Monday, November 28, 2016

VDare: EVERYBODY GO HOME, THE PARTY IS OVER! How Donald Trump Can Get Millions of Illegals to Self-Deport—With Just One Speech.

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As the reality of the 2016 election begins to set in, both supporters and opponents of patriotic immigration reform are plotting/fearing what exactly President Trump can do on immigration. Of course, reforming legal immigration requires legislation. But reversing the illegal influx is easier—it could be begun with just one speech.
Typical of Lying Press propaganda, Time Magazine now pretends that it will cost $100-300 billion to deport all illegal aliens—which of course assumes that not one person will leave on their own, there are no economies of scale in deportations, and that Trump will do nothing to speed up the process. [The Insane Numbers Behind Trump’s Deportation Plan, by Ian Salisbury, November 14, 2016]
Reality check: There are simple and virtual costless steps that Trump can take to encourage millions of illegal aliens to self-deport.
My suggestion: Before he even takes office, Donald Trump should give a speech like this ...