Sunday, January 17, 2016

Daily Mail - Growing backlash against Merkel's Muslim invasion - Opposition party leader: 'Merkel’s days are numbered. Frau Merkel, she’s not right in the head’

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  • Half of Germans sceptical that Merkel will cope with the influx of migrants
  • In contrast, Eurosceptic party AfD hit an all-time high in an opinion poll
  • In Leipzig on Monday 500 thugs set cars ablaze and attacked shops and fast food restaurants, some of them belonging to migrants
  • Came after the mass sex attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve  ...

     Almost everyone would condemn violence, but anyone who openly criticises the Muslim invasion is always portrayed as representing or encouraging "dark forces," as being 'far-right,' 'ultra-right,' or 'extreme right.' You could be a quiet shy Benedictine nun specializing in finding good homes for blind orphans, but one hesitant whispered peep out of you questioning the destruction of Western civilization? 'Racist!' 'Hater!' 'Xenophobe!' ...