Monday, June 5, 2017

AmRen - Raymond Wolters: “We Are Living in a New Dark Age” - Merely hinting at racial differences is grounds for censorship.

Merely hinting at racial differences is grounds for censorship.
A cold civil war has been raging within academe, a war between “Biologians” and “Culturists.” Recently the war has been getting hotter: Biologians are actually being suppressed, not debated, by Culturalists. Case in point: My own recent experience after publishing my eleventh article with American Historical Review.
Perspective: Many modern biologists, genomic scientists, and physical anthropologists are Biologians. They think evolutionary adaptations are partly responsible for some racial disparities. But most historians, social scientists, public leaders, and Main Stream Media journalists are culturists. They minimize the importance of biology and evolution and say that history and culture explain the variations in the distribution of human characteristics.
One of the landmark events in this academic civil war occurred in 1975, when E. O. Wilson a biology professor at Harvard, published Sociobiology: The New Synthesis. In this book, Professor Wilson presented a mountain of evidence to establish that biology influenced many forms of social behavior in the animal kingdom.
Then, in the last chapter of the book, Professor Wilson maintained that this was also true for human beings. ...