Monday, December 31, 2012

Longleaf Pine Heroes of Alabama

Longleaf Pine Forest Revival

NWF and its partners are helping landowners in the South bring back one of North America’s most diverse and threatened ecosystems

09-19-2012 // Sid Perkins
Longleaf pine seedlings and treesA STROLL THROUGH A LONGLEAF PINE FOREST is a nature lover’s treat. Found only in the southeastern United States, these forests are home to hundreds of different plants and animals, with as many as 50 species of wildflower, grass, shrub and fern in a single square yard of the forest’s open, sun-bathed floor. Some researchers estimate that thelongleaf pine ecosystem is one of the most diverse outside of the Tropics.
Before Europeans arrived in North America, longleaf pine forests dominated the coastal plain from eastern Texas to southeastern Virginia, with these trees found across about 90 million acres—an area slightly smaller than the state of Montana. Even though longleaf pines can live more than 300 years, today about 97 percent of these forests are just a memory, having fallen to logging, agriculture, urban development or plantation forestry that relies on faster-maturing species such as loblolly and slash pines. Most of the remnants of longleaf forest, including about 10,000 acres of uncut old-growth, are on public lands scattered throughout the trees’ former range.
But in the past five years, NWF and its state affiliate, the Alabama Wildlife Federation (AWF), in a project funded in part by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and Southern Company, have collaborated with landowners in central and southern parts of Alabama to restore long-leaf pine on their land (See America’s Forgotten Forest,” National Wildlife, April/May 2008). NWF also works with landowners in Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina to raise awareness of the benefits of these forests. During the first phase of the longleaf restoration project in Alabama, which began in 2007 and ended last year, landowners replanted trees on more than 6,000 acres. “The program was a huge success,” says Amadou Diop, senior manager for NWF’s Forestry Program.

White History: What Is Caste Football?

... Has this amazing and now permanent disparity in a sport that whites have always loved and played so well come about solely because of 'black supremacy' in athleticism? The NFL was integrated racially in the 1960s, ‘70s and ‘80s and there were plenty of whites then who played all defensive positions and who ran and caught the ball and who excelled at it. It is only since the late 1980s that certain positions in professional football have become for all intents and purposes black only.
"Might there be other factors involved? For example, did you know that the 119 major college football programs, with very few exceptions, simply refuse to recruit and develop white tailbacks and white receivers no matter how outstanding they are in high school? And that the media enforces this rigid segregation by using euphemisms and descriptions that demean white athletes?
"Talented white athletes who want to play tailback, receiver or cornerback must go to a small college program or go the very difficult route of becoming a walk-on at one of the major programs. And since it is the major college football programs that supply almost all the players in the NFL, it is hardly surprising that the white running back and wide receiver has become almost extinct, as have whites playing defense in general.
"The truth is that white football players, no matter how talented, are directed into a racial Caste System that limits them to being offensive linemen, kickers, quarterbacks (though more and more major college programs are recruiting blacks for that position), and the occasional defensive position, usually linebacker or defensive end. ..."

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Matthews Jones Rawlings Philly Diversity Rape-Fest

Holiday horror: Woman kidnapped, raped and robbed by 3 teens on Christmas

From left to right: Jones, Matthews and Rawlings
POSTED: Thursday, December 27, 2012, 1:00 PM
A young woman's Christmas - and her life - was shattered Tuesday when she was kidnapped, raped, robbed and beaten in her own car by three teenagers over the course of five hours, according to police. 
"You'll get sick in the stomach," 

said Upper Darby Police 

Superintendent Michael Chitwood, before reciting the facts of the case.
Daily Delco, 12/27/2012

Anti-White Diversity Virus Spreads to Bard College

Bucking the College Diversity Cult


Noah Steadman, American Renaissance, December 28, 2012
"I did not hear a single argument in favor of diversity, but there were implied threats of physical violence if I acted up again."

African Pimps & Voodoo Spain Celebrates Diversity!

