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Red Ice TV - Flashback Friday: Turkey Targets Europe With Migrants, Riots In France & Greece + Corona Chan Rising


After Hours | No White Guilt | The Great Order | Review of Victories


Amren Video Short: CPAC Purged the Patriots - Excellent on how clueless mainstream 'conservatives' have been killing the Historic American Nation


Kirkpatrick: India Stripping Illegals’ Children of Citizenship—Hope Trump Notices! - "rather than imitating them, Trump is using the visit to make an identity-politics appeal to Indian-American voters who will never support him anyway"


India’s massive welcome for President Donald J. Trump last week showed it will remain a real nation-state into the next century—while America probably won’t [India rolls out the MAGA carpet for Trumpby Anita Kumar, Politico, February 24, 2020]. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government is implementing common-sense citizenship laws to protect India’s national identity. Much like China, India is consolidating itself as an empire with a solid ethno-religious core. Its laws provide a model for how a nationalist American government could undo at least some of the damage from decades of out-of-control immigration. 

But rather than imitating them, Trump is using the visit to make an identity-politics appeal to Indian-American voters who will never support him anyway. ...

Friday, February 28, 2020

Amren on euphemisms: In one lifetime we've gone through colored, negro, Negro, Afro-Americans, blacks, people of color, African Americans ...

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Collett Video Short: Amazon Prime Promotes Torture



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AP: Nazi cautionary dramas wade into political, factual disputes - Yes, Nazis are under every rock - Decades-long psychological terror campaign against Westernkind --tma


LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hollywood mustered its creative forces in the 1940s when Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany sought to conquer the world, with Humphrey Bogart standing up to the fascist regime in “Casablanca” and director Ernst Lubitsch mocking it and its dictator in “To Be or Not to Be.”
More than 70 years later, an increase in hate crimes, emboldened white supremacists and political upheaval have prompted TV and film makers to revisit Nazism. The works are varied and their receptions mixed, but they share a goal: to use fiction to learn from 20th-century totalitarianism and its horrors, including the Holocaust that claimed the lives of 6 million Jews. ...

American Mirror - VIDEO: Two climb over border wall with makeshift ladder - If these continual stories don't anger you, you've gone from being a Trump supporter to mindless pep rally cheerleader shaking your pompoms --tma

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A pair of illegal aliens used a makeshift ladder to climb over the border wall near Tijuana on Thursday.
Video captured by Washington Blade reporter Michael Lavers shows a man affixing a rickety contraption to the top of the wall as two others wait nearby. ...

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

VDARE - Malkin: There Is NO American Worker Shortage - Contrary to anti Historic American Nation Mulvaney, "more than 50 stories of tens of thousands of recent U.S. worker layoffs in tech and other high-skilled industries" - Question: Why has President Trump been appointing Swamp Creatures for over three years? --tma


"We're full, our system's full, our country's full!" That was President Donald Trump last year at our southern border.
"Every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs, will be made to benefit American workers and American families." That was Trump in January 2017 at his inaugural address.
"The influx of foreign workers holds down salaries, keeps unemployment high, and makes it difficult... to earn a middle class wage." That was presidential candidate Trump in 2016. ...

AP: ‘No way out’: Demographics drive GOP nosedive on West Coast - 'No, it's not nonwhite voting--It's liberals & socialism!' --GOP phobic of being called racist --tma - Image: Seattle classroom


BEND, Ore. (AP) — In the early 1990s, the population of Bend was around 25,000 and leaned Republican. A lumber mill operated along the banks of the Deschutes River in Oregon’s high-desert country.
Today, the lumber mill is an REI outdoor recreation store. The population has quadrupled. And for the first time in memory, the number of registered Democrats in Deschutes County recently eclipsed the number of Republicans.
The transformation shows how demographic shifts and the GOP’s tack further to the right are helping push the party into a nosedive along the West Coast. ...

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

VDARE: Mexico’s Murder Rate Is Soaring—Including The Peculiar Crime Of “Femicide.” Build The Wall! - Doesn't seem to occur to the Dem-GOP Inc Party: Let in those 'fleeing from violence,' you also let in the violent --tma


Whatever Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has done to help stem the tide of Central Americans crossing the U.S. border, he’s failed to bring down the country’s extraordinary murder rate.  

And two high-profile murders in Mexico City—one a young woman and the other a little girl—are highlighting the problem of “femicide” in particular. Our current immigration policy is importing this problem here. We still need a wall! ...

