Friday, September 10, 2010

Newsweek 'Best Country' Off-Planet Award 2010

At one time I believed that the behavior of the mainstream media represented simply a cowardly going with the flow, passively supporting ever-increasing U.S. immigration-driven overpopulation and its destruction of the environment, and all manner of economic and social dysfunctions. However, over time it became evident that the news and commentary media are the primary cheerleaders supporting the main cause of these unfolding disasters. Why? Probably because the media are located perfectly at the nexus between, on one side, the big corporate cheap-labor/growth-at-any-cost forces (most media companies are mom-and-pop not) and, on the other, liberal/neocon political correctness that still sees any criticism of immigration, legal or not, as redneck, Know Nothing, KKK, or you fill in the name-calling, no matter how overpopulated or environmentally degraded America becomes. Today all of this is almost irrevocably welded into place because at the core of PC is racial PC, and most people who are politically correct would rather walk across their grandma’s back with cleats than do anything that could even hint at “racism,” and, of course, most immigration, especially illegal immigration, flows from the Third World.

At least one of the more amusing byproducts of all this is that the media will often tie itself into illogical pretzels trying to come to corporate/PC conclusions that are contrary to the facts that they themselves have just presented. It is all the more delicious when it is exemplified in a major news magazine’s cover story.  In this case it is Newsweek’s, August, 2010, “The Best Country in the World is …” Throughout the piece Newsweek admits the obvious, that in general “smaller is better.” For one thing, you simply have more abundant natural resources per capita. But, wait, that will never do! We especially need to deal with those exciting populous nations that are newly “emerging”--and don’t you want to move there already?--and we find, you guessed it, Hooray Mexico! And what is one of the most wonderful features of that future garden spot? Well, it is one of the blessed nations that possess  “a healthy birth rate.” What luck! No, I’m not making this up. Of course a cynic might say, “Yes, so healthy Mexico has to continually illegally export a Mississippi River of excess population into its northern neighbor.” Another spoil sport might add, “Yes, so healthy the southern region of the United States is being overwhelmed and swallowed up whole by it.”

But the most appropriate response might be just a calm shaking of the head in amused and fatalistic wonderment, watching the human comedy continue to unfold and replay itself again in the collapse of yet another advanced but self-deluded civilization … going, going … along with its innocent leafy environmental foundation that once made it all possible.
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Border Enforcement + Immigration Moratorium = Job, Crime and Eco Sanity.