Friday, January 22, 2016

Duchesne - Canadian politics: childlike images, slogans promoting mass immigration & displacement of Whites

by Ricardo Duchesne

Part I | Part II 

Kerry Starchuk

Afew days ago the Canadian Race Relations Foundation sent an invitation to Kerry Starchuk to "two very important events" being hosted by this organization in the Greater Vancouver Area. The first event, "The Urban Agenda Vancouver. Creating a Great City of Communities", is taking place at UBC Robson Square on January 19, 2016. The second one, "Richmond Living Together Symposium", is taking place in Richmond, on January 21. 

These two events, and other similar ones, have been occasioned by a need to reinforce among Vancouver residents the blessings of diversity in response to the dissenting actions of Kerry Starchuk, a fourth-generation resident of Richmond, which is sometimes identified as a city itself, or as part of "greater" Vancouver, against the usage of Chinese-only signs in businesses

Starchuk has drawn local, national, and even international media attention. She is not a designated speaker at any of these events, but is expected to sit and listen to officially approved diversity ideologues. I will be writing about these two "very important events" in Part II. 

I have spoken to Kerry a few times, and she is extremely upset and psychologically depressed about the way Asian immigration has ransacked the Anglo identity of Richmond. Her questioning of Chinese-only business signs poses no threat, and yet it has frightened the establishment for fear that her objections may open the door to a groundswell of discontent against the impending marginalization of Anglo-Europeans in Vancouver. 

She has been an keen eye witness to an extreme demographic shift in Richmond, from a congenial and harmonious British city to a crass immigrant land-lot plastered with ugly Chinese commercial signs in just a matter of three decades. ...