Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stephen J. Gould, IQ & Being White

Stephen J. Gould, IQ & Being White*

Edward O. Wilson, the ant expert, once reportedly remarked that when Stephen J. Gould is challenged, he disappears, like a squid, behind a cloud of ink, meaning of course, writer's ink.

IQ is important because it is at the core of the cultural Marxist big lie, that there are no significant inherent differences among races, except perhaps those that reflect unfavorably upon Whites. IQ is also connected to other traits, like the ability to delay gratification, for example, saving your hard-earned money year after year in your savings account, rather than withdrawing money immediately at gunpoint from a cashier at 7-Eleven.

But several of the critical comments some have made about not obsessing over IQ are valid. I wouldn't care if I couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a black astrophysicist or a Mexican neurosurgeon, I would still greatly prefer my own people, as they would theirs. Of course it is absurd to think of this as "hate".

Other races have higher IQ's, but I believe the one most significant trait of our people, for better or worse, is dynamism: other peoples of the world would never have seriously thought of going to the moon, while Whites would never have seriously thought of  at least not attempting to go to the moon.

This is good reason to believe that we will someday, at long last, wake up, stand up and brush the lying Lilliputians, like Stephen J. Gould and Jared Diamond, off our shoulders.
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*Related to “Stephen Jay Gould mismeasured skulls in racial records dispute," by Dan Vergano, USA TODAY, 9 June 2011:

“The late scientific icon, Stephen Jay Gould, botched and perhaps faked his critique of a racist 19th-Century scientist's skull collection, suggests a second look at his efforts. ...”