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AmRen - Jared Taylor Review on Shelby Steele's 'Shame' : What Explains the Black-White Divide? - "This book, like so many others, falls apart logically because it refuses to face up to race differences in ability."

What Explains the Black-White Divide?

A black conservative’s diagnosis.
Shelby Steele, Shame: How America’s Past Sins Have Polarized the Country, Basic Books, 2015, $25.99, 198 pp.
Every few years we can count on Shelby Steele for a thoughtful analysis of the American dilemma, and Shame, his latest offering, does not disappoint. Dr. Steele, who has been a Hoover Institution fellow since 1994, is one of that distinguished handful of blacks who despise the victim identity, and who insist that blacks must rise or fall according to their merits. He is also a keen observer of whites–having a white mother and a white wife probably helps–and ruthlessly dissects their motives. ...

RR Watch - Ann Corcoran Spartanburg, SC update: Citizens want resettlement agency/feds to present a plan to the community for public review and discussion - These refugee resettlement contractor so-called charities "are virtually an arm of the federal government!"

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Spartanburg, SC update: Citizens want resettlement agency/feds to present a plan to the community for public review and discussion

Our recent post on an announcement that federal refugee resettlement contractor World Relief (National Assoc. of Evangelicals) plans to begin resettling third world refugees (they mention Syrians, Congolese and Bhutanese) in Spartanburg, South Carolina very soon, was one of the top-read posts of all time here at RRW.

Chris Pollard (right) the founder of Come Closer Spartanburg. So why isn’t it enough to minister to, and care for, the American impoverished people already living in Spartanburg? Is it because the refugees bring federal dollars with them? What was it Christ said about Caesar’s money? Photo at twitter:
The local organization that US State Department contractor World Relief  has chosen to funnel funds to is ‘Come Closer Spartanburg’ organized by Pastor Chris Pollard.   According to ‘Come Closer’s’ website the Pastor Jason Lee, who will be employed by World Relief/US State Department to run the resettlement in Spartanburg, recently received training at World Relief headquarters in Baltimore, MD.
Jason will be traveling to World Relief Home Office in Baltimore, Maryland, for orientation and training during the month of March.
By the way, we learned that the plan for “seeding” refugees in Spartanburg had been in the works for some time before the citizens of the small city were ever informed.
The federal contractor (one of nine major contractors), World Relief, is approximately 68% taxpayer funded (2012 Form 990) as we reported here.  That is not as awful as some of the others that are 98-99% funded by you, but nevertheless, little of their “Christian charitable” work with refugees comes from private charity. They are virtually an arm of the federal government!  
They couldn’t exist at all without the massive infusion of federal dollars (approaching $39 million for World Relief in 2012).
Every new town or city faced with a proposal to become a refugee resettlement site, please pay attention. 
You must insist, as citizens in Spartanburg are doing, that the federal government, its contractors and subcontractors prepare a comprehensive impact statement for your town as Ms. Jeffrey does yesterday at the Herald-Journal.
If they can’t sell the plan to the community with all the facts in plain view, then the resettlement plan isn't one your town or city should accept.
Christina Jeffrey (emphasis is mine):
Recently, I was surprised to learn that there is a “Spartanburg faith group to help refugees resettle here,” (Herald-Journal, March 9 edition). Apparently an invitation was given a year ago to a refugee contractor, World Relief, to set up an office in Spartanburg and begin receiving refugees.
According to Herald-Journal staff writer Kim Kimzey’s article, a community group called Come Closer Spartanburg issued the invitation to World Relief. On its website, Come Closer Spartanburg describes the city of Spartanburg as “home to what has been identified as the fifth most dangerous neighborhood in the United States. We have extremely high rates of unemployment, poverty and domestic violence. Overall, we were recently listed as the fourth most ‘miserable’ city to live in our country. It does not take long to realize that we are a city in need of transformation.”

