Saturday, January 16, 2016

Peter Bradley - AmRen: Strangers in Their Own Country - "The Message from MARS' (Middle American Radicals) seems to be that Americans are tired of dispossession, do not trust the establishments of either party, and want a future for their children."

MARS voters, Trump, and the prophecy of Sam Francis.
National Journal is perhaps the last place you’d expect to find a good account of the Middle Americans Radicals (MARS) who drove the political campaigns of George Wallace, Pat Buchanan and, to a lesser extent, Ross Perot. However, an article by John Judis does just that, and also helps explain the rise of Donald Trump.
The article had particular relevance to me. Over the past decade I have wondered what happened to the MARS voters. Where had they gone since the Buchanan campaigns of the 1990s? Had they died off, become discouraged, or simply been duped and absorbed into tepid National Review-style conservatism? ...