Sunday, January 15, 2017

WSJ: Immigrant-Rights Rallies Held in 50 U.S. Cities - "defiance of Mr Trump’s incendiary rhetoric against Mexicans," i.e. pro law enforcement --tma

LOS ANGELES—Immigrants and their supporters held rallies in 50 cities across the country Saturday in the first large-scale mobilization of immigrant-rights forces since the election of Donald Trump.
Organizers representing civil-rights, faith-based and immigrant groups said they had mobilized thousands of people from New York and Miami to Los Angeles and Phoenix.
They said Saturday’s “Day of Action” had kicked off a new phase of activism in defiance of Mr. Trump’s incendiary rhetoric against Mexicans during his campaign and his pledge to crack down on illegal immigration.
“We are prepared to defend our dreams and our families, whatever comes,” said Ricardo Zamu
dio, an organizer at Neighborhood Ministries, a faith-based organization in Phoenix that has joined other groups for a rally in central Phoenix. “There is a lot at stake here.” ...