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VDare - Brenda Walker - CPAC Prostration: Amnesty Poodle Marco Rubio Claims He’s Learned His Lesson - "back in the Florida legislature: Rubio Has Long History of Blocking Immigration Enforcement."

CPAC Prostration: Amnesty Poodle Marco Rubio Claims He’s Learned His Lesson

Senator Marco Rubio is like a lot of politicians who think you can reward lawbreaking rather than punish it, with no negative consequences to the social and legal fabric of the nation. He is a Firster, who recommends that America Secure The Border First, then dole out amnesty to the millions of foreign lawbreakers who successfully invaded to steal US jobs and benefits.
Anyone with a clue about human psychology understands that reward and punishment are the basis of shaping behavior. Parents and teachers know that fact very well through experience. Even a few politicians have noticed, like Senator Chuck Grassley, whoregretted his vote for the 1986 Reagan amnesty, saying, “You know what I found out? If you reward illegality, you get more of it.”
Rubio hoped that his leadership role in the hated Gang of Eight amnesty gang would be forgotten by now, but it hasn’t among those of us who care about law and borders. Being a top amnesty poodle is a disqualifier for higher office. ...

RR Watch - Ann Corcoran: Pakistanis want their fellow Muslim Afghan refugees out now! - Should have stayed with the little wine-red ensemble. --tma

Pakistanis want their fellow Muslim Afghan refugees out now!

Sharbat Gula (then and now), the Afghan refugee who became famous after her photograph was put on the cover of National Geographic is getting attention again for another picture taken 30 years later.

Good ol’ USA is taking in Afghan Muslim refugees while their fellow Muslims in Pakistan want them out.  Just yesterday we reported on one of those refugees we welcomed from Afghanistan when he was sentenced to 25 years in jail for his Islamic terror plans.

We have written previously about Pakistan’s demands that the Afghan refugees go home.  At the center of the news this morning is the subject of  that photo I bet everyone of you has seen at some point in the last three decades—the National Geographic cover photo of Sharbat Gula.
Here is the story about how Gula has an illegal ID card.  They are overrunning us!
As evidenced by the anger over Gula having a CNIC, many Pakistanis are ready for them to return to Afghanistan. “We need them to leave Pakistan because we are badly suffering,” Hamid-ul-Huq, who represents Peshawar, told The Guardian. “All our streets, mosques, schools are overloaded because of them. It is time for them to leave Pakistan honorably.”
***Update***  More here at the Huffington Post thanks to reader Joanne.
And, be sure to see a post we wrote in 2009 where UNHCR Antonio Guterres declared that the world’s ‘welcoming’ heart for refugees comes from Islam—from Shariah law.  (I laugh every time I think about that!)
How did we become such suckers?

Pat Buchanan: GOP Platform: War Without End - "And eradicating ISIS is but the first of the wars Republicans have in mind."

GOP Platform: War Without End

GOP Platform: War Without End

If the sadists of ISIS are seeking — with their mass executions, child rapes, immolations, and beheadings of Christians — to stampede us into a new war in the Middle East, they are succeeding.
Repeatedly snapping the blood-red cape of terrorist atrocities in our faces has the Yankee bull snorting, pawing the ground, ready to charge again.
“Nearly three-quarters of Republicans now favor sending ground troops into combat against the Islamic State,” says a CBS News poll. The poll was cited in a New York Times story about how the voice of the hawk is ascendant again in the GOP.
In April or May 2015, said a Pentagon briefer last week, the Iraqi Army will march north to recapture Mosul from the Islamic State.
On to Mosul! On to Raqqa!
Yet, who, exactly, will be taking Mosul?
According to Rowan Scarborough of The Washington Times, the U.S. general who trained the Iraqi army says Mosul is a mined, booby-trapped city, infested with thousands of suicide fighters.
Any Iraqi army attack this spring would be “doomed.”
Translation: Either U.S. troops lead, or Mosul remains in ISIS’ hands.
Yet taking Mosul is only the beginning. Scores of thousands of troops will be needed to defeat and destroy ISIS in Syria.
And eradicating ISIS is but the first of the wars Republicans have in mind.  ...

