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Gregory Hood - AmRen - Super Tuesday: Will Conservative Inc still have the power to help engineer our dispossession or do we have a future?

Will a media onslaught stump Trump?
A specter is haunting Republicans–the specter of Donald Trump. All the powers of old Washington have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this specter: Mrs. Clinton and Sen. Sanders, Mr. Romney and Sen. Rubio, movement conservatives and even British comedians.
Recent polling shows Donald Trump has extended his lead nationally among Republicans, almost breaking 50 percent in a five-man race. However, he is currently under attack in a smear campaign unrivaled since Pat Buchanan won New Hampshire in 1996. Mr. Trump is accused of not sufficiently disavowing David Duke during an interview, despite having explicitly disavowed him the day before. Even those who have been favorable to Mr. Trump before, including Laura Ingraham and Joe Scarborough, are now piling on. As the late Sam Francis often observed, it is the traditional pattern of the Beltway Right uniting with the Far Left to police the conservative grassroots. ...

Patrick J. Buchanan: Is a New GOP Being Born?

Is a New GOP Being Born?

The first four Republican contests — Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada — produced record turnouts.
While the prospect of routing Hillary Clinton and recapturing the White House brought out the true believers, it was Donald Trump’s name on the ballot and his calls for economic patriotism, border security, and an end to imperial wars that brought out the throngs.
The crowds that continue to come out for his appearances and the vast audiences he has attracted to GOP debates testify to his drawing power.
Moreover, Trump has now been endorsed by Gov. Chris Christie, ex-chairman of the Republican Governors Association, and Sen. Jeff Sessions, one of the most respected conservatives on Capitol Hill. ...

RR Watch: Bloomberg and Murdoch (rich globalists) working to control your communities - Gateways to Growth, new grant/bribery/propaganda program. --tma

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 28, 2016
This morning we learned from a New York Times story that Fox News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch failed in 2013 to persuade you that Marco Rubio’s ‘Gang of Eight’ Amnesty bill would be good for America.
Bloomberg and Murdoch
Greedy old men! Don’t let the globalists (Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch) call the shots for Twin Falls, Idaho (or any other town in America!).
However, having failed through Fox News propaganda, he and other rich globalists (they need cheap labor!) created a new way to change your minds about how, by ‘welcoming’ more immigrants to town, you would benefit and created a special grant program called ‘Gateways to Growth.’
They are coming for you one town at a time!
Here is what I said at American Resistance 2016! a month ago:
Welcoming America and the Partnership for a New American Economy have partnered in a grant giveaway program—Gateways for Growthdesigned to get your town or county softened up to accept MORE immigrants and refugees!  [Since I first wrote about this last month, you can no longer see the grant requirements without a password — typical secretive creeps!—ed]
The gist of the program is that Lefty Open Borders groups would ‘partner’ with business interests and local government to create a kind of political juggernaut that would bring Republicans and Democrats together against you, average citizens who do not want to change the social and cultural make-up of your towns, and who believe Americans should get the first shot at well-paying jobs.

The Twin Falls, Idaho target!

Longtime readers know that we have written a great deal about the ‘Pocket of Resistance’ in Twin Falls, Idaho (where Chobani Yogurt has built its largest plant in the world).  Click here for our extensive Twin Falls archive.
So, now check this out!  Here is Murdoch’s (and former NY Mayor Bloomberg’s) Gateways for Growth trying to go operational in Twin Falls.  In order to get the Murdoch/Bloomberg payola, the Open borders advocates must “partner” with the supposed ‘other side’—local government, Chambers of Commerce etc.

This is our first news of how the globalists and the do-gooders are working together in your towns!

Be sure to see ‘Gateways for Growth challenge’ to see what they hope to gain.  It is a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about “integration” (not assimilation!).  They will really simply be propagandists.
From Magic where we learn that the Murdoch groupies got ahead of themselves and listed the local government on their grant application.
TWIN FALLS | The City Council is entering the refugee issue after unanimously voting Monday to appoint a liaison to a local advocate group.
The Council heard from the Magic Valley Refugee Advocates, a fledgling group that intends to establish services for refugees in Twin Falls if it’s able to land a grant and hire staff.
While council members did not offer support for the group’s efforts — and in fact were opposed to being listed as a “supporter” in a letter of intent for the grant being sought — they agreed an exchange of information with the group was appropriate. It marks the first time the city has formally engaged in a months-long heated debate over refugee resettlement in the Magic Valley.
Several Council members were not pleased, however, the city was listed as a partner agency in a grant being pursued by the local advocacy group from the Partnership for a New American Economy, an immigration advocacy organization formed by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Vice Mayor Suzanne Hawkins noted the Magic Valley Refugee Advocates listed the city as a supporter before it had agreed to be a partner.
More here! Read it all!
The leader of the Magic Valley Refugee Advocates is Erika Willsey.  Here she makes a presentation of her support of the resettlement contractor in Twin Falls—the College of Southern Idaho.  Ms. Willsey is carrying the water for globalists Bloomberg, Murdoch and Hamdi Ulukaya/Chobani Yogurt (whether she knows it or not).

