Monday, August 27, 2012

"2016: Obama's America," Corliss, D’Souza & “Hate”

2016: Obama's America, Corliss, D’Souza and “Hate”

"Because the righteous right can be energized when it has something to hate." –Richard Corliss, Time, 8/24/2012

Ho-hum. Once again anyone who disagrees with the pious Left, or the Tolerance Police, must, by definition, be motivated by "hate." It works in the Cultural Marxist media echo chamber, so why not go on using it forever?

For one thing, the Fox neocons are not really the Right in any meaningful since. Long ago there was a purge of paleoconservatives or traditionalist conservatives in the media and most of electoral politics. So what you get today are people who basically have bought into the Left's core agenda, but then agree to have side-arguments about war, welfare, budgets, abortion, guns and gays.

The Obama administration has only been greasing the skids. Western civilization will crumble when people of Western European heritage fall below a certain percentage of the population. Just like the Chinese or Japanese civilizations would not survive if they were replaced by, say, the Italians, the West will not survive without Westerners. The Left loves this, at least those who are not oblivious utopians. The Fox and National Review-type neocons? Listen to their deafening silence.

Meanwhile the Left and the "conservatives" are kept busy with their little rages and yammerings, their entertaining talking points and their throwing of raw meat to their partisan fans, who mostly don't know any better.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hillary Clinton B-Movie Tippi Hedren in “The Bees”

Secretary Clinton a B-Movie Tippi Hedren in “The Bees”

“The Hill is reporting that Secretary of Sate Hillary Clinton and her detail were attacked by a swarm of bees in Malawi on Monday: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's tour of Malawi had an inauspicious finale on Monday as she and her detail were targeted by a swarm of bees at the airport.”

--Kerry Picket, “Swarm of bees attacks Secretary Clinton in Malawi,” Washington Times, 8/7/2012

In a later statement, Secretary Clinton announced: "While we regret any unfortunate misunderstanding with the Malawian bees, we feel that such bad feelings are a legacy from past administrations. You, the industrious members of a thriving hive will soon learn that President Obama is not all that unlike you, for one thing, flying all over the countryside gathering honey. In addition to the new Aid for Better Bees Program, our immigration policies will be changed to be more welcoming, upping the number of bees that can obtain work, refugee and citizenship status in our wonderfully diverse nation, where all different cultures, sexual preferences, races, genders, trans-genders, cross-dressings, parallel universes, people speaking every language on earth, plus Vulcan, ancient Mayan and Sanskrit, as well as all not yet extinct species live in vibrant democratic harmony and where someday even bees will have no need to be armed with stingers, like the one in my rump."