Friday, October 31, 2014

Reuters / Yahoo News: Congo crowd kills man, eats him after militant massacres: witnesses ("Race is just a social construct." --American academia)

Congo crowd kills man, eats him after militant massacres: witnesses

BENI Democratic Republic of Congo (Reuters) - A crowd stoned to death a young man in northeast Congo on Friday before burning and eating his corpse, witnesses said, in apparent revenge for a series of attacks by Ugandan rebels.

The incident in the town of Beni followed a number of overnight raids in the area blamed on the Islamist group ADF-NAUL, who are thought to have massacred more than 100 people this month, using hatchets and machetes to kill their victims.

Witnesses said the man, who has not been identified, aroused suspicion on a bus when passengers discovered he could not speak the local Swahili language and that he was carrying a machete. ...

Daily Mail: Police 'put cap on arrests' in Rochdale sex abuse inquiry: Social worker whistleblower says dozens of offenders are still on streets

Police 'put cap on arrests' in Rochdale sex abuse inquiry: Social worker whistleblower says dozens of offenders are still on streets

Dozens of child sex offenders are still walking the streets preying on children because police did not arrest them, whistleblower Sara Rowbotham said (file picture)

  • Dozens of child sex offenders are still walking free, whistleblower says

  • Sara Rowbotham accuses police of 'having a cap' on the number of arrests

  • Child rapists and abusers are still preying on children, she has claimed 

  • She says police chiefs became obsessed with convicting just nine men 

  • Meanwhile many more were 'allowed to escape', Miss Rowbotham said ...


  • Reuters: Gray wolf reported at Grand Canyon for first time in decades (Hooray Grand Canyon Gray!)

    Gray wolf reported at Grand Canyon for first time in decades

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    (Reuters) - A gray wolf was recently photographed on the north rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona in what would be the first wolf sighting in the national park since the last one was killed there in the 1940s, conservation groups said on Thursday.

    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service was sending a team to try to capture the animal in question in order to verify the sighting, though federal biologists are assuming that it is a wolf unless otherwise determined, a spokeswoman said.

    The National Park Service also is looking into the authenticity of the photos in conjunction with the Fish and Wildlife Service, Park Service spokeswoman Alexandra Picavet said.
    Several photos of the animal were taken over the weekend by a Grand Canyon park visitor who shared them with conservation activists and park staff, according to the Center for Biological Diversity, which made the findings public.
    Officials for the center and Fish and Wildlife said the animal appeared to be wearing an inactive radio collar.

    A note accompanying images viewed by Reuters said two wolf biologists and "an experienced wolf observer" who reviewed the photos concluded they "appear to depict a radio-collared northern Rocky mountain gray wolf." ...

    Refugee Resettlement Watch - Ann Corcoran - California: Illegal alien kids living the good life on US taxpayer dime (Would you like to have your very own zoo where you can pet ponies and ducks and get free guitar lessons? Sorry, reserved for wannabe refugees who have bulldozed their way across U.S. borders.)

    California: Illegal alien kids living the good life on US taxpayer dime

    It is a good thing someone in Congress is watching out for your money!  Here Senator Charles Grassley reveals that some unaccompanied alien children (those wannabe ‘refugees’) are living the good life in El Cajon, California.

    Yippee! We offer duck petting (taxpayer supported ducks?).
    The federal contractor—Southwest Key Programs—describes its amenities in documents submitted to the government as petting zoos (chickens, ducks, ponies), organic gardens and guitar lessons.    Learn more about Southwest Key, here.
    But, remember several of our usual migrant contractors such as the US Conference of Catholic Bishopsand Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service are getting federal grants for ‘the children’ as well.
    From The Blaze  (hat tip: Rosemary):
    Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) on Thursday demanded more details from the Obama administration about a detention facility for illegal immigrant children that says it offers guitar lessons and other amenities that raises more questions about how taxpayer dollars are being spent.
    Over the summer, Grassley said the Department of Health and Human Services told members of Congress that it costs anywhere from $250 to $1,000 a day to house just a single illegal immigrant child.
    On Thursday, Grassley said he has received information about one facility in California that includes pricey features that probably explain why it costs so much to house these children. That facility is in El Cajon, California, and is run by Southwest Key Programs, which described several amenities in documents it submitted to the government. ...

    Patrick J. Buchanan: The Coming November Wars - "And the president himself will invite a social explosion if he proceeds with White House plans for an executive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens residing in the United States."