RR Watch - Ann Corcoran - Asst. Secretary of State on Syrian refugees: If only you could meet them…. - Dear Secretary Richard, Cry us a river. --tma

Asst. Secretary of State on Syrian refugees: If only you could meet them….

…..your heart would melt (she didn't exactly say that!).
This is from one more article on the growing conflict about how many Syrian Muslim refugees we should admit to the US.  Frankly, there are so many of these stories, I’m having trouble keeping track!   This one is from the Associated Presshere.

Anne C. Richard, Asst. Secretary of State for PRM was formerly a VP (for advocacy!) at one of the federally-funded refugee ‘non-profit’ agencies she now contracts to resettle refugees—The International Rescue Committee. Was she a Soros protege at the International Crisis Group? Bio: 

Anne C. Richard, Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration echoes a sentiment that permeates our refugee admission policy in the US.  I’ve seen it used at the local level where the resettlement contractorsparade out some sympathetic refugees in an attempt to soften any opposition to resettlement.
Our federal policy (what is right for America!) should be made in a clear-eyed way, not clouded by gooey emotions or done under pressure from the United Nations!
We might all have sympathy for those who live in hellholes around the world, but that doesn't mean we have to invite them here in large numbers.

Honestly those promoters of more refugees for your towns and cities cannot give you any real reason as to why we need to do this without falling back on guilt-tripping emotionalism.

Here is what Richard told AP:
“These are people I think that if most Americans met them, their instinct would immediately be, ‘We have to help these people,'” Anne Richard, the assistant secretary of state for population, refugees and migration, said in an interview with The Associated Press.
“I think if we talk about just this faceless mob of people from conflict-ridden lands, it seems very scary,” the State Department’s Richard said. “But if you meet individuals and individual families, you start to understand the very, very human nature of what it means to be a refugee.”
Everyone with such maudlin impulses should use your own resources, adopt a third world child or family, or send your own money abroad to help them there and leave the rest of us out of it!
Egg on face?
Last October Richard told the world at a meeting in Berlin (a kind of pledging event) that the US was stepping up now to bring in Syrians in a big way and said we have 5,000 in the pipeline that the UN has picked for us.  See our post.  In December she said there were 9,000 in the UN’s pipeline to America.

AFP: US Congress averts Homeland Security shutdown - Why have a DHS with open borders?

US Congress averts Homeland Security shutdown

Washington (AFP) - Feuding US lawmakers narrowly avoided a Department of Homeland Security shutdown at the 11th hour, but funded the agency only until March 6, forcing Congress to revisit the issue next week.
House and Senate members scrambled to prevent the premier agency securing the United States against terror threats from running out of money at midnight, as DHS became a battleground for lawmakers clashing over President Barack Obama's controversial immigration reforms [lawbreaking amnesties]. ...

RR Watch - Ann Corcoran: Austria passes new law in attempt to slow Muslim radicalization; Imams must speak German - Like crying for your Mommy when confronted by the schoolyard bully.

Austria passes new law in attempt to slow Muslim radicalization; Imams must speak German

They want Muslim Imams in Austria to speak German and they want a prohibition on foreign funds coming in to the 400-plus Islamic organizations operating in the country.

And, get this!  58% of Austrians think “radicalization” of the country’s Muslim population is underway.  (only 58%!)

