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AP: Democrat O'Malley fails to qualify for Ohio's primary ballot - O'Malley became the hilarious poster boy for Multicultural Marxism when he apologized for saying "All lives matter." --tma

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley failed to qualify for Ohio's primary ballot after falling short of the signatures needed to appear before the state's voters, a spokesman for the state's elections chief said Thursday.
O'Malley needed 1,000 valid signatures to appear on the March 15 primary ballot. The former Maryland governor's campaign submitted 1,175 signatures, but only 772 were deemed valid, said Josh Eck, a spokesman for Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted.
O'Malley's campaign expressed disappointment, though it noted the candidate is on the ballot in 18 other states. ...
While this news is disappointing, we are exploring all of our options ...
     If O'Malley can't get 1,000 real signatures in the entire state of Ohio, what would those options be? Taking hostages? A major celebrity endorsement from the Insane Clown Posse? ...

Kersey - VDare: Dawn Of The Dead In America’s Malls—Courtesy Of Our Ruling Class


Tom Singleton, his wife Mary, and their son Dylan went shopping at the Monroeville Mall in Pennsylvania in February 2015. It almost cost them their lives. An argument between two black gangs ended in gunfire. As thugs like these are not known for their accuracy, it was the Singleton family that was shot. Tom’s femoral artery was severed and Mary was struck in the back. [Lawsuit alleges Monroeville Mall owners knew about security risks, by Kaitlin Zurawsky, WTAE, October 16, 2015] The suspect was exactly what you’d expect: black thug named Tarod Thornhill (right)  who, despite being only 17, loved posing as a criminal on social media and had a history of gun violations [Monroeville shooting suspect has record of gun violations, by Liz Navratil, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, February 10, 2015]

Monroeville Mall is famous because it was the setting for the 1978 filmDawn of the Dead. Director George Romero transformed the banal location into a scene of bloody horror. But in today’s America, slaughter and anarchy at a shopping mall is practically cliché. And after Christmas, once again, chaos erupted at shopping malls across America that could have easily led to the kind of violence inflicted on the Singleton family.
The largest riot took place at the Mall St. Matthews in a suburb of Louisville, Kentucky. Although the town is mostly white, thousands of “kids and teens” engaged in a giant brawl, forcing shoppers to find “safe havens” in stores to escape ...

Malkin - VDare - Defining Political Child Abuse: A Tale of Two Cruz Families - "kiddie human shield tactics" of US amnesty fanatics - Malkin: Cartoonist Ann Telnaes, a "disingenuous jerkette" with "Cruz Derangement Syndrome."


Remember 5-year-old Sophie Cruz?
Groomed for a year by an outfit called the “Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition,” Sophie is the ponytailed poster child for amnesty who was literally propped up in front of the pope during a September visit to Washington, D.C.
Latino activists brazenly bragged about training the first-grader before the visit and crafting a letter in her name pleading with the Catholic pontiff to help her rescue President Obama’s executive illegal immigrant amnesty program DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents), which was halted under federal court order on May.
In The Washington Post, a Harvard University professor praised the kiddie human shield tactics of the amnesty movement after Sophie’s stunt.
“Tactically really, it’s one of those moves that is just brilliant,”Roberto Gonzales [Email him]a Harvard University sociologist, told the Post reporter, Janell Ross. Ross marveled at the “power of personal narrative” and noted how the use of a child to deliver a political message had been “deployed to great effect.”
Sophie Cruz’s family now works with, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg‘s multi-million-dollar lobbying group, which just two weeks ago featured the girl in a high-profile ad campaign reading a fear-mongering script on “how her family would be ripped apart” if America got serious about deporting illegal border-crossers, visa overstayers, document fraudsters and criminal alien fugitives. ...

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

MSN: Bill Cosby Is Charged With Sexually Assaulting a Woman - 'Don't be silly, Miss, just gulp down this wine and quaaludes and YOU decide if I can put my mitts in your panties.' --tma

Andrea Constand

Bill Cosby was arrested and charged Wednesday with drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home 12 years ago–the first criminal case brought against the comedian out of the torrent of allegations that destroyed his good-guy image as America’s Dad.
The case sets the stage for perhaps the biggest Hollywood celebrity trial of the mobile-news era and could send the 78-year-old Cosby to prison in the twilight of his life and pioneering career.
Prosecutors accused him of plying former Temple University employee Andrea Constand with pills and wine, then penetrating her with his fingers without her consent, while she was drifting in and out of consciousness, unable to resist or cry out.
She was “frozen, paralyzed, unable to move,” Montgomery County District Attorney-elect Kevin Steele said. In court papers, prosecutors said the drugs were the cold medicine Benadryl or some other, unidentified substance. Steele noted that Cosby has admitted giving quaaludes to women he wanted to have sex with. ...

