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Yuma & El Centro Open-Borders Nirvana & Shangri-la

Calif., Ariz. Border Towns Have Nation’s Highest Unemployment: Over 28%

William Bishop's Political Big Sort Really Racial? (Multiple state/county successions barreling our way?)

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Stirrings of Secession
Taki's Magazine, November 30, 2012

“When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another ...”
So begins the Declaration of Independence of the 13 colonies from the king and country to which they had given allegiance since the settlers first came to Jamestown and Plymouth Rock.
The declaration was signed by 56 angry old white guys who had had enough of what the Cousins were doing to them. In seceding from the mother country, these patriots put their lives, fortunes and honor on the line.
Four score and five years later, 11 states invoked the same right “to dissolve the political bands” of the Union and form a new nation. After 620,000 had perished, the issue of a state’s right to secede was settled at Appomattox. If that right had existed, it no longer did.
What are we to make, then, of petitions from 25,000 citizens of each of seven Southern states—116,000 from Texas alone—to secede? . . .
"What author William Bishop called 'The Big Sort'—the sorting out of people by political beliefs—proceeds. Eighteen states have gone Democratic in six straight presidential elections. A similar number have gone Republican." . . .

     The Big Sort is more fundamentally along racial lines. Even in cluelessly utopian San Francisco, Malibu, Portland, Austin or Manhattan you find only a teensy percentage of white liberals merrily immersing themselves in minority neighborhoods. The 'blue' states, excepting the Northeast and north Midwest, were made that way mostly due to demographic changes brought about by decades-old federal policies anti-democratically mandating open borders to the Third World, polices that have been supported by many members of congress from 'red' states as well. (Today many conservatives residing in red states seem oblivious to the relentless demographic changes that are rapidly transforming their own states.)

     To the extent that the ideal--that for which we are all told we are supposed to be striving--diverse neighborhoods actually exist, they tend to be temporary artificial environments, such as university, scientific or diplomatic enclaves that are not only temporary, with few people residing there for a lifetime, but are usually thoroughly held together by Western assumptions, rules, values, lifestyles and, especially, wealth. So when we look more closely at these wonderfully scintillating transformative vibrant examples of diversity, we discover all is illusory. 

Lack of safety "man traps" at Benghazi consulate?

Consulate lacked requested ‘man traps’
Senator says they might have slowed assault

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The Washington Times, Thursday, November 29, 2012

The State Department inspector general recommended in 2009 that U.S. diplomatic facilities in danger zones have special holding areas for visitors called 'man traps,' but the U.S. consular facility in Benghazi did not have them ...

     In all fairness to the Obama administration, on the earlier reported lack of safety "man traps" within our embassies and consulates, upon viewing the report's warning, top officials thought it was referring to a lack of "death traps," with which the Benghazi facility was thought to be adequately supplied. 

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor Gambian President

Witchcraft and execution: the darker side of Gambia
Banjul, The Telegraph, 11/25/2012

"Viewed from the comfort of the deckchairs on the vast, palm-lined beaches overlooking the Atlantic, life in Gambia can seem as unblinkingly bright as the guaranteed winter sunshine.