I urge all of you to be on the lookout for a similar attempt being made in your towns to use globalists’ grant money to put the business community in concert with the Leftist do-gooders to change your community and to work against your interests.
By the way, the next time you hear some big company boss moaning that they can’t find American workers—tell them they need to pay a decent wage and they will get them!

Nicholas Stix - VDare: Oscars, RIP: The Red, The Black, And The Nation Of Islam - Anti-White Marxism v sanity--this article names names. --tma

Wayne won only a single Oscar but never 'crybullied' about it.

The Oscar is the almost-90-year-old award that used to be the greatest honor in the motion picture industry. When, after a series of Affirmative Action nominations and wins, no blacks were nominated for the 2015 acting awards for the second straight year, black cry bullies Spike Lee, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Will Smith (Pinkett Smith’s husband), threatened to “boycott” the February 28 Oscar presentation. They simply asserted that a lack of black nominees was proof of “racism.” The Academy immediately prostrated itself, announcing that it would make itself “less male and less white,” in other words, engage in the kind of reverse racism and sexism Americans were promised would not happen if 1964 U.S. Civil Rights Act passed ...,

RR Watch - Bottom Line - You don't pay for 'refugee' resettlement = pack of lies. You pay for: Feds, UN, contractors & local mega-costs forever. --tma

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 29, 2016
Over and over again we hear from political leaders and grassroots organizers looking to bring refugees into new (unsuspecting) communities that this is a federal program funded by the feds.  (LOL! as if Washington has an orchard of money trees!)
However, this short model letter-to-the-editor in Tennessee quickly dispels the notion that the resettlement of refugees in your town will cost you nothing.
don-barnett (1)
Don Barnett, a resident of Tennessee, is a longtime expert on the US Refugee Admissions Program, and is a fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies.
The letter, by Don Barnett of Nashville, is in response to the debate on-going in the State Legislature which we reported recently, here.  Tennessee is a Wilson-Fish state (a state where a federal contractor, Catholic Charities of TN, is making decisions for the state taxpayers with no accountability to those elected to protect the state’s purse).
Barnett in The Tennessean (emphasis is mine):
The reporting on Senate Joint Resolution 467 is proof that, at the very least, something must be done to bring the refugee resettlement program out of the shadows.
So misunderstood and secretive is the program that contractors who profit from it are able to make blatantly false statements and be assured they will be reported as fact.
According to Tennessee’s state refugee coordinator, who is an employee of the main federal resettlement contractor, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, the program does not cost state taxpayers a dime.
But the contractors refuse to publicize the number of refugees they place into TennCare, a program paid for by state taxpayers as well as federal taxpayers. The last time they released this data, 2011, nearly 60 percent of refugees went into TennCare upon arrival.
The 2011 report of TennCare usage is consistent with national trends. According to the latest data available — a federal study of refugees who had been in the country five years or less as of 2013*** — 47 percent of refugees were dependent on cash assistance, 74 percent were in the food stamp program, and 56 percent were in Medicaid (TennCare) or short-term federal refugee medical assistance. Twenty-three percent were in public housing or receiving public housing assistance.
There is considerable evidence pointing to long-term dependence. The federal cash welfare program SSI is a good indicator of long-term welfare dependency rates. It is generally a lifetime entitlement and usually automatically includes Medicaid and other social services. The federal study of arrivals over the previous five years found that 21 percent of refugee families had one or more members receiving SSI.
For refugees from the Middle East, 91 percent of this population was on food stamps and 32 percent of families from this group had one or more members on SSI.
Is there really no cost to the state? And what about those costs to the federal government?
This is a letter you should use as a model where you live. Not mentioned by Barnett are the costs to local and state taxpayers to educate the children and the costs to the criminal justice system (for even minor legal infractions involving court interpreters).
***The report referenced here is the Office of Refugee Resettlement Annual Report to Congress for 2013.  You can find all of the very useful reports (as of today) through 2013, here.  But once again, the ORR is breaking the law!  As of January 31, 2016 they are TWO years behind in sending reports to Congress.

