Friday, November 30, 2018

Red Ice TV: Trudeau Buying The Canadian Media & Selling Global Compact for Migration - Canadian YouTuber Endeavour

Canadian YouTuber Endeavour joins Henrik to discuss Justin Trudeau buying off the Canadian media and the push by the UN to get many nations to sign the Global Compact for Migration.

AmRen Video: The Great Replacement - All European ethnics who care at all about their great-grandkids should LISTEN TO THIS! --tma

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains “the great replacement,” Reynaud Camus’ term for the replacement of whites by non-white immigrants. Many “progressives” want whites gone because we are an obstacle to liberal politics. And yet, when white advocates point out what is happening, “progressives” claim the great replacement is just a far-right conspiracy theory. Some even say they don’t want the truth known for fear of a white backlash.

Dr Steve Turley Video: Brexit and Britain’s Ongoing Populist Revolt! - Building for many years--still growing.

Mark Collett Video: Toddler Bitten 15 Times by 'Somalians' at Play Centre - Afro mother of blood-covered attacker kids: Just kids playing.

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

VDare - Ann Coulter: Trump's Great Wall Becomes Trump's Great Stall

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Trump was our last chance. But he's spent two years not building the wall, not deporting illegals—"INCREDIBLE KIDS!"—and not ending the anchor baby scam.
Within 10 seconds of Trump's leaving office, there will be no evidence that he was ever president. Laws will be changed, executive orders rescinded, treaties re-written and courts packed.
Trump will leave no legacy at all. Only a wall is forever.
We had no choice. No one else was promising to save America. ...

Voice of Europe: Facebook censors Macron’s group photo for violating the site’s rules against “nudity and sexual acts” - Macron's old high school teacher once knew this same look of damp glowing anticipation? --tma


Has Macron reached out to Facebook for help? The French President has been having a public image nightmare this year.
With disaster after disaster watching the bottom drop out of his ‘popularity’. It’s been shared around twitter and facebook and all things social media, the photo of the French President posing with two half undressed men on his recent visit to Saint Martin.
The photo made the rounds and onto a thousand memes, one of the two men flipping his middle-finger was the cousin of the other man, who turned out to be a cocaine dealer.
Now, however, Facebook is censoring the much-ridiculed photo saying it violates their rules against ‘nudity and sexual acts’. ...

EUTimes: Invasion Caravan Rejects 10,000 Job Offers in Mexico - Want US welfare system but who knew Mexico is such a land of jobs milk and honey? --tma

The nonwhite invasion caravan bottled up at the Mexican border town of Tijuana have rejected an offer by the Mexican authorities to take up 10,000 job opportunities immediately available to them, and instead renewed their demand that white American taxpayers give them money, food, and accommodation.
According to the Deutsche Welle correspondent in Tijuana, “local authorities are trying to offer them jobs in the Mexican border town. But most migrants are determined to reach the US.”
The invasion caravan—which is already an estimated 7,000 strong, and growing by the day, are camped out at Tijuana, Mexico “demanding that US authorities accept their requests for asylum.”
“We can’t wait any longer,” the invaders shout, “let us cross.”
According to the report, many Tijuana locals “are fed up” with the invasion, and some “sport red Donald Trump-like baseball caps reading ‘Make Tijuana great again.’ ...

Voice of Europe: Migrant arrested for planning to poison Italian public water supply

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A Palestinian migrant was arrested on Wednesday morning for planning to poison a public water supply.
The man, who has an Italian residency permit, was captured in the city of Macomer.
A Palestinian national, the 38-year-old suspect was arrested by the Italian police in the Sardinian town under suspicion of planning to poison the island’s public drinking water supply. ...

Dr Steve Turley - 53rd Senate Seat Gives the GOP a RINO-Proof Majority, What It Means for Transforming the Courts

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Podcast - Mark Collett, No White Guilt, Jefferson Lee ... Discuss Caravan, Trump, Proud Boys ...

Paul Joseph Watson Video: Portland is a Sh*thole - Mystery to me: city business districts usually have political power, so ok with PL & SF businesses to have homeless, needles and feces at their front door? --tma

Defend Europa - Population Replacement: Demographic Changes to Spain - "Will Spain be Spain only in name in the future?"