"For the 65,000 Britons who flock here each year, the former colony has become a West African Costa Brava, offering super-cheap package deals, few lager louts, and nothing more hazardous than over-eager street hawkers touting voodoo masks and talismans.
"Absent from the hawkers' sales patter, however, is any mention of the very real witchcraft cult that has blighted this tiny nation of 1 million in recent years.
"The story of Gambia's darker side begins on the other side of the sleepy capital, Banjul, where a few miles from the luxury beach resorts, there is the rather more spartan accommodation of the 'Mile 2 Hotel'. The nickname for the notorious Mile 2 prison, its mosquito-plagued cells are a likely destination for critics of Yahya Jammeh, Gambia's eccentric faith healer-turned-president.
"A modern-day version of Papa Doc Duvalier, the late voodoo-practising dictator of Haiti, Mr Jammeh has a reputation for jailing anyone who says things he doesn't like. Such as questioning, for example, his declaration last year that he would rule for "a billion years" if necessary, or his claim in 2007 to have invented a herbal HIV cure. ...
"In 2009, more than 1,000 'sorcerers' were rounded up at gunpoint by the president's 'Green Beret' special guards and forced to drink hallucinogenic potions to 'exorcise' them. ...
"Like the executions, the reasons for the witchhunt remain shrouded in mystery ...
"Mr Jammeh, 48, who prefers the title of 'His Excellency Sheikh Professor Doctor President', has also cemented his grip on power by more conventional methods.
"Since taking power in a bloodless coup in 1994, the US-trained former army lieutenant has won four straight elections via a strategy of brazen political patronage. As he puts it: 'I will develop areas that vote for me, but if you don't vote for me, don't expect anything.' ...
"Tourism has also boomed, with a peculiar niche for elderly British women seeking Shirley Valentine-style romances with young male Gambians, known locally as 'gigolos'.
"... critics say Mr Jammeh has acquired all the traits of an old-school African 'Big Man'.
"Vast posters of him stare out even on the tourist strip, and he lives in a heavily-guarded presidential palace, where he keeps a fleet of luxury cars including a customised Hummer stretch limousine. His official convoy, a 30-strong caravan of SUVs guarded by pick-up trucks with anti-aircraft guns, will run anyone off the road that gets in their way - foreign diplomats included. ...
"The European Union, through which Britain contributes, granted Gambia 78 million euros for the period 2008-2013, much of it, ironically, for projects to support the media and 'access to justice'. ...
"Mr Jammeh's continued practice of his controversial HIV 'cure' programme, which hundreds of Gambians have now undergone.
"The scheme has appalled health groups, who point out that it is potentially lethal because it requires patients to give up normal retro-viral treatments for up to a year. ...
"Whether any of the HIV patients allegedly 'cured' by Mr Jammeh have since passed away is yet another mystery.
"Details of the scheme's outcomes are kept under close wraps by the presidential doctors, and nobody therefore knows whether some 'gigolo' might be passing HIV onto his British patroness.
"Either way, though, it seems that Gambia's voodoo 'curse' may claim more victims yet - and might one day drift beyond its sun-kissed shores."
     Perhaps in His Excellency's earlier U.S. military training classes the term war-craft was simply mistranslated into witchcraft. In any case, on the bright side of patriotic immigration reformers never being able to get the U.S. Congress to ax our special Diversity Lottery--which, on top of millions of other migrants coming from the Third World, adds a whole other side river of newcomers from Africa and elsewhere, because it is thought by our ruling elites that we are not becoming diverse enough fast enough--is that all this might finally address America's embarrassing shortage of sorcerers

Major Hasan Syndrome & LAPD Law Un-Enforcement

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‘Major Hasan Syndrome’ at the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department?
Once again, incompetence and even criminal behavior get ignored for the sake of diversity.

Jack Dunphy, PJMedia,11/28/2012

"Major Nidal Malik Hasan, the U.S. Army psychiatrist accused of killing 13 people (and, lest we forget, an unborn child) and wounding 29 others at Fort Hood, Texas, in November 2009, had raised a number of red flags suggesting a disposition for committing, or at the very least having sympathy for, acts of Islamic terror prior to his massacre. The signs were ignored due to political correctness.

"There is a price to be paid for the 'inclusiveness' and 'diversity' we’re all supposed to be so proud of. We can be thankful the price is seldom as dreadful as it was at Fort Hood, but sometimes the cost is a level of criminality less horrific but disturbing all the same.
"Witness the case of Bernice Abram, a captain with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The Los Angeles Times has reported that since April of last year, Capt. Abram has been on paid administrative leave after being caught in a sting that revealed her relationship with Dion Grim, a suspected drug dealer. ...
"Back in 2002, the Los Angeles Times reported that Maurice Moore, a black LAPD deputy chief, was for at least seven years laundering money for his drug trafficker son, who orchestrated the scheme from inside federal prison. Just as disturbing, the FBI informed then-LAPD Chief Bernard Parks about their suspicions as to Moore’s involvement in the criminal enterprise. Parks, who is also black, declined to take any action against his subordinate. Moore was allowed to retire without facing any departmental charges, and the statute of limitations precluded prosecution on most of the allegations against him.
"Mr. Parks was denied a second term as police chief in 2002. But today, he serves on the L.A. city council. ...
"Sometimes Major Hasan Syndrome serves to obscure not criminality, but the much, much more commonly observed incompetence. Off the top of my head, I can think of four LAPD captains, all of whom owe their current positions to belonging to one or more 'under-represented classes,' and all of whom have performed poorly in every position and at every rank since the day they were hired. Nonetheless, they have continued to earn promotions even after demonstrating monumental malfeasance.
"One was the key figure in a lawsuit in which officers were awarded millions of dollars in damages, mostly owing to her mismanagement of the division she commanded. She’s been promoted twice since then. Another, the subject of laudatory news stories chronicling her rise in the LAPD, has so poorly run her current command that crime in that part of town is up almost 20 percent from last year’s levels, by far the largest increase in the city. We can expect her to be promoted to commander any time now. ..."
     Although the incompetence and corruption may not be as grisly in a direct way, compared to what Major Hasan committed, since, as reported here, crime has been allowed to shoot up under this politically correct regime, you have to wonder what grisly crimes have been committed to citizens that would have otherwise been prevented by a non-PC strictly law and order department. Also can't help but imagine what a nightmare it must be for some fair-minded conscientious white cop to each day somehow try to negotiate his way through and survive such a politically correct third-world shark tank that has become the LAPD. (Once had an uncle LAPD detective, but that was when Los Angeles was still part of Western civilization.) 

