Thursday, February 2, 2017

Telegraph: ‘Hundreds’ of Migrants Back in Calais Weeks After ‘Jungle’ Camp Torn Down - Reporter wants us to worry about "cold biting" winter - Pray for Le Pen! --tma

Weeks after Calais’ notorious “Jungle” migrant camp was dismantled, hundreds of migrants have returned to the northern port town hoping to make it to the UK, aid groups say.
Three months ago, authorities ordered the migrant camp on the town’s outskirts to be torn down, with up to 8,000 migrants from countries including Eritrea, Sudan, Syria and Iraq dispersed around France.
A limited number of unaccompanied minors were accepted by the UK.  However, local aid groups say that the migrants, in particular minors, have been gradually returning.
A police source cited by Le Figaro newspaper now estimates that up to 400 migrants are in Calais, and that 15 more are arriving each day.
The newcomers, however, cannot return to the “Jungle”, which has been closed off, so are spread out around town ...