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Allan Wall - VDare: Memo From Middle America | Hispanic Voter On Rubio: “He’s Cuban. I’m Mexican.” (What Happened To “American.”) - "A poll of Hispanic voters from mid-December ranked Rubio as the least popular of five candidates: Trump had a 24% favorability rating, followed by Ted Cruz at 22%, Jeb at 20%, Carson at 13% and Marco Rubio at 11%"

As’s Washington Watcher has said, no-one really has the faintest idea who will win the GOP Iowa caucuses on Monday night. But (again) the usual suspects are trying to talk up a surge for Florida Senator Marco Rubio anyway, for example Is the sun coming out for Marco Rubio in Iowa? By Sean Sullivan, Washington Post, January 30, 2016. So it’s worth repeating that whatever else Rubio offers, improving the GOP’s standing with Hispanic voters is not one of them. As has been saying for years, there is no uniform “Hispanic” identity that would respond to a Cuban-American candidate. (Last November, I wrote “Memo to GOP: Rubio is a Cuban. Most Hispanics are Mexicans. It’s not the same thing.” ) And, right on cue, the Main Stream Media has just discovered this:
Maria Herrera, a 62-year-old retired casino housekeeper, feels no affinity for Marco Rubio even as he aims to make history as the first Hispanic president of the United States. As she explained: “He’s Cuban. I’m Mexican.”
“Rubio says things that are not good for Mexicans,” Herrera said, adding that she supports Hillary Clinton. “I would never vote for him just because he’s Latino…”
Wait, is she saying they’re not both Americans? ...

Thomas Jones - EuroCan: Trump from a EuroCanadian Perspective - "If anyone can clean house it is Trump, or if he fails he at the very least he can pave the way for others to do so."

The new Trump Tower, Vancouver, too white for Canada's professional anti-'racists'?

 A few months ago when Trump was beginning his incredible campaign, a minor politician in Vancouver, city councillor Kerry Jang, demanded that the planned Trump Tower in Vancouver have its name changed to signal disapproval of Trump's "racism". Jang, acting as if the Chinese were the new owners of Vancouver, said that Trump was a "bigot" who stood against the Canadian values of "diversity". 

People like Jang dislike any sense of White identity no matter how implicit it may be. What matters most to the Yin and Jangs is the utilization of White leftist ideas to promote the ethnic interests of Chinese in Canada, a people who come from a most racist culture, yet rarely waste a word about it. Moreover, despite all the myriad differences and disputes between non-White activists, at the end of the day they have a common enemy that unites them: European identity. Vested interests aside, it is clear that a great deal of progressive anti-Trump feeling is being driven by an elite leftist coalition with so-called "conservatives". Both sides are willing to stir up issues or race in order to coerce common people into siding with them. 

Liberals support naturalization because it will allow them to gain new voters. Cheap labour is of course another issue and there is also the fact that migration is big business. Internationalist thought has been so widely spread that it has influenced plenty of big money types like Zuckerberg

Trump is against further intervention in Ukraine, better relations with Russia, not toppling regimes that keep the peace, increasing taxes on the wealthy and lowering taxes for the middle and working classes; positions that also resonated with a great many liberal voters in the recent Canadian elections and would bring jobs back to the US. Trump has also called out the Chinese government for its unlawful practice of currency manipulation

Yet he is called a racist and a fascist for daring to call for stricter immigration laws as regards Muslims and illegals. What is especially great from Trump is that he is self-funding and is not beholden to special interest groups. He is outside the corrupt politico-media-business elite. ...

RR Watch: Office of Refugee Resettlement not taking care of the alien “children”- Our Open-Borders Overlords don't want to admit trafficking, welfare fraud, security threats, etc, all inherent to the invasion. --tma

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Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 31, 2016
Last week a Senate committee held a hearing that raked the Dept. of Health and Human Services over the coals because they did not make sure ‘unaccompanied alien children’ were not placed with human traffickers in the wake of the border invasion of 2014.
Although an assistant secretary at HHS was grilled by the committee, the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) should really be the target of the questioning.
Senator Rob Portman
Senator Rob Portman should be encouraged to take his investigation deeper and look into the grants and contracts awarded by the ORR for care of the “children.”
For new readers we have an extensive archive filed under the key words‘unaccompanied minors’ (which several years ago was the term being used to describe the “children” entering the country without parents, or where parents abandoned them upon arrival).
Two refugee resettlement contractors have been getting grants for years to take care of the children—US Conference of Catholic Bishops and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.
I have often speculated that the Bishops had something to do with lighting the fuse for the invasion as a delegation of Bishops led by their lobbyist, Kevin Appleby, traveled to Central America in mid 2013 and returned to “predict” the coming border rush of the summer of 2014.  (A story for another day!)

