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Western Europe as North Africa Map

RRW - 2 terrorists in news again: One worked at major airport. Another in Rand Paul's hometown - Rand suddenly lost interest in refugee invasion when running for prez

Two US refugee Islamic terrorists, caught earlier, are back in the news

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 23, 2017
Repeatedly we are told by the refugee industry propagandists variously that no refugees admitted to the US have committed terrorist acts, or no Americans have died at the hands of refugees, or that none caught had planned to hurt Americans (just wanted to commit their violence on foreign soil).  There is always a clarifying comment that the average recipient of the line doesn’t know to inquire about that is somehow supposed to mitigate the refugee’s actions.
Back in December of last year we gave you ten cases of refugees, some actually committed their act on US soil, or were apprehended BEFORE they could carry out violence in the name of Allah. One of those cases involved two Iraqi refugee terrorists.
Kentucky refugee terrorist

In that post and many previous ones you had heard about Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, an Iraqi Islamic terrorist, who had surprise! lied on his refugee application (said he was not a jihadist in Iraq).  Doing life in prison (at YOUR expense) he attempted to have his sentence vacated, but his motion was denied this past week.
See here at WBKO. (Hat tip: Joanne) Bowling Green is Senator Rand Paul’s hometown.
When this case first came to light, Paul was a leading Senate critic of the US Refugee Admissions Program, but he eventually dropped his concern in the run-up to his 2016 presidential campaign. (Search RRW for Rand Paul and see what I mean.)
BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) – A convicted terrorist, who was living in Bowling Green at the time of his arrest has a motion to vacate, set aside, or correct his sentence denied by a federal judge.
Mohanad Shareef Hammadi. The arrest of Hammadi and his co-conspirator turned the Obama US Refugee Admissions Program on its head in 2011 and all Iraqis entering the US were supposedly re-screened.
Mohanad Shareef Hammadi pleaded guilty in 2012 to conspiring to ship thousands in cash, machine guns, rifles, grenades and shoulder-fired missiles to al-Qaida in Iraq.
He was sentenced to life in prison, which was affirmed on appeal.
A Magistrate judge said none of Hammadi’s arguments merited relief and his motion was denied. Hammadi objected to that opinion. The court agreed earlier this week to the Magistrate Judge’s opinion, with the exception of what it calls a single and ultimately insignificant factual mistake.
Think about how much refugee Hammadi is costing US taxpayers. 

Do you think his expenses will ever be included in any of those phony-baloney economic studies (Cato?) of how refugees benefit America?  Nope!
Illinois refugee terrorist

Another case of a refugee wannabe terrorist in the news this week involves a Bosnian refugee first arrested in 2015 (see my reportat the time).  And, never forget, it was Bill Clinton with the help of his Director of the ORR (Lavinia Limon) responsible for tens of thousands of Bosnian Muslims admitted to the US.
Also pay attention to the fact that this woman was working at a major airport when arrested.
Resettlement contractors*** are busy near any major city finding work for newly arrived refugees at AIRPORTS!
(Hat tip: Cathy)
Mediha Medy Salkicevic. Shock of shocks, this ABC News account of the Bosnian’s defense uses the ‘R’ word twice—refugee! Ten years ago, even 5 years ago, you would have to guess about her immigration status.
Invoking an unusual defense, the I-Team has learned that a west suburban woman and five associates accused of aiding ISIS say they were engaged in “legitimate warfare.”
Mediha Medy Salkicevic, a mother of four from Schiller Park, was arrested in February 2015 on charges of conspiring to provide material support and resources to terrorists and providing material support to terrorists, including the Islamic State and al-Qaida in Iraq.
Investigators say Salkicevic, a Bosnian Muslim refugee, wanted to “bury unbelievers alive” and bring death to infidels.
When she was arrested the I-Team reported that Salkicevic, 37, was working at an O’Hare airport cargo company.
If you have the time and energy, see my complete archive on refugee ‘crimes’ by clicking here. Warning! There are 2,125 posts in that category going back ten years!
***Federal contractors/middlemen/propagandists/lobbyists/community organizers paid by you to place refugees in your towns and cities (and to find them jobs at places like airports!).
Because their income is largely dependent on taxpayer dollars based on the number of refugees admitted to the US, they work very hard to tamp down any negative refugee news, especially news about Muslim refugees as jihadists.
The only way for real reform of how the US admits refugees is to remove the contractors/propagandists from the process.

