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Yours truly rates 'Surviving the Fall,' by Mike Kraus: 2 out of 5 stars - Every little chance the anti-whites get --tma

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'“Leaving the city? [London]” The father shakes his head and instantly regrets it. “Why?” “It’s overrun. Nationalist groups merged with the Fascist Liberation Party by the looks of it. They’re waging an all-out war on any and everyone they’ve ever disliked."' --Kraus, Mike. Surviving the Fall Box Set: The Complete Surviving the Fall Series - Books 1-12 (p. 299). Kindle Edition. ...

     Mike Kraus definitely understands the mechanics of disaster fiction and knows how to execute it. One tiny quibble is that the main characters could have used a few more words of physical description, which would have made the story more visualizable. Also, maybe a matter of my stage in life, I really couldn't get that enthralled with the various side-segments of the story outside of the separated family. For example, the astronauts, the Russians. For me, there was a significant yawn factor. 

     Still, a good workmanlike book--until it all comes crashing down. And I don't mean the burning, exploding, society imploding internet virus disaster, but rather the despicable stealthy anti-Western moral framework underlying the book itself. 

     If there is ever a testament to our Orwellian anti-white 'soft totalitarian' world, this is it. In this disaster series the entire civilized world is coming unglued. Cars and cellphones are exploding. Airliners are falling out of the sky. But what is the real danger? This is found in the London segment, which, suspiciously, seems as though it has been sort of bolted onto the larger story without much connection to anything else going on. So what is the scariest thing for Londoners, and possibly for the rest of us? That white nationalists are going to start "waging all-out war on anyone and everyone they've ever disliked." Really, Mr. Kraus, how many such people have you ever met in your daily life?

     Meanwhile, in today's real-life London, that city is becoming increasingly Islamicized, including such occurrences as Pakistani grooming gangs using drugs and alcohol to groom thousands of English girls into prostitution. Or how about knife stabbings galore? Not to mention Londoners being stopped by young Muslims on scooters, routinely required to hand over their wallets or purses, then after politely doing so having acid splashed in their faces--to be disfigured for life. Obviously this is not just savagery but the treatment meted out to a conquered people. 

     Yet, according to the clever wordsmith Mike Kraus, and others in our anarcho-tyranny establishment, the greatest danger is actually that some Englishmen or Britishers might seem to be concerned about losing their traditional culture, when in fact they just what to kill "everyone they've ever disliked."

     Assuming Mike Kraus is a white Gentile, a son of the West, imagine harboring such malevolent feelings against any of your own people who simply want to preserve their own culture, their own traditions, to pass them along to their grandkids. Feelings considered completely honorable for all other peoples. People who, despite 24-7 propaganda--including that contained in disaster fiction--do not welcome seeing their own unique nations being swept away by invasion demographics due to the plans hatched by the likes of fanatic virtue-signaling open-borders ideologues like Merkel, Macron, May, and Trudeau. 

     These invasion demographics our rulers make sure we will never be allowed to directly vote upon. These civilization-killing people are the very same ones always lecturing us on democracy, tolerance, and compassion. 

     In truth, the current state of the West is a disaster story that puts to shame books like 'The Fall.' Unless a disaster is something like an extinction-level asteroid, even cultures and civilizations that have been terribly decimated can eventually rebuild themselves and rise up out of the ashes--unless they have been demographically, genetically erased by countless waves of alien invasions. 

     Such an end directed at the same civilization that is largely responsible for building the modern world cannot be happening by accident. 

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Political Cesspool Radio - Jared Taylor banned from Europe for loving Europe; Smollett's Clown World Chicago; Hollywood history, etc --tma

Reuters: Trump cuts aid to Central American countries as migrant crisis deepens - March, 1942: FDR Cuts Aid to Japan, Threatens to Close Borders to Japanese Air Force - "No more Mr. Nice Guy!" - "SAD, but rebuilding the Pacific Fleet will mean jobs! Jobs! Jobs! --tma

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USA Today

WASHINGTON/EL PASO, Texas, March 30 (Reuters) - The U.S. government cut aid to El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras on Saturday after President Donald Trump blasted the Central American countries for sending migrants to the United States and threatened to shutter the U.S.-Mexico border.
A surge of asylum seekers from the three countries have sought to enter the United States across the southern border in recent days. On Friday, Trump accused the nations of having "set up" migrant caravans and sent them north. ...

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Brittany Pettibone: My Fiancé Martin Sellner Has Been BANNED From The USA

USA Today: 'We’ve never seen anything like this' As Trump threatens to close border, migrants overwhelm Texas cities - 'FDR Threatens to Close Pearl Harbor to Japanese Air Force' --March, 1942

EL PASO – Under a bridge connecting the U.S. with Mexico, dozens of migrant families cram into a makeshift camp set up by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The families are there because permanent processing facilities have run out of room.
Seven hundred miles east, busload after busload of weary, bedraggled migrants crowd into the Catholic Charities Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen, Texas. Organizers there are used to handling 200 to 300 migrants a day. Lately, the migrants have been arriving at a clip of around 800 a day, overflowing the respite center and straining city resources.
“It’s staggering,” McAllen City Manager Roy Rodriguez said. “Really, we’ve never seen anything like this before.” ...

Red Ice TV - Flashback Friday - Our multi-Marx global master strike again - This time the hammer falls on Jared Taylor, Pauline Hanson and Hungry, for being "too white and Christian," etc

Defend Europa - EU: Reparations for colonialism, no criminal racial profiling and more welfare for Afros on EU newest resolution - So much for EU Parliament being slightly less zany than off-planet EU bureaucrats - Imagine if your people had such a high level of average criminality that racial profiling and criminal voting rights were huge causes worldwide --tma

The European Union outdid itself once again! In the newest resolution adopted last Tuesday, 26th of March, the EU passed a framework where “MEPs call on the EU and its member states to take measures to tackle the structural racism people of African descent face in Europe.”
In a very Social Justice Warrior fashion, the EU passed a regressive resolution this Tuesday, with 535 votes in favour to 80 against, and 44 abstentions, where the European Parliament urges the EU, its institutions and national authorities “to develop anti-racism policies and stop discrimination; in the fields of education, housing, health, criminal justice, political participation and migration.” ...