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    The Coming November Wars

    As it stands today, Republicans will add seats in the House and recapture the Senate on Tuesday.
    However, the near-certainty is that those elections will be swiftly eclipsed by issues of war, peace, immigration and race, all of which will be moved front and center this November.
    Consider. If repeated leaks from investigators to reporters covering the Ferguson story are true, there may be no indictment of officer Darren Wilson, the cop who shot Michael Brown.
    Should that happen, militant voices are already threatening, “All hell will break loose.” Police in the city and 90-some municipalities in St. Louis County, as well as the state police, are preparing for major violence.
    After flying out to Ferguson to declare, “I am the attorney general of the United States. But I am also a black man.” Eric Holder has once again brought his healing touch to the bleeding wound.
    Yesterday, Holder said it is “pretty clear” that there is a “need for wholesale change” in the Ferguson police department.
    But, Holder notwithstanding, that is not at all “clear.”
    Should the grand jury decide that Wilson fired in self-defense in a struggle with Brown over his gun, and fired again when the 6’4″ 300-pound teenager charged him, what would justify a purge of the Ferguson police department or the dismissal of Chief Thomas Jackson?
    What exactly have the Ferguson cops done to deserve the remorseless vilification they have received? ...

    Refugee Resettlement Watch - Ann Corcoran: US State Department’s Anne Richard in Berlin: We have 5,000 Syrians in the pipeline to America (Good idea since we don't have enough 'home-grown terrorists,' not to mention everyday robbers, rapists and murderers, plus unemployed Americans, public debt, traffic congestion, exotic diseases, etc, etc.)

    US State Department’s Anne Richard in Berlin: We have 5,000 Syrians in the pipeline to America

    The Obama Administration has been dancing around the issue of how many Syrians are on the way to your towns and cities and I suspect that is because they don’t need one more thing before Tuesday to rock the Democrats’ boat.

    Asst. Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration Richard: 5,000 Syrians are being processed to arrive in the US soon (Not enough to satisfy the UN however).
    Anne C. Richard is the Assistant Secretary of State who represented the US this week in Berlin, Germany where a confab was held to discuss what the heck the (western) world is going to do to help all those Syrian Muslims flooding UN camps.
    Obama announced our refugee plan for FY2015 at the beginning of the month, but was pretty quiet about how many Syrians we are going to admit.  At about that time, it leaked out that the UNHCR had lined up 4,000 Syrians to arrive soon.  However, watch this news clip (just before the 3 minute mark) of Richard in Germany where she says we now have 5,000 in the pipeline.
    Germany has accepted 70,000 Syrians (not clear if they are all in the country yet), but check out how the arrival of more Muslims is sitting with the German people as thousands rioted in Cologne last weekend.   See our post of a few days ago by clicking here.
    The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society would like to see 30,000 real soon!  See our post of two days ago where we learned that HIAS (a federal refugee contractor*** being paid to resettle refugees) is getting up a petition to tell Obama to increase our total refugee quota for the year from 70,000 to 100,000.  Why HIAS wants more Muslims in America is beyond my understanding. ...

    Sen. Landrieu's remarks on race anger Republicans (The Obama Administration was to herald in a new 'post-racial America,' but the Democrats--the Multicultural Marxists, the Tolerance Police--will never give up professional anti-racism, the race card being their ultimate weapon against White Americans and their guarantor of power.)

    Sen. Landrieu's remarks on race anger Republicans

    NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Republicans are calling on Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu to apologize after she suggested Thursday that President Barack Obama's deep unpopularity in the South is partly tied to race.
    In an interview with NBC News on Thursday, Landrieu was quoted as saying that the South "has not always been the friendliest place for African-Americans."
    The comments came after an NBC reporter asked the senator why Obama has such low approval ratings in Louisiana. Landrieu's first response was that the president's energy policies are deeply disliked by residents of the oil and gas-rich state. ...

    Thursday, October 30, 2014

    Fred Reed: Black Power A Done Deal - "We must never, ever say or do anything that might upset them, as virtually everything does. It is positively astonishing. One expects the rich and smart to have disproportionate power. But America is dominated from the slums."

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    Black Power A Done Deal

    As I write America waits, again, to see whether blacks will riot, this time in Ferguson. Will they loot, burn, kill, and rape? The usualThe police in Ferguson prepare to protect stores from looters, as rioters seem to regard their insurrections as shopping opportunities. Will it come, we wonder tensely? Will the destruction get out of hand, spread to other cities?

    It is curious that blacks, the least educated thirteen percent of the population, the least productive, most criminal, and most dependent on governmental charity, should dominate national politics. Yet they do. Virtually everything revolves around what blacks want, demand, do, or can’t do. Their power seems without limit.

    Courses of instruction in the schools, academic rigor, codes of dress, rules regarding unceasing obscenity, all must be set to suit them, as must be examinations for promotion in fire departments, the military, and police forces. Blacks must be admitted to universities for which they are not remotely qualified, where departments of Black Studies must be established to please them. Corporate work forces, federal departments, and elite high-schools must be judged not on whether they perform their functions but on whether they have the right number of blacks.

    Do laws requiring identification to vote threaten to end multiple voting? The laws must go. Do blacks not like Confederate flags? Adieu, flags. Does Huckleberry Finn go down the Mississippi with the Nigger Jim, or Conrad write The Nigger of the Narcissus? These must be banned or expurgated to please blacks who haven’t read them or, usually, heard of them. Do we want to prevent people coming from regions infested with Ebola from entering the United States? We cannot. It would offend blacks.