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YouTube: Anne Marie Waters, For Britain - Such a contrast from May who seems to think issuing stern statements alone will save the West --tma

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VDare - Mathew Richer: For Immigration Patriot Hobbits, Trump Must AND CAN Be Reelected—Or Sauron’s Army Will Prevail!

Donald Trump has been a mixed bag so far for immigration patriots. Of course, he is not Hillary Clinton (or Jeb Bush). He has increased enforcement and tried to impose a partial Muslim travel ban. But he could have done more and he sometimes makes Politically Correct statements that he actually appears to believe. Still, the fact remains that Donald Trump is the first President since Ronald Reagan who genuinely loves his country and seeks to preserve it. His reelection must be the highest priority for immigration patriots. [The Face of Donald Trump’s 2020 Campaign, by Katie Gluek, McClatchy, June 7, 2017] I believe it can be done—and, remember, I predicted Trump would run as an immigration patriot back in early 2015.
Re-election will be quite a challenge, given that Trump’s political opponents are engaged in a permanent campaign to delegitimize him and the “America First” policies he (sometimes) advocates. We are currently living through, as others have noted, a “Cold Civil War”, a war that began decades ago, even if most Americans only recently woke up to the fact.
Donald Trump, therefore, must see himself as a wartime president if he is to accomplish anything, including reelection. ...

Branco: Mueller Trump 'Wanted' Cartoon

RRW - Australia horrified by Aussie killed by MN refugee cop yet wants US to take THEIR refugees?

Australia deal: Dumb then, dumb now, and will be dumber still in October

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 22, 2017
Does anyone other than me find it ironic that Australia has gone ballistic (as they should) over one of their upstanding citizens being shot to death in Minneapolis by a Somali police officer (former refugee), yet the Australian government wants to send us even more Somali ‘refugees’ that they have themselves rejected?
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton fully expects Trump to take their rejected boat people in the new fiscal year. You gotta see what Dutton says about illiterate ‘refugees’ here:
As I have been trying to hammer-home to readers, don’t get bogged down in the legal minutia regarding the 120-day moratorium and the back and forth between the rogue Hawaiian judge (on behalf of refugee contractors and their ilk) and the Supreme Court (that has gone way beyond its constitutional authority on refugees).
What is important is what President Donald Trump DETERMINES in September is the right number and the right ethnic groups to ‘welcome’ to the US in fiscal year 2018 (begins October 1, 2017).

By law, in September, the President sends his ‘determination’ for FY18 to The Hill for CONSULTATION.
If this year is like the previous 35 years, Congress will rubber stamp what the President sends (except LOL! they won’t rubber stamp zero!).
See below that the Australian government is now counting on a return to normal for the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program(USRAP) for October.  They fully expect Trump to continue with the “dumb deal” Obama made in the waning weeks of his presidency and put these Australian rejects in his determination letter and report to Congress.
We expect the President to stick with his campaign promises and get this monster under control. This Executive Order mess isn’t what we had in mind when we voted for Donald Trump, and he can’t possibly think this short (chaotic) hiatus will solve any longstanding problems with the USRAP.

Australia disappointed by delay in US refugee resettlement

I have to laugh! In the first paragraph we are reminded by AP that these are Australia’s rejects! ...

YouTube - Lauren Southern: PATREON BANNED MY ACCOUNT - Libertarians are almost as utopian on race as liberals--but you've got to love Lauren --tma

AP - Murderous Mexico reaches new horrific heights - Multiple US Presidents have merrily imported--until Trump

MEXICO CITY (AP) -- Mexico's spiraling violence reached new heights with 2,234 murders in June, the country's deadliest month in at least 20 years, according to government data.

Killings rose in states ranging from the tourist haven of Baja California Sur to the Gulf coast state of Veracruz and even in Mexico City, long considered a relative oasis from drug gang violence. For the first six months of 2017, authorities nationwide recorded 12,155 homicide investigations, or 31 percent more than the 9,300 during the same period last year. ...