Christina Jeffrey: Federal contractor must prepare impact statement before resettlement of refugees.
The group must believe that bringing refugees here will help transform what in its opinion is a poor, benighted city. But the question has to be asked: How can we be assured that this transformation will make Spartanburg safer? I, too, am concerned about safety in Spartanburg and somewhat alarmed by some of the statistics we've seen in recent years about crime in our area.
I looked into the issue of refugees and how they are being vetted. Refugees are identified by an agency of the United Nations, and the State Department has agreed to take 9,000 this year (with 500 already here) from Syria alone. The United Nations expects the number of refugees fleeing the violence in Syria to reach 4.27 million by December, and these refugees are now the largest group under the U.N. refugee agency’s mandate. Recently, Michael Steinbach, assistant director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, told the House Homeland Security Committee that there is no way to properly vet these refugees from Syria.
On March 16, I attended the South Carolina National Security Conference in Columbia. At the conference, there was a great deal of discussion about the refugee resettlement program and the problems it is causing for American communities.
Apparently contractors are well paid by the State Department to settle refugees, but after six months the newcomers are often on their own. If they settle here, the residents and taxpayers of Spartanburg County may be on their own to figure out how to help them, because by then World Relief may be taking care of a new crop of refugees.
Looking at other U.S. cities with new refugee communities, it appears that contractors often keep sending refugees to the same place until there is a community within a community. Unassimilated communities have created problems in Europe, and we are beginning to have similar problems here in the United States (witness Milwaukee, Wis., and Lewiston, Maine).  [Minneapolis and St. Cloud, MN are really feeling the strain with an onslaught of Somali refugees.  And remember!  No matter what the contractor promises, your community is NOT GOING TO CHOOSE THE ETHNIC GROUPS YOU WILL GET!—Ed]
If our county is going to sponsor refugees, then the director of the new World Relief settlement office in Spartanburg, Come Closer Spartanburg and anyone or any group behind this project should work together on a plan for resettling any refugees they are expecting to bring here.
It is only fair to the refugees as well as the people of Spartanburg to have a detailed plan for the settlement and to provide impact statements for us. Impact statements should include plans for housing, transportation, county schools, employment, health care, skills training, social services, public safety, etc.
When World Relief and its allies have their master settlement plan (and impact statements) ready for public inspection, it would be appropriate for the City Council and County Council, along with our legislative delegation, to call a meeting to present this information to the people of Spartanburg and allow us to ask questions and learn more about how the plan will affect us, our families and our communities.
Failing to plan is planning to fail.
Be sure to see our first post on Spartanburg, with updates, here.   And, if you are getting wind of your town being targeted, please see ‘Ten things your town needs to know,’ here.

VDare - James Kirkpatrick: Illegals Feel Betrayed By Obama Even Now, So What Chance Do Republicans Have? - Even the likes of Jeb Bush?

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Illegals Feel Betrayed By Obama Even Now, So What Chance Do Republicans Have?

Even after President Barack Obama more or less single-handedly destroyed immigration law enforcement in the United States, illegals still feel he needs to do more.
The heady sense of victory immigrant rights activists had last year after President Obama announced his deportation amnesty has faded in recent weeks as the advocates sense they’ve lost ground among the very Democratic leaders they were counting on to deliver at the national and state levels.
The latest blow came over the weekend in New York, where Gov. Andrew Cuomo has scrapped plans for a state-level Dream Act granting in-state tuition to illegal immigrants as part of the budget — spawning a hunger strike from young illegal immigrants who expected him to come through.
Nationally, meanwhile, Mr. Obama is taking fire after his immigration service earlier this month deported a Mennonite pastor with American citizen children who had been living without authorization for years, but who came to agents’ attention because of a drunken driving conviction from the 1990s.
Activists said that deportation broke the rules Mr. Obama himself laid out in November, when he said he wanted to kick out “felons, not families.”
“It goes to who really are our champions. That’s disillusioning a lot of the electorate,” said Cesar Vargas, co-director of the Dream Action Coalition. “Democrats would like to make people believe that Republicans have a Latino problem. Well, Democrats are definitely facing a Latino problem that many of them aren’t even aware of.”
[‘Dreamers’ despair as Obama, Democrats abandon immigration activists, by Stephen Dinan, The Washington Times, March 30, 2015]
Implicit in all the Republican scheming that they can “cut a deal” to “get past” the immigration issue is the idea that they will receive some kind of credit for compromising.  Here, we have President Obama, who by his own admission violated the law when he unilaterally enacted a de facto amnesty for millions of illegals.  And he’s still being called a traitor to the “Latino population.”
What chance does any Republican have?  Even the likes of Jeb Bush

RR Watch - Ann Corcoran - St. Cloud propaganda program: Why you should hire a Somali, or is it really, why you shouldn't! - Hire a Somali Today! But don't look over their shoulder, shake hands or make eye contact--You dummy! --tma

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St. Cloud propaganda program: Why you should hire a Somali, or is it really, why you shouldn't!

Just as the chaos was coming to a head at Tech High School in St. Cloud over the last ten days or so, a couple of employment specialists held a seminar on hiring St. Cloud Somalis (they are more mature we are told).
As you read this see if you react the way I did!  Note in this politically correct “news” story at the St. Cloud Times it is all about how YOU must adjust to Somalis and their Islamic ‘faith’ and nothing about how Somalis must learn to live in America and assimilate!   (Go back and look at that Christian Science Monitor article from Kenya I just posted where all the compromise must come from the infidel side and none from the Muslim side of the supposed goal of “coexisting.”)

