Thursday, January 26, 2017

Yahoo News relentless Trump-basher CEO Democrat Marissa Mayer Fortune's "One of world's most disappointing leaders" - Look at Yahoo News on any given morning and find what I did today: two top stories anti-Trump. Our Globalist elites are like spoiled children with zero integrity. --tma

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In 2014, Mayer was ranked sixth on Fortune'40 under 40 list,[64] and was ranked the 16th most-powerful businesswoman in the world that year according to the same publication.[65] In March 2016 Fortune would name Mayer as one of the world's most disappointing leaders.[66]

In 2014, Mayer was heavily criticized for many of her management decisions in articles by The New York Times and The New Yorker.[54][55] Yahoo! stocks continued to fall by more than 30% throughout 2015, while 12 key executives left the company.[67] In December 2015, the New York-based hedge fund SpringOwl, a shareholder in Yahoo Inc., released a statement arguing that Mayer be replaced as CEO.[68] Starboard Value, an activist investing firm that owns a stake in Yahoo, likewise wrote a scathing letter regarding Mayer's performance at Yahoo.[69] By January 2016, it was further estimated that Yahoo!'s core business has been worth less than zero dollars for the past few quarters.[70] In February 2016, Mayer confirmed that Yahoo! was considering the possibility of selling its core business.[71] In May 2016, it was revealed that Mayer would receive $55 million if she is terminated without cause within one year of Yahoo!'s sale.[72] In January 2017, Mayer resigned[8] from the Yahoo! board.

Allegations of misandry

Scott Ard, a prominent editorial director, fired from Yahoo! in 2015, has filed a lawsuit accusing Mayer of leading a sexist campaign to purge male employees.  ...