They better slow Muslim immigration while they are at it!  Or, no German language requirement is going to help them!
From Al Jazeera:
Austria’s parliament has passed a bill amending historical laws on Muslim organisations which will ban foreign sources of financing and require imams to be able to speak German.
The text aims to promote what conservative Integration Minister Sebastian Kurz called an “Islam of European character” by muting the influence of foreign Muslim nations and organisations, and offering Austrian Muslims a mix of increased rights and obligations in practising their faith in the central European country.
However, the law has generated opposition from several quarters, including Austrian Muslim groups that call it “discrimination” that imposes restrictions on Islam that other religions are not saddled with.
The passing of the law comes amid estimates indicating about 200 people from Austria – including women and minors – have gone to Syria and Iraq to join the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.
A poll published by the OGM institute on Tuesday found 58 percent of Austrians feeling “radicalisation” of the nation’s Muslims was underway.
The legislation bans Islamic cultural organisations and imams in Austria from receiving funding from abroad.
You can read it all here.
One more story for our ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive.

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American Thinker: Anti-Racism Mania at Elite Private Schools - Well, they don't call it pathological altruism for nothing. --tma

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Anti-Racism Mania at Elite Private Schools

For over half a century America has struggled to improve race relations and progress is modest, at best. But optimism soldiers on although failure only seems to breed desperation. A recent New York Times article recounts the latest crackpot panacea. The article tells how wealthy white children enrolled in some of New York City’s toniest and expensive private schools are being detoxified of their poisonous white racism. The message is that these youngsters must develop “anti-racist thinking” as a skill, a competency necessary for the 21st century. It exaggerates only slightly to compare this process with Maoist self-criticism where people publicly confessed to crimes, many imaginary, and then admit remorse as the first step in “voluntarily” embracing the party line (see here).  

  Typical was a daylong session (“A Day of Concern”) at Manhattan’s upscale and largely white Friends Seminary where speakers lead the workshop discussion about social justice and its relationship to racial/ethnic identify, gender, and most of all, privilege and power. According to Derrick Gay, a professional diversity consultant who led the discussion, the exercise was to help students escape their racial/ethnic “bubble” that hinders them in a global society. Mr. Gay explained that everyone has an identity, for example, lesbian or Jewish and society does not value all identities equally. But that is nobody’s fault -- you just must be aware of the inequality.

Elsewhere comparable elite schools held discussions, often in all-white groups, about unearned (white) skin privilege, white racism and dominance (see here and here and here among others).  A particularly hot topic is white micro-aggression -- how whites unconsciously, often with the best of intentions, repeatedly harm people of color, for example, compliment black students for a high test score that would not draw praise if the student were white. Some schools send students to the annual White Privilege Conference where they examine privilege and oppression to help build a more equitable world. ...

NR - MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry: I Hope Trayvon Martin ‘Whooped the S**t Out of George Zimmerman’ - To commemorate ML King of Peace, obviously just a more sophisticated scam than Sharpton's. --tma

MSNBC Host: I Hope Trayvon Martin ‘Whooped the S**t Out of George Zimmerman’

Image result for MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry remembered Martin Luther King, Jr. during a commemorative speech at Cornell the best way she knew how, saying she hoped Trayvon Martin “whooped the shit out of George Zimmerman” during their 2012 encounter that ended in the African-American teenager’s death. 

On Monday, Harris-Perry spoke at the university’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemorative Lecture, where she touched on topics like democracy — which she labeled “hot shit” — and called Dr. King “the one great voice, like BeyoncĂ©.” But it was her comments regarding the night of Martin’s death that caused Cornell’s conservative campus newspaper, 

The Cornell Review, to post video of her remarks online. “I hope he tried to stay alive,” she said of Trayvon. “I hope he knew that he lived a state with a ’stand your ground’ law.” “And I hope he whooped the shit out of George Zimmerman,” she added, prompting instant applause from the student audience. ...

RR Watch - Ann Corcoran - Report: Members of Islamic terrorist organizations coming across Texas border - "But ... where are they now?"

