Thursday, February 18, 2016

ABC News: Cameron Heads Into EU Summit With EU Membership at Stake - Cameron is such a stiff, such an empty suit, needs a Trump-like Brit replacement. --tma

Prime Minister David Cameron opened Thursday's European Union summit with a vow to be "battling for Britain" as he seeks a deal to fundamentally reform the EU to make sure a U.K. referendum on continued British membership can be won.
"It is going to be hard," Cameron said as he got to a two-day summit which could determine the future of the island nation within the 28-nation bloc.
Facing Cameron's demands for less Europe, more London in his national decision-making stood French President Francois Hollande, who insisted there should be no way that Britain can hold up intense EU cooperation in the future.
"I want Britain to stay in the EU. But I hope most of all that Europe can advance, can be stronger," said Hollande. "And that no chief of state or government could stop that. We cannot stop Europe from advancing." ...
     Hollande, behind his wall of security, apparently looks forward to countless more Paris and Cologne attacks.