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The Huffington Post - Olivia Cole - Lucy: Why I'm Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen ("You see, I was an anthropology major" Explains a lot. ...)

Lucy: Why I'm Tired of Seeing White People on the Big Screen


I'm tired of seeing white people on the silver screen.
First, let me note that I am white. I am a white woman who goes to the theater to see probably a dozen films (if not more) in a given year, a white woman who readily consumes TV shows and series and often blogs/tweets about them. I love film. I love what Hollywood could be, but I must say that I don't love what it is, and that is a machine generating story after story in which the audience is asked to root for a white (usually male) hero over and over and over (and over) again. I'm tired. I'm tired of directors pretending that white actors are the default and that people of color are a distraction when it comes to filmmaking. I'm tired of black women in Hollywood being relegated to roles of slaves and "the help" over and over again. I'm tired of films convincing themselves that they are taking on something fresh and new, the likes of which the world has never seen, but in actuality adhering to tired tropes and stereotypes.
One example that comes to mind is Avatar, a "groundbreaking" film about aliens and humanity, which, underneath it all, is the same old White Savior story. But more recently is Lucy, the film starring Scarlett Johansson in which a woman named Lucy evolves and is able to use 100 percent of her brain's capacity after she unwittingly ingests a massive amount of drugs.
Lucy is about what humankind could be -- it's about possibilities. As Lucy's brainpower grows stronger and the volume of knowledge she is able to access increases, she delivers monologues about how little humans understand about death, existence, and the universe, mediating on time and history. The film likes to think of itself as reimagining everything that we think we know about humanity, and presents to us their vision of what the most evolved woman on earth looks like:
A blonde white woman.
See, I just can't get right with that.
You see, I was an anthropology major ... 
"You see, I was an anthropology major ..." Explains a lot. Apparently, even though blacks are always portrayed on the screen as morally superior--the wise mentor, the tough but kindly boss, the self-sacrificing detective partner watching your back, the computer genius in any comedy bank heist, the platonic protector of blond leading ladies–along with the ever escalating anti-White 'affirmative action' dispossession, added to the demographic genocidal policies of open-borders, are not, even when all added together, progressing fast enough for the comically pious pretentious excruciatingly PC-fashionable Ms. Cole. And, oh, how brave of you, Olivia, to write these daring words right in the middle of your Multicultural Marxist Huffington Post terrarium!

Jared Taylor - The Central Park Jogger: The Trayvon Martin of Her Time - "The racial divide will not go away."

The Central Park Jogger: The Trayvon Martin of Her Time

Plane Watchers
Blacks and whites were divided then, divided now.
The Central Park jogger rape case is back in the news. The rape and near-murder was part of a sensational attack in 1989 by 30 to 35 black “youths” who swept through New York City’s Central Park, attacking white people. Most of the victims in what came to be known as the “wilding” incident were robbed and beaten, but a 29-year-old woman out for a jog was raped, smashed with a rock, and left for dead. When the police asked her boyfriend to identify the unconscious woman, she was so badly mangled that he recognized her only because of her ring. ...

Occidental Observer - Henry St. John - How to Criticize Israel without being Anti-Semitic: The Unofficial Guide - "The irony is that, in his effort to be helpful to well-meaning gentiles with views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the blogger’s guidelines have left them with an almost impossible task. It seems a very tricky rhetorical labyrinth to navigate, and, with so many trip wires to consider"

How to Criticize Israel without being Anti-Semitic: The Unofficial Guide


The news media have once again been ablaze with reports of Israel’s military attack on Gaza. The historic Israeli-Palestinian conflict has, consequently, returned as a subject of discussion at cafés, salons, and dinner tables.

The discussion, however, is not an easy one to have—unless, of course, you are foursquare behind Israel. Criticism of Israel very quickly lands the critic into trouble; accusations of anti-Semitism are fired back as if from an Uzi. What is more, these accusations can sometimes come accompanied by raised voices, red faces, bared teeth, waved fists, and even rude expletives. Sometimes, not even Jews can avoid them. So it is understandable that non-Jews desiring to avoid drama think it best to keep mum.