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Report: Members of Islamic terrorist organizations coming across Texas border

But, this is what I would like to know:  Where are they now?  Incarcerated? Deported, or in asylum court telling some fabricated sob story with the help of a gullible immigration lawyer?
Informative isn't it!
From the Washington Post:
A top Texas law enforcement agency says border security organizations have apprehended several members of known Islamist terrorist organizations crossing the southern border in recent years, and while a surge of officers to the border has slowed the flow of drugs and undocumented immigrants, it’s costing the state tens of millions of dollars.
In a report to Texas elected officials, the state Department of Public Safety says border security agencies have arrested several Somali immigrants crossing the southern border who are known members of al-Shabab, the terrorist group that launched a deadly attack on the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, and Al-Itihaad al-Islamiya, another Somalia-based group once funded by Osama bin Laden.Another undocumented immigrant arrested crossing the border was on multiple U.S. terrorism watch lists, the report says.
Authorities also apprehended immigrants who said they were members of terrorist organizations in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
The department said it had come into contact in recent years with “special interest aliens,” who come from countries with known ties to terrorists or where terrorist groups thrive. Those arrested include Afghans, Iranians, Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans and Pakistanis. In all, immigrants from 35 countries in Asia and the Middle East have been arrested over the past few years in the Rio Grande Valley.
There is more, read it all.

American Thinker on Rahm Emanuel: Rahmbo forced into runoff in Chicago - I've lost track, but add another city to the 'Celebrate Diversity!' Fail List. --tma

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Rahmbo forced into runoff in Chicago

Four years ago, former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel breezed to victory in the Chicago mayor's race. He was the golden boy of Democratic politics, mentioned in some party circles as a possible presidential candidate in 2016.

Yesterday, the incumbent mayor was humiliated by failing to receive a majority of the votes against 4 relative unknowns. The result forces an April 7 runoff where he is still expected to win handily, but is now considered damaged goods.

His downfall? Persistent violence and a pension shortfall threatening to bankrupt the city.

Bloomberg ...

RR Watch - Ann Corcoran: Another refugee Sohiel Omar Kabir off to the slammer on terrorism charges, this one from Afghanistan

Another refugee off to the slammer on terrorism charges, this one from Afghanistan

Ho hum!  To tell you the truth I’m getting sick of these cases where we generously give “refugees” from Muslim countries asylum and they turn around and become killers, rapists or jihadists and taxpayers then must pay for an expensive trial and support them for years in prison.
Really, there should be a special fund set up in the US State Department budget to pay for the trials and prison time!  I know, I know, it is still taxpayer money, but maybe if it had to come out of the State Department’s hide they might choose refugees more wisely from the list the UN gives them!
From Banning-Beaumont Patch (hat tip: ‘Pungentpeppers’):
Trial of Afghan refugee Sohiel Omar Kabir in Riverside. Sentencing judge: he betrayed our hospitality.
Two Southern California men who planned to commit “violent jihad” against American troops by joining terrorist groups in Afghanistan were each sentenced Monday to 25 years in federal prison.
Sohiel Omar Kabir, 36, of Pomona and Ralph Kenneth DeLeon, 26, of Ontario, were convicted last September following a nearly month long trial at the federal courthouse in downtown Riverside.
Kabir was found guilty of two counts of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists and one count each of conspiring to kill American troops and conspiring to receive military training from al-Qaida.
In pronouncing sentence for Kabir, Phillips said it was “hard to understate the seriousness of the offense.”
“It wasn’t just talk,” she said. “We’ve seen all too often how little it takes for young men to cause havoc and loss of life. Just because his plan didn’t come to fruition — it doesn’t reduce the seriousness of what he intended to do.”
Kabir’s attorney, Federal Public Defender Jeffrey Aaron, argued for a 10- year prison term, citing mitigating factors, including what he said was his client’s low I.Q. Phillips was not swayed, pointing out that Kabir’s own family had acknowledged he was intelligent, though admittedly “lazy.”

The judge said Kabir had been given every break after his family fled to the U.S. as refugees and were given asylum.

