Sunday, January 17, 2016

American Resistance: Get the UN out of the business of choosing our refugees! Agitate! - UN looks at teeming angry Muslim 'refugee' camps: 'They would make perfect Americans--Send them!' --tma

Ann Corcoran

Just this morning I posted at RRW about how the UN High Commissioner for Refugees is choosing ‘New Americans’ destined for your towns.

syrian_refugee_4-1 (1)
The United Nations is picking refugees from their camps for your towns!

You can see that post by clicking here.
The primary focus of American Resistance 2016! is to give grassroots activists ideas on how to fight back as political guerrilla warriors against those who are working to change America by changing the people.
I’m urging all of you to demand of your Members of Congress and your US Senators to uncouple our Refugee Admissions Program from the United Nations.  When Congress passed the original Refugee Act of 1980, it did not give the United Nations carte blanche to choose our refugees.
I can hear you saying now that Congress is useless!  I know. But, you must do what the Left is always so good at—agitation.  You must keep the issue alive and be in-the-face of your elected representatives at all times!  And, in so doing, keep the issue in the media, especially your local media.
Every day more Americans catch on to what the globalists and the one-worlders are doing to us, and they don’t like it.  There is no silver bullet to stop mass migration to America. So, it is your job to create controversy and get mentioned in the media!
Again, politicians hate chaos and controversy!
By the way, if you are in one of those early primary states, try to bring the refugee issue up every time you have an opportunity to meet or hear from one of the 2016 Presidential candidates. ...