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RR Watch - Ann Corcoran - Bowling Green, KY: Arrests made in Sunni vs. Shiite tussle - Hometown boy Rand Paul has clammed up on refugee issue.

Bowling Green, KY: Arrests made in Sunni vs. Shiite tussle

So where is Rand?

Did Grover get to Rand Paul? Or, was it big business donors (meatpackers maybe?) who caused Paul to go wobbly on the refugee issue?
Daniel Greenfield writing at Frontpage magazine directs us to a brief news story from Presidential candidate Rand Paul’s home town.
Here is Greenfield:
Welcome to Bowling Green, Kentucky, the latest front in the Sunni – Shiite unholy war tearing apart the Middle East.
He then directs us to this news story about how a Shia Muslim claims he was assaulted by a Sunni Muslim in a dispute about their religious beliefs.
Then Greenfield closes with this:
Now how many Sunnis and Shiites do you need for there to be enough critical mass for these conflicts to turn violent? 

Why is this so interesting to me? 

The article does not tell us the nationalities of the two who scuffled, but I will bet a buck they were both Iraqis because we know many Iraqis have been resettled in Kentucky including those two refugee terrorists arrested in Bowling Green in 2011, on trial here in 2012.
At that time there was a glimmer of hope for Senator Rand Paul on this issue as he was very vocal in asking:  Why are we bringing so many Iraqis to the US?  See this post!  I was originally thrilled!
Now he has completely shut up on the issue!
By the way, Kentucky is an important refugee resettlement state and neither Senator Mitch McConnell or Senator Paul say a word about it.

The US State Department is admitting almost equal numbers of Shiite and Sunni Iraqis to the US, so you can expect more conflicts ahead!  Is that insane or what!

Again, we don’t know if these two Bowling Green squabblers are Iraqis, but this (below) will give you some idea of our foolishness.  I couldn’t get the State Department data base to open just now, but found my notes from a search  I did at the beginning of March.
From 1/1/14 to 2/28/15 (a little over a year) we admitted 22,446 Iraqis to your towns and cities.  The State Department data breaks them out by religion as follows:
Moslem (that is how they spell it): 351
Moslem Shiite: 7,747
Moslem Suni: 9,176
So the Muslims totaled:  17,274
All the other religions, or no religion accounted for the remaining 5,172 (23%).

So, is this kerfuffle in Kentucky the tip of the iceberg?  We’ll see!

See our Kentucky archive here, and don’t miss this post about the suspicious donation (for Syrian refugees) to a contractor from a Muslim “charity.”  See also Kentucky mosques cropping-up due to growing Muslim refugee population.

Make this issue (immigration and national security) a top concern for 2016 Presidential candidates!

If you have an opportunity to meet candidates ask them what their position is on refugee resettlement (look for a deer-in-the-headlights look!).

See NumbersUSA scorecard, here.  Paul has an abysmal D+ on immigration and jobs.
About the photo:  One of the earliest important stories we ever wrote nearly 8 years ago was about Grover Norquist lobbying for large numbers of Iraqi refugees to be resettled in the US.   And, see Grover here with RINO pals (including Jeb Bush) just last year urging the GOP to support the idea of more refugees coming to America!  Grover has been spreading the lie that Ronald Reagan signed the Refugee Act of 1980 into law. He is wrong.  It was outgoing President Jimmy Carter who is responsible.

CS Monitor: No can of Coke for Muslim woman? American Islamic backlash simmers - NOT just about Islam, but the Left and predatory capitalism dissolving the Traditional American Nation. --tma

- - -

Image result for coca cola can

No can of Coke for Muslim woman? American Islamic backlash simmers

Since the aftermath of 9/11, American conservatives and liberals have diverged sharply in what they think about Islam. Two events this weekend, including a spat over an in-flight Coke, hint at how and why a backlash to Islam is evolving.

This weekend, a protest by anti-Muslim demonstrators with military-style weapons and an in-flight disagreement over a can of Diet Coke provided fresh evidence of a mounting Islamic backlash in America.
High-profile incidents have become familiar in recent months, with an outpouring of anti-Islamic sentiment on social media after the release of the surprise hit film "American Sniper," and a protest against an annual Muslim day of outreach at the Texas Legislature. A Mohammed cartoon drawing contest in Garland, Texas, last month, even provoked a failed terrorist attack.
Polls suggest that these flashpoints come from a decisive and growing split in how Americans see Islam. The current backlash is largely among conservatives, and it appears to reflect not just a fear of terrorist attack but also a deeper conviction that the tenets of Islam fundamentally prevent it from living peaceably with the modern world. The result has been a hardening of rhetoric. ...