Spain police arrest 17 pimps who forced Nigerian women into prostitution with 'Voodoo threats'

MADRID - Spain's Interior Ministry says police have arrested 17 people on suspicion of smuggling Nigerian women into Spain and forcing them into prostitution using threats including claims they would cast Voodoo spells on them if they didn't comply.
An investigation began when police detected in January that around 10 women had been brought into the country illegally using a small boat.
Police said that following an investigation its raids seized computer equipment, mobile phones, false identity and work permit documents, as well as objects which detectives said were allegedly used in "Voodoo rituals."
Officers tracked down the suspected pimps in cities throughout Spain and arrested 16 Nigerian nationals and one Ugandan citizen, a statement released Sunday said. It was not clear when the arrests took place.
And don't forget to "Celebrate diversity!" 
In a later unrelated story: "Today the Spanish Minister of the Interior, in the midst of a routine press conference, tragically turned into a toad and began to spontaneously combust ..."

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Byron Hurt 'Soul Food Junkies' Black Genocide?

Google Images
Symbolizing back-to-back whips, motto short for I'm lovin' slavery?

Film explores African-Americans' unhealthy "soul food" habit
Harriet McLeod, Reuters, 12/27/2012

(Reuters) - After interviewing food historians, scholars, cooks, doctors, activists and consumers for his new film "Soul Food Junkies," filmmaker Byron Hurt concluded that an addiction to soul food is killing African-Americans at an alarming rate. ...
The movie, which will premiere on January 14 on U.S. public broadcasting television, examines how black cultural identity is linked to high-calorie, high-fat food such as fried chicken and barbecued ribs 
... The origins of the diet lie in the history of American slavery, according to food historian Jessica B. Harris, who appears in the film. Slaves ate a high-fat, high-calorie diet that would allow them to burn 3,000 calories a day working, she explained.

Southern food began to be called soul food during the civil rights and black power movements of the 1960s, according to Hurt.

"There's an emotional connection and cultural pride in what they see as the food their population survived on in difficult times," he said.

But Hurt said African-Americans are being devastated by nutrition-related diseases.

Black adults have the highest rates of obesity and a higher prevalence of diabetes than whites, and are twice as likely to die of stroke before age 75 than other population groups, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Besides tradition and habit, poverty and neighborhoods without good supermarkets also contribute to an unhealthy diet, Hurt said.

"Low-income communities of color lack access to vegetables and have an overabundance of fast food and highly processed foods that are high in calories and fats. I always know when I'm in a community of color because I see ... very, very few supermarkets and health food stores," he added.

In her book, "High on the Hog: A Culinary Journey from Africa to America," Harris said the prevalence of over processed foods, low-quality meats, and second- or third-rate produce in minority neighborhoods amounts to "culinary apartheid."

In the film, Marc Lamont Hill, an associate professor of English education at Columbia University in New York, described minority health problems related to poor diet as "21st-century genocide. ..."
     Apparently soul food black genocide perfectly dovetailed with the CIA's overwhelmingly successful plot, earlier exposed, to get young blacks in inner cites hooked on heroin, as well as the conspiracy involving architects and city planners, also earlier revealed, to build high-rise public housing specifically designed to virtually force tenants to urinate in elevators and throw bricks through windows. 
     Also helpful to find out that there being "few supermarkets"in black neighborhoods has been carried out by a genocidal supermarket industry cabal, especially since I had thought it was because so many sane chain businesses are afraid to venture forth in these no-mans-land danger-scapes, where customer and employee crime rates run rampant, and where dedicated just-hanging-on businesses tend to finally get rewarded for their efforts by being looted and burned to the ground by festive angry mobs. 
     In any case, you just can't get more PBS than this.