    We must never, ever say or do anything that might upset them, as virtually everything does. It is positively astonishing. One expects the rich and smart to have disproportionate power. But America is dominated from the slums. ...

    VDARE - Thomas O. Meehan: GOP Surrendered On Minority Voter Fraud—In 1982! (The Multicultural Marxist Party aside, obviously the Stupid Cowardly Party needs to either die, get out of the way or be miraculously taken over by patriotic Americans.)


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    GOP Surrendered On Minority Voter Fraud—In 1982!

    A recent academic study suggests that as many as three million non-citizens may vote in next week’s election. But why are Republicans so afraid to challenge this and other obvious voter fraudin nonwhite neighborhoods, even when it costs them elections? Beyond simple cowardice, there is a legal rationale and a history behind the Stupid Party’s habitual incompetence. That history began in 1981 in New Jersey with The Ballot Security Task Force.

    Tom Kean was running for Governor and I was a small cog in his campaign. Kean was and is a liberal Republican with a much-touted soft spot in his heart for black Americans. He was also a hands-off kind of candidate, rarely visiting headquarters. Still, he was the recipient of help from the Republican National Committee—and those RNC people of 1981 reflected the less liberal, more activist spirit of the Reagan years.

    A leading concern of the campaign was how to prevent New Jersey’s deeply corrupt urban political machines from simply stealing the election. The solution was what we called the Ballot Security Task Force, which I was a part of. ...

    AP / Yahoo News: GOP senators urge Obama to hold off on immigration (Public Safety Tip: If you find that you have become more traitorous to America than Senators McCain, Graham and Rubio, calmly proceed to the nearest federal prison and ask for a bunk.)


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    GOP senators urge Obama to hold off on immigration

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The three Republican senators responsible for comprehensive immigration legislation, which remains stalled in Congress, on Thursday urged President Barack Obama to hold off on any steps to shield millions of people from deportation.

    "Acting by executive order on an issue of this magnitude would be the most divisive action you could take — completely undermining any good-faith effort to meaningfully address this important issue, which would be a disservice to the needs of the American people," Sens. John McCain of Arizona, Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Marco Rubio of Florida wrote to Obama.
    Obama has said he would act after next week's midterm elections as Congress has failed to pass legislation to overhaul the nation's immigration system. The president said he would take steps to increase border security, upgrade the processing of border crossers and encourage legal immigration. ...

    VDARE - Ann Coulter: Hysterical Media Tell Us To Calm Down About Ebola - "We’re not seeing 'panic.' What we’re seeing is rage that the country is having a deadly disease foisted on it for no good reason."

    Ann Coulter: Hysterical Media Tell Us To Calm Down About Ebola

    Never Trust a Liberal Over Three-Especially a Republican

    In the past week, The New York Times has ridiculed Gov. 
    Andrew Cuomo and Gov. Chris Christie for having “fed panic” by ordering quarantines for health workers arriving from Ebola-plagued countries.

    NBC News’ Brian Williams opened his broadcast last Friday announcing that the Obama administration was trying “to restrain the Ebola panic.”

    MSNBC’s Rachel Maddowcomplained that the “hysteria” over Ebola was getting “stupider.”

    I haven’t noticed any panic. If you want panic, review media coverage of the police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri. That hair-on-fire coverage was based entirely, it turns out, on the media’s gullibly swallowing inaccurate accounts of the incident. ...

    U.S. News and World Report: In Colorado east African community, girls' attempt to join jihadis is parents' worst nightmare (And don't forget to 'Celebrate Diversity!')

    In Colorado east African community, girls' attempt to join jihadis is parents' worst nightmare

    The Associated Press

    AURORA, Colo. (AP) — The strange journey of three suburban Denver girls who authorities say tried to join Islamic State militants in Syria has many in their close-knit east African community worried about whether their own children will be the next to be lured to terror.
    The girls' voyage has mystified many in the U.S., and has been even more troubling among Aurora's Somali and Sudanese immigrants, thousands of whom fled civil war and forged new lives in the Denver suburbs, where refugees easily find jobs driving cabs or working in the meat industry.
    But while the girls' parents were working to give them a better life, being a Muslim teenager isn't easy in an American high school, said Ahmed Odowaay, a community advocate who works with youth. It's easy to feel like an outsider, even as a U.S. citizen. ...

    American Thinker: Obama and the Safety of our Blood Supply - "Let's consider the witch’s brew now facing America's health care system."

    Obama and the Safety of our Blood Supply

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    Each day another damning detail emerges about President Obama's deliberate assault on every facet of America's institutions and the potentially dire effects on Americans.  With the burgeoning host of diseases now entering the U.S., courtesy of Barack Hussein Obama, what impact does this onslaught have on the blood supply and its quality?  Let's consider the witch’s brew now facing America's health care system. ...