RR Watch - Ann Corcoran: Springfield, Massachusetts: Refugees Wah, Moo & Poo arrested for hunting turtles, frogs and birds in public park

Springfield, Massachusetts: Refugees arrested for hunting in public park

They weren’t hunting rabbits or deer, but birds, turtles and frogs! With slingshots!  What the heck, where is their resettlement agency?  Doesn’t it teach them that this isn’t done in America?  Aren’t they being fed enough, they get food stamps!
And, what must the environmentalists of Massachusetts be thinking?  Where is PETA, by the way?

Springfield burmese

Burmese Karen refugees arrested for killing animals with slingshots: From left are Hsa Wah, Kehney Moo and Patty Poo

Longtime readers know that Springfield, MA (in the land of Ted Kennedy the ‘brains’ behind the Refugee Act of 1980) has been a ‘pocket of resistance’ to more refugee resettlement as the Mayor has begged the resettlement contractors to slow the flow to the overloaded town.
See our complete Springfield archive here.
Previously we learned that the resettlement agencies working in Springfield included  Jewish Family Service of Western Massachusetts and the renamed Lutheran Social Service of New England (see here where the CEO of Ascentria Care, the new name, says refugee resettlement is BIG BUSINESS!).  Clearly they are doing a pretty awful job of assimilating the refugees they resettle!
Here is the news at (hat tip: Jill):
SPRINGFIELD – Three men were arrested and charged with illegally hunting in Forest Park Wednesday afternoon after police allegedly found them in the park shooting animals with slingshots.
The three men, Patty Poo, 54, of 211 Oakland St., Kehney Moo, 38, of 83 Acushnet Ave., and Hsa Wah, 60 of 85 Acushnet Ave., were each charged with cruelty to animals, hunting without a license, violation of Forest Park hunting ordinances, and breach of the peace while armed with a sling shot.
According to Springfield Police spokesman Sgt. John Delaney, police were called to a section of Forest Park at about 2:15 p.m. after receiving calls about people seen hunting birds in the park.
Officers responded to the area and found Wah, Moo and Poo with a bag containing dead turtles, frogs and birds, Delaney said.
The three were armed with slingshots and were apparently using small rocks and auto lug nuts for ammunition, he said.
Be sure to see this story at MassLive about how much commentary this story has generated.  And, note that the case is on hold because a proper translator must be found!
Remember ‘welcoming’ communities!  You must pay for interpreters when your refugees get in trouble with the law, have problems with medical care, and have issues in the school system!

Maybe the resettlement contractor responsible for the trio should be billed for their court costs instead of the taxpayer!

About the Burmese refugees….

We are told that these three are Karen (Christian) Burmese.  They make up most of probably the largest ethnic group we have resettled since 2005.  (Although Iraqi refugees are catching up).

How many Burmese refugees are we taking?

The mostly Christian Burmese are one of the largest (if not the largest) ethnic group of refugees we have resettled since 2005 (I checked the data from January 2005 until May 1, 2015).
This is what I learned:  We resettled 140,812 Burmese refugees since 2005.
This surprised me:  In that number were 12,615 Burmese Muslims!

Jonathan F. Keiler - American Thinker: Hillary's Pathetic Road Back to the White House - "She’s the boor at the party that nobody has the courage to confront, and so who dominates the proceedings based on her own self-absorption and lack of self-awareness."

Image result for hillary clinton

Hillary's Pathetic Road Back to the White House

Naked ambition is no stranger to politics, and plenty of unworthy men have ascended to the highest rung with little to offer but that, witness our current president.  Hillary Clinton likewise seeks the presidency with little in the way of accomplishment or talent to recommend her, but sustained nonetheless by her own relentless will to power.  In the case of Obama, his own will was fortified by good looks, and a glamorous political charisma (succinctly, crudely and famously summarized by Joe Biden.) As the first “viable” African-American presidential candidate he was practically anointed by the Democrat party, and Obama’s presidency has taken on the airs of a monarchy ruled by one of divine right. Hillary’s path to the presidency, if it exists, is quite different. It will be won, if at all, based in large part on her complete absence of charisma, good looks, and glamour. ...

RR Watch - Ann Corcoran: More evidence Europe is under siege by the flow of illegal migrants from Africa - "Each successful rescue simply sends the message back to Africa to fill the next boat!"

