Wednesday, February 22, 2017

CEC - Salzberg: Trudeau's Cultural Crackdown On Anglo-Canada - Trudeau the great destroyer of identity, heritage and culture of English Canada

With the election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada is presently a nation undergoing unprecedented social transformation. From a cultural perspective, this transformation comes in a subtle but effective form. The end result may well be something unimaginable even one generation ago. 

Based upon Trudeau's fervent dedication to globalist political ideology, one would assume he, along with his cabinet, are the primary driving forces behind our Liberal government's agenda to "internationalize" our nation. 

Is this really the case? After following the antics of the Liberals during their first year in office, additional thoughts begin to percolate. Was there a long term plan to engineer Trudeau into office well before — meaning a decade or more before — our most recent federal election? Is it a coincidence that Trudeau is our ruling prime minister at the time of the 150th anniversary? Was he, in fact, specifically groomed for the position for the purpose of entrenching a globalist agenda within Canadian society? 

The more these ideas are considered, the more they begin to make sense. In fact, one could surmise it is not the Trudeau government which controls our national destiny, but rather a combination of powerful international forces. The specific entities which come to mind include the United Nations, globalist billionaire George Soros, as well as the government of China and the House of Islam. Indeed, their every wish and desire pertaining to Canada have thus far been accommodated by Mr. Trudeau. ...