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YouTube - Tom Fitton discussing IRS Docs, Weiner Laptop Emails, Whether Mueller Should be Fired, & Voter Fraud

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Branco Cartoon: Voter Fraud Obama v Trump Press Reaction

Sun: Terrorists could weaponize deadly PLAGUE disease by releasing it as a cloud above cities killing thousands, experts warn - Remember Obama, importer of plagues? --tma

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Warning comes amid fears imploding ISIS have been developing chemical and biological weapons.

BLACK Death could once again wipe out millions in Britain if terrorists sprayed an antibiotic resistant form above a city, according to bio-terrorism experts.
The plague killed a third of Europe’s population in the Middle Ages – but scientist and governments fear it could return. ...

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AmRen - Gregory Hood: Emmanuel Macron and the Crisis of the Elite - "Every policy issue is overwhelmed by the reality of population replacement"

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Business Insider
Is he stumbling towards sanity?
Did we back the wrong candidate in France? Is Emmanuel Macron—dare I say it—“our guy”?
Only a few months ago the Great and the Good were celebrating the victory of the fanatically pro-EU and anti-nationalist Emmanuel Macron in the French presidential election. The brand-new party Mr. Macron founded then went on to win a majority in the French parliament.
Mr. Macron’s approach towards his own country had been approaching nihilism. He called colonization a “crime against humanity,” and suggested France must apologize. He called mass immigration from the Third World “unstoppable.” He even denied the existence of French culture, saying that “there is culture in France and it is diverse.”
His opponent in the presidential election, Marine Le Pen, had asked voters to “choose France.” Mr. Macron chose Europe, by celebrating his victory with the “Ode to Joy,” the anthem of the European Union. Mr. Macron, who claimed France had voted for him to “defend the Republic” against the unpalatable Ms. Le Pen, was a formidable champion of neoliberalism and transnational elitism at a time when many nationalists were dreaming that a populist wave was about to break over Europe.
And yet since entering office, Mr. Macron has unsettled the leftist elite. He horrified progressive opinion by inviting Donald Trump to Paris for Bastille Day and by all accounts created a warm friendship with the American president. Mr. Macron appears to have moderated his predecessor’s demand for the ouster of Bashar al-Assad in Syria, infuriating opposition groups and moving closer to the Russian position. And he also mused about how his thoughts are too “complex” for journalists, and how his could be a “Jupiterian,” quasi-monarchial presidency.
Yet all of this pales in response to Macron’s recent comments about Africa. When asked by an African journalist why there was no Marshall Plan for Africa, Mr. Macron stated, “The challenge of Africa is completely different, it is much deeper. It is civilizational today. Failing states, complex democratic transitions, the demographic transition.” He later said, “One of the essential challenges of Africa . . . is that in some countries today seven or eight children [are] born to each woman.” ...

Dick Morris: Where Have You Gone Jeff Sessions?

The nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
Where are the investigations of? …
• Whether James Comey violated national security by turning his memos of his talks with President Trump over to the media?
• Whether Hillary and Bill Clinton were guilty of a corrupt conspiracy in her approval of the sale of 20% of US uranium supply to Russia at the same time as he got $1 million in speaking fees?
• Whether Loretta Lynch asked Comey to characterize her investigation of the Clintons as a “matter” not an investigation.
• Whether Hillary Clinton sold special favors from the State Department for donations to the Clinton Foundation and speaking fees to her husband.
Inaction on all these fronts would be the norm for a Democratic attorney general trying to prevent damage to his party.
But what is Jeff Sessions’ excuse? He has always been a fighter for justice and democracy. What about now?
Has Washington taken over Sessions’ sense of Justice? Trump is wondering the same thing.
Pre-Order A Copy Of Rogue Spooks: The Intelligence War on Donald Trump — CLICK HERE NOW!!!

