Saturday, June 10, 2017

VDare - Derbyshire - Why so many votes for crazy Lefty Corbyn and elite puppet Macron? Were SEEN by young as anti-establishment

The really striking feature of the June 8 U.K. election was the relative success of the Labour Party under its leader Jeremy Corbyn.
This crazy old Lefty, who never saw a commie dictator or an anti-British terrorist he didn’t want to kiss up to, and who won the endorsement of the British Communist Party for Thursday’s election, somehow got forty percent of Brits to vote for him, five days after anti-British terrorists ran amok in the nation’s capital. What’s up with that?
To a person of my generation, who grew up in the Cold War, visited European communist countries, and lived for a year in communist China, Corbyn’s affection for the twentieth century’s greatest political blight is incomprehensible. ...