Friday, June 2, 2017

AmRen - Henry Wolff: Why I Am ... a White Nationalist - Demographically the US will become an Afro-Muz-Mex fun-fest to divide up the remaining White honeypot. Raping, torturing and killing off the remaining Whites will just be icing on the cake. --tma

You may not care about politics, but politics cares about you.
Tribalist and masculinist Jack Donovan has written a thoughtful critique of white nationalism and the white nationalist movement called “Why I Am Not a White Nationalist.” He is a fellow traveler of the movement—he’s spoken at American Renaissance, Counter-Currents, and National Policy Institute events—so he can’t be accused of ignorance. Indeed, many of his criticisms are on the mark. Some, though, are aimed at only a fringe of the movement, while others fail to consider the existential plight our race faces.
Mr. Donovan criticizes movement members as well as their political ideology. I’ll begin with the first.
White nationalists, according to Mr. Donovan, are second perhaps only to SJWs in their tendency to infighting; backstabbing, gossiping, and power jockeying are rampant. Visits to many movement websites and Twitter feeds offer evidence for his claim.
Squabbles over minor ideological differences turn into publicly-aired flame wars, while personal disputes form rifts between movement organs. In time, things usually return to the status quo ante, but somehow this realization doesn’t prevent further flare-ups. You’d think the enormity of our task would force us to band together, but often we break ranks.
Still, infighting is not unique to white nationalism. History offers many examples of once-fringe political movements achieving success despite power struggles waged with much worse than underhanded tweets. When position is at stake, whether in companies, governments, or the PTA, there will be infighting. We’d do well, though, to take Mr. Donovan’s critique to heart and be comradely wherever possible. ...