Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Latest tma_sierrahills PC Grade for Crime Fiction: James Patterson's 'Run For Your Life' awarded an A+ = an effort at politically correct virtue-signaling so extreme it edges into hilarity

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Run For Your Life, James Patterson, Michael Ledwidge, Vision, 2010.

     Detective Michael Bennett's kids:

"A total of ten, count them: two Hispanic, two black, one Asian, and the rest white."

Mercifully this already appears on page 25, meaning a perfect PC grade, thus no further evaluation or reading required by yours truly.

End note:

     Patterson is known for contributing to many worthy causes, good for him. However, the dreamy, or career calculated, pursuit of multiculturalism will only bring down the West, causing catastrophic suffering, as we are now witnessing by bloodbaths in the US, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, etc.

     Last I read, Patterson was planning to coauthor--something he does a lot, a lot--one of his crime fiction novels with former President Bill Clinton. The jokes almost write themselves, such as: 'We know who the real expert on crime will be.'