What is going on here?

Not ever properly explained was the abrupt resignation of the Director of ORR, Eskinder Negash, in December of 2014.  Rumors are that it had a lot to do with something going wrong at ORR with the mostly teenage ‘children.’  Be sure to see this post about the squabbling among contractors getting grants for the children.
WASHINGTON (AP) — Migrant children in the government’s care fell prey to human trafficking after the Health and Human Services Department failed to protect them, according to a bipartisan congressional investigation released Thursday. ...

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WA Examiner - Sen Jeff Sessions: Choose carefully America, 2016 is 'THE LAST CHANCE'

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Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions, a leading voice on trade, immigration and executive powers, is urging Americans to choose their next president carefully because 2016 "is the last chance for the American people to take back control of their government."
In a sober interview with Secrets, the Republican warned that liberal special interests, Wall Street moguls, and international media conglomerates are fast turning the United States into just another member of the European Union and that the effort is being led by a Democratic president eager to go his own way with executive orders.
"This election is different because we have pell mell erosion of law, the constitutional order, where President Obama has pushed an agenda that eviscerates the immigration legal system, and pushed this trade agreement that will commence decades of transferring American economic power to an ever-expanding international commission. It's just not going to stop" unless voters take action, he warned.
"This is the way the European Union began," he added.
Highlighting immigration and trade, Sessions urged voters to choose a candidate who will commit to killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with nearly a dozen Asian nations which is slated to cost 448,000 U.S. jobs, and finally make good on 30 years of promises to put an end to illegal immigration, which is costing the nation billions in welfare and undermining U.S. wages.
"This election will be the last chance for Americans to get control of their government," said Sessions, repeatedly making that point. "I think this election is the big one. ...

Benjamin Wallace-Wells - New Yorker: John Kasich and the Fading Republican Establishment - How sad or hilarious is The New Yorker frantically trying to prop up Kasich & GOP Establishment? --tma

John Kasich’s father was a postman in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, just outside Pittsburgh. The son had remarkable ambition. When he was a freshman at Ohio State, he arranged a meeting with the college president and, when he discovered that the man had an upcoming audience in the Oval Office, asked him to carry a letter to Nixon. Soon, Kasich himself had a meeting with Nixon. This was December, 1970, around the time that Nixon was telling Bob Haldeman how badly he wanted the squares from Ohio State to destroy the hippies from Southern California in the Rose Bowl. Kasich must have seemed like his kind of square; the President might even have recognized a version of himself. The young man was soon making more connections. He became the youngest person ever elected to the Ohio State Senate; he was seated in Congress before his tenth college reunion. ...

Reuters: Merkel says refugees must return home once war is over - "[crime] plays into hands of right" - Yes because critics were correct! --tma

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reacts as she addresses a news conference after a meeting with state premiers at the Chancellery in Berlin, Germany, January 28, 2016.      REUTERS/Fabrizio Bensch

German Chancellor Angela Merkel tried on Saturday to placate the increasingly vocal critics of her open-door policy for refugees by insisting that most refugees from Syria and Iraq would go home once the conflicts there had ended.
Despite appearing increasingly isolated, Merkel has resisted pressure from some conservatives to cap the influx of refugees, or to close Germany's borders.
Support for her conservative bloc has slipped as concerns mount about how Germany will integrate the 1.1 million migrants who arrived last year, while crime and security are also in the spotlight after a wave of assaults on women in Cologne at New Year by men of north African and Arab appearance.

The influx has played into the hands of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD), whose support is now in the double digits, and whose leader was quoted on Saturday saying that migrants entering illegally should, if necessary, be shot. ...

