Sunday, January 31, 2016

Allan Wall - VDare: Memo From Middle America | Hispanic Voter On Rubio: “He’s Cuban. I’m Mexican.” (What Happened To “American.”) - "A poll of Hispanic voters from mid-December ranked Rubio as the least popular of five candidates: Trump had a 24% favorability rating, followed by Ted Cruz at 22%, Jeb at 20%, Carson at 13% and Marco Rubio at 11%"

As’s Washington Watcher has said, no-one really has the faintest idea who will win the GOP Iowa caucuses on Monday night. But (again) the usual suspects are trying to talk up a surge for Florida Senator Marco Rubio anyway, for example Is the sun coming out for Marco Rubio in Iowa? By Sean Sullivan, Washington Post, January 30, 2016. So it’s worth repeating that whatever else Rubio offers, improving the GOP’s standing with Hispanic voters is not one of them. As has been saying for years, there is no uniform “Hispanic” identity that would respond to a Cuban-American candidate. (Last November, I wrote “Memo to GOP: Rubio is a Cuban. Most Hispanics are Mexicans. It’s not the same thing.” ) And, right on cue, the Main Stream Media has just discovered this:
Maria Herrera, a 62-year-old retired casino housekeeper, feels no affinity for Marco Rubio even as he aims to make history as the first Hispanic president of the United States. As she explained: “He’s Cuban. I’m Mexican.”
“Rubio says things that are not good for Mexicans,” Herrera said, adding that she supports Hillary Clinton. “I would never vote for him just because he’s Latino…”
Wait, is she saying they’re not both Americans? ...