More evidence Europe is under siege by the flow of illegal migrants from Africa

Here is some of the latest news on the ‘Invasion of Europe.’

First, a new wave of illegal aliens flooded Italy and Greece this week.  Obviously no effort is being made to take Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s advice to turn the boats back to the African coast.  Each successful rescue simply sends the message back to Africa to fill the next boat!

More than 4,200 migrants are being brought to southern Italy after being rescued from boats in the Mediterranean in just 24 hours, the Italian coastguard said.
The migrants were rescued from wooden fishing boats and motorised rubber dinghies on Friday and Saturday in operations involving ships from nations including Italy, Ireland, Germany, Belgium and Britain.
Distress calls were made from 22 different boats, many off Libya but also off the southern Italian coast.
The huge spike in the number of people trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea in recent weeks has been attributed to the worsening security situation in Libya – the staging post for most of the crossings – as well as milder weather.
Greece getting hammered.
While massive, this year’s numbers are level with last year when authorities registered 41,243 arrivals between January and May 31.
A difference is however being felt in Greece which has registered 37,000 arrivals since the beginning of the year – already 3,000 more than in the whole of 2014, di Giacomo [International Organization of Migration] said.

The EU’s attempt to divide the masses between the 28 nations of the European Union is going no where.

See the Daily Sabah.   Most EU countries are balking.  And, besides, with the huge numbers coming, relocating 40,000 sounds like only a drop in the bucket!
The first significant sign of progress on the issue of mass migration to the EU was achieved on Wednesday after the submission of a proposal for a relocation and resettlement scheme to respond to the current migration challenges that the EU is currently facing. As part of a wider ranging migration strategy, the relocation scheme proposes to accept 40,000 asylum seekers and relocate them throughout EU countries in order to share the heavy burden of migrants mostly arriving in Italy and Greece. The proposal has not yet been approved by EU member states and is a controversial issue as the majority of EU countries are reluctant to take in refugees.
According to the resettlement program under the EU action plan on migration, Germany, one of the largest recipients of asylum applications among EU countries, would receive 8,763 of them, France would take 6,752 and Spain 4,288. The rest would be distributed among the other 23 countries. However, Britain, Ireland and Denmark already opted out of the plan with other Eastern European EU countries opposing the resettlement scheme. Member states would receive 6,000 euros per relocated asylum seeker from the EU.
Then we have news that Spain is undesirable according to Syrian refugees:  not welcoming enough, not enough welfare goodies?
Here, Poland is balking at the EU proposal, but did agree to take in 200 Christian Syrians.  The EU wants them to take 2,659 mostly Muslim Africans and Syrians.
There are lots more stories about individual country responses to the EU plan to share the burden. I’ll add more here as I see them this week.
Our entire ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.    You won’t see much about this in the American press, but it’s important to know that Western civilization is under siege across Europe, Australia, and in Israel.
Update:  See ‘Welfare jihad in Europe’ here.

Michael McGregor - Radix: Immigration We Should Support - Allowing White South Africans to return to Europe

Immigration We Should Support

Immigration We Should Support

A few White South Africans are making a bold move and demanding the right of return to 

Europe. We all know of the awful lot they face remaining in the country that once was theirs, so it is only natural for some Afrikaners to think—in the words of Charlize Theron—that there’s no future for a White South African.

And so now, there’s a petition that calls upon the European Commission to grant Afrikaners and other White South African the right to return to Mother Europe.

Rodrigo de Campos, who started the campaign, is gaining support for his belief that the "white South African population currently faces ethnic cleansing and persecutions" at the hands of the ruling ANC government, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party and "various individual anti-white aggressors".

He also says: "Over 4000 white farmers have been brutally murdered, often including torture and rape and mutilation."

An increasing number of supporters believe the solution to this is for white South African's - and white Zimbabweans and Namibians - to be allowed to "return" to whatever nation the majority of their ancestors are from - which in most cases is the Netherlands or the UK.

Quite rightly, de Campos uses Israel’s right of return to argue his case ...

NumbersUSA 2016 Presidential Hopefuls Worker-Protection Immigration Grade Cards - See: Which 1 gets the 'A'? Which 3 get an 'F-'? - Good, but needs category on Muslim 'refugee' cheap labor flood scam. --tma

Embedded image permalink

2016 Presidential Hopefuls Worker-Protection Immigration Grade Cards

Michael McGregor - Radix: Daron Dylan Wint - Just One Big Mistake - Republished, without permission, from the subconscious of - I've heard that when one of these thugs gets caught, the MSM always reports that they were 'trying to turn their life around' and promotes any girlfriend to fiance. --tma

Just One Big Mistake - Republished, without permission, from the subconscious of

It really tears out my heart to see another promising Black child make one mistake that ruins his life.

