Friday, December 2, 2016

VDare - Kirkpatrick - The Empire Strikes Back: The MSM’s 3-Point Plan To Recapture The Narrative - (1) Pathologize dissent; (2) Scream 'Fake News'! (3) Increased repression.

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Some perspective: For most of human history, power was rooted in possession of land. After the Industrial Revolution, power lay in controlling in the means of production. But today, the main source of power is control of information.
Having the power to control information (what Steve Sailer calls The Megaphone) gives you the ability to determine what issues will be discussed, what viewpoints are considered legitimate, and who is allowed to participate in polite society. It ultimately allows you to push an entire code of morality on others. And morality is, ultimately, a weapon more terrible than can be found in any arsenal [Weaponized Moralityby Gregory Hood, Radix, October 12, 2016].
The 2016 election was ultimately a battle between the commanding heights of media (newspapers, networks, and web portals) and what we could call the guerillas of media (/pol, forums, hackers, right wing trolls, and independent media outlets like us). The latter lacked power on their own, but they united behind Donald Trump, a man whose brand was so well-established that the Establishment couldn’t ignore him. It was Fourth Generation Warfare–this time over information.
And just as guerillas have been frustrating established armies all around the world on real-world battlefields, so did the online commandos frustrate and eventually overcome the seemingly invincible Fourth Estate. ...