Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Breitbart: Le Pen Surges to Lead Presidential Polls in France - Europeans finally tired of being groped, raped, bombed, beheaded and squashed like cockroaches? --tma

Marine Le Pen has overtaken centre-right candidate François Fillon to be the frontrunner in France’s presidential election, according to the latest poll by Ifop-Fiducial.

Le Pen is leading the race for the first time in the campaign as the Republicans candidate Fillon struggles with working class voters who supported Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012.

The Front National icon is currently attracting between 26 per cent and 26.5 per cent of the vote while Fillon, who became the candidate of the right and centre having battled through a primary, oscillates between 24 per cent and 25 per cent, reports Paris Match.

Support for the Republicans’s candidate is eroding among voters who opted for Nicolas Sarkozy in 2012, and also people in France who are less well off, and sceptical of his free marketeer reform ambitions. In vital categories, Fillon faces setbacks in support with minus 12 points among workers (8 per cent) and minus 11 among the wider middle and lower middle class (11 per cent). ...