Monday, January 23, 2017

AmRen - Chris Roberts on DeploraBall, Women's March: A Weekend to Remember - "We are winning and the other side knows it."


We are winning and the other side knows it.
It was a remarkable inauguration weekend. Thursday night was the “DeploraBall,” Friday the inauguration, Friday night a private party for local dissidents, and then Saturday the Women’s March.
The DeploraBall was a great party and even better company. In college I wished for a world in which sharp, fashionable men and women of the Right could get together to dance and socialize. It seems like that world has finally arrived and I could not be more pleased.
However, that world requires immense security. The city block in front of the National Press Club, where the event took place, was shut down and swarming with protesters. There must have been 400 of them—many in black with covered faces looking ready to fight. The group I was with pretended to be passers-by, and politely asked a few of the protesters what was going on. They explained they were there to fight fascism, and pointed to where all the fascists were lined up to get inside for a fascist party. There were some scuffles between protesters and attendees, but luckily nothing serious. ...