Spain, the Iberian nation based in Southern Europe, is another one of the countries facing demographic changes. Will Spain be Spain only in name in the future?
Throughout many European countries, the birth rate remains low and it is below replacement level. The rate for Spain was at a level of 1.31 births per woman in 2017. This means that in the future, the Spanish population will decrease by 10 million if the fertility rate continues this way. This is not the only problem for Spain. Over the past two decades, immigration to the nation has been rising, and in 2018 alone, it has seen a significant rise in arrivals from Africa and that figure is set to continue increasing. ...

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Paul Joseph Watson Video: China's TERRIFYING Social Credit System

Voice of Europe: Sweden to sign UN migration pact – claims it will lead to “economic and social development” - Swedish PM Stefan Löfven's government doubles down on destroying voters and culture that elected it --tma

Sweden will sign the United Nations’ Global Migration Agreement in December, the government confirms. It claims that the framework is important for Sweden’s economic development and that there is a “great potential” in even more immigration to Sweden. 
A number of countries have withdrawn from the agreement. These countries have, among other things, warned that the framework threatens national security, does not distinguish between illegal immigrants and refugees and can ultimately promote even greater influx of migrants from the third world.
The Swedish government is of a completely different view, and instead argues that the initiative is important and will make immigration “safe, orderly and regular”.
Critics of the migration agreement have also argued that it seeks to criminalise critical discussions about immigration. ...

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Short Video - Hope For Paws goes dumpster diving to save kittens thrown like trash

Audio - Greg Johnson: "White Identity Politics: Inevitable, Necessary, Moral" - White identity is about as scary as parents caring about their own kids first

EU Times: 101 Fake Refugee Iranian Invaders Land in Britain this Month from France - most register for "asylum” in order to gain its benefits—which include pocket money, housing, food, transport and telephone/internet facilities, all courtesy of UK taxpayers

At least 101 Iranian invaders pretending to be refugees have landed in Britain so far this month by crossing the Channel in small dinghies and sailboats, marking a major change in the way that the nonwhites have switched tactics in their attempts to parasite the UK taxpayers.
According to a report by the BBC—which falsely describes the invaders as “migrants”—another eight Iranians were found in a dinghy was spotted off the Kent coast in southeastern England.
The invaders were located by the coastguard and Border Force officers at about 07:15 GMT and brought into Dover, the BBC said, adding that their landing had brought to 101 the number of Iranians who had “reached UK shores this month.” ...

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Campus Reform - Many college students think Thanksgiving is "racist" celebrating "an ongoing genocide" - Ironic coming from the children of whites being demographically genocided --tma

The University of Oregon marked the lead up to Thanksgiving with an event  aimed at “decolonizing” the holiday, which the university labeled as a "celebration" of "ongoing genocide." The event, titled "Thanks But No Thanks-giving," was supported by some students ...

EU Times: Estonia is the 8th EU nation leaving the UN migration pact

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After USA, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Austria, Australia, Italy, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, Estonia has also left the UN migration pact thus becoming the 8th country leaving the UN migration pact. Italy has not yet withdrawn but they said that it will. ...

Onlinemagazine - Mark Collett: A migrant gang harasses young women and attack passersby in Belgium. This is the price we pay for mass immigration!

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Monday, November 19, 2018

Identity Evropa activists, led by Patrick Casey, held a demonstration at Civic Center Park in Denver, calling for an end to globalism and mass immigration!

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CEC - Tim Murray - Vancouver: A City Of White Ghosts And Vanishing Memories - has become "a colony of Asia"

It was a week of despair — and hope. A week of mourning — and faith in resurrection. It was a homecoming to a home that no longer exists. A city that fell victim to an invasion of incomprehensible scale, of overwhelming numbers and laundered money. 

