Friday, April 29, 2011

Open Letter to Tina Brown on Newsweek Cancel

Open Letter to Tina Brown on a Newsweek Cancellation

Newsweek cannot, on the one hand, claim to be a general circulation news magazine, while, on the other, revel in being so over-the-top partisan. The final camelback straw for me involved Newsweek’s regular “Awful” to “Awesome” chart featuring former Congressman Tom Tancredo as “Awful” because he had announced his independent run for governor of Colorado. Obviously a hit piece. (At the time, the political establishment was somewhat shaken by his candidacy and enthusiastic reception around that state.)

Newsweek has every right to disagree with Tancredo’s desire to enforce American border laws, but you would think he were some sort of wild-eyed hater, when in fact he is simply in favor of law enforcement, not just for American citizens, but for foreigners who sneak across the U.S. border or overstay their visa permits. Far from being a fire-breathing rabble rouser, in speeches Tom Tancredo comes across as the boring but lovable, upright do-gooding civics teacher many of us had back in school, which in fact he once was.

However, it is not just Newsweek’s rabid partisanship that is so sad, but that it is comes out in such a shallow sophomoric and smearing manner.

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Border Enforcement + Immigration Moratorium = Job, Crime and Eco Sanity.