Noticing the problem, and apparently in the interest of free and open debate, a concerned Jewish blogger has recently made waves posting a 19-point guide on how to criticize Israel without being anti-Semitic. The Tumblr blog post has, at the time of writing, attracted 8485 notes. And the BBC deemed it so useful that they even reported it on their news website.
As TOO was created for purposes of free and open debate, including Jews and Israel, it seems pertinent that we examine the 19 points. Perhaps we will find in them the Philosopher’s Stone in our efforts to discuss important matters involving Jews without being accused of ignorance and moral turpitude. The points are meant to be considered in no particular order.
1. Don’t use the terms “bloodthirsty,” “lust for Palestinian blood” ...

Washington Times, Artesia, New Mexico: Chicken pox outbreak puts illegal immigrant facility on lockdown (Now it can truly be said that open-borders Obama is a pox upon the nation.)

Chicken pox outbreak puts illegal immigrant facility on lockdown

** FILE ** In this July 12, 2014, photo, Central American migrants ride a freight train during their journey toward the U.S.-Mexico border in Ixtepec, Mexico. The number of family units and unaccompanied children arrested by Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley has doubled in the first nine months of this fiscal year compared to the same period last year.  (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo)

The federal government’s new facility to house illegal immigrant families surging across the border has been put on lockdown because of chicken pox, with no immigrants allowed to be transferred in or out, a congressman said this week.

Hundreds of illegal immigrants being kept at the campus of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico, are being treated for and vaccinated against chicken pox after an outbreak, said Rep. Steve Pearce, the Republican congressman whose district includes Artesia. ...

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Daily Mail: Ebola Victim Who Sparked Fears of a Worldwide Outbreak Was American - "The couple are part of the large Liberian community in Minnesota" (Minnesota also has a large Somali community. Pretty soon Minneapolis will make California's Latino Angeles look more like Ozzie and Harriet's neighborhood.)

Ebola victim who sparked fears of a worldwide outbreak was American: Father who died of incurable virus in Nigeria after taking international flight was going to visit his children in Minnesota


  • - It has been revealed that the Ebola victim who sparked fears of a global outbreak is a US citizen

  • - Patrick Sawyer, 40, died of the deadly virus in Lagos, Nigeria, on Friday

  • - His wife back in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, has revealed he was due home in August
  • Decontee Sawyer, 34, said her husband caught the virus from his sister in Liberia

  • - The couple are originally from Liberia and have family in the US and West Africa
  • Nearly 700 people have been killed by the virus across West Africa

  • - Two American aid workers in Liberia have also tested positive for the virus and are being treated there

  • - Nancy Writebol, from Charlotte, North Carolina, has the incurable disease
  • Kent Brantly was treating Ebola patients in Monrovia, Liberia when he recognized he had the symptoms ...

  • article-2709180/Ebola-victim-sparked-fears-global-outbreak-American-Father-died-incurable-virus-Nigeria-taking-international-flight-going-visit-children-Minnesota.html

    New York Times: In Queens, Immigrants Clash With Residents of New Homeless Shelter - “But in interviews, many said the homeless families simply made them feel unsafe. ‘When you see them, it looks like they’re going to mug you’” (More cracks in the vibrant rainbow.)

    In Queens, Immigrants Clash With Residents of New Homeless Shelter

    The crowd of 500 included grandmothers and small children, Chinese immigrants and the president of a local Republican club, all shouting that the mayor had trampled their rights.

    The source of their anger? The 180 homeless families that New York City had moved into the defunct Pan American Hotel in Elmhurst, Queens. The residents felt nervous around the new arrivals, they said. There were reports of shoplifting from the Good Fortune Supermarket, public urination and panhandling — all things, they said, that had been unheard-of in their neighborhood until now.

    During the protest on Tuesday night, one of the organizers spoke through a bullhorn in Mandarin, as a few people looked out the windows of the hotel.

    “Speak in English!” a woman leaning out a window shouted, holding up her phone, perhaps to videotape the protest.

    “Homeless with money,” a protester sneered, referring to the woman and her phone.

    While local residents often object when the city opens a homeless shelter in their midst, the vitriol in Elmhurst since the city began moving families into the hotel in early June has shocked New York officials. ...

    Washington Times: Obama mum on where illegal immigrant children are sheltered - “We do not identify the approximately 100 regular/permanent Unaccompanied Alien Children program shelters for the safety and security of minors and staff at the facilities" (Right, Mom and Pop America would come in there foaming at the mouth with their ax handles and break the place up.)