Where are the reports?

In December, Senator Jeff Sessions and Rep. Marsha Blackburn sent a letter to ORR wanting them to deliver the 2014 report, see here.  And, since reports to Congress are legally required to be delivered 3 months after the close of the fiscal year, ORR should now be providing the report for 2015 as well.  Are they hiding something at ORR or is it just sheer incompetence and mismanagement? It certainly looks like a (excuse the expression) middle finger to Congress.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Weekly Standard: Biden Apologizes to Mexico for GOP Comments - in 2007, Biden called Mexico a "dysfunctional society" - Sums it up nicely that Dems want to apologize to nations invading us. --tma

CNN reports that on Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden spoke in Mexico City and "came close to offering an apology for comments made by Republicans about Mexico and Mexican immigrants on the campaign trail."
"I almost feel obliged to apologize for some of what my political colleagues said," Biden said alongside Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto. "It's a heated campaign season and I just want you to know, Mr. President, that the most heated rhetoric you've heard from competitors for the nomination for president is not who we are as the American people. It is not the view that is the view of the majority of the American people. It's the exact opposite. It's the opposite view."

But in 2007, Biden called Mexico a "dysfunctional society." ...

John Grimaldi - AMAC: "There’s Confusion, Left and Right, Among Primary Voters This Year - In other words, AMAC is an open-borders Neocon operation posing as a conservative organization helping seniors. --tma

Image result for AMAC

WASHINGTON, DC, Feb 26 – “The Presidential Primary Campaigns have created an atmosphere of confusion on both the right and the left.  The popularity of Socialist contender Bernie Sanders has certainly taken Liberal Hillary Clinton by surprise in the Democratic races.  For Republicans, the search is on for the candidate who is the real Conservative,” according to Dan Weber, president of the Association of Mature American Citizens.

AMAC doesn’t endorse candidates but it does endorse the concept of Conservativism “and after eight years of an ultra-Liberal administration, the country appears to want to steer the ship of state to starboard, to set us on the right course.”  But it may not be so easy to tell who the real Conservatives in the 2016 field are, he says.

Robert Charles, a veteran of both the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush administrations, recently published an essay at Townhall Magazine entitled How Should a Conservative Vote? in which he offered his views on how to sort out the Republican candidates.

Charles, who is a senior consultant to AMAC, believes that you can’t go wrong by taking the advice of Russell Kirk whom, he says, is the Father of Modern Conservatism.  In 1953, when the Conservative Movement in the U.S. was in its infancy, Kirk published his book, The Conservative Mind, which “described the existence of a coherent, connected tradition of conservative thinking, going back at least two hundred years, according to Lee Edwards, Ph.D., a prominent historian.

Based on Kirk’s philosophy, Charles suggests that we ask ourselves these questions to determine whose ticket you’ll be punching at the ballot box: “Are you thinking hard about what you are doing, not just feeling the satisfaction of slashing at what is despised?  Are you thinking about who can work within our complex constitutional system, to thoughtfully change what we do not like?  Are you thinking about who personifies prudence – not the mad dash to a seemingly simple answer?  Are you a real conservative, drawing your convictions from faith and duty, patience and history?  Or are you just another French Revolutionary, willing to take the boat over the falls, destroying what we all value in the process? In short, are you thinking about who may lead wisely, not just with passion?”

Weber says that his colleague’s advice is sound, particularly in this year’s primary campaigns marked by “bombast and name-calling” and little in the way of thoughtful positioning.  As Charles put it in his article, the AMAC chief noted, “keep your eyes on ‘long run consequences’ and not just ‘temporary advantage or popularity.’  Why?  Because ‘liberals and radicals … are imprudent.’  You will know their nature because ‘they dash at their objectives without giving much heed to the risk of new abuses worse than the evils they hope to sweep away.’

- - -

     I'm sure it was old news to many, but my first hint (like a ball-peen hammer on the head) that AMAC was not truly conservative, but a Neocon operation was when they first introduced the presidential candidates in their monthly magazine. Very subtle: The photos of the other candidates were on the flattering side, while the trump photo was obviously chosen to be a bad one. The summaries of the other candidates were all in a positive light, while trump's had several critical zingers. 