Just One Big Mistake

Daron Dylan Wint was a 34-year-old kid, likely working on getting his Ph.D in Cancer Curing before he made a fatal error earlier this month that jeopardized his whole future.
That error, the authorities claim, was to rob, torture for hours, and set on fire a wealthy White family and their housekeeper in a so-called “sadistic” home invasion.

But before you begin to cast your stones at Mr. Wint, why don’t you look at yourself first. We all do stupid things when we’re kids, like burning a helpless family alive for money. Wint, being a 34-year-old child, probably wasn’t thinking right when he did this, just like you weren’t thinking right when you snuck out of your parents’ house to go to that sketchy party your folks told you not to go to.

And unlike you, Wint has never had the privilege of having white, er, privilege. Stuck as an alienated, oppressed Black youth for his whole life, this young man never had the chance to succeed in this white supremacist state, even though it was probable that he was on the verge of discovering interdimensional space travel before he knocked on the Savopoulos family door. ...

M Catharine Evans - American thinker: Baltimore's Marilyn Mosby and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake have blood on their hands - "In recent weeks, some neighborhoods have become like the Wild West without a lawman around, residents said."

- - -
Image result for baltimore Mosby and rawlings-blake

American thinker: Baltimore's Marilyn Mosby and Stephanie Rawlings-Blake have blood on their hands

Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, once tagged "the worst mayor in America" by an online transportation blog, is a complete incompetent tool , personally responsible for the post-riot reign of violence now engulfing her city.  (Watch her get her groove on here.)

Rawlings-Blake needs to be impeached, charged, and indicted for incitement of looting and destruction of property along with her partner-in-crime, Baltimore City state's attorney Marilyn Mosby.  These two   have blood on their hands – the blood of Baltimore residents.

Instead of working to keep violent criminals off the streets, Mosby and Blake gave rival gangs carte blanche to wreak havoc in inner-city black neighborhoods.  Baltimore has been on life support for decades, and this pair just pulled the plug. ...

IRC’s Miliband: Climate change creating refugees, not a word about the rise of ISIS and Islamic terrorism - Why isn't today's 'White Man's Burden' considered racist? --tma

Image result for white man's burden

IRC’s Miliband: Climate change creating refugees, not a word about the rise of ISIS and Islamic terrorism

The hard Lefties like David Miliband, CEO of the largest (in financial terms) of the US refugee resettlement contractors, the International Rescue Committee (IRC), says we need to increase our refugee ceiling for the coming fiscal year from 70,000 to 80,000 (beginning Oct. 1, 2015) to help rescue the hordes of climate refugees on the march around the world.
Embrace political Islam!
To hear him tell it, climate, not Islamic terrorism, is the driver of the wars that are displacing people across the globe. That doesn’t surprise us because in 2013 Miliband said we “must embrace political Islamism.”
Not a word here either that Miliband is the first one to get the ball rolling on Syrian resettlement by asking Obama to admit 65,000 (65,000!) Syrians to the US before Obama leaves office.  The vast majority, of those resettled so far, are Muslims, not the persecuted Christians!
Miliband is the former foreign secretary of the UK and brother to “Red Ed” who took a bashing along with his Labor Party in recent UK elections.  Miliband’s fans include George Soros, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Samantha Power etc.  (see them welcoming him to NYC here).

This is what Miliband told Reuters (reported here at Business Insider):

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A historic 52 million people are fleeing conflict worldwide, a trend that will intensify over the next two decades because of climate change, International Rescue Committee chief David Miliband said on Friday.

Will climate refugees soon be on the march to your town?
“One of the drivers of displacement and potential conflict over the next 10 to 20 years will be climate (change) – resource scarcity,” said Miliband, a former foreign minister of Great Britain. “Climate change is going to compound the cocktail that’s driving war and displacement.”
Miliband said there were 16 million refugees and 36 million people displaced in their own countries, typically by civil war. That is the largest number of people fleeing persecution since World War Two, he said during a Reuters Newsmaker event in New York.
“Do I think the current level is a blip or a trend?” Miliband said. “I would say it’s a trend.”
Miliband, whose relief and development agency is helping vulnerable people in 35 countries, urged the United States to raise its ceiling for resettling refugees to 80,000 from the current 70,000.
The International Rescue Committee and the other eight resettlement contractors are paid by the head to resettle refugees so they are always urging an increase in numbers!
By the way see the Green Left here also on the Climate refugee bandwagon.  It is all about the weather and nothing to do with Islamic supremacists seeking world dominance!