    Obama mum on where illegal immigrant children are sheltered

    displaced: Detainees play while others sleep in a holding cell at a U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing facility in Brownsville, Texas. Such installations have handled more than 47,000 unaccompanied alien children. (Associated Press)

    The Obama administration is concealing key details about its response to the surge of unaccompanied children illegally crossing the southern border, including where the unaccompanied minors are being sheltered and the circumstances under which some are set free inside the U.S.

    Lawmakers on Capitol Hill say the lack of information has handicapped their push to pass legislation to gain a handle on the surge — a debate taking place this week in both chambers.

    “We’re getting almost no information, and there is all kinds of conflicting information,” said Sen. John McCain, Arizona Republican, who for months has been hounding the administration for answers about where unaccompanied minors, who crossed the border without their parents, are detained and released.

         How sad, or hilarious, is it that American citizens are now supposed to be depending on open-borders McCain to be their champion for American sovereignty?

    The Department of Health and Human Services, which is bound by law to house and care for unaccompanied children and teens from Central America, rebuffed repeated inquires from The Washington Times about the location of shelters where many of the children are detained.

    “We do not identify the approximately 100 regular/permanent Unaccompanied Alien Children program shelters for the safety and security of minors and staff at the facilities,” Kenneth Wolfe, deputy director of communication for HHS' Administration for Children and Families, said in an email. ...

    Tuesday, July 29, 2014

    CBS: Standing Room Only At Collin County, Texas, Meeting About Immigrant Children - Barbara Harliss said, “What we see is not immigration, but an invasion, a deliberate invasion.”

    Google Images /

    Standing Room Only At Collin County Meeting About Immigrant Children

    COLLIN COUNTY (CBS 11 NEWS) - With the threat of a so-called “immigrant tsunami,” Collin County Commissioner Mark Reid invited the public to attend commissioner’s court on Monday –- and they did.
    It was standing room only at the county building, as people sounded off about housing immigrant children, despite there being no current plans to do so in Collin County.
    Residents packed the meeting, with an overwhelming majority speaking out against any plan to bring children to the county. There are plans to house as many as 2,000 children in nearby Dallas County.
    Commissioners are discussing a resolution that says housing minors suspected of being in the U.S. illegally is not in the best interests of our citizens. ...

    WND: Obama Quietly Expands Government’s ‘Watchlist’ - The "Homeland Security video portrays all ‘terrorists’ as white, middle class males"

    Obama Quietly Expands Government’s ‘Watchlist’

    The Obama administration has quietly rewritten the rules on how it goes about designating Americans as terrorists, according to a new report by Glenn Greenwald’s Intercept online investigations project.
    The report details how Obama has expanded the terrorist watchlist system, “authorizing a secret process that requires neither ‘concrete facts’ nor ‘irrefutable evidence’ to designate an American or foreigner as a terrorist,” according to a key government document obtained by the Intercept.
    Instead of actual evidence, all the government needs is the nebulous “reasonable suspicion,” which is considered one of the lowest standards of proof in the American legal system. It’s less than “probable cause,” which is required to make an arrest.
    Greenwald, a former investigative reporter for the U.K.-based Guardian who broke the Edward Snowden story about NSA spying on Americans, left the newspaper late last year to start the Intercept.
    A 166-page document obtained by Intercept titled “March 2013 Watchlisting Guidance” was issued last year by the National Counterterrorism Center. It identifies for the first time the government’s secret rules for placing people on its main terrorist database, as well as the no-fly list and the selectee list, which triggers enhanced screening at airports and border crossings.
    The federal government shares its watchlist data with local law enforcement, foreign governments and “private entities,” Intercept reported.
    WND reported in 2011 that the Department of Homeland Security issued a new public service announcement encouraging Americans to look at their neighbors with a wary eye and report them to authorities if they see any suspicious behaviors.
    The DHS suggests a typical woman terrorist would be a Caucasian in her late 20s or early 30s, with brunette hair, stylish clothing, high heels and a shoulder bag. A man? About the same age, short hair, wearing a shirt and slacks and familiar with technology, as he’s wearing an earpiece cellphone. Also Caucasian. This despite the fact that nearly every major act of terrorism in the United States has been carried out by non-Christians from the Middle East or North Africa. ...

