Monday, February 8, 2016

Brexit vote: Evil enemy of West Cameron threatens Brits with invasion - "nothing to stop thousands of people crossing the Channel" - UK has no military? US should withdraw all alliances. --tma

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London (AFP) - Prime Minister David Cameron's office on Monday warned that Britain leaving the European Union could mean migrant camps being set up on British shores if UK border checks are removed from Calais in France.

"Should Britain leave the EU there's no guarantee those controls would remain in place," Cameron's spokesman said at a daily briefing.
"If those controls weren't in place there would be nothing to stop thousands of people crossing the Channel overnight and arriving in Kent (southeast England) and claiming asylum," he said.
Cameron will use the argument in the weeks after he calls a referendum date, The Daily Telegraph newspaper reported.
"Downing Street hopes to use the migration crisis on the continent to its advantage," the report said.
Cameron's spokesman said Britain and France had "positive working relations" on border issues.
"The point being made here is that a potential departure from the EU throws that whole relationship into question," he said. ...