Mars Rover Curiosity Environmental Disappointments

Road trip on tap for NASA's Mars rover in new year

AP, Washington Examiner, December 29, 2012 
PASADENA, Calif. (AP) — Since captivating the world with its acrobatic landing, the Mars rover Curiosity has fallen into a rhythm: Drive, snap pictures, zap at boulders, scoop up dirt. Repeat.
Topping its to-do list in the new year: Set off toward a Martian mountain — a trek that will take up a good chunk of the year. ...
Curiosity's job is to figure out whether the landing site ever had the right environmental conditions to support microbes. Scientists already know water flowed in the past thanks to the rover's discovery of an old streambed. Besides water, life as we know it also needs energy, the sun.
What's missing are the chemical building blocks of life: complex carbon-based molecules. If they're preserved on Mars, scientists figure the best place to hunt for them is at the base of Mount Sharp where images from space reveal hints of interesting geology. ...
     On a sadder note, since no lush tropical rain forests have been located on the planet, Curiosity's high-tech Slash and Burn Tool has gone un-utilized. Similarly, there has been no necessity for the plucky little rover's large Hydraulic Dumping Box of Plastic Debris, since, as of yet, there has been no evidence of any big blue pristine oceans on the surface of Mars in which to dump it. 

     Seriously, congratulations NASA.

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Border Police Heroes of Orestiadas Greece

Land border sealed, Greek police chief says

NIKOLAJ NIELSEN, 12/27/2012, EUobserver

"ORESTIADAS, GREECE - A chief of police in a border town in northeastern Greece says irregular migrants are no longer crossing into the country from its land border with Turkey.
"Barbed-wire fences, landmines, thermal night vision cameras and regular patrols are among the tools used to stop a phenomenon the Greek state considers a national security threat. 
"Some 55,000 people were detected attempting to wade across the Evros River into Greece from Turkey in the region in 2011.
"The figures have now dropped to near zero, says Pashalis Syritoudis, director of police in the run-down Greek border village of Orestiadas. ...
"'You begin to understand that things must be terrible for them to take such risks and I really feel for them but at the same time we feel unnerved, unsettled by their presence and numbers. We are terrified by this invasion,' the officer said."

Obama Hillary Clinton Pro Western Elite-Mob Rule

After facing up to world of change, 
Clinton leaves a legacy of caution

 Guy TaylorThe Washington Times, December 27, 2012

"... Indeed, Mrs. Clinton has visited more nations — 112, according to the official count — and spoken to more foreign populations than any U.S. secretary of state in history.

"Impressive as that may be, her critics say Mrs. Clinton has fallen far short of making much of an impact on several foreign policy challenges facing the United States, not to mention the fate of democracy around the world. ..."

     In Western nations you have the strange and evil combination of elite rule that is feverishly replacing the Western European founding stock of Western democracy, at the same time that the massive demographic changes these elites have been ushering in for decades will soon lead to a majority imported third-world mob's democratic endorsement of those very same elite pro-invasion 'Celebrate Diversity! " policies, which will then be forever locked into place and ever-more intensified, rapidly, in historical terms, erasing the remaining Western Europeans, their grandkids' grandkids and their civilization that once made democracy possible.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Italy: Give Me Your Tired Poor Moroccan Rapists

52% of Rapes in Rome Committed by Immigrants, 59% in Milan, 40% in Italy

, Front Page Magazine, 12/26/2012

“'He was horrible, he had no teeth, his face disfigured by scars'. This is how one of the latest victims of rape in Milan, a businesswoman of 42, described her attacker, Mohamed K., 32, an Iraqi illegal immigrant already convicted for theft, assault and wounding. Last week, when she was going out to see a friend so they could prepare for Christmas, Mohamed K. followed her, caught her in a public garden where she had tried to hide, threw her to the ground, beat her and raped her on the spot while shouting 'Filthy Italian bitch', before fleeing and stealing her purse.
"Immigrants account for only 6 percent of Italians, but for an impressive 40 percent of Italy’s rapes6.3 percent of the rapes in Italy are carried out by Moroccans. The numbers really pack up around urban areas.
"In Rome, immigrants are responsible for 52 percent of rapes. In Milan the number goes up to 59 percent. 8 percent of the rapes in Milan are carried out by Egyptians and 7 percent by Moroccans. In Bologna, 53 percent of the rapists were immigrants, of whom 11 percent were Moroccans. ..."