New Yorker Cartoon - “If Trump doesn’t do the debate, let’s watch reruns of ‘The Apprentice’ instead.” - Most of us chose to honor Vets. --tma

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“If Trump doesn’t do the debate, let’s watch reruns of ‘The Apprentice’ instead.”

RR Watch: Swedes pushed to the brink, attack migrants - Sad lawlessness, but problem of invasion plus govt criminal laxity v mass grope, rape & murder by Muslims. --tma

Sweden masked men

Ann Corcoran

You know it had to come to this—a violent response to the bloody violence perpetrated by an asylum seeker earlier in the week.
On Tuesday we reported the murder of a young humanitarian aide worker in a home for “unaccompanied children” in Sweden. She was stabbed to death and now we hear the ‘child’ who killed her was a Somali migrant.
In any country where there still might be a flicker of desire to save ones country and culture from invasion, this news is the inevitable result.
From The Local:
A gang of up to a hundred black-clad masked men marched in central Stockholm on Friday evening, singling out and beating up immigrants, and handing out leaflets threatening further violent attacks against unaccompanied refugee youth.
The march, the most extreme reaction seen so far to the murder on Monday of social worker Alexandra Mezher worker by a Somali refugee, has been linked to football gangs and far-right groups.
According to Aftonbladet newspaper, the men were distributing leaflets with the slogan “It’s enough now!” which threatened to give “the North African street children who are roaming around” the “punishment they deserve.”
“They were scattering leaflets which had the intention to incite people to carry out crimes,” Stockholm police confirmed its website.The march, the most extreme reaction seen so far to the murder on Monday of social worker Alexandra Mezher worker by a Somali refugee, has been linked to football gangs and far-right groups.
According to Aftonbladet newspaper, the men were distributing leaflets with the slogan “It’s enough now!” which threatened to give “the North African street children who are roaming around” the “punishment they deserve.”
“They were scattering leaflets which had the intention to incite people to carry out crimes,” Stockholm police confirmed its website. ...

Friday, January 29, 2016

The Sun: Finland Joins Sweden in Migrant Backlash by Sending 20k Asylum Seekers Packing - Merkel cannot be repatriated due to Europe having no extradition treaty with Hell. --tma

Finland is the latest country to announce plans to boot out migrants, with plans to send 20,000 packing.
The Finnish government is set to deport two thirds of the 32,000 asylum seekers it received last year whose applications have been turned down.
More than 20,000 of Finland’s asylum-seekers are from Iraq.
The announcement comes after Sweden said it would send 80,000 asylum seekers back to their home countries on chartered flights.
The two Nordic countries are both struggling to cope with an unprecedented influx of refugees and migrants fleeing war and misery in the Middle East and elsewhere. ...

AP: European Far-Right, Nationalist Parties Meet in Milan

Sharing the stage with leaders of other European populist parties, French far-right leader Marine Le Pen said Friday that Europe’s nationalist parties are ready to step in and clean up when European structures fail under current immigration and monetary policies.
Le Pen spoke at the end of the first meeting of the Europe of Nations and Freedom group within the European Parliament, which was formed last summer. The 36-member parliamentary group is the smallest in the European Parliament, but includes some parties gaining strength in the polls in their home countries.
At a news conference, Le Pen along with populist leaders from host Italy, the Netherlands and Austria expressed their common view that Europe’s borders must be closed to mass migration from the Middle East and Africa and said that sovereignty over such policies must be restored to nations. They cited both the threat of terrorism and the strain on budgets.
[ ... ]
Also attending the Milan event Thursday and Friday were leaders of nationalist parties from the United Kingdom, Belgium, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic. ...

Short VIDEO: Who are we? - "A nation based on freedom is just another place to go shopping."

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Buchanan: The Civil War of the Right - "There is talk of having the anti-Trump conservatives unite behind the one establishment candidate who emerges strongest after New Hampshire, to storm through the later primaries and take down Trump. Yet such a scenario seems implausible."

The conservative movement is starting to look a lot like Syria.
Baited, taunted, mocked by Fox News, Donald Trump told Roger Ailes what he could do with his Iowa debate, and marched off to host a Thursday night rally for veterans at the same time in Des Moines.
Message: I speak for the silent majority, Roger, not you, not Megyn Kelly, not Fox News. Diss me, and I will do fine without Fox.
And so the civil-sectarian war on the right widens and deepens. ...