RRW - Wishful thinking in West Virginia? Coming new taxpayer-funded resettlement office - So far Tillerson has continued to flood US with future terrorists --tma

Posted by Ann Corcoran on July 21, 2017
As I pointed out in my previous post, the open borders activists and the contractors*** are looking ahead to October when they think the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program will be back and moving full steam ahead.
This news from Charleston, WV confirms one of two things—-either the contractors know something we don’t know, or they are setting up a media opportunity to bash the Trump Administration for dashing their hopes (again) should the Trump team keep the refugee flow low (or even halt it altogether!) come September.
These two Senators could stop the placement of mostly Muslim refugees in Charleston, WV by the new Episcopal resettlement agency IF THEY WANTED TO. Senators Shelley Moore Capito (left) and Joe Manchin!
Before I give you this news from an Episcopal Migration Ministries (99.5% funded by taxpayers!) wannabe subcontractor in the capitol city of West Virginia, I need to once again remind readers (and tell new readers) about the process.
Scoping meeting….
Normally in May of each year there is a “scoping meeting” held by the US State Department to seek input from the public about the ‘size and scope’ of the refugee admissions program for the coming fiscal year. They pretend it is to get public input, but it is mostly an appeal to the contractors to send in their wish lists.
I don’t have time to go over the whole history of our involvement with these phony ‘hearings,’ but suffice it to say, they do not want to hear from the general public.  In fact, I don’t think there was even a “scoping meeting” at all this year.
R & P Abstracts….
Along about May, all of the contractors’ subcontractor offices go to work on their R & P AbstractsThese documents, discussed many times on these pages, are wish lists of sorts. The subcontractor will decide how many refugees a community has the capacity to take, from where in the world they will come from, and what amenities your town has for them—housing, jobs, health care, schools etc.
The best Abstract I ever saw was for Reno, Nevada, see here.

Big no-no! Do not read RRW!

And, surprise (not!), a couple of years ago, World Relief actually sent a letter to its subcontractors alerting them to the fact that I told listeners on a Minnesota radio show to “get your abstracts.”  The leadership at WR told it’s subcontractors (they call them “affiliates”) to not give the abstracts out when people call. Oh, and this is funny, they told their staff to not read RRW! The leadership would screen my writing and inform the underlings if they needed to know about something we said at RRW!
As of July 3, 2017, the US State Department has an up-to-date affiliates list, go here, find an office near you (even within a hundred miles), call them and ask for the FY18 Abstract they have prepared for the US State Department!
REPUBLICAN Rep. Alex Mooney represents Charleston and by his silence indicates support of Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis being placed by a federal contractor in his district. Have fun! Call Mooney’s office and ask him to get the R & P Abstract for FY18, for you. Tell him you want the whole document including the descriptions of where the refugees will work, what amenities are available and what organizations (letters of support) are behind the plan.
Be prepared to be told such a document doesn’t exist (one of their tricks) and for those who admit there is such a plan for your town, they will tell you that you can’t have it anyway! But, it is a good exercise for you, to be told that THEY have plans for your community that YOU can’t see!
Presidential Determination…..
The R & P Abstracts are the basis for making the “determination” to be announced in September about how many refugees the Trump Administration is going to ‘welcome’ to America for FY2018 which begins on October 1, 2017.
The process appears to be going forward just like any other year (not surprising since Trump has no people in the DOS refugee office).
The President sends his ‘determination’ (which includes how much of your money he wants Congress to appropriate) to The Hill for “consultation.”   Consultation traditionally involves rubber stamping whatever the President wants.  The majority of the power for refugee resettlement is vested in the President.
Now that I have gone way too long (I hope you are still reading!), here (below) is a bit of the Charleston Gazette-Mail story that would indicate that the US State Department is welcoming in the abstracts just like in a normal year and this wannabe resettlement agency is acting like it is a done deal and that Charleston will be getting 85 refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Why this particular Episcopal office wants only these particular (mostly Muslim) ethnic groups is a puzzle. What! No impoverished Africans? No Somalis, no Christians from the DR Congo?  Hmmm!
It is by no means a done deal!  But, by making it sound like it is, if they don’t get their hypothetical refugees, at least they can blame Trump in the end.
(There is a Catholic resettlement agency already working in Charleston, this would be a new competitor as the contractors ‘bid for bodies.’)
A Charleston-based refugee resettlement office will assist in placing 85 refugees in the area during the Oct. 2017- Sept. 2018 fiscal year, according to the director of the group organizing the effort.
The West Virginia Interfaith Refugee Ministry, a group that has been working to bring refugees to West Virginia, plans to open the office of a refugee resettlement agency affiliate on the third floor of St. John’s Episcopal Church in Charleston on Aug. 1, according to Lynn Clarke, director of the group.
Antigone Mehani, who previously served as the employment services manager at another resettlement agency in Louisville, Kentucky, also begins Aug. 1. Clarke anticipates Mehani will hire one part-time employee. The agency is an affiliate of Episcopal Migration Ministries, one of nine national refugee resettlement agencies that work with the federal government and local groups to place refugees. [We learned here that EMM is closing offices elsewhere, so why open a new and controversial office in Charleston?—ed]
Episcopal Migration Ministries has about 30 offices nationwide. In the ministry’s “resettlement communities,” local organizers assist refugees with finding health care and work, translation and other services.
Mehani will be an employee of the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia, which will assist with administrative tasks. [One important criticism of EMM is that it keeps no separate accounting available to the public because its federal money flows directly to the church, come on Congress, where are you?—ed]
The group has raised about $100,000 in pledges, donations and grants, according to Clarke.
The refugees — people who have had to flee their homes because of war, persecution or other violence — will likely come from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Clarke said half will be children.
Clarke said the refugees likely won’t have ties to the region, so they won’t begin arriving until the ban is no longer in effect. She anticipates arrivals in November.
“I always believed this would happen for Charleston,” she said. “There’s always been concern that things would change, but I don’t remember ever thinking that this office wouldn’t open.”
There is more, continue reading here.
(This “new” office of EMM is not listed on the recent update of State Department subcontractors.)
Again, as I said in my previous post, you must focus your energy on getting the Trump Administration to come in with a zero ‘determination’ in September for FY18.  It is my view that if they go back to some normal number—like 50,000—there will never be any incentive to EVER reform the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program!
I have written on many previous occasions about the controversy in Charleston, WV and visited there on my 6,000 mile tour of refugee hot spots last summer.
***Federal contractors/middlemen/lobbyists/community organizers paid by you to place refugees in your towns and cities. At this minute they are sending ‘abstracts’ to Washington which are their personal wish lists and plans for who will be ‘welcomed’ to your towns.
Because their income is largely dependent on taxpayer dollars based on the number of refugees admitted to the US, the only way for real reform of how the US admits refugees is to remove the contractors from the process. I have ideas on how to do that, but no one in Congress ever asks!