“He is an example of someone who betrayed the hospitality extended to him by this country,” Phillips said.


WSJ: American Critic of Islamic Fundamentalism Avijit Roy Hacked to Death in Bangladesh

American Critic of Islamic Fundamentalism Hacked to Death in Bangladesh

Image result for blogger Hacked to Death in Bangladesh
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DHAKA, Bangladesh—A Bangladeshi-born American blogger, known for his outspoken criticism of Islamic religious fundamentalism, was hacked to death by machete-wielding attackers in the Bangladeshi capital on Thursday night, police said.

Authorities said Avijit Roy, a 42-year-old and a self-described atheist whose Mukto-Mona blog championed secularism and opposed religion in politics, was assaulted by a group of men when returning home from a book fair, according to a police complaint filed by Mr. Roy’s father.

On Friday, Mr. Roy’s wife, Rafida Ahmed, 35, who was also attacked and seriously injured, was being treated for multiple stab wounds in a Dhaka hospital, doctors said. Police said they are investigating and had recovered two machetes from the scene of the crime.


In February 2013, Ahmed Rajib Haider, another blogger, was hacked to death near his home in a northern Dhaka suburb. In February 2004, Humayun Azad, a professor at Dhaka University was fatally stabbed on campus, on his way back from the annual book fair.

RR watch - Ann Corcoran: Catholic Bishops, other “religious” refugee resettlement contractors might soon be out of business thanks to Obama

Catholic Bishops, other “religious” refugee resettlement contractors might soon be out of business thanks to Obama

…..Or, will they give up their moral convictions on abortion in exchange for cold hard federal cash!

The Bishops and Catholic Charities between a rock and a hard place. Moral of the story: When you take Caesar’s money, Caesar owns you!
We previously told you about Obama’s pen (rule change) that would require any agency getting federal payola to abide by federal rules on sexual orientation of employees.  I’m not sure this is part of that same Executive order, but it is the same concept—take federal money, follow federal rules.
This should be a great lesson for all who want to put their grubby hands into the taxpayers’ pockets!  You do it and the government then owns you!
From World Magazine (no where in the story is it mentioned how much these ‘religious’ charities get from the feds).  They have until June 24th to comply or lose their federal grants:
The Obama administration has issued interim final rules that require faith-based organizations to offer abortion referrals for unaccompanied child refugees entering the United States. The new regulations may restrict faith-based organizations’ ability to provide refugee aid, Catholic and evangelical relief organizations said.
Issued by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement, the rules set official standards for responding to sexual abuse among children entering the United States without their parents. But by requiring faith-based organizations to offer or refer abortions, the Obama administration has violated the organizations’ conscience rights, said Susan Yoshihara, senior vice president at the Center for Family and Human Rights. Currently, six of the nine resettlement organizations in the United States are faith-based.

If the six ‘religious’ refugee contractors use their own private funds they would not have their CONSCIENCES violated!

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) formally protested the rules Friday, joined by World Vision, National Association of Evangelicals, World Relief, and Catholic Relief Services.  [So where is Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, one of the largest recipients of federal cash for the “children.”  Not interested in their moral convictions.—ed]
The organizations stressed their commitment to their moral convictions, though hoping to resolve the conflict between the rules and their pro-life beliefs.
See all of our coverage of the ‘Unaccompanied minors’ issue, here.  The USCCB is one of the largest recipients of federal funds to care for the kids and has been for a number of years.  In 2014, 58,000 ‘unaccompanied minors’ entered the US which means, of course, that there is a lot of federal $$$ sloshing around to care for them. ...

Yahoo: The former Florida governor’s openness is throwing potential 2016 presidential opponents off balance - Jeb's new running mate: Open-Borders Media. --tma

Yahoo: The former Florida governor’s openness is throwing potential 2016 presidential opponents off balance

NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. — Jeb Bush’s communication style is the message.