Putin: American Non-Adoption of Russian Children

Putin says he will sign anti-US adoptions bill

December 27, 2012 
"MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday he will sign a controversial bill banning Americans from adopting Russian children, a defiant move against the U.S. that has angered some Russians who argue it victimizes children to make a political point.
"The law would block dozens of Russian children expected to be adopted by American families from leaving the country and cut off one of the main international routes for Russian children to leave often dismal orphanages. Russia is the single biggest source of adopted children in the U.S., with more than 60,000 Russian children being taken in by Americans over the past two decades.
"The bill is retaliation for an American law that calls for sanctions against Russians deemed to be human rights violators and part of an increasingly confrontational stance by the Kremlin against the West."
     Although apparently not done for this reason, the decision makes some sense, due to the fact that Europeans are rapidly being demographically phased out by their ruling elites in all Western nations, which means future generations of whites will end up clinging to existence in the manner of South African whites today. The massive third-world in-migration, plus offspring, and drastic birthrate differentials, compared to whites, would overwhelm any white Russian adoptions. Still, it might have delayed oblivion by a few weeks.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Atlanta Symphony: High School Singers Too White

December 24, 2012, American Thinker

Racial Favoritism and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

By John Bennett
"Earlier this year, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) decided to disinvite two predominantly white high school choral groups from performance in the ASO's holiday concert. The ASO's decision was reportedly motivated by the high schools' lack of diversity, which caused a stir among people who believe in racial justice as opposed to racial favoritism.
"The ASO didn't admit that their decision was racially motivated  In fact, ASO vice president of marketing Charlie Wade offered only benign reasons for their decision in public. To get to the bottom of what happened, I used the Georgia Open Records Act to find out ASO's real reason for disinviting the non-diverse choral groups.
"Previously unpublished emails reveal that the ASO's true reason was to 'diversify the chorus' and to add 'a chorus featuring more African-American kids,' as ASO marketing VP Charlie Wade privately wrote. This is blatant racial favoritism, reflecting the exact opposite of the ASO's public remarks.
"The ASO maintains a website where interested members of the public can see exactly what type of diversity the ASO itself practices. According to my tally, which anyone may verify, just 1 out of 100 members of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) is black.  ...

"The fact of the matter is that the ASO couldn't achieve diversity among their musicians if they tried. Of the musicians in U.S. symphonies, 87% are white, according to a 2008 study by the League of American Orchestras. There is a very good reason for that racial disparity: interest in classical music is not proportionally distributed among racial groups. 

"Hence the ASO president's goal of making 'the stages of the Atlanta Symphony... reflect the diversity of Atlanta' is an absolute absurdity. To reach that goal, the ASO would have to alter the cultural preferences of racial groups, and reallocate musical tastes among those groups, a goal not easily achieved in a free society, not even in public schools."

     Yet another example of  how the ever-more determined attempts by our ruling elites to force us all into an egalitarian mold are actually bizarre utopian schemes that only result in our being tied up into ever-more entangling strangling racially totalitarian knots, ultimately leading to our own dispossession, replacement and oblivion.  

Atlanta Braves Andruw Jones No 'Magic Negro'?

Andruw Jones, former Atlanta Braves star, accused of dragging wife down staircase, police records say
Associated PressDecember 26, 2012

"The wife of former Atlanta Braves star Andruw Jones accused him of dragging her down a staircase, grabbing her neck and saying he wanted to kill her, according to police records. ..."

     Another thug story. Hmm, where are all those best-friends-and-cop-partners-that-always-watch-your-back, tough-but-kind-all-wise-mentor-bosses, cute-blond-girl-platonic-protectors, brave-sacrificial-superheroes and all of the other 'Magic Negroes' that appear in almost every film and television program we are all forced to watch?

