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VDare: Pippi Longstocking—Victim Of Sweden’s Immigration “Problem” - "the real Sweden, an oppressive place where women are now warned to cover up in public, and where Muslim migrants have turned public swimming pools into ordeals of rape and sexual assault."


“Certainly you have a problem with the immigration that's caused problems in Sweden,” President Trump said recently in a joint press conference with the Socialist Prime Minister of Sweden. “I was the first one to say it,took a little heat, but that was OK, because I proved to be right.' ['I proved to be right' President Trump tells Swedish prime minister after making claims last year that violence had spiked thanks to immigration, by Nikki Schwab, Mail Online, March 6, 2018].
Of course, Trump was always right. One sad expression of Sweden’s immigration problem:
Last July, I took my family to a children’s paradise in Stockholm: Junibacken, a children’s cultural center dedicated to the literary works of Astrid Lindgren (1907-2002). Her most famous creation: Pippi Longstocking, a tom-boyish, Peter Pan figure who lived unsupervised in her buccaneer father’s rural idyll. First published in the 1940s, the Pippi Longstocking books and television series became a central part of the Swedish brand. People are attracted to Sweden by these kinds of chocolate-box portrayals, perhaps tempered by a hint of ABBA and an unembarrassed attitude toward nudity.
There was nothing flashy about it. No rollercoasters or exhilarating rides: Just a series of surreal rooms in which you can dissolve into an idealized, pre-television world.  My children explored a mock-up house where time seemingly stopped somewhere around 1940. They put on the clothes, marvelled at the old-fashioned telephone, inhaled the smell of leather-bound books. Then, a special indoor train shuttled us back in time to a virtual world of enchanting children’s stories.
But beyond the veil of Junibacken looms the real Sweden, an oppressive place where women are now warned to cover up in public, and where Muslim migrants have turned public swimming pools into ordeals of rape and sexual assault. [Sweden: Sexual Assaults at Swimming Pools, by Ingrid Cariqvist, Gatestone Institute, March 7, 2016]
This didn't happen overnight. It was developed over the decades by socialist leadership using the sledgehammer of Political Correctness. ...

CEC - Brian Wiggins: We Must End Foreign Immigrant Occupation and Chinese Buyout of Canada - "There is a glimmer of hope. It is now possible to drive from the Baltic Sea all the way to the Aegean without once leaving a country ruled by a populist/nationalist."

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It appears that the new Immigration Minister, Ahmed Hussen, a Muslim refugee from Somalia, a country, by the way, where 98% of the women are subject to female genital mutilation (FGM), doesn’t know or more likely, doesn’t care, what his own department is thinking. According to a comprehensive internal report from the Department of Immigration, uncovered by an Access to Information Request, titled "Evidence-Based Levels and Mix: Absorptive Capacity," obtained by Vancouver lawyer Richard Kurland, our immigration “capacity” is declining, as it relates to housing, health care, education, ethnic enclaves, public transit and, finally, religious tensions. Most Canadians, from the founding cultures, would agree. Toronto’s transit infrastructure is woefully inadequate and housing costs are soaring largely because of our immigration policies. Seemingly, both Mr. Hussen and Mr. Trudeau are unaware of, or worse, willfully ignoring their own research.

Immigrants, it seems, are struggling to afford decent housing for their large families. I’m struggling for my relatively small family. Many are not learning either official language. The study found that 3 out of 10 children needed ESL training yet they were born in Canada. What are they doing here if they can’t speak either official language? Is it possible that our official languages are racist, too? Needless to say, this language gap also limits employment opportunities. New Canadians are having difficulty getting access to health care, apparently, despite the fact that its “free,” and they are not dispersing across the country. Most choose to settle in our largest cities with their own ethnic group and this self-chosen isolation creates further barriers to “integration.” For the managerial elite, big government Liberals and their Marxist inspired enablers, however, these are wonderful features of third world immigration, not a glitch. As social trust collapses, forced diversity and mass immigration function as the Cialis of the State, a powerful vasodilator for an ever-larger government (Kirkpatrick, 2016).

I'm starting to understand that demands for equality and employment equity were never about equality and equal opportunity. The demands are, and always have been, for more concessions and more redistribution of wealth from Us to Them and it will never stop. ...

Friday, April 20, 2018 Germany to accept 10,000 refugees from North Africa, Middle East - At least the South African government is much more honest about the same goal --tma

The German government has committed to accepting refugees under a program to resettle people considered particularly vulnerable. Controls of Germany's border to Austria look set to be extended for another six months.

[ ... ]

The EU program aims to provide a legal, direct and safe route to Europe for refugees in need of protection. At least 50,000 refugees from crisis areas are to be brought into the EU by 2019. Other member states have already agreed to resettle 40,000 refugees, meaning that the program's goal has been achieved, and may even be exceeded. ...

Pat Buchanan: Why the Authoritarian Right Is Rising - "addressing the primary and existential fear of peoples across the West—the death of the separate and unique tribes into which they were born and to which they belong."

“[Hungarians] don’t want to become a minority in their 
own country.”
A fortnight ago, Viktor Orban and his Fidesz Party won enough seats in the Hungarian parliament to rewrite his country’s constitution.
To progressives across the West, this was disturbing news.
For the bete noire of Orban’s campaign was uber-globalist George Soros. And Orban’s commitments were to halt any further surrenders of Hungarian sovereignty and independence to the European Union, and to fight any immigrant invasion of Hungary from Africa or the Islamic world.
Why are autocrats like Orban rising and liberal democrats failing in Europe? The autocrats are addressing the primary and existential fear of peoples across the West—the death of the separate and unique tribes into which they were born and to which they belong. ...

Refugee Resettlement Watch: Feds find network bringing Syrians illegally across southern border

Posted by Ann Corcoran on April 20, 2018
I’ve written many times over the years about how the world (not just Mexicans and Central Americans) is arriving at our southern border to seek asylum (if caught).  I’ve mentioned Somalis and Iraqis on other occasions and now it is Syrians according to a report in the Washington Times (hat tip: Joanne).
You might want to visit a post I wrote in 2011 in which I suggest the illegals know how to use the system and ask for asylum because they were taught the system. I believe there exists a cabal of immigration lawyers working closely with our usual gang of NGOs facilitating the process.
The Treasury Department slapped sanctions Wednesday on a Syrian man and his criminal syndicate, blaming them for smuggling “hundreds” of illegal immigrants from Syria and Lebanon into Mexico and then helping them to jump the border into the U.S. ...
     I would have to respectfully disagree on Attorney General Magoo. His ridiculous recusal aside, which has left the Trump Administration limping along all these months, I believe Sessions is either a captive of the Swamp or one of its creatures. 
     Basically Sessions has been happy to preside over the endless America-killing Deep State corruption, which means the US is today a Banana Republic even somewhat before it would have become inevitable with current mostly locked in demographics--open borders, mass third-world legal migration, 'refugee' racket; lottery visa jihadists, anchor baby infestations, staggering third-world birthrates, to which Whites will never ever catch up. At least within the same nation or without massive deportations.