances and exits.”) The main thing, though, was la crise agricole, which was all anybody could talk about, and which meant that—because of a complicated chain of geopolitical events that had resulted in an oversupply—a litre of milk, on which a farmer needs to earn thirty-five centimes to break even, was now yielding him twenty-nine. In four years, the price of a metric ton of wheat has fallen from two hundred and fifty euros to a hundred and forty.
The farmers blamed the European Union. They had been protesting for months: burning tires in front of supermarkets, dousing government buildings with slurry, blockading roads, dumping potatoes in the street. On a Sunday night in late February, a group of about thirty drove their tractors right up to the house of Stéphane Le Foll, the minister of agriculture, throwing a banner over a garden hedge that read “We are like our cows: on the hay”—a pun, sur la paille meaning “to be broke.” Le Foll, who looks like Josh Brolin, came outside, in shirtsleeves and a fleece vest. He was controlled, speaking to the crowd for almost an hour, but clearly furious. “I understand the anger,” he told Paris Match, but he felt that the intrusion had crossed a line. “Everyone knows my address—for my wife, who’s there by herself all week, it’s disturbing.”
The farmers were well organized, through a network of unions and mutual associations, but they were split on what to do about the impending fair. Emmanuel Ferrand, a grain farmer who also serves as the vice-mayor of Saint-Pourçain-sur-Sioule, in the Auvergne, was urging a boycott. “The Salon has become the festival of neo-rustics, of bobos, of all who in search of their roots come looking for a little bit of local exoticism,” he wrote on his blog, adding, “In going to the Salon, I would feel like I was partying in the middle of a coffin factory.” ...

KRGV: Consistent Surge of People Crossing Illegally - "80,000 people crossed the border illegally since October" - "Not a crisis" says Chief Agent Commander Manuel Padilla because now we have the "infrastructure" to take them in. The crises is the unstoppable invasion, Agent Idiota. --tma

BROWNSVILLE – The number of people crossing the border illegally is on the rise. The Border Patrol chief said the number of people coming across is consistent with the surge two years ago.
Chief Patrol Agent and Commander of the South Texas Corridor Manuel Padilla Jr. insisted this time, his agents are better prepared and border security isn’t in jeopardy.
     The crises is the unstoppable invasion, Agent Idiota.
However, some people don’t agree.
More than 80,000 people crossed the border illegally since October. It includes more unaccompanied children and family members from Central America and Mexico.
It’s about the same as during the immigration crisis of 2014.
But Padilla said this time, it’s different.
“So what happened in 2014, we had a surge but it became a crisis because we did not have the infrastructure and the processes to deal with those numbers. I can tell you 2016, even if we were to reach the numbers of 2014, it will not be a crisis,” Padilla said. ...