    Border surge puts Obama legacy on immigration at stake - “This is what amnesty looks like. This chaos on the border is the direct and predictable consequence of amnesty,” she [Rosemary Jenks, NumbersUSA] said. “I don’t think the politicians are there yet, but I do think they are beginning to see, ‘Hey, wait a minute, actions have consequences.’”

    Border surge puts Obama legacy on immigration at stake

    Google Images

    After two years of playing offense, immigrant rights groups suddenly and unexpectedly find themselves playing political defense, pushing back against proposals to speed up deportations of people surging across the border illegally even while advocates plead with the White House to take politically risky executive action to halt deportations in the interior.

    The advocates say they have “an audience of one” — President Obama, who for his career in Washington, stretching back to his days as a senator, has tantalized them with promises of action and even delivered some victories, but at times has seemed a reluctant partner.

    Right now his legacy is at stake and he has the opportunity to redefine what it means to be President Obama,” said Lorella Praeli, policy director for United We Dream, an advocacy group that pressured Mr. Obama two years ago to grant tentative legal status to illegal immigrant young adults and now wants that policy expanded to include most illegal immigrant parents

    Mr. Obama was initially cool to the idea of halting more deportations, denying he had the legal authority.

    But under intense pressure by advocates and shamed by the movement’s leaders who dubbed him “deporter in chief,” Mr. Obama warmed to the plan and even set deadlines for himself to act.

    Then came the border surge, with tens of thousands of unaccompanied children and families from Central America trying to cross into the U.S. and counting on immigration authorities to release them so they could gain a foothold in the interior of the country.

    Advocates argue that the two issues are separate, but many Americans see them as the same and have reacted negatively.

    A majority a CNN/ORC International poll last week said the most important thing in the immigration debate is to secure the border. That was a reversal from February, when a majority said legalizing illegal immigrants was more important than border security. ...

         The only reason for the temporary illusion that a majority of Americans were not for border enforcement first was that pollster-advocates carefully worded their questions so that amnesty was called 'path to,' and their stressing that 'comprehensive immigration reform' would require strict border enforcement, something that is always dishonestly promised to American citizens by their open-borders overlords before every amnesty--but which never ever happens. 

    Monday, July 28, 2014

    Dalton, Georgia: Already Here - "In some cases, they cannot count to 10,” Woodason said. “They can’t turn on a computer. They've never even seen a computer. Also, they, in most cases, cannot speak English or Spanish.”

    Already Here

    Border crisis brings 30 unaccompanied youths to Dalton schools

    Google Images

    The challenges presented by an influx of unaccompanied children and youths from Central America streaming across the southern border into the United States have reached Dalton.

    Approximately 30 unaccompanied minors were admitted into the Dalton Public Schools district during the last school year, Superintendent Jim Hawkins said on Thursday. It is not known whether more are coming with a new school year approaching.

    Nabbed at the border while trying to cross into the country, the youths were sent to Dalton by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services while they wait for a date with a federal immigration judge. In the meantime, the youths are required, by law, to be admitted into a local school system. The immunizations necessary for enrollment, and all pertinent paperwork, were provided to the youths during their time in facilities in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. ...

    Kevin MacDonald: Immigration gets on the public radar - "As Refugee/Resettlement Watch points out in an article on a Somali family that quickly grew to 12 children, it starts with stealth and ends with anger."

    Immigration gets on the public radar

    Congolese family in Springfield, MA

                            Somali family in Springfield, MA

    An important aspect of immigration has been that for the most part it has occurred under the radar. Despite importing over a million mainly poor people every year and all that implies in terms of need for housing, infrastructure, welfare benefits, and medical care,  immigration and refugee policy in the US is on auto-pilot, with the pro-immigration forces steadily removing every obstacle. Most White Americans do not experience it first  hand and have no idea about the elaborate infrastructure that the pro-immigration forces have erected. ...

    Washington Times: Obama calls first 'U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit' (Cuisine: cannibal-pot parboiled white farmer?)

    Obama calls first 'U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit'

    Google Images

    The Obama administration announced Tuesday that it will host the first “U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit” this summer in Washington.

    The gathering, to be held on Aug. 5 and 6, will focus on trade and investment in Africa, and America’s commitment to African security and democratic development, according to the White House.

    “President Obama looks forward to welcoming leaders from across the African continent to the nation’s capital to further strengthen ties with one of the world’s most dynamic and fastest-growing regions,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said.

         Translation: reproduction rate of dandelions.