Sunday, August 28, 2011

‘Back from the Future’ Staring Ilana Mercer: 'Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa' (On the other hand, some disappointing neocon views . . .)

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Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from post-Apartheid South Africa is a polemical work anchored in history, reality, fact, and the political philosophy of classical liberalism. It is a manifesto against mass society, arguing against raw, ripe, democracy, here (in the US), there (in South Africa), and everywhere. Into the Cannibal's Pot follows Russell Kirk's contention that true freedom can be found only within the framework of a social order. It is a reminder that, however imperfect, civilized societies are fragile. They can, and will, crumble in culturally inhospitable climes. The tyranny of political correctness, so unique to the West plays a role in their near-collapse. Advanced societies don't just die; they either wither from within, or, like South Africa, are finished off by other western societies. Ilana Mercer delivers a compelling book; it is required reading for thinking people who care about the destiny of western civilization. --Amazon

     Imagine if we were lucky enough to have someone magically travel back through time from some unimaginably devastated future to calmly, bravely and articulately warn us that we must change our fatal ways in line with reality while we still can in order to save ourselves, our civilization and our own great-grandkids. Well, we are just that lucky to have such a magical messenger in our midst, in the person of the brilliant and talented Ilana Mercer, by way of her fascinatingly horrific, well documented and superb “Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa ” Still, she gives us hope, because knowledge is power, if we will only find the courage to use it, an Ilana-Mercer caliber of courage.

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     Much of my admiration still stands, but several months after I wrote the above, I became aware of Mercer's various neocon statements. Of course, that's were the money is--definitely not in race realism. The neocons somehow make themselves believe that places like South Africa or Detroit are completely or almost completely explained by failed liberal programs, so they are as much deniers of inherent racial differences as 'liberals.' 

     Do we really believe that dysfunctional violent corrupt pestholes like Zimbabwe, Nigeria or Haiti are simply the result of failed liberal programs and that deregulation and electing a modern-day Ronald Reagan would eventually mean nice clean green quiet industrious low-crime societies? 

     Only heard her quoted, but on a broadcast of the 'Political Cesspool' Mercer, about race realism and saving Whites from demographic extinction, said something close to 'race is not an effective basis for the organization of society.' Well, what I would say to Mercer is not to worry, because race, with thousands of years of natural selection behind it, always will be the basis for the organization of societies, whether perpetually well-meaning and naive White people want to deny it or not. --5/8/2014