Saturday, November 5, 2016

Daily Mail - Trump blasts Hillary for praising Jay-Z on stage - after using words that make Trump look like Father Mulcahy --tma

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  • Donald Trump clobbered Hillary Clinton on Saturday morning for appearing with Jay-Z in Cleveland

  • The rapper dropped one F-bomb and N-word after another, and then Hillary embraced him onstage

  • Clinton has been openly critical of Trump's 'tone' and the 'lewd' language he has used in the past

  • 'I tell you what: I've never said what he said – in my life!' Trump declared in Tampa, Florida

  • Clinton held her campaign rally with Jay-Z and Beyoncé, drawing 10,000 people with free tickets

  • Many of them exited before Clinton spoke, and Trump drew a larger crowd by himself in Pennsylvania

  • He told a crowd in the town of Hershey: 'I'm here all by myself... No guitar, no piano, no nothing' ...