Friday, January 22, 2016

RR Watch: Now Toronto wants a pause in Syrian refugee flow to city! - We in the West are now living in an absurdist situation comedy from hell: "The flow of airplanes is not slowing down," but nowhere to put the invaders. --tma

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 21, 2016
You can’t make this up!  Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (the boy who loves Muslims!) first promised 25,000 Syrians would be resettled in Canada before the close of 2015, now the goal is by the end of February of this year, but they forgot to see if they had enough housing!
All the cool people are at Davos this week, including “intellectual powerhouse” Trudeau.
We reported on Ottawa yesterday, now here comes Toronto as government frantically searches for more ‘welcoming’ cities who need more Muslim immigrants!
Hitting the “pause” button!
From the Toronto Sun:
TORONTO – The federal government is briefly hitting the pause button on Syrian resettlement efforts in Toronto and looking for other cities to take in refugees.
Immigration Minister John McCallum revealed Wednesday that resettlement groups in Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver and Halifax have asked for a temporary stop in the flow of government-sponsored refugees. But McCallum also told reporters he believes Canada is still on track to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by the end of February.
The pause means refugees will now remain in hotels for a few extra days after their flights land in Canada.
“The flow from the airplanes is not slowing down at all,” McCallum said during a speech in Toronto. ”It’s just certain towns or cities need a pause. There will be other places in Canada who will receive the refugees.”
Canadians in other cities beware!
The feds are actively seeking more cities to take in government-assisted Syrian refugees. ...