Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Breitbart: Ann Coulter on Kobach in the Cabinet, Immigration, and Building the Wall - "There’s nothing the matter with wanting to be around people who are like you, whether you’re French, or Japanese, or Russian"

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Ann Coulter, author and “goddess of the online right” according to SiriusXM host Alex Marlow, joined Breitbart News Daily for a special Thanksgiving discussion on immigration, the new Trump cabinet, building the wall, the “existential threat” of open-borders globalism, and how Donald Trump is going to save “the last Christian country on Earth.”
“Every day is morning in Trump’s America!” declared the author of In Trump We Trust; E Pluribus Awesome“I’m happy every day. You know, that moment when you first wake up in the morning, and you’re just finishing your dream, like you’re a dog chasing a post truck–and then you realize, ‘Oh no, I’m a human, and I’m awake, and it’s Trump’s America!’”
Coulter acknowledged that, like all elected officials, Trump faces some challenges in delivering on his campaign promises, but she thought he would come through in all the most important areas.
“Take the wall itself,” she said, referring to the promised border security wall. “It’s always good, when it comes to immigration, to always be paranoid. You can never be too paranoid. But that is, which a lot of people don’t realize, the Department of Defense’s job. They’ve built walls with cannon turrets. As the name of the agency suggests, ‘Department of Defense,’ the defense refers to the United States of America–not the defense of South Korea, not the defense of Ukraine, not the defense of Syria or Germany.”
“That is 100% the job of the Department of Defense, and the most extravagant, insane,Washington Post fake news estimates of what the wall would cost, it would cost less than 5% of the Department of Defense’s entire budget,” she pointed out. “So that’s a very simple thing to do, as long as he appoints the right Department of Defense Secretary. It’s very easy to get Mexico to pay for it: just deduct it from their foreign aid. I mean, he says he’s going to take other steps, requests that they pay, tax remittances, which is a fine idea, but if all else fails, just stop sending them the federal aid. That’ll pay for it in, I don’t know, a couple of years.” ...