He hasn’t formally declared his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination or rolled out a policy agenda, but the former Florida governor is already setting a tone that’s distinguishing him from the rest of his likely opponents.
Dating back to his time in the statehouse, Bush has a track record of robust engagement with regular citizens and the press over email. He’s continued that since re-emerging on the political scene, emailing national political reporters directly himself — an almost unheard-of move in conservative circles more likely to bash the New York Times than engage with it. In his media appearances so far, he’s appeared to prefer question-and-answer sessions to the speeches that precede them. And he has hired communications staffers who are among the most well-liked by and friendly with the press in all of politics. ...

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VDare - Ann Coulter: Why Is Congress Worrying About ISIS When Illegals Are Killing People Every Day Right Here In America? - "Our politicians don’t care."

Ann Coulter: Why Is Congress Worrying About ISIS When Illegals Are Killing People Every Day Right Here In America?


You can always tell the media are hiding something when they obsessively focus on Muslim atrocities someplace else in the world. Cable TV could cover Muslimatrocities 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from 632 A.D. to the end of time, without repeating themselves.
For at least a year after 9/11, I used to turn on the TV, and if I saw a “Survivor” contestant, I’d think, “Good. No news.” These days, I turn on the TV, and if I see former U.N. ambassador John Bolton, I think, “Good. No news.”
By now, the public knows more about ISIS than they know about theKardashians. But it has no idea that the very same Senate Democrats who claimed to oppose Obama’s amnesty when they were campaigning are currently filibustering a bill to defund it, andSenate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is ready to cave.
ISIS has killed four Americans—in Syria. We’re not exactly talking about another 9/11. Here’s a tip: If you don’t want to be killed by ISIS, don’t go to Syria.
Meanwhile, illegal aliens have killed, raped and maimed thousands of Americans—in America. If you don’t want to be killed, raped or maimed by illegal immigrants in your own country, I have no tips for you. There’s nothing you can do. You’re on your own. Good luck.
Our politicians don’t care. ...

Washington Examiner: Ann Coulter excluded from speakers at CPAC - "if I want to watch a bunch of rich white people suck up to Mexicans, I'll watch the Oscars again"

Ann Coulter excluded from speakers at CPAC

Image result for ann coulter

Lisa De Pasquale, who served as the conference director from 2006 to 2011, confirmed that attendees surveyed after the conference ended consistently chose Coulter as the most popular speaker. "You can definitely quote me on that," said Pasquale.
Dave Hemsath sets up a booth selling books by conservative authors each year at the conference. He told the Examiner that her books tend to sell particularly well among attendees. "She's my best seller," he said. He also said he didn't want to "speak out of turn" but that he's "sorry" he won't be able to sell as many of her books this year, as he didn't bring as many as usual due to her absence from the speaker schedule.
Coulter's strained relationship with conference organizers was also evident at last year's event. She said at the time that she was not invited to speak until two weeks before the conference and that it was sprung on her that instead of a solo speaking slot, she was only offered time used to "debate" a liberal speaker.
Coulter suggested on Twitter that her exclusion might have something to do with immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship ...

American Thinker: Finally Cleared, Zimmerman Should Sue the DOJ

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Finally Cleared, Zimmerman Should Sue the DOJ

"In all criminal prosecutions," reads the Sixth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, "the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial."  In its dangling of George Zimmerman over the pit of judicial hell for the last three years, the Obama Department of Justice (DOJ) violated the spirit of that amendment for no better reason than to pacify the Democrats' increasingly bloodthirsty base.

Finally, on Tuesday of this week, the DOJ announced that it had found insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against Zimmerman.  A White House so seemingly appalled by torture had no qualms about torturing Zimmerman needlessly for nearly three years.  Indeed, within months of the February 26, 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, the DOJ knew it had no criminal case against Zimmerman, but it kept dangling him nonetheless. ...