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

U.S. Open Space Acres Lost Per Day?

Approximately 6,000 open space acres are lost per day across the USA.

Hope for a U.S. Non Anti-White Third Party?

Third Party Options for Whites

Peter Bradley, American Renaissance, November 27, 2012

"Most of the talk among conservatives the last few weeks has been about how Republicans can attract Hispanics. Now that even the likes of Sean Hannity and Rand Paul support amnesty, it seems Congress will give it a try.
"As if on cue, Senators Lindsay Graham and Chuck Schumer announced that they were resuming their bipartisan discussions on a 'pathway to citizenship.' Senator Graham says that Hispanics are 'the fastest-growing demographic in the country and we’re losing votes every election cycle; it has to stop. It’s one thing to shoot yourself in the foot—just don’t reload the gun.'
"Of course, by adding millions of instant Democrats to the voter rolls the GOP would be once again taking aim at its own foot. ...
     There needs to be a European American third party that is not hopelessly entangled amongst open-borders libertarians. There are libertarians who are quite sensible on border issues, but that does not change the truth of the first sentence. If our grandkids’ grandkids are ultimately engulfed by third-world peoples, will the last survivors, as their lives are being winked out by the final waves of dispossession and ‘random’ violence, as in South Africa, really care all that much how the ultimate blame should be apportioned among the open-borders Democrats, open-borders Republicans and open-borders libertarians?
     Today, as whites become ever more buried under third-world demographics, any slight hope for a winning national party is flickering out. But there is no reason why survival of Western civilization should be fought on a single battlefield. And when the bloated broke ungainly American empire starts breaking apart, as it must, among all of its wonderfully diverse vibrant third-world cultures, it would not hurt whites to have a sane operational national party already in place that can lend its support wherever it can. 
     I agree with some I have heard that most progress needs to be made on the local level, I believe probably county. I live in California in a county more white and ‘red’ than is true of many red states, surrounded on almost all sides by other heavily white conservative counties. Of course these are rural counties and so when it comes to statewide voting this means nothing up against the throngs of liberals in the Bay Area, the third-world voter takeover of the Central Valley, the wine-and-cheese liberals basking along the coast and the teeming anthill that has become Los Ugliness. However, once finally organized, whites might very well surprise even themselves. Of course all this needs to happen soon. 

The Weakness & Strength of Music

     The weakness of music is that it is primarily evocative. One paragraph of a good book can impart more information than the entirety of the greatest symphony. Music, however, has the power to evoke in all of us all that it means to be human. And that is quite enough. –tma

Lotto 'Fever' Online Tickets for Border Control

Powerball Fever Sweeps the Nation

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Grover Furr Furry Mind on Sweetie Joseph Stalin?

November 26, 2012

Angry College Professor Claims Nobody Murdered by Stalin

Identitarian Convention Shocking Lack of Hate

Remaking a People

A report from Bloc Identitaire’s Convention

Roman Bernard, AltRight, 11/27/2012

"France’s Bloc Identitaire (Identitarian Bloc) held its convention at the beginning of November in Orange, Provence. This was just two weeks after the party’s youth movement Génération Identitaire memorably stormed the construction site of the Poitiers mosque. Poitiers, located in Central-Western France, is near the actual site of the Battle of Tours (referred to as the “Battle of Poitiers” by French historians) in 732 A.D., when Charles Martel, “Mayor of the Palace,” turned back the Islamic advance in Western Europe.
"Because of the scandal aroused by this masterful operation, the convention was overcrowded: 800 people came, and there were of course lots of journalists looking for 'proof' of the evilness of the Identitarian activists. So far they've been disappointed. The young militants of this ten-year-old party are decent, educated and well-behaved people, instead of the swastika-waving skinheads that the reporters were hoping for. ...
"The other interesting round table brought together young men from all over Europe, with, among others, a Nordic Fleming, an Alpine Austrian and a Mediterranean Catalan, thus showing the real diversity displayed by the White race, and the ability of young Europeans to overcome the past wars between European nations to unite and confront the mortal dangers Europe faces today: demographic swamping, Islamic colonization and the erasure of what remains of the European culture. ...
"It is not specific countries that are under attack, but European civilization itself. More importantly, we are not attacked for what our ancestors did (this is a mere pretext, and the history of slavery and colonization is more a concern for guilt-obsessed SWPLs [stuff white people like] than for Third World immigrants, who hardly know anything about it) but for what we are."

