Tuesday, June 13, 2017

NYT - Outrage over increasing Multi-Marx/Deep State attempts to kill Trump - If Trump killed likely tipping point toward US breakup. --tma

Shortly after the presidential election, Oskar Eustis, one of New York’s most successful theater executives, knew what he wanted to do. He would direct a production of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar,” with the title character a provocative but inexact stand-in for President Trump.

Mr. Eustis was not alone. All over the country, from Oklahoma to Oregon, theaters have been staging “Julius Caesar” this year as a way to chew over politics, power, democracy and authoritarianism at a moment when a populist leader with a fondness for executive power has moved into the White House. ....

     Like the New York Times fondness for lying? Let's see, who was the recent president who said it didn't make any difference what congress did because he had "a pen and a phone," the 'War on Cops' thug who issued executive order after executive order?