The Hill - Violent Hindu-Muslim clash over citizenship law erupts in India - So much for moronic multi-marx claims of peace and love in India - Let's send in peacemaker Trudeau! --tma


Violent demonstrations again broke out in New Delhi on Tuesday, just one day after at least seven people were killed and more than 100 were injured in clashes between supporters and critics of a new Indian citizenship law that favors non-Muslims, The Associated Press reported.
A group of Hindu protesters reportedly spread over the Bhajanpur area of the nation’s capital, shouting praises for gods and goddesses while throwing stones at mainly Muslim groups that oppose the law. ...

Monday, February 24, 2020

Red Pill Germany: GER state gets new leader acceptable to Soviet-style Merkel - Gets into the detail weeds, but reminds one of Deep State USA, with the open-borders Dem-GOP Inc deciding US Titanic needs to welcome aboard more tons of icy North Atlantic waters --tma


takimag - The Week That Perished - Spain making it illegal to "glorify Franco," they're also digging him up, etc.



Francisco Franco was the glorious leader of Spain from 1939 until he died in 1975. At press time, he remains chronically dead.

Sailing on wings of glory, he gloriously led Spain from the end of its bloody Civil War until his Creator summoned him to the ultimate glory. ...

Voice of Europe - New Swedish VIDEO: Gang stomp girl on the head while photographer yells “kill her wallah ... stomp the ribs ... f*k up the ribs!"


The Swedish news site Samhällsnytt published a video clip on Wednesday which showed a Swedish girl being severely abused and beaten by a group of people.
It is currently unclear where the brutal beating took place. According to reports, the video was filmed in early February and uploaded by a “Hussein” on the popular social media platform Snapchat.
The video shows several people stomping on and beating a lone girl all over her body. While the beating is taking place, the person who is most likely filming yells “kill her wallah” (wallah is Arabic for I swear to Allah).
Furthermore, the same person encourages the savage attackers to “fuck up the ribs” and “stomp the ribs” on the girl. ...

Sunday, February 23, 2020

TPC Radio with James Edwards & Kieth Alexander: Jason Bartlett's walk from Austin to DC to see Trump, etc.


Red Ice TV: Flashback Friday - PewDiePie, TruNews YT Ban, Dems Debacle & Church of England, Woes Guest Hosts - On Bloomberg, how does he feel about med cancer services to elderly illegals? --tma


VDARE: Trump Needs To Fire Mick Mulvaney, Get Back To 2016 Immigration Plan


In my Radio Derb commentary this week I mentioned the immigration plan Trump put forward for the 2016 campaign. That plan makes depressing reading now, four years later.
Nationwide e-verify … Mandatory return of all criminal aliens … Defund sanctuary cities … Criminal penalties for overstaying a visa … End birthright citizenship … Put American workers first … Remember that plan of yours, Mr President? Any of it?
And now we read in the Washington Post, February 20th, that acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney told a private gathering in England that the administration wants more immigrants. ...

The After Party 2nd Birthday Special! | No White Guilt | The Great Order | Many Stars Appearing!

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Way of the World: Will White Flight EVER End? - If we are already retreating to Poland while still a majority, do we deserve to survive? --tma


Thursday, February 20, 2020

Rachel Donalsen: Rape, Impunity, and White Identity - Her best friend in Germany gang-raped by 3 Somalis - she identified them--cops didn't nothing


In high school, one of my classmates was a German exchange student. She and I developed a strong bond almost immediately. Perhaps it was because of my own German ancestry, but she felt like the sister I never had. We stayed in touch after she went back to Europe and throughout the next phases of our lives: college, marriage, and motherhood. She was a model mother and wife.
One day, during the “migrant surge” in Europe in 2015/2016, I got a message from her husband. My friend had been assaulted and raped by three Somalis. She was in the hospital. “What were Somalis doing in her small German town?” I asked myself. There was no satisfying explanation. “What happened next” was the second question. The answer was nothing. She identified her attackers, but authorities did not arrest them or bring them to trial. The rapists faced no consequences. To this day, her husband occasionally sees them in the streets of his once-German hamlet. ...

VDARE: America’s Emerging Totalitarian Left Is Routing “Liberal Democracy.” Where Is Trump? - "there is now a Totalitarian Left in this country. And it’s increasingly obvious that our much-touted 'liberal democracy' can’t stand up to it"


American patriots already live under a de facto social credit systembut now it looks likely to become a de jure regime. 