How wealthy is the IRC?

I just had a look at the most recent Form 990(2013) for the IRC.  It took in that year, from gifts, grants and contributions, $451,017,146 (nearly a half billion $) and $305,481,609 came from YOU!  They are thus 68% taxpayer funded.
Their former CEO pulled in a very handsome salary and benefits package totaling $485,321 to run a NON-PROFIT!  We can assume that David Miliband didn’t move across the Atlantic for much less than that! Probably next year’s tax return will report Miliband’s compensation package.
Doing well by doing good (again)!
What was even more interesting to me is the fact that they have 2 other employees who make over $300,000 a year, and 8 who make over $200,000 A YEAR!   To find those numbers you have to go all the way to page 175 of a 218 page tax return!
For more on the Climate refugee hysteria, go to our special category here.  When I first started following this issue a few years ago, there was a conflict on-going about using the word “refugee” to define those displaced (supposedly) by global warming.  The ‘humanitarians’ didn’t want the environmentalists mucking around with their word —refugee.  I see they now must have patched things up and ‘climate refugee’ is an acceptable term!

AFP: 5,000 migrants [invaders] rescued in Med since Friday - One looks like she might be a Libyan sitcom actress and this is one of her hilarous hijinks. --tma

5,000 migrants rescued in Med since Friday: Frontex

The rescue mission, which started Friday, focused on a group of Libyan migrants travelling aboard 25 boats, said Frontex, adding that five other operations were in place to rescue another 500 migrants.
According to the agency, rescuers discovered 17 bodies during the operation, confirming the toll given by the Italian coastguard.
British, Maltese, Belgian and Italian ships took part in the operation, along with Icelandic and Finnish planes.
Since the beginning of the year, more than 45,000 illegal migrants have arrived in Italy....

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ann Corcoran - RRW Weekly roundup for week ending May 30, 2015 - Excluding US, top 5 page-view nations: Canada, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Germany.

Ann Photo

RRW Weekly roundup for week ending May 30, 2015

It’s been a banner week for Refugee Resettlement Watch, but a lousy week for me to get many stories posted and for that I apologize.
The subject is exploding across the country and it keeps me hopping (so very sorry I can’t always answer all in the boatloads of e-mail I receive) fielding phone calls, and requests to speak (either in person or on radio shows).
I’m keeping a log of radio shows in hopes of one day reporting that I’ve been on a show in every state!
Grassroots activists across the country are also mobilizing and getting media attention.
Another highlight this week:  The little 4 minute Youtube clip I did with passed the half million mark. Who are all those people?
And, another high point this past week occurred on Wednesday (I was in DC for meetings) when we hit our busiest day ever!  I think it might have been helped along by the World Net Daily story (Push back growing! by Leo Hohmann) that day which revealed that the rich Leftwing groups (refugee contractors!) had published a report outlining a strategy to shut up anyone or any town elected officials that might be resisting their plans to seed America with migrants.
Here are our top three posts of the week (the Nashville Arabic story went through the roof on Wednesday).  Top daily posts are in the right hand sidebar:
Regarding the Nashville schools post, don’t miss call to action, here.
Here are the top ten countries from which readers arrived at RRW this past week (excluding the US) in descending order:
South Africa
European Union  (again, I don’t know why this is now showing up when the individual countries are listed as well)

For new readers!

Since we get new readers every day, here is my usual spiel with two points I need to continue to make:
First, we do screen our comments (sometimes I don’t get to them right away!) and I don’t post any that threaten any kind of violence or ones filled with foul language.  An occasional expletive might slip in if the comment is otherwise a good one.  You are always free to disagree with our point of view if you follow those two simple rules.
And the other thing I want to mention is about e-mails that come to you every time we post.  They come directly from wordpress to subscribers.  We don’t send out e-mails.  So, if we are posting too much for your e-mail inbox, then just unsubscribe and visit RRW when you have the time I understand completely about too many e-mails!  You might want to simply follow us on twitter or on facebook (below).
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Readers from Europe should search for key words ‘Invasion of Europe’ for all of our many posts on the migration crisis on the Continent.
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