Monday, February 6, 2017

WaPo: Cancel dinner plans. Send ‘nerd prom’ to the history books - WaPo anti-Trump but right, a prez doing Leno stand-up before corrupt MSM pals is sick --tma

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Just Jared

Once merely embarrassing and ridiculous, the annual White House correspondents’ dinner is poised to tip over into journalistic self-abasement.
It’s time to stick a silver-plated fork in it.
The so-called nerd prom is a glitzy party — now a week-long blitz of related parties — in which Washington, Hollywood and New York media types schmooze it up with the public officials that some of them are supposed to cover, while looking over their shoulders to see whether Helen Mirren is really looking as fabulous as everyone says.
“The main purpose of the evening,” John Oliver once said, “seems to be providing photos of glamorous celebrities completely unaware of who they’re standing next to.” ...