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Maya Angelou: The State Poet of the Monoculture - "Her incipient and uppity poetry became enshrined in our country’s lexicon and she became America’s unofficial state poet in the 1990s." (It is difficult to judge black literature because it is either marinated in stoic noble suffering or righteous anger that gives the White reader a choice of being either Birmingham’s Bull Connor or Gregory Peck’s Atticus Finch in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’)

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The State Poet of Monoculture

Maya Angelou is dead and we are told to care.

If you have been through the American education
system in the last 30 years, you have been taught
that Angelou was our country’s greatest modern 
poet and a symbol of our new identity as a multi-
racial state.

Yes, she was black and discussed race a little too
much for the bourgeois Whites who want us all to
just be colorblind (unless it comes to picking a 
neighborhood to live in). But she was amiable 
enough to be accepted by the mainstream of 
society – both right and left – and was almost like 
Martin Luther King reborn as a female poet, 
except the right only accepts her rather than 
(hilariously) trying to adopt her as one of their own.

Her incipient and uppity poetry became enshrined 
in our country’s lexicon and she became America’s 
unofficial state poet in the 1990s. Her words filled 
up American textbooks with their inanity and comfy 
messages of being yourself -- while still feeling 
guilty that yourself happens to be White.

Like King, she relied on White guilt to become 
enshrined in our country’s new cultural pantheon 
and believed in the falsehood that America could 
one day become a functioning multi-racial state.  . . .

It is difficult to judge black literature because 
it is either marinated in stoic noble suffering 
or righteous anger that gives the White 
reader a choice of being either Birmingham’s 
Bull Connor or Gregory Peck’s Atticus Finch 
in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ If you are a 
‘liberal,’ as I once was, the choice is easy. 
But if you start seeing the scam behind the 
Martin Luther King narrative, reality starts 
peeking out like a cleansing sunrise after 
a dark nightmare. After all, now that 
Birmingham is run by Africans, it has 
become a violent corrupt bankrupt third-
world city that a thousand phony poets 
and a million phony poet worshipers 
cannot prop up or wish away. Hmm, where 
did all that black nobility go? 

AP / Yahoo News: In junta-ruled Thailand, reading is now resistance (While democracy is not an end-all, particularly if you have many divisions in a society at each other's throats, this form of protest might be an excellent idea in the US against the smothering 'soft totalitarianism' of our open-borders overlords. ...)

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In junta-ruled Thailand, reading is now resistance

BANGKOK (AP) — In junta-ruled Thailand, the simple act of reading in public has become an act of resistance.

On Saturday evening in Bangkok, a week and a half after the army seized power in a coup, about a dozen people gathered in the middle of a busy, elevated walkway connecting several of the capital's most luxurious shopping malls.
As pedestrians trundled past, the protesters sat down, pulled out book titles such as George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four," a dystopian novel about life in a totalitarian surveillance state — and began to read. . . .

     While democracy is not an end-all, particularly if you have many divisions in a society at each other's throats, this form of protest might be an excellent idea in the US against the smothering 'soft totalitarianism' of our open-borders overlords. For example, a recent news story about a fraternity at UC-Irvine that was punished for having a festive Fiji-themed party, with female students wearing grass skirts and coconut-shell bras, because it showed insensitivity/hate towards South Sea Islanders. Some understanding of how this fashionable Orwellian tumor attached itself and metastasized throughout the US can be had by reading 'The Culture of Critique.' 

From Guillaume Durocher - Look Who’s Coming to Brussels: Analysis of the Nationalist Victories in the EU Elections - "The real benefit of having nationalist MEPs is in terms of influencing public discussion and a stronger hand in national politics. The symbolic impact of UKIP finishing first in Britain and the National Front first in France in discrediting the mainstream parties and building confidence towards winning in national elections may prove decisive."