The New York Times recently published an op-ed by a Democrat Congressman and a Muslim former FBI Special Agent complaining that “no white supremacist group has ever been designated a foreign terrorist organization under federal law” [We Once Fought Jihadists. Now We Battle White Supremacistsby Max Rose and Ali H. Soufan, February 11, 2019]. 

Yet who defines “white supremacist”? If it’s the Main Stream Media and the Anti-Defamation League, there will be a lot of “white supremacists”—probably including

The real truth is the opposite:  there is now a Totalitarian Left in this country. And it’s increasingly obvious that our much-touted “liberal democracy” can’t stand up to it. ...

SDUT: Migrant woman gives birth at Border Patrol office - "used a ladder to get over the border fence" - extremely pregnant women can climb over our "beautiful wall"- Thanks Occupation Government! --tma


A pregnant Guatemalan woman, arrested on suspicion of crossing the U.S.-Mexico border without authorization on Sunday, gave birth about a half-hour later in a Border Patrol station in Chula Vista, authorities said.
The 27-year-old woman was spotted walking with a man and two children about a mile east of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry around 2:30 p.m. Authorities believe they used a ladder to get over the border fence, said Border Patrol spokesman Jarrett Decker. ...

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

VDARE - Michelle Malkin: Parents' Anti-Drag Queen Hour Resistance Rises - Schools not doing background checks, investigations often show these people are sex offenders


The Boy Scouts of America filed for bankruptcy this week amid a deluge of sex-abuse lawsuits

The Catholic clergy's pedophilia conspiracies have cost the church more than $3 billion and countless followers. 

Scandal after scandal shows how cunning child predators have exploited trusted civic institutions under cover of "diversity," "inclusion" and "progressivism." ...

Red Pill Germany: Old Elites Want to Stay in Power and Infighting on the Left - Still in Merkel's death grip Germany simmers - Image: Meanwhile Merkel compassionately thins out the white herd


Amren - Twitter Hate: Black History Month Edition - Countless tweets celebrating blacks beating up "racist" whites--with lots and lots of approving retweets


Let’s begin with a tweet that has more retweets and likes than any we’ve ever seen: 120,000 retweets and 337,000 likes. It is a series of short videos of black people beating up white “racists.” ...

WSJ - Pressure Builds on Mex Pres As Gruesome Murders Against Women Rise - "We hope to help Mexico by processing more of their criminals into the US to prey on Americans" --Dem-GOP Inc Party


MEXICO CITY—A fresh wave of protests by women’s rights activists is raising pressure on Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador after a series of gruesome murders highlighted the growing problem of gender violence in the country.
Masked female protesters clashed with police over the last week and lit fires in the city’s central square. They also spray-painted slogans on the walls of the National Palace, the official residence and office of the president, including the names of women recently murdered and “AMLO Get Out,” referring to Mr. López Obrador´s initials....

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

USA Today: Secession in the Pacific NW? Some Oregon residents petition to join Idaho - opinion: Deep State will never allow - In CA courts struck down even allowing an advisory public vote on splitting the state --tma


Frustrated by liberal policies, some Oregon residents are petitioning to leave the state –by moving the border with Idaho westward. 
The movement has secured initial approval from two counties and aims to get enough signatures to put the proposal on local ballots in November, said the group Move Oregon's Border for a Greater Idaho.
If the group succeeds, voters in southeast Oregon may see a question on whether their county should become part of Idaho by redrawing the border. ...

Smoking Gun: Black man forced Woman to watch 9-hr "Roots" miniseries to understand her racism - or be chopped up, body parts spread from Grand Rapids to Chicago - note: 'Roots' author had to pay damages for plagiarism ---tma


FEBRUARY 18--An Iowa man held a female acquaintance captive and forced her to watch “Roots” so that she “could better understand her racism,” according to a criminal complaint.
Investigators allege that Robert Lee Noye, 52, yesterday forced Jill Shelton, 37, to sit with him and watch the program about slavery. Shelton allegedly was held against her will inside a small Cedar Rapids home (seen below) she has shared with Noye.
Shelton told police that when she tried to move, Noye “threatened her to remain seated and watch the movie with him” or else he would “kill her and spread her body parts across I-380 on the way to Chicago,” the complaint charges.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Laura Towler - Are You Guilty of Hate Crime? - UK govt covers up Muslim grooming gangs raping 90k English girls while zeroing in on hurt feelings


Campus Reform: Berkeley opens SECOND center for 'undocumented' students and 'allies,' citing 'anti-immigrant political climate' - No ordinary students allowed promotes "inclusivity"? --tma


The University of California, Berkeley opened its new Robert D. Haas Undocumented Community Resource Center in early February, announcing the facility as “a space specifically for undocumented students and allies.”

