Monday, July 18, 2011

GOP Stuck on Stupid Harry Stein & "Racism"

"This obviously presents enormous challenges for Obama’s Republican challengers. Yet it also offers opportunities, if they’re bold enough to seize them. Why? Because vast numbers of Americans have come to recognize the 'racism' charge as precisely what it is: not an expression of genuine moral outrage but a means of shutting down honest debate on vital topics—from crime, education, and the state of the family to welfare and entitlement programs."

All well said, but I would be very, very, very surprised if the Republicans were to wake up on this issue. Most Republican politicians have shown over and over again that they would merrily march across Lassie and her nursing pups or Alvin and the Chipmunks while wearing football cleats rather than risk being called "racist."

As far as the Tea Party people, no doubt there are some sane ones, but I always recall that great Beck revolutionary mass gathering in DC to honor--wait for it--Martin Luther King, Jr.

As some scholars have theorized, people of European heritage have contracted something called "competitive altruism." To achieve all of the social rewards that it promises, and to avoid the terrible sanctions for not going along with the program, we are willing, as a people, to dig our own graves upholding it.

Politically, if anything can save us, it will probably be some sane faction of the GOP joining some new party, such as the American Third Position, especially as whites head ever more rapidly toward becoming a minority, and then to an ever smaller minority. When people of European heritage can no longer continue to robotically repeat the mantra of the PC Pod people while at the same time living in ‘lily-white neighborhoods,’ because it will have become too expensive, they will move in droves to a self-interested party.

All of the noble misty-eyed things now being said by whites in favor of affirmative action for non-whites were once said in South Africa by white liberals there. Flash forward to the present, these same pious ‘compassionate’ people are getting dispossessed off of their farms and killed off by a combination of government action, smirking government inaction and random violent crime.

Yet the GOP, or as so many for decades have termed it, the Stupid Party, remains forever serenely narcoleptic. In short, if someone came to cart off your sobbing grandma to drop her in a big boiling pot of stew, your local GOP congressperson would spring to your defense by putting out a press release calling for lower taxes and less government regulation. To these stupid cowards economics has become the ultimate hidey-hole.

Never mind that Third World USA will be characterized by the typical Third World economic black hole, out
of which, it is often said, 'even light cannot escape.'
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