Look Who’s Coming to Brussels: Analysis of the Nationalist Victories in the EU Elections


The leaders of the European Alliance for Freedom, the biggest coalition of nationalist parties in Europe. From left to right: Matteo Salvini (Italy), Harald Vilimsky (Austria), Marine Le Pen (France), Geert Wilders (Netherlands) and Gerolf Annemans (Flanders, Belgium).
Prior to last week’s European elections, a French Socialist commented that a nationalist victory would spark “planetary astonishment.” And certainly there has been a great deal of chattering by the chattering classes as to the implications of so many anti-establishment parties finishing first in their respective countries across Europe and, in particular, the election of over 100 nationalist and another 100 soft-euroskeptic representatives to the European Parliament.
But how do we interpret these results? In particular, what do they mean for nationalists? So far, besides an excellent discussion of the elections on American Renaissance, the event appears to have been little-analyzed by American nationalists.
Madeleine Albright once said that “To understand Europe you have to be a genius … or French.” In fact, this is far too generous to the French. I can vouch that no one in Europe or anywhere else really understands the European Union. And, because of Europe’s marvelous diversity, it is difficult to generalize about the nationalist vote in the 28 different countries. Each nation follows its own socio-political rhythm and has its own particular values. Every commentator inevitably generalizes about Europe from the skewed national perspective he knows best.
With those two caveats, I will do my best to draw out the implications of this remarkable vote. . . .

Reuters / Yahoo News: UK's anti-EU voters to stick with UKIP party in national election: poll (The Conservative Party is much like the GOP, 'Conservative, Inc,' in the US: Uninterested in saving Western civilization, at best.)

UK's anti-EU voters to stick with UKIP party in national election: poll

Nigel Farage, the leader of Britain's UKIP party arrives to vote in local and European elections at a polling station in Biggin Hill on the outskirts of London

LONDON (Reuters) - Nearly nine in 10 of the over four million Britons who backed the anti-EU UKIP party in this month's European elections will vote for them again in national polls next year, potentially costing Prime Minister David Cameron vital votes, according to a survey on Saturday.

If that were to happen, it would break the previous trend of support for UKIP in EU ballots disappearing at parliamentary elections.
UKIP, which calls for Britain to leave the European Union, won 4.3 million votes and topped the vote last week, scoring a 27.5 percent share, ahead of the main opposition Labour Party and ruling Conservatives.
However, in the 2009 European elections, the party took 16.5 percent of the vote before falling to just 3 percent a year later in a general election, failing to win a single seat in parliament.
Britons are expected to elect a new government by May 2015, with Cameron - currently at the head of a coalition with the junior Liberal Democrat party - promising to renegotiate Britain's EU membership terms and hold an in/out referendum within two years, if his party achieves an overall majority.
Saturday's ComRes poll, however, suggests that his chances of winning the 2015 election could be harmed, with over 3 million voters intending to stick with UKIP.
The poll found that the largest share of those who backed UKIP and its leader Nigel Farage had supported the Conservatives in the 2010 general election. . . .

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Find out from Adrian Davies what the European Parliament elections mean beyond the predictable 'far ... far ... far right' Cultural Marxist media propaganda

The European Elections

Marine Le Pen with supporters at an election rally in Lyon

A promising shift to the Right.

The results of elections to the so-called European Parliament show that the peoples of our mother continent are at long last showing signs of resistance to–indeed, incipient revolt against–the cosmopolitan elites that have for so long misruled them.
Across the European Union, populist, rightist and anti-establishment parties have scored remarkably well, though the outcomes vary significantly from country to country. The EU has a website that gives the results for each country, both for this year and for the previous election in 2009.
Speaking in the most general terms, it is possible to identify two broad families of ideas among the insurgent parties. The first is essentially our own. With marked differences of emphasis, the parties of this tendency broadly agree that while a shared language, culture, and religion are important, a nation is in essence a kin group or extended family. I will call this current of thought “identitarian.”
The second is essentially libertarian in inspiration. It is concerned about individual rights and economic freedoms, not group interests or national identity. Americans will recognize this kind of “rightist” party all too well.
By far the most important breakthrough for the identitarian tendency is the stunning success of the Front National in France. It has polled over 25 percent of the popular vote, some 4 percent more than the fractious establishment conservative UMP party, and is now the largest party in France in terms of electoral support. It will take 24 seats in the European Parliament, up from only three from the previous election. . . .

NBC News: House Votes on and Approves Rep. Steve King’s Amendment--Again (Considering that, according to the administration's own figures, among the criminal aliens knowingly released, over 100 of them had been convicted of homicide, how is this not an impeachable offence?)

Now we know to whom Juliet Prowse left her lips. 

