Thursday, March 10, 2011

County College of Morris & White Dispossession 101

“County College of Morris votes to allow illegal immigrants to enroll in classes”
 – Newark Star-Ledger, Feb. 18, 2011

A little known aspect of this story is that the County College of Morris, in partnership with other colleges and universities, has been working on what it sees as an exciting new multi-disciplinary curriculum involving core courses for students who are temporarily undocumented:

(1) Archeology: Survey of Ancient High Aztlan, Islamic and African Civilizations in Northern North America as Uncovered by Scholars in Manhattan, Aspen, Berkeley and Hollywood;

(2) Constitutional Law/Phys Ed Combo: Marching for Your Rights! (requires 73 field trips);

(3) Criminology: Law Un-Enforcement - Share your Story;

(4) English as a Foreign Language (elective);

(5) Environmental Science: Recently Discovered Benefits of Ever-Increasing Human Population Numbers;

(6) Ethics: Geographically Situational;

(7) History: Barbarian Invasions from 1492 to the Present;

(8) History: Elite Reactions to End-Stage Civilizations (final class to include party at professor’s residence);

(9) History: Biography of Three Major Patriots: Malcolm X; General Antonio López de Santa Anna; Senator Harry Reid;

(10) Media Studies/Anthropology Combo: Survey of Exotic Lost Cultures as Portrayed in Film and Television–Including ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,’ ‘Father Knows Best’ and ‘Gidget’;

(11) Political Science: The Interface of Public Administration with Genealogy–The Mechanics of Satisfying Government Paperwork, Interacting with Research Devoted to Tracking Down All Living Relatives;

(12) Security Studies: Technical and Practical Aspects of ID Manufacture (lab hours as needed for individual projects);

(13) Sociology: Dispossession Seen as an Opportunity.

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