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GERMANY: Riveting video from 16-yr-old young lady: "Protect your women. Protect your children."

In case you missed it, see short music video: Love is a Giant Wall!

Missoula, MT: Nicole Rowley, Board of Commissioners letter to US State Dept announcing their "proud" invasion lunacy.

RR Watch - German psychoanalyst: Mama Merkel is nuts! - 'It's time for your selfie.'

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     'It's time for your selfie."

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 28, 2016
Invasion of Europe news….
Breitbart London is reporting the news:
Mutter Angela
One of Germany’s most celebrated psychoanalysts has said the refusal of Chancellor Angela Merkel to reverse her “completely irrational” migrant policy is evidence of a potential “mental breakdown” that endangers society.
Hans-Joachim Maaz, a German psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and best-selling author, was speaking with Huffington Post Germany when he suggested a “stubborn” Angela Merkel has “lost touch with reality”.
According to Mr. Maaz, the German Chancellor suffers from “narcissism” brought on by people lauding her position as ‘mother of the nation’ and most powerful woman in the world, and calling for her to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
He says the “artificially inflated self-image” she labours under leads to the “stubborn attitude” on display by her during the ongoing migrant crisis.
There is much more, click here.
Could it be a combination of a mental defect and wishing to please her paymasters (the global corporations, like those at Davos last week, who are greedy for cheap migrant labor).
Invasion of Europe archive is here.  More on Germany and Mama Merkel, here.
Be sure to see Jihad Watch this morning:  Instructions to refugees—no raping and no urinating in public.  If we got to this point in America there would be rioting by Americans.
     It probably will be more organized and successful than that.

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Campus Reform: Students Nation-Wide to Attend Four-Day, University Funded White Privilege Bash - Needed, huge class-action lawsuit by White taxpayers: discriminatory, encourages anti-White violent crime and demographic genocide. --tma

Major universities across the country are offering course credit, and in some cases even paying the cost, for students to attend an annual national event known as “The White Privilege Conference.”
The 2016 conference will feature a variety of speakers and numerous breakout sessions, all of which come at an additional charge. On two of the four days, participants will have the opportunity to spend six hours attending workshops of their choosing, including several tailored for middle-school and high-school students in attendance. More than 20 workshopswill be featured at the event, covering topics of sex, race, and gender.
One workshop, titled “Self Care and Healing as Change Agents,” will provide attendees with a safe-space to share the emotional burden that comes from being a social justice warrior.
“Feeling exhausted, burned out from working to dismantle racism and white supremacy, and other forms of oppression in organizations, groups, and individuals? Still deeply committed to creating greater equity, inclusion and social justice in society and in organizations, yet finding yourself, at times, too weary or overwhelmed to make meaningful change? We all deserve spaces to heal, refuel, and re-commit to our vision and goals,” the workshop description states.
Another workshop will be geared exclusively towards middle-school and high-school students to allow them to “engage in meaningful dialogue about white privilege, white supremacy, and methods of breaking down systems of oppression.”
Other workshops will explore topics such as:
–“Racial Justice As A Spiritual Imperative: Re-imagining the Power Of Our Deepest Knowing In Our Racial Justice Work: This institute is designed for those who have been engaging in racial justice work for some time and want to look more deeply into the aspects of the work that touch our spirits, souls, core beliefs, etc.”
–“Blackness, Whiteness, & Womynness: Embracing the Intersectionality of Race and Gender Practice While Building Equitable and Just Relationships Toward Effective Anti-Racist [sic]: As we strive to build cross-racial anti-racist partnerships, what are the challenges we face that may prevent us from working together effectively? This institute will draw on our experiences as a Black cisgender womyn and a white cisgender womyn partnering as anti-racist educators and administrators with a commitment to re-imagining equity and justice in our relationships as womyn.” [The misspelling of “woman” are intentional; a way to excise “man” from the word — ed.] ...

Coulter - VDare - "Trump is our only shot to save America, if there’s still time ... Manifestly, the voters are solidly with Trump. No wonder the networks never allowed immigration to be discussed."