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Hickey Thompson & Latoya Greenwood at Best Buy

Former Althoff Football Star Charged with Battery of Best Buy Employee

Jamie Forsythe, News-Democrat, December 21, 2012
"A former metro-east football star was charged with aggravated battery, a class 3 felony, Thursday by the St. Clair County State’s Attorney’s Office following an incident at Best Buy in Fairview Heights.
"According to police, Hickey D. Thompson, who earned a mention in Sports Illustrated as the star of Althoff Catholic High School’s football teams that won back-to-back state championships in 1989 and 1990, allegedly hit a Best Buy employee in the face during an altercation at about 12:45 p.m. Wednesday.  ...
"Hickey Thompson’s companion, Latoya N. Greenwood, an East St. Louis councilwoman, was issued a ticket for disorderly conduct, a class C misdemeanor. ...
"When police officers arrived on scene, they learned two customers had been asked for a receipt as they approached the store exit with merchandise purchased in the store at a location other than the front checkout lanes. Best Buy store policy requires a loss prevention officer check for receipts near the exit if customers do not pay for merchandise at the front of the store. ...
"The female customer identified by police as Greenwood, 38, of East St. Louis became angry and began to yell obscenities at the 61-year-old Best Buy loss prevention officer who requested their receipt.
"According to police, witnesses stated that as Greenwood continued to yell, Hickey Thompson struck the employee in the face with his open hand causing him to fall to the ground.
"Both Hickey Thompson and Greenwood were arrested and transported to the Fairview Heights Police Department. ..."
     The good news is that being a high school star athlete prepares one later in life for slapping down 61-year-old store clerks and hobnobbing with and impressing obscenity-shouting councilwomen. 

Obama on Virginia Tech: More Guns for Aliens!

Obama Plans to Give Immigrants an Easier Path to Purchasing Firearms

"President Obama is sending signals that his second term will assault citizenship in even more targeted ways. Not only has he promised to reward millions of lawbreaking illegal alien foreigners with all the privileges of Americans, but now we learn that he wants to loosen requirements for immigrants to purchase firearms. ...
"One example revealing the policy’s deep flaws is the case of Seung Hui Cho (pictured), the mass murderer of Virginia Tech. He was a legal permanent resident who legally purchased firearms despite his college history of psychiatric difficulties and harassing women students. Sensible gun restrictions on immigrants, particularly those with mental health problems, would be beneficial for public safety. ..."

Monday, December 24, 2012

Bad? You're dying Worse? Nurse is Tawana Brawley

25 years after her rape claims sparked a firestorm, Tawana Brawley avoids the spotlight

  • Last Updated: 12:54 PM, December 23, 2012
  • Posted: 1:26 AM, December 23, 2012
"Her silence is deafening.
Twenty-five years after the spotlight first glared on Tawana Brawley — a black woman who as a teen claimed she was raped by a gang of white men, smeared with feces and stuffed in a garbage bag — she’s desperately struggling to stay hidden from public view.
“'I don’t want to talk to anyone about that,' Brawley, 40, said recently after The Post found her in Hopewell, Va., where she lives in a neatly kept brick apartment complex with signs warning of video surveillance cameras."
"By all appearances, her life — so chaotic a quarter-century ago — now seems normal....
"Brawley, using aliases such as Thompson and Gutierrez, now has a young daughter, a neighbor says, and works as a licensed practical nurse at The Laurels of Bon Air in Richmond, where co-workers were clueless about her past. ...
“'It is probable that in the history of this state, never has a teenager turned the prosecutorial and judicial systems literally upside down with such false claims,' state Supreme Court Justice S. Barrett Hickman wrote at the time. ..."

Obama Bush Clinton Invasion Collaborator Presidents

Increase in deportations hits criminals

Policy fails to satisfy advocates for reform

Stephen DinanThe Washington Times, 12/23/2012

"The Obama administration has dramatically changed the composition of those it’s deporting now that President Obama’s non-deportation policy is in effect, setting an overall record for the number of people kicked out of the U.S. last year. ...

"new guidance along with the deportation numbers that tells ICE agents to avoid going after even more categories of rank-and-file illegal immigrants ..."

     You mean rank-and-file illegal alien criminal invaders? Obviously presidents like Obama, Bush and Clinton couldn't have been too troubled by Americans being robbed, raped and murdered by illegal aliens or they would have strictly enforced U.S. border laws in the first place.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

NIH New Cancer Cure: More Black Researchers!