Monday, November 26, 2012

Steve King, Barletta & Other Immigration-Sane Wins

OK, Election 2012 Was A Disaster For The GOP—But For Immigration Patriots, There Was Some Good News

"Conservatism Inc. snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the 2012 election. And it is even now hastening to make sure the movement it preys upon, and the US, completes slow-motion suicide.
"But immigration patriots should take heart from unreported news around the country showing that common sense on mass immigration is emerging as a winning political issue. ...
"Even if the Beltway GOP completely switches sides on amnesty, there is no evidence to suggest that their surrender will do anything to win over minority voters---and it will simply hasten Republican decline.
"The good news for patriotic immigration reformers: it is now clear that the only way to create a Republican Party that 'can win again' is to focus on 'inreach' to the white base, work hard to court working class voters, stand for economic fairness and protection of American jobs, and boldly proclaim an immigration moratorium.
"The bad news: Conservatism Inc. would rather lose than be accused of being Politically Incorrect."

     We didn't hear too much about these types of victories in the midst of the mainstream media's liberal triumphalism. I'll just note that "inreach" is an excellent idea, but will only work for a limited number of years. But by then the entire political system will be splitting up into various ethnic-based parties, including the racially and religiously ungainly Democratic Party. After all, how much in common would, say, a white atheist lesbian liberal Democratic activist have with a devout Muslim voter? The question answers itself. 

Yes on Puerto Rican Nationhood--and tow farther out to sea

Why the Murder of ‘Macho’ Camacho Underscores the Case for Puerto Rican Statehood
"Puerto Rican boxing legend Hector “Macho” Camacho died on Saturday after his family decided to take him off life support. Camacho — the onetime world lightweight champion who knocked out icons like Sugar Ray Leonard but whose life outside the ring could be as sordid as his career inside it was glorious — had been brain-dead since last Tuesday night, Nov. 21, when he was shot in the head outside a bar in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. It was the most high-profile reminder yet that Puerto Rico has a violent-crime plague on its hands: its murder rate today is 23 per 100,000 people, about five times that of the U.S., the worst homicide tally the island has ever suffered.

"Not surprisingly, Puerto Rico is dealing with a raft of other social crises, from a 45% poverty rate to 15% unemployment to a median annual income of less than $15,000, well below the U.S. poverty line. ...

"Puerto Rico’s statehood bid has to be approved by the U.S. Congress, and there are a host of reasons why it should be granted. The brutal demise of Camacho reflects perhaps the most urgent: making Puerto Rico the 51st state would not only help the island of 4 million people pull out of its violent tailspin; it could also help the U.S. create a more modern law-enforcement model inside Latin America and the Caribbean, where public insecurity is possibly an even heavier drag on development today than poverty and inequality are. ..."

     This reads like a parody meant to portray a grotesquely politically correct or otherwise motivated bureau chief who knows nothing about: (1) the real world; (2 ) the natural resource limits of the United States, especially when it comes to our being able to pull countless third-word peoples, countlessly multiplying, out of centuries of poverty; (3) inherent differences among different populations upon the earth; (4) how fashionable utopian intentions almost always end up just getting more people dead; and (5) possibly what happens when journalists lose all pretense of objectivity and go flamingly native.

     I am not completely unsympathetic to third-world peoples seemingly forever mired in poverty, crime, corruption and violence, and seemingly forever said to be just on the verge of progressing out of those problems, but I have more respect for them than demonstrated by the liberal mainstream media. They are humans just like we are. They need to solve their own problems just like we do. Ultimately they will have to. We are not gods. They are not our children.

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French Need Anti-Racism Observatories?

France sees 'alarming' rise in Islamophobia

"French Muslims have become the target of a marked increase in Islamophobic violence and actions, as well as incendiary statements by politicians, over the last two years, according to a report by a leading anti-racism observatory.

"The number of racist acts against Muslims in France is increasing “alarmingly”, according to the country’s National Observatory of Islamophobia, whose president has called for overt Islamophobia to be taken as seriously as anti-Semitism, which is a criminal offence in France. ..."

--France 24, International News, 11/21/2012

"a leading anti-racism observatory"? 

Meaning that the French not only need an anti-racism observatory, but possibly lots of them? Sounds expensive. Couldn't they just get by with a good supply of binoculars? 