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Could you ever have imagined that instead of Republicans weeping over illegal aliens “living in the shadows,”we’d see them assailing one another for having once supported amnesty?
It’s all Trump. Everything we’ve been begging politicians to talk about for the past decade, Donald Trump has brought up with a roar.
But the conservative Miss Grundys complain that Trump isn’t satisfactory. They say he’s “not a serious person”; he’s “a clown,” a “vulgarian”; he’s not a “constitutional conservative“—you know, like the people who ignore the Constitution on “natural born citizen.”
This is not an election about who can check off the most boxes on a conservative policy list, or even about who is the best or nicest person. This is an election about saving the concept of America, an existential election like no other has ever been. Anyone who doesn’t grasp this is part of the problem, not part of the solution.
The nitpickers are like the cartoon of Diogenes looking over the man before him, and saying: “I was hoping for a taller honest man.”
You’re not getting a “taller honest man.” Trump is our only shot to save America, if there’s still time.
Only a TV reality show celebrity, self-financing brash billionaire, who is perfectly comfortable in front of a gaggle of microphones andloves to hit back, could do what Trump is doing.
Until Trump rose like a phoenix, Mitt Romney was the best we ever had on immigration. [ And that wasn’t very good.]Close your eyes and try to imagine Romney saying the thingsTrump is about immigration. It quickly becomes apparent why no one else could wage this campaign and survive the attacks—except Trump.
After endless betrayals on immigration, including by half the current GOP field, I trust no one. But Trump is starting to convince me! ...

Judicial Watch: U.S. Considers 6 Military Bases to House Illegal Immigrants

A year after fierce opposition disrupted a contentious plan to use American military bases as shelters for illegal immigrants, the Obama administration is quietly working to make it happen and six facilities throughout the nation are currently being considered.

Under the plan the military installations would house droves of under-aged illegal immigrants, officially known as Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC), who have entered the country from Central America in the last two years. Most have come from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras and they’re being relocated to states across the nation to make room for more in the overwhelmed Mexican border region. Judicial Watch has covered the crisis extensively and in 2014 reported that a hangar at Ft. Bliss in El Paso, Texas was being covertly used as an illegal alien processing center for UACs. At the time the administration was under fire for using three military installations— Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Ventura County Naval Base in southern California and Ft. Still Army Base in Oklahoma—to process the barrage of illegal immigrant youths that had crossed into the U.S. through Mexico.

Now the administration has revived its controversial idea to house UACs in active military facilities. ...

Daily Caller: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Endorses Donald Trump - Sheriff Joe's campaign slogan: Doing what the federal government SHOULD be doing.'

Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has endorsed Donald Trump for president.
Tuesday, in a statement from the Trump campaign, Arpaio said, “Donald Trump is a leader. He produces results and is ready to get tough in order to protect American jobs and families. I have fought on the front lines to prevent illegal immigration. I know Donald Trump will stand with me and countless Americans to secure our border. I am proud to support him as the best candidate for President of the United States of America.” (RELATED: Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Al Sharpton: ‘Come On Down Here’ [VIDEO])
Trump said, “I have great respect for Sheriff Arpaio. We must restore law and order on the border and respect the men and women of our police forces. I thank him for his support of my policies and candidacy for President.”
Arpaio is well-known for his tough stance on illegal immigration, a key topic of Trump’s campaign.  ...

Hahn - Breitbart - The Anti-Trump Network: Fox News Money Flows into Open Borders Group

The announcement from Donald Trump’s campaign that the Republican frontrunner will “definitely not” partake in Thursday night’s Fox News debate has sent shock waves throughout the nation’s political scene.