Kathy doesn’t get it as she promotes the quiet jihad. Stearns-Benton Employment and Training Council Director Kathy Zavala gave tips on how to interact with Somalis. How about the tips for Somalis on how to interact with Americans? Photo:
The St. Cloud Times reporter, Vicki Ikeogu, apparently doesn’t see what I see!
Members of the St. Cloud business community had the opportunity to learn about Somali culture and workforce at Thursday’s East African Presentation and Job Fair.
The two-hour joint presentation by Language Bank Operations Manager Abdul Kulane and Stearns-Benton Employment and Training Council Director Kathy Zavala provided employers with basic knowledge about Somali people and tips on how to interact with this growing population.
What the heck does this mean?  Somalis will help “connect us to the world economy?” 
You know they say this stuff as if they are dispensing words of wisdom?  What world economy?  Do they mean Somalis send the money they receive from America out of the country and to Somalia as remittances?  How does that help Americans?
“The bottom line opportunity is immigrants are financial contributors, entrepreneurs, workers and consumers and help connect us to the world economy,” Zavala said.
Zavala said approximately 6 percent of people living in St. Cloud are foreign born, with over 25 percent of foreign-born citizens coming from Africa. [So what is the unemployment rate among the foreign-born in St. Cloud and the American-born in St. Cloud?  I’d like to know!—ed]
“If you look at the demographics, we need to understand where our workforce is coming from and how they can contribute to our economy in order to sustain our community,” Zavala said.  [We can’t do it without Somalis?—ed]
This section should have a subheading:  Why you shouldn’t hire a Somali Muslim!

They don’t want anyone looking over their shoulder as they work:
Kulane said for many Somalis, being entrusted with a job has a religious connotation as well. According to social norms, some Somalis do not like someone watching over their shoulder, he said. In Somali culture, it signals a lack of confidence in their abilities.
The women won’t be making eye contact or shaking your hand:
Cultural interactions such as eye contact and handshaking were also discussed.
Religion is most important to them and they will want special break times during work to practice their ‘religion’ (get used to it!).  And, there is a special way you must communicate with these special people:
A brief introduction to Islam was provided, allowing for employers to learn about the importance of prayer and fasting to many Somali people. There were tips for starting a conversation with the Somali workers on these topics.
Just imagine the hell that would break loose if there were job seminars like this one and employers were told how to converse with Catholics and Jews about their religion on the job!
See our extensive St. Cloud archive here.  Thank the Lutherans!
And one more thing!  Did you see this short news story about a 19-year-old Somali high school student who threatened to attack a Tech High security guard in an incident unrelated (we are told) to the demonstration that happened the same day!
A St. Cloud man was arrested Wednesday afternoon at St. Cloud Technical High School after he pushed and threatened to assault a school security employee, according to St. Cloud Police.
Police officers were called to the school at 1:52 p.m. after a report that Redwan Mahamed Shire, 19, had become disorderly, authorities said. Police say the incident does not appear to be related to a protest that was going on at the same time outside the school.

Daily Caller: Muslims Murder Little Boy For Attending Boston Marathon - And don't forget to 'Celebrate Diversity!' (and open borders) --tma

Muslims Murder Little Boy For Attending Boston Marathon

The United States rested its case against Rolling Stone cover boy Dzhokar Tsarnaev today. The court heard the most detailed description yet of what that bomb did to a little kid named Martin Richard.
WARNING: The following description of Richard’s fatal injuries is graphic.
Martin Richard, an 8-year-boy who once urged people in a school project to “stop hurting each other,” was literally blown apart by a homemade bomb as he watched the 2013 Boston Marathon with his family, jurors heard Monday…
Henry Neilds, Boston’s chief medical examiner, said no part of the boy’s 69-pound body was left untouched by the blast, which severed his spinal cord and tore through his abdominal aorta, causing him to bleed to death in minutes…
He said the bomb severed Martin’s spinal cord; severed and exposed his lower intestines; ruptured his stomach; nicked or tore his liver, left kidney and adrenal gland; tore off his left arm at the forearm; snapped a bone in his right left; fractured and exposed his ribs; and bruised a lung.
Martin had third-degree burns on his back, buttock and left calf. In addition, his body was covered with scrapes, bruises and perforations from blast debris.
He was 8 years old. He went to watch the Boston Marathon with his family, and a couple of cowardly Islamic lunatics planted a bomb right next to him. He died in unimaginable agony, and his murderers believed it was Allah’s will.
Imagine Martin Richard was your child. Imagine standing over him and seeing him like that. Then look at the man who did it to him:
Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is pictured in an undated FBI handout photo
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RR Watch - Ann Corcoran: In refugee-saturated Buffalo, NY, violence leaves Burmese refugee paralyzed - "Is your town considering 'welcoming' refugees? If so remember you will need more funding, more police, more translators, etc. etc."