     Now the above emailed article that manages to snicker various criticisms of Trump while not actually uttering his name. All objective, all arm's-length, highly intellectual, dontcha know. Oh brother.

     What drives the Neocons batty is that most Republicans are NOT looking for who is the purest "conservative," who knows most about the Interstate Commerce Clause or was one of the founders of the NRA, etc, but who is most likely to stop the never ending tsunami of illegal migrants, bring jobs back home and stop these ever more bizarre anti-American trade deals.

     However the above AMAC article was wonderfully, unintentionally informative in a different way. Republicans who don't want open borders, don't want their family members killed by illegal aliens, don't want jobs shipped overseas, don't want economy killing trade deals, etc, are thought by AMAC and the rest of our ruling elites to be wild-eyed "French Revolutionaries." 

     However, in a way, maybe we are, since we are living in a time when plain old common sense is considered revolutionary to our Open-Borders Overlords--who really need to finally be taken down by voters, voters of both parties who still care about saving our beloved Historic American Nation.

The Hill - Trump gets first Senate endorsement: Jeff Sessions [link to video clip at bottom of blog entry]

Donald Trump received his first Senate endorsement at a rally Sunday evening in Alabama, just two days before Super Tuesday.
In a surprise appearance in Huntsville, Ala., Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions delivered a long-anticipated endorsement just ahead of his home state’s primary
“I am pleased to endorse Donald Trump for president,” Sessions said to a crowd that Trump described as the “biggest crowd of the political season,” tallied at about 32,000.
“I told Donald Trump, this isn’t a campaign, this a movement,” the Alabama senator and Tea Party favorite said to wild applause upon taking the stage. “I believe that the movement is afoot, that must not fade away. It has the potential to have the American people’s voices heard for a change.”
Sessions’s endorsement is the latest sign that Trump’s candidacy is gaining momentum within the GOP’s establishment. He spoke for just a few minutes before ceding the stage to the front-runner. Trump received his first two congressional endorsements last week, as well as the backing of two Republican governors — most notably, former GOP presidential rival Chris Christie of New Jersey. ...

Paul Bradley - European Canada: Odd Man Out: The Singular Political Stylings Of Justin Trudeau - "Justin’s fervent dedication to all-things-global and a corresponding antipathy toward all that is traditionally Canadian"

Justin Trudeau is a man of the people. This in itself, cannot be questioned. What can be questioned, however, is whether or not our current Prime Minister is a man of the Canadian people.

Barely four months into a four-year term, Justin Trudeau has quickly established himself as the most atypical prime minister in Canadian history. Only Justin’s father, former Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, comes close — although Trudeau Sr. was subtle enough to hide his lack of respect for general public opinion.

Justin Trudeau, however, has all the subtlety of a sand blaster. Oblivious to the desires of the general public — at least the ones born and raised upon Canadian soil — Trudeau the younger is brazen in his quest to redefine our society based upon little more than subjective feelings and personal moral standards.

Whether playing global ambassador to U.N. leader Ban-Ki Moon, international playboy to Melinda Gates, or speaker du-jour at Revival Of The Islamic Spirit conferences, Justin Trudeau is all about the other. Unfortunately for 35 million Canadians, they are not part of the “other”— they are part of Canada — the entity our pin-up Prime Minister appeared to care about previous to winning the last federal election.

Since that time, Justin and his Liberals have broken just about every major campaign promise made while running for office. Deficit projections, marijuana legislation, refugee quotas — you name it and the Liberals have broken it.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what is on Justin’s mind at any given time. In fact, the only thing we can be sure of is what is not on his mind — namely, millions of “generational” Canadian-born citizens, who just happen to comprise the largest demographic segment within our nation. Even more curious is his complete disregard for our English and French Canadian heritage Thus far, Justin has yet to publicly reference or acknowledge the two founding peoples of our country. Perhaps he believes that if he ignores them long enough, they will go away. ...

The Hill - Super Tuesday Scorecard: Big night possible for Donald Trump

Trump could potentially sweep all of Alabama’s delegates even though it’s not a winner-take-all state.
A poll released this week from Birmingham-based Republican consulting firm Master Image found Trump at 36 percent, followed by Rubio at 19 percent and Cruz at 12 percent.

If that were the final vote it would be devastating to Trump’s rivals: Alabama requires a candidate to win at least 20 percent of the vote to qualify for the state’s 26 at-large delegates.

Others could still nab a few delegates at the district level, but these will be heavily weighted in the winner’s favor.