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You-Tube - Lauren Southern: We're Pirates Now? #DefendEurope

[Globalist] NYT - When Syria Came to Fresno: Refugees Test Limits of Outstretched Hand - If only poor Americans were refugees, MSM might care about them --tma

- - -

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FRESNO, Calif. — The police responded to a call about a loud party on East San Ramon Avenue, but it wasn’t just any party: A sheep was reportedly being slaughtered in a backyard.

“Muslim refugees were unaware that slaughtering sheep is not allowed in the city,” the police wrote afterward in their report, which also stated that those involved “were advised to clean up the blood and mess” and warned that in the future “they could be cited.”

The animal, actually a goat, was killed by a Syrian refugee who later skinned, roasted and shared it with his Syrian neighbors in the apartment complex where they all live.

Refugees are typically placed in towns and cities such as Buffalo, N.Y.; Boise, Idaho; and Fayetteville, Ark., where resettlement agencies ease their transition to life in a new country. But they are free to move about the country like anybody else, and they sometimes land in places like Fresno that are not exactly prepared for their arrival. ...

WaTimes: Mueller widens scope of investigation to include Trump business dealings - Malicious prosecution from Comey-Mueller corrupt cabal--should be jailed --tma

Then-FBI Director Robert Mueller listens as he testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, as the House Judiciary Committee held an oversight hearing on the FBI in this June 13, 2013, file photo.  (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) ** FILE **

Special counsel Robert Mueller has widened the scope of his Russia investigation to include President Trump’s business transactions, according to a Bloomberg report.
Mr. Mueller is now looking into transactions between Mr. Trump’s businesses and those of his associates to Russia, the report said on Thursday. This includes Russian purchases at Mr. Trump’s properties and their involvement in the 2013 Miss Universe pageant, which was held in Moscow. ....