France 24 - Paris Attacks: Terrorist ‘Played Xylophone’ During Bataclan Massacre - Meanwhile Western leaders were playing the fiddle. --tma

Chilling details have emerged of the November 13 carnage at Paris nightspots as investigators continue to examine evidence from France’s worst-ever terrorist attacks.
The coordinated shootings and bomb blasts left 130 people dead and hundreds wounded in what President François Hollande described as an “act of war” planned by the Islamic State (IS) group from its base in Syria.
By far the largest loss of life occurred at the Bataclan concert hall, where American rock band Eagles of Death Metal were playing before a crowd of around 1,500 people.
Information from the judicial enquiry leaked to France’s Le Figaro newspaper suggests a deliberate plan to target the band, whose members fled the stage at the start of the shooting.
The three suicide bombers who attacked the concert hall reportedly screamed “Where is the singer? Where are the Yanks?” as they fired their Kalashnikov guns into the audience, killing 89 people. ...

The Right Stuff: White Identity Exists - "There is a common thread to all of us. Germans, Italians and Frenchmen can go to an Iberian colony and within a couple of generations be completely assimilated. Same with Anglo colonies."

There seems to be some criticism on some sectors of the alt-right, or if not the alt-right per se, individuals that are to the right of cucks, about White nationalism on the basis that there is no White nation or identity.
The main argument, they claim, is that historically there has been no such thing as "White culture" or "White identity". There is, they say, "German culture", "Irish culture", etc. Whites have never been a single bloc and have gladly killed and enslaved each other for centuries.
I will show that such arguments are not only wrong—worse, they're irrelevant.
Atomistic Fallacies
So first of all, if you're so eager to say that there's no White identity/culture/nation because what actually exists is German, Irish, Scottish etc. culture then I have to ask you what makes you think that there are such cultures too? The South of Germany is deeply Catholic, while the North is Protestant, and the two have very different cultures. The people in the Scottish Lowlands are very different from those of the Highlands, southern Italians are basically Third Worlders to the northerners, and don't even get me started with those fucking Catalonians in Spain.
So why is it that you're OK with saying there's a German culture and people when, clearly, there's no such thing? There are only Bavarians, Ostfrieslanders, people from the Han Stadts, etc. We could further divide this and say that the people from West Bavaria are not the same as East Bavarians. Or that there are some very different villages inside West Bavaria and that it's not accurate to use West Bavaria as an umbrella term to include them. Just keep going until you reach the point where there are only individuals and society is not real.
Common Threads to all Whites ...

John Highlands - TOO: A Breakthrough Year - "What the MSM does not understand yet is that Donald Trump can wipe the floor with Hillary Clinton."

2015 will go down in the history of the American Racial Right as a banner year: we finally began making good on the advice Alex Kurtagic articulated so well for our movement in his 2011 NPI speech, “Masters of the Universe.” His core message was that status, power and emotion matter more to our success or failure than do facts and reason.
Sure, much of the breakthrough this year has been due to Donald Trump, a man and a force that is implicitly White, not explicitly so. However, it’s vital to understand that very positive signs were developing in 2014 and early 2015 from within our movement, well before Trump’s campaign announcement this June. And even in regard to Trump, to quote a commenter at Chateau Heartiste, “Trump isn’t Trump. He’s Ron Paul too. The truth is trying to come out like a rat gnawing its way out of a snake that tried to eat it, gnawing its way to the light.”
In fact, though the discussion provokes controversy on our side, especially among our Old Guard, the increasing political radicalization of some Game websites like Chateau Heartiste was one of those signs of youthful optimism in the air back in 2014. This New Right intersection on sex-and-race has only begun to receive the extensive examination it deserves, but here I will just note that we are not a movement originating in slave morality, comforting the meek with notions that everyone’s sexual value and potential are equal. In any case, the most powerful message in Game is not fatalistic at all — rather, it’s that any man can improve himself and his relationships by using Game to become less meek. In the recent past, our movement has been absolutely desperate for confident men.  ...