U.S. Spends $500 Mil to Racially Diversify Medical Fields

"While the U.S. government commits senseless acts like skimping on consulate security in violent North African countries, it spends $500 million to help minorities—especially blacks—enter biomedical research fields where lack of diversity is 'disturbing and disheartening.'

"The grand plan was announced this month by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the nation’s medical research agency. As part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the NIH doles out north of $31 billion annually to hundreds of thousands of researchers at thousands of universities and institutions around the globe. ...

"This is the same agency that recently gave an Ivy League university professor more than $2 million to promote condom use among injecting drug addicts in Kazakhstan, a former Soviet socialist republic that serves as a main route for Russia and Europe-bound narcotics, and $823,200 for an equally questionable project that teaches uncircumcised African men how to wash their genitals after having sex to help curb the spread of AIDS. Just a few enraging examples of what the government is doing with your tax dollars."

     Yes, NIH, "disturbing and disheartening" would also be my exact words. 

Alaska Genetically Modified Salmon 'Frankenfish'?

AK senators oppose genetically-modified salmon

AP Staff Writer, Washington Examiner, December 22, 2012
"ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Alaska's congressional delegation is opposing a federal report that says a genetically modified salmon that grows twice as fast as normal is unlikely to harm the environment. ..."
     These new and improved salmon have been genetically modified to migrate up through your public waterworks, pop out of your faucet and then wriggle onto your frying pan with a slice of lemon in its mouth, which I think is just plain creepy. Seriously, nature has been the beneficiary of millions of years of natural selection, each lifeform in countless ways tied into an unimaginably intricate web of life. Fish farm fish and genetically modified fish tossed in with wild fish tend to throw a damaging monkey wrench into nature, which eventually comes back and bangs us all on our noggins--not that this ever stops humans. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sex v Gender Merry Xmas! v Happy Holidays!

Unsexing the Language
Taki's Magazine, December 19, 2012
"Every day, the left is beavering away at the language. "

     So true, as well as everything else worthwhile in Western civilization.

     Another outstanding one by Jared Taylor. Although I will say that there are Rush Limbaugh types in my neck of the woods who are now willing to start fistfights at every utterance of "Happy Holidays!" when I think many people use that phrase when they are not going to see someone again through Christmas and New Years, and also possibly Thanksgiving, and are simply wishing people a fine holiday season, rather than their being actual Communists or on a first-name basis with the Beast. 

     Several years ago a scientist friend of mine, who published books through Oxford, told me that his manuscripts would always come back from the editors changed so that everything he had written had been translated into 'gender neutral.' Since his major concerns were elsewhere, I think he only saw this as a bizarre minor annoyance. But what really amused him was that, while the editors were careful to go over his manuscripts with a fine-tooth comb to make all the many minute changes, if there was an example of  a generic "he" or "his" that was used negatively, it would be left unchanged. For example, if you were to write something like, "When it comes to your average fat stupid ugly pyromaniac, he ...," it would have happily sailed right on past the editors untouched. So obviously 'gender neutral' ain't so neutral. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

North Carolina University Afro Corruption Studies Dept

UNC probe reveals academic fraud
Updated: December 20, 2012, 10:49 PM ET
By Robbi Pickeral |
"CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- A three-month investigation into academic fraud at the University of North Carolina revealed that not only student-athletes were given added academic benefits within the school's African and Afro-American Studies department.

