Saturday, November 12, 2016

CEC Editors: Make Canada Great Again - Trump Presidency will be a major game changer in the politics of Eurocanadian Nationalism. "We need to organize ourselves — NOW."

2016 US presidential election: Voting map by counties

Having Trump in the White House offers us Eurocanadians with an incredible opportunity to express our views more forcefully and openly in the sphere of politics and in direct confrontation with the establishment. Thus far the Council of European Canadians has been engaged in metapolitics. This is a form of cultural politics that strives for a counter-cultural movement against the established order, not by engaging in standard party politics, campaigning for parliamentary representation or pressuring politicians to moderate their pro-diversity agendas, BUT by conducting active forms of thinking through such practices as web-journalism, mini-conferences, participation in alternative web radio programs or production of scholarly research to enhance blogging. The aim has been to produce concepts and arguments that will arm Eurocanadians with the intellectual means to fight for their collective right to protect and enhance their heritage and ethnic interests within the framework afforded by Canadian multiculturalism. 

We are not unique in the pursuit of a metapolitical strategy. A major justification for this strategy is that the peoples of European lands are so brainwashed and suppressed by the dominant culture that it is simply impossible to create a viable political party openly advocating for Whites. Political efforts to get candidates elected, appeals to the mainstream media to give us a chance to make our case without demonization, having a real mass political base led by a true leader, all seem out of the question, and totally premature, until and when we will have created a counter-cultural landscape populated by a new red-pilled generation no longer subservient to the establishment but ready and large enough to engage in mass-oriented political activity. 

The election of Donald Trump should change our older assumptions about pursuing a metapolitical strategy. We should still stand by our view, expressed in Our Beliefs and Goals, that "we are not interested in imitating so-called conservatives who operate within the existing cultural Marxist system, distract us with petty promises, and utterly fail to achieve any substantial change." However, it should be admitted that no one foresaw the possibility of such a strong leader as Trump leading a mass movement into the White House with such a strong, implicit pro-European message. This article sums up well how close to our worldview Trump has been on the key issues that matter most to us ...