Daily Mail: Anti-Islamist group PEGIDA knock Adele off the top of the German charts with a hymn called 'Together We’re Strong' that features no lyrics

- - -

Anti-Islam group PEGIDA's song has topped Amazon's download chart.

Together We Are Strong! is being sold to raise funds for the movement.

Made available to download from December 21 and has overtaken Adele.

[ ... ]

     Maybe this is Amazon Germany because it did not come up in a Search of Amazon Music app or at

Trump’s New Year’s resolution: ‘Help the veterans’

Breitbart - Marco Rubio Endorsement Brings Trey Gowdy’s Radical History on Immigration Into Spotlight - Birds of a feather ... - How did Gowdy fool 'conservatives' this long?

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Rep. Trey Gowdy’s (R-SC) endorsement of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) may shine an unwanted spotlight on the South Carolinian’s record of past radical statements on immigration and his aggressive support for donor class policies embraced by Sen. Rubio.

Gowdy’s extreme immigration declarations come in addition
to his long-standing support for donor-class Republican lawmakers. For instance, in a closed-door GOP leadership election in November of 2014, Gowdy seconded 
Rep. John Boehner (R-OH)
’s nomination as House Speaker. Similarly, Gowdy was the Congressman who nominated Paul Ryan for Speaker. According to Politico, Boehner “secretly urged Gowdy to run” for House Majority Leader.

At the height of the Rubio-Ryan amnesty push in 2013 — in the aftermath of President Obama’s profoundly controversial 2012 executive amnesty for DREAMers and at a time when illegal minors were continuing to pour across the border — Gowdy delivered a blanket pardon to the world’s alien youth to enter the country illegally. Gowdy declared: “When children wander into neighborhood yards, we don’t call that trespassing.” ...

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Colin Flaherty - American Thinker: D.C. NPR Family Another Victim of Black Violence and Denial - "an ironclad rule–not to report on the epidemic of black on white crime and black mob violence in Washington or anywhere else."

If Lori Kaplan depended only on her employers at NPR for news, she was probably surprised at the black mob violence that almost killed her white husband.
Kaplan is the Senior Director of Audience Research at NPR in downtown Washington, D.C. That is where she regularly meets her husband at the end of his evening commute on the Metro Red Line.
That is what she was recently doing when she received a text message from him: An “idiot gang” was acting belligerently in his train car, so he was going to move.
That was the last she heard from him until he got off the train: bloody, beaten, and dazed. With a broken jaw and missing teeth.
The Washington Post writer who covers commuting–not crime–picked up the story ...

Daily Beast: Hillary Clinton’s Tone-Deaf Racial Pandering - Another problem for White Dem leaders is Black demands escalating under Obama, many wanting White cops jailed or dead, plus fewer wanting to be represented by ANY Whites. --tma

Hillary Clinton’s minority outreach over the last week has rekindled the idea that she is a candidate who is out of touch, particularly when it comes to minorities. To many of us, her campaign’s insistence that she is an abuela for Latinos and the changing of her Twitter logo to represent Kwanzaa came across as pandering at its worst.
[ ... ]
Yet these gaffes also display an obstacle that liberal candidates will face in this election cycle. Minority voters not only want a candidate who understands and appreciates their culture, has the capacity to fight for their causes and create positive change, but also one who can successfully navigate the line between appreciation and appropriation. Republicans do not have the same obstacle since their candidates are focused on appealing to a primarily white electorate.
Clinton’s recent blog post on her official website “7 things Hillary Clinton has in common with your abuela was intended to show Latino voters how Clinton is similar to their abuela,or grandmother. Yet many Latinos on social media found this outreach attempt to be pandering, or Hispandering, to an important electorate. Many mentioned how her lifestyle as an affluent white American prevents her from understanding and relating to the true experiences of abuelas in America. ...