At a press event Tuesday evening, Trump seemed to cite disparate treatment from the network as his reasoning for not participating. “What’s wrong over there, something’s wrong,” Trump said of the “games” Roger Ailes and the network are “playing.”
In asking the question of “what’s wrong over there?” Trump has shined a spotlight on one of Washington’s best kept secrets: namely, Fox’s role via its founder Rupert Murdoch in pushing an open borders agenda. The Trump campaign is a direct threat to Murdoch’s efforts to open America’s borders. Well-concealed from virtually all reporting on Fox’s treatment of Trump is the fact that Murdoch is the co-chair of what is arguably one of the most powerful immigration lobbying firms in country, the Partnership for a New American Economy (PNAE).
In addition to blanketing the country, media, and politicians with literature, advertisements, and a barrage of lobbyists pushing for open border immigration policies, the Partnership for A New American Economy (PNAE) was a prime lobbyist for one of the biggest open borders pushes in American history: Sen. Marco Rubio's (R-FL) Gang of Eight immigration bill.
While Donald Trump has pledged to deport those illegally residing in the country and temporarily pause Muslim migration, Rubio’s immigration bill would have granted immediate amnesty and eventual citizenship to millions of illegal aliens, it would have doubled the annual admission of foreign workers, and it would have dispensed 33 million green cards to foreign nationals in the span of a single decade despite current record immigration levels.
While Megyn Kelly made headlines with her heated questioning of Donald Trump, not one of the Fox News anchors asked Rubio in the first Fox News debate about his signature piece of legislation, which Murdoch’s immigration lobbying firm had endorsed. Instead, they lobbed Rubio a series of softballs, such as asking Rubio if he could put God and veterans in the same sentence.
Interestingly, Bill Sammon — FOX News’s vice president of News and Washington managing editor —  is the father of Brooke Sammon, who is Rubio’s press secretary.
[ ... ]

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

BuzzFeed: Conservative Provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos Starts “White Men Only” Scholarship Fund - Young white boys are suffering,” he said.

Alt-right provocateur, technology editor, #GamerGate champion, Twitter martyr, and inveterate self-promoter Milo Yiannopoulos now has another qualification to add to his CV: race- and gender-based scholarship creator.
Yiannopoulos, who has made a career out of inflaming the tensions between the progressive, identity-group-focused social internet and the roiling anti-PC counterculture that opposes it, has created a college scholarship fund only for white men.
According to its website, the Yiannopoulos Privilege Grant is “exclusively available to white men who wish to pursue their post-secondary education on equal footing with their female, queer and ethnic minority classmates.” Yiannopoulos is its president.
An American attorney, who spoke to BuzzFeed News on the condition that neither his name nor the name of his firm be used, confirmed that he had been investigating the legality of the fund on Yiannopoulos’s behalf and that the fund is real. ...

Jeannie Suk - New Yorker: Who’s Afraid of Gender-Neutral Bathrooms? - To our Globalist Overlords any defense of common-sense tradition must be either fear, anger or hate --tma

