Monday, January 16, 2017

WSJ - Germany's Merkel still proud of Muslimizing Europe - Muslim flood "important and right" - polls: "still favored to win"

BERLIN—In the wake of a Tunisian migrant’s attack on a Christmas market here, German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised a review of her security and migration policy. But she also went on national television and refused to apologize.
It was “important and right,” she said in her annual New Year’s Eve address, that in 2016 Germany continued to “help those who truly need our protection to gain a foothold here and to integrate.”
As Germany enters an unpredictable election year, the most prominent remaining leader of the liberal West is walking a tightrope.
Anti-immigrant politicians in Germany and across Europe have blamed Ms. Merkel’s refugee policy for the spike in terrorist attacks. Polls show her party has lost as much as a quarter of its support since 2015, and her approval ratings have tumbled. ... [but still] favored to win ... Must be the same loony dispossess-your-grandchildren voters who vote for Paul Ryan and John McCain in the United States.