Seriously, of course all this is part of the script that whites must follow worldwide. Not only are we either rabid racists or our niceness and reasonableness are only part of an outer shell that hides our subtle subconscious rabid racism, but racism is always, always said to be on the rise, usually alarmingly, dramatically or markedly so. 

It reminds me of a time several months back when I was a regular reader of a blog that delivered a French word each day, coming from a writer vineyard-owner in the South of France. One day the blog mentioned that "racism is said to be on the rise." I wrote in the comment section that in my lifetime racism has been on the rise so many times that by now it must be located somewhere between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Well, after that whenever I tried to post a comment, which was rarely, a message came back: "This site is not accepting your data."

I don't read that otherwise fine blog anymore, but somehow it is a source of perverse pride that I, little old me, quietly residing in the foothills of the California Sierra Nevada, am so far beyond the pale of human decency that I am banned on a French-instruction-writer-vintner website in the South of France. Maybe my remark fell under the all-seeing eyes of one of those intrepid high-powered French anti-racism observatories. 

By the way, I hope those anti-racism observatories realize that if they are using a refractor lens, instead of a reflector, and unless they are also utilizing a correcting prism, they have been viewing French Islamophobic racism upside-down. So maybe it is dramatically going down!

Christian Monitor Husna Haq & White Dispossession

Bush 44% Hispanic Myth Deployed In MSM Demand Minorities Rule GOP

"Yet another chorus of demands that the Republican Party be run for the benefit of various minorities and their self-appointed agents has been orchestrated at The Christian Science Monitor, illustrated by the above picture to drive home the point that this is about dispossessing whites: Rebuilding the GOP: Can Republicans pitch a bigger tent? By Husna Haq November 21, 2012 ..."

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American Indians & Today's Mass Immigration

     I've been around the mass immigration and mass illegal in-migration debates long enough to have heard one particularly eccentric open-borders argument boringly repeated time and time again, each time as if it is sure to have a devastating impact: 

"Just like what you/we did to the Indians!"

A few humble points:

     (1) The Europeans who arrived in what was to become America were not actually immigrants. You can call them explorers, colonists, pioneers, settlers or, if you'd like, invaders and conquerors. But they were not legally or illegally immigrating into a legal state or nation, since there were none existing in the legal sense that would have been able to recognize and declare people as legal or illegal to their immigration system.

     (2) And isn't it curious that many of the same people who are endlessly piously telling the rest of us to joyously "Celebrate [ever more] Diversity!" that is being brought about by mass in-migration will then often turn on a dime and argue that European Americans should keep their mouths shut because they did the same thing to the Indians? So which is it? Do we celebrate diversity or do we get ready to have our civilization put to sleep? By this logic, when American Indians were losing their territories one-by-one they should have been having one heck of a long loud huge thankful Katy-bar-the-door celebratory Mardi Gras. 

     (3) Still not strange enough for you? Try this one. Those making this "Just like you/we did" argument are obviously presenting themselves as being friends and sympathizers of the American Indians, but how in the world will the remaining Indians (according to the U.S. Census Bureau, about 5.1 million, counting Alaska and including those of mixed race) benefit from being ever-more inundated by outsiders from almost 200 other nations? And what is even worse for Indians is that modern newcomers and their offspring will likely feel little or no obligation to treat Indians with at least a little more respect for past wrongs done to their ancestors by European settlers, as far as having special 'nation' status, casino monopolies and the like, since most modern newcomers and offspring will have zero past family connections to European settlers.

     So what to make of this bizarrely contorted open-borders thought process? Here's a big clue. Just take a look at Europe, where white people have lived for thousands of years. Is the Left and its friends saying to Europeans, "Since you did not take your land away from the Indians, you have every right to regulate immigration and illegal in-migration as you wish." Of course not. They are just as vehemently arguing for open borders in Europe as they are in the United States. Obviously American Indians are just one more group of people that open-borders propagandists are merrily trampling underfoot to reach their goal. 

Spielberg's 'Lincoln' Enlightened or Propaganda?

At least honestly fictional?

Spielberg’s Lincoln

Alec Ryan, American Renaissance, November 23, 2012

“'History' in the service of ideology.

"Steven Spielberg’s latest 'historical' sermon begins with The Bearded One smiling beatifically at two black Union soldiers, who recount their exploits at a battle that is a figment of Mr. Spielberg’s imagination. The bolder, more intelligent of the two hectors the President on the pay inequalities between black and white soldiers. The scene is interspersed with footage from the mythical battle, in which black Union troops overcome white Confederates in brutal hand-to-hand combat. A white face is stamped, drowning, into the mud by a booted black man.

"This may be all you need to know about the movie. ..."