Last week I went to Vancouver, the city of my birth, the city where eons ago my grandparents first met, like tens of thousands of other European immigrants. My hope was that I would find traces of their legacy. I knew before my departure that the city had undergone massive and dramatic change in my decade long absence, that it was no longer just the gateway to Asia but a colony of Asia, and that some architectural landmarks had fallen to the wrecking ball of mass immigration and the pressure on land that follows from it. But never did I expect to see this much devastation, nor the ubiquity and predominance of Chinese migrants. No longer were they confined to the inner city and the suburb of Richmond, and other suburbs as well — including the one I grew up in. Every school ground, every sidewalk, every park, every mall was dominated by the Chinese. Not Chinese “Canadians”, but Chinese speaking Mandarin, as well as Cantonese. Their feet stand on Canada, but their heads have a different postal code. ...

Voice of Europe: Disturbing: 85-year-old Dutch woman calls for her "Mama" after being kicked in the head during robbery attempt - Migrant attacker would be my wild guess --tma

An elderly woman has been brutally beaten during a robbery attempt in Eindhoven, Dutch police report
The 85-year-old woman walked home after playing a game of cards as she was suddenly violently attacked by an unknown man at the “Cassandraplein” in Eindhoven. The incident happened Saturday around 6:45 pm.
As the woman didn’t stand a chance she was injured after the man kicked her in the head several times. The robbery did not succeed and the man fled without taking any of her belongings.
Fortunately, witnesses were near and managed to help the injured woman. “We heard someone screaming mama, mama and then we saw a heavily bleeding elderly woman stumbling,” a female witness says. ...


Without a border, we do not have a nation. Identity Evropa stands for an America that belongs to its citizens, not to invaders! Do not let the caravan pass! (Wickenburg, AZ) Yuma Sector Apprehends more than 650 Illegal Aliens in the Last Two Days - Dear White House: Bragging at rallies about numbers arrested is like trumpeting surrender --tma

UMA, Ariz. – U.S. Border Patrol agents in Yuma Sector apprehended 654 illegal aliens most being family units or unaccompanied juveniles from Guatemala, who surrendered themselves to agents on Monday and Tuesday.  ...

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Occidental Observer - Tobias Langdon: Avital Ronell and the Corruption of Western Academia - "Western academia is corrupt, diseased and malignant"

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Orwell’s story suggests a new word to me: typhlophthalism, meaning “the practice of turning a blind eye to essential but inconvenient facts” (from Greek typhlos, “blind,” + ophthalmos, “eye”). But it’s a long word, so let’s call it typhlism for short. Shorter is better, because the term could be used so often today. Orwell’s story is an allegory of modern Western politics and social commentary, where so many essential but inconvenient facts are “silently dropped” from analysis. For example, the Labour MP Denis MacShane and the Labour council were typhlistic when, for reasons of political correctness, they turned a blind eye to the horrors being committed by brown-skinned Muslims against White working-class girls in Rotherham. ...

VDare - Lance Welton - Britain’s Brexit Brawl: Patriotism And Personality Types - "The robotic, uncharismatic Prime Minister Theresa May—known as the 'Maybot' in the British press ..."

Three months before President Trump was elected, a meme appeared on social media calling for Queen Elizabeth to overrule the Declaration of Independence and “Make America Great Britain Again,” as this was surely preferable to allowing The Donald to become the US head of state. [Americans shun Trump and campaign to install Britain’s QUEEN as head of state, By Sofia Delgado, Express, August 14 2016] 

Considering the state of political chaos in which the U.K. is now embroiled over the imminent departure from the European Union mandated by the 2016 Brexit referendum, perhaps someone should start a petition for Britain to go the way of Hawaii—get rid of its monarch and become a US territory. ...

Red Pill Germany: Back in the USA - Made me laugh: Back in the land of wooden houses, huge cars and friendly small talk where complete strangers tell you about their private lives --tma

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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Campus Reform: UPenn students mark Thanksgiving with talk on 'racism,' 'strained' US history - Multi-Marx anti-whites always on the march --tma

The University of Pennsylvania invited freshmen living in its Stouffer College House to attend a Saturday event discussing the “strained” roots of Thanksgiving. 
Stouffer graduate associate Jax Lastinger is organizing "A Conversation on Racism - Considerations on Thanksgiving and ‘American’ Politics,” which will consist of a “facilitated conversation about racism in the week leading to Thanksgiving.” ...

OnlineMagazine - Muslim Migrants in Europe tear down Christmas tree - Characteristically no one seems to be stopping them - Like cops in the US perpetually standing down. --tma

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