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In refugee-saturated Buffalo, NY, violence leaves Burmese refugee paralyzed

This is a story we have written before, not the specific refugee nor the specific city, but the story about violence perpetrated against refugees as the resettlement contractors overload poor neighborhoods with third world refugees (many of whom have lived protected lives in UN camps) who don’t know how to live among thugs who are not at all moved by the multi-culti myth that diversity brings strength.
There are too many diverse ethnic groups being dumped into cities across the country by Federal resettlement contractors (they call themselves VOLAGs. They are anything but Voluntary!) and the US State Department where the ‘humanitarians’ apparently believe that a melting pot still exists, melting will happen, and everyone will live happily ever after.
See our many posts on problems in Buffalo, NY, here.
By the way, Buffalo political leaders think the many immigrants are going to save their city.  But, be sure to check out what is happening in another New York city—Utica—-the town that “loves refugees” where the city has sued the state of New York for more tax payer funding as its school system is deteriorating due to a large influx of needy children from the third world.   Ten years ago, the UNHCR gave Utica the title and used their report on Utica as propaganda around the country to convince other towns and cities to “welcome” refugees.
From the Buffalo News:
Only after laborious therapy has the Burmese immigrant of Karen ethnicity regained movement in his right arm. The comfortable room is not in a hotel, but in Terrace View nursing home near Erie County Medical Center. Wah has been hospitalized since a mugging last June left him paralyzed, a disheartening symbol of the assaults and break-ins afflicting the immigrant population on Buffalo’s West Side.
Burmese refugee left paralyzed after beating in Buffalo.
The county executive last week celebrated the recent influx of immigrants, which has staunched the county’s three-decade population bleed. The other side of the immigrant story is K’Paw Wah. He was born and raised in a Thai refugee camp, after his parents fled from oppressive Burmese rulers. He and his two daughters four years ago followed his older brother to Buffalo.
Wah’s dream of freedom ended violently. Heading home from a West Side convenience store late one night, he was jumped by at least two men with, he recalled, “their faces covered.” The attackers, Wah told me in halting but clear English, threw him hard to the ground, breaking his neck.
Is your town considering “welcoming” refugees?

If so remember you will need more funding, more police, more translators, etc. etc.
Wah’s fate is the grimmest reminder of the fragility of the immigrant population. Buffalo’s West Side is the end point for Burmese, Somalis, Burundi and other newcomers. Circumstances render them vulnerable and tough to protect. Language barriers, a lack of translators and a distrust of police related to abuse in their homeland contribute to their problems. Critics say police and city officials have been slow to respond to the challenge. Dozens of frustrated Burmese went public with their complaints this month at a Common Council meeting.
Lisa Strand said similar community outreaches the past several months have spurred good-faith efforts from police.
“There’s recently been a lot of progress,” said Strand, attorney for Buffalo’s Legal Aid Bureau. “But the police need a formal translator-access plan and to grasp the larger scope of this.”
Who is responsible for overloading Buffalo with refugees?

Remember that we told you last week that Lutheran Social Service is responsible for the Somalis in St. Cloud, well, whew! look at this! We have five of the nine major contractors divvying up what must be a large flow of refugees to Buffalo (and LOL! I bet they each fight to keep their number of paying ‘clients’ up).  From the very handy US State Department list of subcontractors with offices in 180 or so US cities:
CWS (Church World Service)
NY-CWS-07: Journey’s End Refugee Services, Inc
Tri-Main Center, 2495 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14214-2152
DFMS (Episcopal Migration Ministries has changed its name to: Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society of the Protestant Episcopal Church in America)
NY-DFMS-07: Journey’s End Refugee Services, Inc
2459 Main Street, Suite 317
Buffalo, NY 14214
HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society which recently dropped the ‘Hebrew’ from its name!)
NY-HIAS-06: Jewish Family Service Of Buffalo And Erie County
70 Barker Street
Buffalo, NY 14209
USCCB (US Conference of Catholic Bishops)
NY-USCCB-02: Refugee Assistance Program Catholic Charities
20 Herkimer Street
Buffalo, NY 14213
USCRI (US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants)
NY-USCRI-02: International Institute Of Buffalo, Inc.
864 Delaware Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14209