France24: No Christmas break in migrant flow to Italy - Italy has taken in some 320,000 Mediterranean boat people since the start of 2014. How intelligent! [sarc]

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No Christmas break in migrant flow to Italy

    © Guardia Costiera/AFP/File | In this video grab released by the Italian Coast Guards (Guardia Costiera) on December 24, 2015 migrants and refugees sit in a boat during a rescue operation, off the coast of Sicily

    ROME (AFP) - 
    Around 4,000 migrants and refugees were saved from waters between Italy and North Africa over the course of the Christmas weekend, with further rescue operations expected in the final days of an "exceptional" year, officials said Monday.
    The Italian coastguard said it had coordinated the rescue of more than 3,000 people over the holiday period while Norwegian ship Siem Pilot deposited 931 rescued people, including 26 minors, at Palermo, Sicily on Monday morning.
    Three suspected people traffickers, two Gambians and a Somalian, were arrested when the Norwegian boat, part of a European search-and-rescue mission, docked, according to Italian media.
    Coastguard commander Admiral Vincenzo Melone said: "Our efforts will continue in the coming days but we can already say that 2015 has been an exceptional year."
    Italy has taken in some 320,000 Mediterranean boat people since the start of 2014. This year however has seen the main focus of the migrant crisis shift to Greece with refugees from the Middle East arriving there via Turkey in much larger numbers. 
    Nearly one million migrants or asylum seekers have landed in Europe this year after setting off in boats from either Turkey or North Africa. ...

    James Kirkpatrick - VDare: George Will Is Right—Donald Trump IS A Threat, To Cuckservatism Inc.- "Republicans who fawn on Mexico want to fight Putin”

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    Just before Christmas, the Ghost of George Will Present (or whichever of his interns was writing his column that day) moaned that the real threat to American conservatism is Donald Trump: “Conservatives’ highest priority now must be to prevent Trump from winning the Republican nomination in this the GOP’s third epochal intra-party struggle in 104 years.” [Will Donald Trump End the GOP’s Role as America’ Conservative Party? National Review,December 23, 2015]. “Highest priority”? What does this say about “conservatives”—let alone Will?
    Apparently Will was furious that Trump didn’t immediately denounce and condemn Vladimir Putin after he praised The Donald as “bright and talented.” It’s strange how Putin serves as a kind of trigger for the cuckservatives. The Kirkpatrick Corollary (“Republicans who fawn on Mexico want to fight Putin”) strikes again!—Will’s version of “conservatism” involves violent hostility to Orthodox Russia and a militant American stance in defense of the borders of Ukraine, but quite evidently not America’s own borders. ...

    AFP: Honduras braces for US deportation of its citizens - Orwellian MSM-Speak: All invading the West are now, by definition, desperately "fleeing."

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    Tegucigalpa (AFP) - Honduras said Monday it was preparing for the return of thousands of its citizens following reports the US was planning a mass deportation of Central American migrants fleeing violence and poverty.

    The foreign ministry said in a statement it respected the immigration policies of other countries, including that of the United States.
    But "up to now the only official information received from the US government is that they are going to return to Honduras people who have a final deportation order, after all legal procedures are concluded."
    It added that Honduras expected the United States to conform with human rights standards in deportation cases.
    The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal reported last week that President Barack Obama's administration was planning a vast operation to round up and expel migrant families. ...

    Buchanan: Is the West Disintegrating? - Forces now breaking up Europe will someday break up the US - Low Western birthrates are not the reason, but the excuse for the 3rd world invasion. --tma

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    On Jan. 1, 2002, the day that euro coins and banknotes entered into circulation, my column, “Say Goodbye to the Mother Continent,” contained this pessimistic prognosis:
    “This European superstate will not endure, but break apart on the barrier reef of nationalism. For when the hard times come, patriots will recapture control of their national destinies from Brussels bureaucrats to whom no one will ever give loyalty or love.” ...

    Monday, December 28, 2015

    Breitbart - Philly: Three Young Black Women Accused of Beating 51-Year-Old White Man to Death - Brought their kids along to help with the kill.

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    Next week, three young black women will stand before a Philadelphia judge for savagely beating a homeless white man to death with a hammer and a chair leg last April, all because the 10-year-old son of one of the women lied and said the homeless man struck him.
    Not only did the women participate in the murder; they brought three children age 12, 13, and 14, to aid them in their savagery.
    After Aleathea Gillard’s ten-year-old son, who pumped gas for tips at a Sunoco station, came home late one day, having fallen off his bicycle, he lied to his mother and told her the injury was caused by a blow from Robert Barnes, 51, the homeless man who also pumped gas for tips at the station. On April 7, Gillard, Shareena Joachim, and Kaisha Duggins, accompanied by the young teenagers, returned to the gas station to take their revenge. ...