House Votes on and Approves Rep. Steve King’s Amendment--Again 
House Republicans may not be moving the immigration measures the president wants, but they are backing those pushed by polarizing Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King.
Apparently King is "polarizing," while his opponents are just good guys.
On Thursday, one day after Latino groups gave several GOP House members failing grades on immigration, the House voted 218-193 to pay for the Department of Justice to investigate the release of immigrants, some with criminal charges or convictions by the Department of Homeland Security.
The amendment was sponsored by King of Iowa whose comparisons to immigrants as drug mules and other comments have angered some Latinos.
“It is defacto amnesty that is going on at the Department of Homeland Security,” King said Wednesday night on the House floor. “Let’s protect the American people from criminals being poured loose on the street by the tens of thousands.” . . .

Jack Donovan: 'Rape Culture Isn't About Sex, It's About Power' (Very good on feminism trying to fundamentally remake men, but lacks an appreciation of natural selection.)

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Our forefathers understood the truth about women.

The truth is that women actually like sex. Without the coercive discipline of patriarchs, women would have sex all the time--like the frisky matriarchs of the Bonobo world.

Men have always known that women like to feel good, too.

As Nietzsche observed, man is only a means for women and the end is always a child. However, this is an ultimate, often subconscious cause. More proximate causes include pleasure and affirmation. . . .

Very good on feminism trying to fundamentally remake men, but lacks an appreciation of natural selection. It would not make sense for women to want to sleep around as much as men, obviously because for eons women have had to think about the possibility of becoming pregnant and securing at least a semi-dependable longer-term mate to help provide for and protect themselves and their offspring. This would have to blunt and complicate female sexual energies. Whereas it is more natural for men to want to advantageously spread their genetic line far and wide, and their physical arousal system is in keeping with that. 

A lot of feminists can't stand this whole idea because they think that men are trying to 'excuse' themselves for being unfaithful, but you could just as easily say that men who are aware of these facts might be a little more faithful to their wives because they can be a bit more objective about these tendencies in themselves. Besides, natural selection is blind to future political agendas. Although, of course, yes, Donovan is partly right that there is a beneficial orderliness to societies where men also recognize female chastity. Obviously a lot of this is emotional as well as practical. Who wants their mate, who, after you have conquered her/her heart, and into whom you have delivered your sperm, to then turn around and mate with others? This is also true in most of the animal kingdom. Alpha and beta males are generally not fond of sharing their mates. This is done by status, violence, threats of violence, but within a fairly orderly system. 

This endlessly repeated 'rape culture' idea is just the feminist wing of today's virulently anti White-male 'egalitarian' utopian haunted house, similar to the 'racist' wing that says that, absent evil White racism, blacks, Hispanics and aboriginal tribesmen are equally capable of winning Nobel Prizes in astrophysics, becoming prima ballerinas or being the first to colonize Mars, all such propaganda attempting to further build up and prop up a Cultural Marxist Utopia--which will, like all rococo utopias, eventually creakily implode against the inexorable, unforgiving and infinitely patient forces of nature.    

University of California-Irvine students demand punishment for ‘racist’ fundraiser because students wore grass skirts and coconut bras (Another one of those Wear a Grass Skirt and Coconut Bra--Go to Jail laws.)

UCI students demand punishment for ‘racist’ fundraiser because students wore grass skirts and coconut bras

Phi Gamma Delta fraternity has had the "Fiji" nickname since 1894, and held a fundraiser where students wore coconut bras and grass skirts.

The student government passed a resolution demanding the university punish the fraternity. . . .,1625178

Central American migrants in Texas flown to Arizona and released (These things are no accident, but are in line with the goals of our open-borders overlords, which will eventually lead to a split up of the US, as even clueless liberals find that they are not all that crazy about 'Celebrate Diversity!' once it has reached their own neighborhoods.)

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Central American migrants in Texas flown to Arizona and released

PHOENIX (Reuters) - Authorities flew 400 people suspected of entering the United States illegally to Arizona over the weekend and released them at bus stops because detention facilities were full after a surge in migrants, U.S. officials said on Thursday.
Over the past month, detention facilities in Texas overflowed with migrants for the first time as a large influx of Central Americans crossed the border into the Rio Grande Valley, said Andy Adame, a U.S. Border Patrol spokesman in Tucson, Arizona. . . .