"Rather, students at large benefited from anomalies specific to the department, such as unauthorized grade changes, forged faculty signatures on grade rolls and limited or no class time. ..."
     Someone once said that where you have Africans, you have Africa. While this is obviously unfair on the individual level, it does seem irrefutable--can't think of a single counter-example--that when you have any concentration of Africans who try to run any modern complex first-world enterprise or institution, whether it be a nation, city, town, airport, subway, school district or university, things quickly go all wonky and become physically and morally dilapidated. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Neil O’Brien v [Hate Anglos] Studies Fresno State

Google Images


John Rocker, WND, 12/17/2012

" ... Neil O’Brien is a conservative student activist at Fresno State University and is carved from the same mold I am. He doesn’t have time for pretenses and speaks the truth as he sees it without regard for whether or not it’s politically correct.
"Neil became persona non grata among the far left-radicals at Fresno State after he exposed the student body president and outspoken Dream Act advocate Pedro Ramirez as an illegal alien.
"Neil didn’t stop there.
"Fresno State is home to an entire Chicano Studies Department that seems to be crawling with radical left-wing activists who think the American Southwest belongs to Mexico.
"The department sponsors a newspaper called 'La Voz de Aztlan,' which translates to the Voice of Atzlan. For those not in the know, Aztlan is a mythical homeland of the ancient Mayans. Radical Chicano nationalists use the name Aztlan to describe a future homeland that would be carved from parts of the American Southwest.

"La Voz de Aztlan published a poem by a student named Luis Sanchez entitled 'America.' The ironically titled poem is an anti-American diatribe that claims this country was 'robbed by the white savage' and is the land of the 'biggest genocide' and 'glorified killers. ...

"Think about it. These professors published a racially offensive poem, and when a student went to ask them about it, administrators charged him with harassment.

"Remember, Fresno State is a public school, so the fine taxpayers of California are funding this drivel along with the individuals who advocate it. I guess the hardworking people of California can at least rest assured knowing that their state is going bankrupt to support racist anti-American activities on state college campuses."

     On a personal note, I attended Fresno State when all of this craziness began, and was a 'Sixties liberal' back then. Little did I know what a nightmare carnival ride through hell all this would lead to. Of course different versions of the above described inmates running the asylum are now taking place all across the West and will eventually put an end to Western civilization as a whole, as well as to future generations of our people, unless it can be stopped. 

War on Xmas & the New Multicultural Victorians

- - -

Google Images

Christmas skirmishes as old as Puritans

Support your neighborhood reindeer

Joseph Bottum, Washington Times, 12/19/2012

"Sometime when you get a chance, go back and look at newspapers from the 1940s, the 1930s or even the 1920s. Somewhere on the editorial pages in December, you’ll find the obligatory op-ed of the season — the one about how sad it is that Christmas has become so commercialized. The one about how, in our greedy materialism, we've lost sight of the true significance of Christmas: the Christ child, born in a lowly cattle shed.

"That’s not to say the complaint was wrong in those days, nor is it wrong in these days, as far as that goes. It’s just to say that we've been hearing worries about the loss of the meaning of Christmas for a long, long time, and still the thing goes lumbering on: our titanic holiday, our wild season, our profligate indulgence — our festival. ..." 

     The above column reminds me of the old concept of 'lying by omission.' Currently the central war on Christmas has little to do with the old one, having to do with unseemly pagan celebrations or too much commercialism versus a quiet Christmas of deep faith. It has to do with ruling political correctness, the relentless advance of Islam into the West, and other religions offended by Christmas, and pushing out Christianity, making it just one more of many interesting exotic archaic beliefs, and the federal government conducting a demographic erasing of Western civilization and its peoples and their religions. 

     True, there are many Christians among the Latin American invaders, but that tends to be a Christianity of a different sort, more entangled with indigenous beliefs, like the Day of the Dead, and often related to a type of revolutionary advocacy against the West. I'm not even a Christian, but I don't appreciate the dominant beliefs of my people being phased out, along with the people themselves. 

"Although--Bottum clearly says that 'On the other side are our modern anti-Christian Puritans, who want to abolish Christmas because they think it promotes Christianity.'"

     You make a good point. There is definitely a puritanical character to today's multiculturalism. And, as others have pointed out, our multiculturalists have a lot in common with the 'white man's burden' Victorian colonizers. Just as the Victorians once believed that the West was so superior that it had a moral duty to colonize the non-Western world, today's multiculturalists believe that we, unlike all other cultures and races, have a moral duty to be colonized by the non-Western world, even to the extent of, like self-sacrificing saints, demographically phasing ourselves completely out of existence