    BuzzFeed: How 2015 Fueled the Rise of the Freewheeling, White Nationalist Alt Right Movement - MSM reporters must get a pay cut if they don't use 'white supremicist,' would be like an MSM that can't resist calling liberals Stalinists. --tma

    Old-guard racists like David Duke aren’t the only white nationalists to have been encouraged by Donald Trump’s candidacy this year: His bid has also provided a tremendous boost to a newer movement calling itself the “alt right.”
    Up until now, the alt right labored mostly in obscurity, its internal fights and debates hidden from anyone who wasn’t directly looking for them. But all that’s starting to change, and it’s only getting stronger.
    “This is really a phenomenon that’s been happening over the last year,” said Richard Spencer, president of the white nationalist National Policy Institute. “2015 has been huge.”
    The movement probably doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before. The alt right is loosely connected, and mostly online. The white nationalists of the alt right share more in common with European far-right movements than American ones. This is a movement that draws upon relatively obscure political theories like neoreaction or the “Dark Enlightenment,” which reject the premises on which modernity is built, like democracy and egalitarianism. But it’s not all so high-minded as that. Take a glance at the #altright hashtag on Twitter or at The Right Stuff, an online hub of the movement, and you’ll find a penchant for aggressive rhetoric and outright racial and anti-Semitic slurs, often delivered in the arch, ironic tones common to modern internet discourse. Trump is a hero on the alt right and the subject of many adoring memes and tweets.
    In short, it’s white supremacy perfectly tailored for our times: 4chan-esque racist rhetoric combined with a tinge of Silicon Valley-flavored philosophizing, all riding on the coattails of the Trump boom. ...

    VDare - Czech President Milos Zeman Christmas Message: The Refugees Are an ”Organized Invasion” - Czechs and other Easter European brothers and sisters--Thank you for your courage and sanity! --tma

    Czech President Milos Zeman delivered a Christmas address to his fellow citizens recently that addressed their concerns about events. Unlike the European leaders whose minds have been turned to mush by the false ideology of multiculturalism, Zeman still grasps the concepts of Enemy and National Security. Even though political correctness has sought to pretty up human nature by limiting speech, the old animosities remain in place. He doesn’t accept the narrative of fleeing refugees because so many are healthy young men.
    Zeman says his country is to be run for the benefit of its citizens, not to be a social services center for invasive illegal aliens.
    Christmas Message from the President of the Republic, Miloš Zeman, 2015
    And so, in foreign relations, there is just one dark stain: that is the migrant wave. These politicians, who close their eyes to the fact that this migration wave has still not yet spilled over [into Czechia], [who say] that there is nothing to fear, are just a bit reminiscent of one mayor of Prague. This mayor, at the time of floods, stood on the bridge, and said: the situation is more than excellent [safe]. And two hours later the water had flooded the Prague metro.
    Sometimes I feel like Cassandra, who gave a warning before the Trojan Horse was dragged into the city, but I am deeply convinced that what we are facing is an organized invasion, and not the spontaneous movement of migrants. ...

    Reuters - Denmark PM Rasmussen wants Geneva Convention debate if Europe cannot curb refugee influx - Bottom line: Under invasion for years, Dane PM now wants to "start a discussion." - Pathetic --tma

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    Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen called on Monday for debate on possible changes to the Geneva Convention on the rights of refugees if Europe cannot soon curb an uncontrolled influx of asylum seekers.
    Denmark was the first country to sign the 1951 U.N. convention - the legal foundation for the protection of refugees worldwide - but, like other European Union member states faced with an unprecedented inflow of asylum seekers this year, has set about tightening border checks and some immigration rules.
    "There comes a time when you have to discuss (...) whether to adjust the rules of the game," Rasmussen said in an interview with Danish broadcaster TV 2.
    Asked whether he meant international conventions that regulate refugee rights, he said "yes" and added: "It's clear that at some point, if Europe does not get this under control, then you have to start a discussion."
    Rasmussen cited two aspects of refugee rights dealt with by the convention that he said should be reviewed, one of them touching on Turkey from where the majority of Syrian and other migrants fleeing war and deprivation have moved on to Europe.
    "If you stay in Turkey for 2-3 years, (a country that itself) is free from war, should you then be allowed to head on to Europe and seek asylum? Today the rules say yes, but we need to discuss that," Rasmussen said.

    The other point he mentioned was the right of refugees to have their families follow them to the new country. ...