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Jared Taylor: Black Reparations—Again! (Ta-Nehisi Coates is a liberal construct. The quality and reputation of 'The Atlantic' was once judged considerably above that of 'Harper's,' but those days are long gone.)



The idea of reparations has a hypnotic effect on blacks. Not only does it console them with the idea that black failure is someone else’s fault, it comes with the intoxicating fantasy that money will drop out of the sky. The latest version of this fantasy is Ta-Nehisi Coates’Atlantic article “The Case for Reparations.”
There are simple, devastating arguments against reparations for slavery. First, it was practiced by individuals–not the government–yet the government is supposed to tax us to pay for it. Of course, there is no legitimate moral or legal theory that requires today’s whites to pay for something a few whites last did 150 years ago.
Only one household in five in the Confederacy owned slaves. Even if it were possible to track down current descendants, there is no legal theory under which they should pay anything either. My grandfather may have murdered your grandfather, but you have no claim on me. You can go shout at my grandfather’s gravestone if you like, but I owe you nothing.
Some people claim it was slavery that made the United States rich, so reparations would just share the wealth. This is foolishness. Slaves were manpower–manpower directed by whites–and were hardly a miracle of productivity. Many abolitionists argued that slave labor was grossly inefficient and that blacks would be more productive if they were put to work at prevailing wages. Indeed, the South, where slavery was practiced longest and which had the largest black population, was always poorer than the North.
African blacks practiced slavery for centuries before Americans did, and it was Africans who sold slaves to whites. There is hardly a single known case of whites capturing and enslaving a black. If Ta-Nehisi Coates wants to blame someone for slavery, he can start with Africans. . . .

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SDU: Salute to the European youth (This video actually gave me chills. People of European heritage are in for the fight of their lives--but what a glorious fight!)

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SDU: Salute to the European youth

Kevin MacDonald: Political correctness in reviews of Nicholas Wade’s “A Troublesome Inheritance” - "The reality is that the race denial movement has always been a politically and ethnically motivated ideology. And it is dangerous indeed because it is one of the most powerful weapons ever devised against the ethnic genetic interests of Whites."

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Political correctness in reviews of Nicholas Wade’s “A Troublesome Inheritance”

There are a wide range of reviews of Nicholas Wade’s A Troublesome Inheritance, but some difficult implications are downplayed.  
1. With few exceptions (e.g., Jared Taylor, “Nicholas Wade takes on the regime” and Bo and Ben Winegard, “Darwin’s dual with Descartes“), a common tactic is to acknowledge that race exists but then claim that evidence for a genetic basis for race differences is completely speculative. Despite the central importance of race differences, Wade deemphasizes IQ research where most of the research has centered.
A good example of this tendency is evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne who agrees with Wade that races do exist and claims that “except for politically motivated denialists,” we have known that for a long time. (Actually, the idea that race is real is big news to pretty much the entire faculty in the social sciences and the humanities these days, but of course it is not at all far-fetched to label them “politically motivated denialists.”)
So, if for no other  reason, Wade’s book is most welcome. However the next move is to claim that there is absolutely no evidence for genetic differences between races. . . .

Is America Starting To Target Thought Crime? - "Last week, Michelle Obama made headlines when she exhorted graduating high schoolers in a commencement address to monitor their families for politically incorrect thoughts and behaviors." (This has been called the 'soft totalitarianism of liberalism,' but how soft is something that can ruin your reputation and finances, and destroy everything from future job to marriage prospects?)

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Is America Starting To Target Thought Crime?

Last week, Michelle Obama made headlines when she exhorted graduating high schoolers in a commencement address to monitor their families for politically incorrect thoughts and behaviors.
To one journalist, this was more than an off-hand comment made by the first lady. In the opinion of Cheryl Chumley, a reporter for The Washington Times and the author of “Police State USA,” Michelle Obama’s remark reflects a growing trend in America to target and attack individuals for committing “thought crime.”
“Michelle Obama’s push for kids around the nation to monitor their family members for perceived racist comments is just another way the government seeks to inject itself into an area it doesn’t really belong — the American home,” Chumley told The Daily Caller Monday.
“Having the first lady wag her finger at us and send America’s youth on some sort of quest to scour the homes and backyards of our nation’s families for any mention of a racist joke, slur or slight is nanny-governance run amok — something that belongs in a George Orwell novel, not the White House, Chumley said.”
Chumley sees a troubling growth of America’s most powerful political figures now singling out private individuals for their beliefs, and using government agencies and public denunciations to intimidate opponents into silence. . . .