The Undocumented Community Resource Center "epitomizes the university as a place that values diverse backgrounds, inclusivity, and representation," campus junior Railyn Aguado told The Daily Californian. ... 

VOE: Danish teen attacked by nine men who tried to force him on the railroad tracks in Islamized suburb - Unprovoked, racially-motivated attacks against native European teens by migrant gangs are an increasing


Unprovoked, racially-motivated attacks against native European teens by migrant gangs are an increasing problem that traditional center-left and center-right parties continue to ignore.
Late last Friday evening, 17-year-old Marcus Aroli, a Dane, was with his sister at Tåstrup train station in western Copenhagen when they decided to take a train to Albertslund station to buy a soda at the 7/11 since there’s no shop of this kind in Tåstrup, Norwegian news site reports.
“As soon as I got off the train, my sister and one of her girlfriends say they think they knew some people who were waiting at the end of the entrance to the platform,” Marcus Aroli said. ...

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Dr Turley Video Short: Media Admits CORONAVIRUS is DESTROYING GLOBALISM!


Amren: You Have No Right to an Identity - Black Shakespeare, etc - Enemies of the West are not only erasing our future, but our past - Image: Black Romeo and Juliet --tma

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Romeo and Juliet                                           shakespearetavern

Campus Reform - Texas A&M University: Conservative students protest drag queen competition as formerly conservative A&M tries to become "more inclusive" - Monique Heart fee: $8500

Texas A&M’s student group MSC Town Hall will host a drag queen competition featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Monique Hart on February 19 on campus. Students in opposition have started a petition to stop the event.

On Feb. 19, “Queens” who advance from the previous round of auditions are set to take the stage to compete for the title of “Queen of DRAGgieland 2020” in the Texas A&M campus theater. Texas A&M’s student group, MSC Town Hall, and the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Resource Center of Texas A&M are partnering to host this event. ...

Red Ice TV: Flashback Friday


Friday, February 14, 2020

AP: US won’t charge ex-FBI official McCabe, a Trump target - will "further agitate a president" [who has been appointing swamp creatures for over three years] --tma

- - -

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal prosecutors have declined to charge former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, closing an investigation into whether the longtime target of President Donald Trump’s ire lied to federal officials about his involvement in a news media disclosure, McCabe’s legal team said Friday.
The decision, coming at the end of a tumultuous week between the Justice Department and the White House, is likely to further agitate a president who has loudly complained that federal prosecutors have pursued cases against his allies but not against his perceived political enemies. ...

Mark Collett Video Short: Abandoning your Family is BRAVE - "another media attack on Western civilization"

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Amren: What Bernie Would Mean for Us - Examples: "deportation moratorium," including rapists and murderers, "war" on and "reeducation" for "white nationalists" and "racists" like "Trump"


CBC: Kenyan farmers traumatized as swarms of locusts devour crops in seconds - Tragic but how long until the US Refugee Industry starts advocating for millions of 'refugees fleeing locusts for a better life'? --tma

The locusts are so bad in some parts of Kenya that entire fields of crops are being devoured in as little as 30 seconds. 
Moses Omondi, a program officer at Farm Radio, a charity that works with to bring information and news to farmers, says that in Kitui County, in eastern Kenya, there were no locusts this time last week. Now, entire farms have been destroyed. ...

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Going Free | No White Guilt | FBI Targets White Positive Activists & How to Protect Yourself


Dr. Turley: Woke Oscars Suffer Their Worst Ratings EVER! - Worse than last year's worst year ever - Image: One of Brad Pitt's low carbon footprint homes --tma

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U.S.-Mexico border crossings continue to drop, but Mexican migrants surging - Our open-borders occupation govt wants things as confused as possible - JUST DON'T LET THEM IN! --tma


WASHINGTON - The number of migrants taken into custody along the U.S.-Mexico border declined for an eighth straight month in January, but unauthorized crossings by Mexican nationals are on the rise, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials.
Acting CBP Commissioner Mark Morgan said Tuesday that U.S. officials apprehended or deemed "inadmissible" 36,679 migrants in January, a drop of 10% from December. But he said the number of Mexican adults taken into custody has climbed 32% from this time last year, a shift he attributed to smugglers "scrambling to come up with new tactics" as overall migration numbers have fallen. ...