Perhaps sensing defeat in a state that once represented a critical block in his Southern firewall, Cruz canceled the lone appearance he had scheduled in Alabama this week.

Rubio has several upcoming stops planned in the state as he seeks to claw above the 20 percent threshold. ...

None of the candidates is spending any time or resources in Alaska, and the caucuses are notoriously difficult to survey.

An Alaska Dispatch-Ivan Moore poll taken in January found Trump at 28 percent and Cruz at 24 percent. Rubio, Kasich and Carson were each in single digits. The state has a 13 percent statewide threshold for delegates.

Arkansas is lining up to be a competitive race and could be an opportunity for Cruz or Rubio to steal a victory and limit Trump's total delegates. ...

RR Watch: China takes no Syrian refugees for several important (sensible!) reasons - "Maybe those Chinese are pretty smart! They haven’t fallen for the huddled masses propaganda! They know they need to take care of their own people!"

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 28, 2016
This article at Foreign Policy is a must read.
Problems with their Muslim Uighurs is one reason China is not eager to invite more Islamists to China.
Why aren’t the Chinese on the bandwagon for multiculturalism and “inclusion?”  The most important reason may well be the last one given in this very informative story:
China’s narrative of nationhood is more static and exclusive. It emphasizes shared history and common heritage.
Clearly they haven’t fallen for the ‘diversity is strength’ meme unlike the political Left (their soulmates) in America and in Europe!
Here are a few snips about some of the other reasons they are NOT WELCOMING the stranger.
First, Chinese leaders say the turmoil in the Middle East is our fault:
Chinese authorities argue that Western countries caused the meltdown in Syria that resulted in the mass exodus, making its resolution their responsibility.
Chinese political ideology actively discourages the acceptance of non-Chinese migrants: non-interference in other countries domestic affairs is the cornerstone of its foreign policy, and accepting refugees is often viewed as demonstrating a political preference of the country of origin. Beijing even claims its foreign aid has “no political strings attached.” Unlike major western powers, China vehemently opposed external interference in Syria — in particular military intervention. By taking in refugees from the region, China could risk forsaking its diplomatic principle and partaking in the fallout of a failed Middle East policy against which it had tried to warn the West.
There’s also little public support for refugee resettlement.
Mirroring the concerns of some in Europe and the United States, religion is also a factor. Islam is one of the religions whose practice is permitted in China, albeit with many preconditions.
Lots more useful information, read it all.
Maybe those Chinese are pretty smart! They haven’t fallen for the huddled masses propaganda!  They know they need to take care of their own people!

Bill Clinton Tells U.S. Marine Vet To Sit Down And Shut Up - on Benghazi

Ex-President Bill Clinton got into a heated confrontation with a man who identified himself as a U.S. Marine during a campaign appearance yesterday in Bluffton, South Carolina.

The all-important South Carolina primary for the Democrats, in which front-runner Hillary Clinton squares off against Bernie Sanders, is today.

“Clinton was interrupted by the protester while he was discussing his experiences during 9/11, part of a speech he was giving for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign,” CNN reported. ...

American Resistance: Fox News, Rupert Murdoch agreed to manipulate viewers on amnesty issue


It is too late (I think) for Marco Rubio’s political career, but if any particular group is tagged with doing him in, it is those Senators (Schumer, McCain, Graham) he joined in his foolish ‘Gang of Eight’ venture and the leadership at Fox News! ...

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tom Sunic - TOO: Where is Prince Eugene? Multicultural Madness and the End of Europe

Below is my text-speech translated from the German original into English, delivered on February 20, 2016 in the Austrian city of Klagenfurt, at a rally against non-European migration. The anti-immigrant demonstration was organized by “the Identitarians” (IB) (Identitäre Bewegung), a rapidly growing cultural-political movement in Austria  The IB rally was attended by approximately 700 people from all walks of life and all ages, including groups of younger people from Croatia and Slovenia. Approximately 100 police cordoned off the IB rally to keep them apart from the approximately 150 antifascist (“Antifa”) demonstrators marching several hundred yards away. My speech in the German language was held on the steps of the entrance to the city hall and lasted 30 minutes. The Antifa protesters, who could neither be seen nor heard from where I stood, were holding some posters including the one with the Yugoslav communist flag which read “Tito proved how to take out the Nazis” — a vicious threat indeed. Next day I emailed a letter to the mayor of Klagenfurt and to the Austrian federal police with the copies sent to hundreds of different media outlets and politicians in Austria, complaining about the Antifa deaths threats against the IB rally participants. However, during the IB rally no incidents were reported. The Austrian mainstream media, other than the Antifa websites, reported relatively objectively about the entire affair. ...