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AP / Yahoo News: After Euroskeptic rise, EU leaders step into fray (First paragraph tells us all we need to know about today's 'objective' journalism. . . .)

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After Euroskeptic rise, EU leaders step into fray

BRUSSELS AP) — Euroskeptics celebrated across the continent on Monday, from Britain to France and beyond, over their unmatched success in the European Parliament election. Now they are keen to put up internal borders again, keep foreigners out of their labor markets, abolish the common euro currency and let their nations go it alone in a globalized world.

The 28 European Union leaders meeting in Tuesday's postelection summit have a different task: making sure the surge of anti-EU and anti-establishment parties that claimed almost 30 percent of the EU's 751-seat legislature doesn't dislodge the 64-year project of closer cooperation between European nations.
They will also need to look for a way to reconnect with an ever more disenchanted European electorate that stayed away from the polls in massive numbers — and cast plenty of protest votes when they did show up. . . .
      First paragraph tells us all we need to know about today's 'objective' journalism. Obviously there is no reason why sovereign European nations would not be able to have their own treaties or alliances with their neighbors, or even welcome in foreign workers, particularly if they have a surplus of jobs and an excess of funds for social programs for the workers' families and to pay for increased crime rates, but all of these things will be THEIR decisions--not commands hurled down by an almost comically aloof and disconnected EU bureaucracy that has regularly ignored even its own European Parliament.

Brenda Walker / The Social Contract: Immigration: End It, Don’t Mend It - America is full, and hostile diversity has made it more dangerous and unpleasant - "The most convincing argument for zero immigrants may well be rapid technological change in the workplace. As robotics and automation perform increasingly complex tasks, humans are being phased out of many jobs."

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Immigration: End It, Don’t Mend It - America is full, and hostile diversity has made it more dangerous and unpleasant

What is the purpose of immigration to America in the twenty-first century? The frontier was declared closed in 1890, so additional settlers are not needed on the prairie. The highly automated factories and offices of today mean the economy can bubble along fine with far fewer humans compared with just a decade ago. Yet a firehose input of new foreign residents is highly desired by businesses wanting an unlimited supply of cheap workers and eager consumers. In contrast, a Pulse Opinion Poll released in February 2014 found that 59 percent of American voters wanted legal immigration cut by at least half.
The pedal-to-the-metal growth paradigm has reached its limits, and is now showing its age and social costs in many areas. Normal fluctuations in rainfall play havoc in the drought-prone regions of the West as increasing water users place demands that sometimes cannot be met. Our transportation infrastructure is overwhelmed in many places by too many vehicles on roads and standing-room-only public transport.
America is plain full up. As the late nature photographer Ansel Adams said, “When the theater’s full, they don’t sell lap-space.”
California is now experiencing a historic drought, and there is not enough water for all those who need it, as shown by growing calls for mandatory restriction. While agriculture uses the majority of water, when there is a shortage, the citizens are called upon to cut back. Millions of additional water users would not be a good idea in California, with a population now over 38 million. Even so, the topic of environmental carrying capacity never comes up when government officials discuss immigration — and the Senate bill would double legal immigration in addition to rewarding millions of foreign lawbreakers with immediate job permits (amnesty).
Last November, the USGS announced that so much water has been pumped from underground aquifers that areas of land in California’s Central Valley are sinking at an alarming rate, up to a foot per year in one tract. Not only is the subsidence another warning about limited supply, but the land sinkage also disturbs the proper functioning of water infrastructure around the state. Canals were designed with a precise degree of slope to move water by gravity, and the subsidence has disrupted that. A state hydrologist remarked, “We were surprised at the amount of land being affected.”
Immigration-fueled population growth is putting too much pressure on natural systems to replenish themselves. But elites hope to import another hundred million foreigners over the next few decades. Liberals like to chatter about environmental sustainability regarding issues that they like (e.g., global warming), but not so much when immigration is part of the discussion. . . .