 In the middle of taking the bar exam at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, in New York City, along with thousands of aspiring lawyers, I had to go to the bathroom. The enormous line for the women’s restroom looked like it would take at least a half hour. There was no line for the men’s restroom. I walked in, passed my male counterparts at a row of urinals, used one of several empty stalls, then returned to my desk. I felt that my decision to forgo the women’s bathroom made a difference to my passing the exam, and that the much longer wait for women than men during an all-important test for entry to the legal profession was obviously unfair.
     Odd question, I realize, but wouldn't a far easier solution be found by providing more extensive bathroom facilities for women, rather than spending decades trying to force boys and girls and men and women  to merrily urinate and defecate side-by-side? What's wrong, Lefties, not revolutionary enough?
There is now, however, an active debate around what bathrooms we should be able to use. A recently proposed Indiana law would make it a crime for a person to enter a single-sex public restroom that does not match the person’s “biological gender,” defined in terms of chromosomes and sex at birth. The punishment could be up to a year in jail and a five-thousand-dollar fine. Similar laws proposed in several other states have not passed. These proposals attempt to counter recent moves in many states to allow transgender people to access bathrooms that correspond to their gender identity. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s same-sex-marriage decision, last summer, these skirmishes may give the sense of moving the L.G.B.T.-equality debate from the sublime to the ridiculous. But the implications of the controversy go far beyond bathrooms.
[ ... ]
     Ever notice how causes like gay marriage or the acceptance and mainstreaming of  the 'transgendered' or 'gender-neutral restrooms' seem to pop up from out of nowhere? In a matter of months these things progress from seemingly eccentric oddball issues that few people have ever thought about, much less advocate, into a great historic causes, backed by a media tsunami of support, causes that are only held back, we are told, by a few pathetic frightened angry haters or Cromagnon Christian 
     But since these things that sweep the nation are obviously not due to natural ground swellings of popular support, how does all this continually take place? 
     These whacky social justice causes are part of a much larger agenda to render our normal common-sense traditional Western values obsolete.
     Who benefits from this endless carnival freak show? Using 'freak' here to mean something highly atypical, not in the sense of wanting to cause anyone harm or torment. Obviously, this comes from outsiders, but not just the small percentage  of people who fall into these categories. Women are, of course, a majority, but probably not too many militantly yearn to walk past men urinating in a men's restroom.
     And, by the way, you have to wonder how some of these minorities actually benefit from these so-called reforms. For example, when you see children being championed by their strident lawyerly parents as needing to use the opposite restroom, who knows how forcing these kids into becoming little Social Justice Warriors will help or hurt them in the long run.
     Of course one fairly large outsider group would be non-European migrants, and offspring, who instead of fully assimilating into America, can lecture all European Americans on their inherent narrow-minded bigotry, their evil Victorianism, etc, while achieving all the perks showered upon them for taking such positions from the literary, arts, entertainment, educational and PC Police establishment. 
     But, frankly, by far the most powerful outsider group pushing all these ever more bizarre social justice contrivances are members of the Jewish community. This battle has really been going on for centuries, but in modern form it has meant leaders like Theodor Adorno and Sigmund Freud, attempting to render discriminatory or to pathologize what for thousands of years has been traditional White European behavior.
   Most notably this campaign has extended to the central influence Jews have had on opening up the borders of the West. Look at the Congressional Record and skim over the history of the 1965 immigration legislation, and later amendments. Ted Kennedy, often blamed for starting our ever metastasizing migration invasion, was really more of a frontman. 
     As Kevin MacDonald, Editor of The Occidental Observer and Occidental Quarterly, has demonstrated, the Jewish community seems to feel safer the more Western Civilization, or White Gentile Society, or White Christian Society, has lost its norms and traditions and becomes ever more populated by atomized autonomous individuals, who gain greater social and economic status by ostentatiously turning against their own ethnic group.  
     It is apparently thought by many Jews that they will no longer have as much to fear from being an outsider in the West if Westerners themselves become more like outsiders, rather than part of any cohesive homogenous Western culture, the now ridiculed 'Ozzie and Harriet America,' which was still in existence only decades ago. 
     We see this never-ending and ever-escalating agenda not only in education (Adorno, Boaz, etc) and psychiatry (Freud and his cronies), but in Hollywood, including the porn industry, the Mainstream Media and now the corporate boardroom. This is the totalitarian 'PC' that Trump and others at long last rightly condemn. Totalitarian because it, Mao- or Stalin-like, destroys the reputations and incomes of visible dissenters, unless you are an unusually courageous multi-billionaire real estate magnate. 
     All of these, I'll call them, Trans Causes are supposed to be furthering universal values--our adversaries knowing that Whites have a weakness for this argument--but where in the world are these values in widespread use? How in the world can these values be universal when they only occur in the West--and only recently?
     The most telling fact, however, is that such wonderful 'multicultural' 'vibrant' 'diverse' 'gender-neutral' 'rainbow' values championed by the Jewish community, everything from mainstreaming porn, to ever increasingly open borders, to racial intermarriage, are almost non-existent in Israel itself. What does that tell you? Again, what does that tell you?
     Maybe we could have greater sympathy for this extreme take-no-prisoners survival strategy if it had been born out of the 'Holocaust,' but this has been going on for centuries, deliberately diluting and destabilizing the West.
     The larger problem--although calling it merely a problem for the West is like casually saying Superman had a kryptonite problem--with this can be seen by randomly picking out another society, let's say, Korea. 
     If you could embed a fabulously wealthy, largely invisible, high IQ, powerful minority within Korea that could work for decades weakening the ethnic Koreans, make them guilty of their past, cause them to discriminate against their own children with 'affirmative action,' numb them into accepting a staggeringly lopsided violent crime rate against their own, persuade them to fling open their borders to millions from very distant alien cultures, so that someday the Koreans could never again conceivably be a cohesive ethnic threat to any other ethnic group, you would in fact have successfully destroyed the Korean people, their culture and their civilization. 
     How many Europeans today would favor such a thing against another race? I cannot think of a single one.