James Kirkpatrick - VDare:Conservatism Inc. Has Learned Nothing From The Fall of ¡Jeb!—Too Bad - "If Trump conquers the GOP in the name of frustrated nationalists and patriotic conservatives, the Beltway Right can’t say they weren’t warned."

In retrospect, it all looks so inevitable. Jeb Bush’s campaign failed because he was a “woeful candidate”.  [Who killed Jeb Bush’s Campaign? Jeb Didby John Cassidy, The New Yorker, February 22, 2016] His staff blundered with an “epic misread of a GOP base hostile to any establishment candidate, especially one with hisbaggage-weighted last name”. [Inside Jeb Bush’s $150 Million Failureby Eli Stokols, Politico, February 20, 2016]And Jeb was a “fundamentally miscast” man who never really had a chance [Jeb Bush never really had a chance in the 2016 presidential raceby Chris Cillizza, Washington Post, February 21, 2016].
That’s what they say now. But the truth is that Jeb Bush was an entirely viable frontrunner. The smart-money prediction a year ago was that a center-right candidate with party backing and deep pockets could lock up the nomination. This is traditionally how it works in the Republican Party. As Politico’s Mike Allen memorably put it a year ago, “barring a major disruption in the force field” the candidate would be Jeb Bush. [PlaybookFebruary 25, 2015] ...

Short Video - Jared Taylor - AmRen: Who Are We? - A special term was never needed before for Whites who are not suicidal.

Who Are We?


IBT: Rohingya refugee crisis - West doesn't have enough Africans and Latin Americans--now sends rescue ship to Bay of Bengal. --tma

moas phoenix

A rescue ship credited with saving thousands of migrants stranded in the Mediterranean Sea is to embark on a new mission in south-east Asia. The MY Phoenix, owned by charity Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS), has been used to rescue almost 13,000 people making the perilous journey from north Africa and the Middle East to Europe.

But now its crew is sailing the 40-foot vessel to the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, where it will spend four weeks helping rescue Rohingya refugees. Last year tens of thousands of migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh attempted dangerous sea crossings to reach Malaysia and Indonesia.

Starting on 3 March, the Phoenix hopes to coordinate with local coast guards, navies and local NGOs to track, monitor and, if required, rescue migrants. It will also employ the use of long-distance drones to measure ship movements, hoping to use data to improve future handling of the crisis. ...

RR Watch: European pressure cooker could blow any time now as countries unilaterally close borders - Main culprit is EU (nutty European Utopia) but so sad to see Greece reduced to a helpless baby. --tma

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 27, 2016

Invasion of Europe news….

A major crisis is at hand as the Balkan countries close their borders (following Austria’s lead).
Because there is no serious will to do so, there is nothing to effectively stop the flow of illegal migrants into Greece from Turkey. Greek leaders fear their country will become one big refugee camp as the migrants cannot move toward Germany (the country whose streets they believe are paved with gold!).
Here is the story at the Malta Independent.  And below is a screen shot of the flow yesterday showing 2,972 came in from Turkey but the flow northward has all but stopped.
Go to the interactive map and move the courser back over the last month to see the astounding numbers that were moving into Austria and then Germany in recent weeks.

Screenshot (26)

The rift over how to handle Europe’s immigration crisis ripped wide open Friday. As nations along the Balkans migrant route took more unilateral actions to shut down their borders, diplomats from EU nations bordering the Mediterranean rallied around Greece, the epicenter of the crisis.
Cypriot Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides – speaking on behalf of colleagues from France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Malta and Greece – said decisions on how to deal with the migrant influx that have already been made by the 28-nation bloc cannot be implemented selectively by some countries.
“This issue is testing our unity and ability to handle it,” Kasoulides told a news conference after an EU Mediterranean Group meeting. “The EU Med Group are the front-line states and we all share the view that unilateral actions cannot be a solution to this crisis.”
The Greek government is blaming Austria – a fellow member of Europe’s passport-free Schengen Area – for the flare-up in the crisis. Austria imposed strict border restrictions last week, creating a domino effect as those controls were also implemented by Balkan countries further south along the Balkans migration route.
Thousands of migrants are pouring into Greece every day and officials fear the country could turn into “a giant refugee camp” if they are unable to move north due to borders closures.
Continue reading here.  What a mess!
Go here for all of our ‘Invasion of Europe’ news.