RR Watch - Ann Corcoran: US State Department and resettlement contractors salted Minnesota with over 10,000 Somali refugees since 2005 - I preferred Mary Richards playfully tossing her hat in the air to some woman named Maandeeq trudging along in a burqa. --tma

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Image result for mary tyler moore as mary richards throwing hat in air

I preferred Mary Richards playfully tossing her hat in the air to some woman named Maandeeq trudging along in a burqa. 

US State Department and resettlement contractors salted Minnesota with over 10,000 Somali refugees since 2005

In the wake of the terror scare over the past weekend, the Washington Times has published a pretty thorough piece on how the Refugee Admissions Program of the US State Department has changed/stressed Minnesota with the resettlement by three refugee contractors—Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services of MN, and World Relief MN (now Arrive Ministries)—of thousands of Somali refugees.   (For anyone interested in finding the resettlement contractors in your state and city, click here for a handy directory).
Someone should prepare a map showing all of the towns in Minnesota that have ‘welcomed’ refugees of all stripes. Some of the towns we mention are here especially the hottest sites: Minneapolis, St. Paul, St. Cloud and Rochester.

We told you here, that Minnesota is the go-to state for the resettlement of Somalis. Generous welfare was the original draw.
You can read the whole Washington Timesarticle by reporter Kelly Riddell, here.  As of this writing there are 626 comments!
If you are living in small town/suburban Minnesota (or small town America) and are thinking this isn’t happening where you live, it is a big city issue, think again.
I went through the State Department data base again yesterday to see just where in Minnesota Somalis had been resettled over the last ten years (I started my search in February 2005).

I was shocked!

Remember as you look at this list below that the Somalis may not have stayed where they were originally placed, they may have moved to bigger cities in the state or others may have joined the ‘seed community’ in these other towns.
In refugee industry lingo, those who move are called “secondary migrants” and Minnesota is getting the lion’s share of those from across the US.
Do you think all of these towns (over 60 in number!) were consulted before they were expected to take on the financial burden of housing, healthcare and education for the kids?
The total number of Somalis placed in Minnesota, since February 2005 to date, is 10,804. 
(Many more were resettled in Minnesota before 2005, but we only looked at the last ten to eleven years.)
Anoka (2)
Apple Valley (13)
Barnesville (5)
Blaine (5)
Bloomington (124)
Brooklyn (2)
Brooklyn Center (38)
Brooklyn Park (50)
Burnsville (282)
Chanhassen (6)
Chaska (2)
Colombia Heights (112)
Coon Rapids (16)
Crystal (16)
Eagen (38)
Eden Prairie (400)
Edina (27)
Fairbault (10)
Falcon Heights (7)
Faribault (211)  (is this the same town as Fairbault, or is this a typo?)
Fridley (14)
Golden Valley (9)
Hill Top (1)
Hopkins (143)
Hutchinson (5)
Inver Grove Height (7)
Inver Grove Heights (11)  (typo again?)
Lakeville (4)
Mankato (34)
Maple Grove (6)
Maplewood (4)
Marshall (35)
Mendota Heights (1)
Minneapolis (4,868)
Minnetonka (40)
Moorhead (8)
New Brighton (18)
New Hope (80)
Norcross (1)
North Mankato (14)
Norths St. Paul (2)
Oakdale (1)
Owatonna (140)
Pelican Rapids (113)
Pine Island (3)
Plymouth (58)
Richfield (193)
Richville (7)
Robbinsville (4)
Rochester (595)
Rosemount (9)
Roseville (52)
St. Anthony (7)
St. Cloud (1,123)
St. Louis Park (100)
Saint Paul (1,491)
Saint Peter (11)
Savage (30)
Shakopee (18)
South St. Paul (11)
Waite Park (23)
Waseca (6)
West St. Paul (13)
White Bear Lake (1)
Willmor (122)
Woodbury (2)
By the way, Minnesota also ‘welcomed’ many other refugees of many nationalities, but we only looked at Somali numbers because they are dominating the news.